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Saturday, September 29, 2007


Whoohoo Tivo tells me that I will be getting the Phillies game in upstate NY. Go Phils!

Keep on Phigtin Baby!

I think "earns the start" is stretching it a little JW.

Okay, big game.

Sure, I wish the Mets were losing, but at least this gives the Phils a little pressure to come out with a big game.

I am getting giddy. OMFG I am getting giddy !

Everyone hits Woo Woooooo !!!

I want a Marlins hit damn it. Maine 7IP 0H 13Ks. Announcer said "Take that Cole Hamels" after Maine's 13th.

The fly balls will get knocked down by the wind somewhat similar to last night. Wind going left to right field about 12 mph.

very bad vibes with the lineups today. Helms hasnt started in like 2 weeks

I suppose there is no longer any hope that someone - anyone - other than Eaton will show up on the mound in 20 minutes?

Face it, you are sweating now.

A win today does not guarantee a one game playoff on Monday. It would guarantee at worst a playoff on Monday.


Nah. We only need to win one of two games now to clinch at least a one-game playoff... and if we do that, we know we'll beat the Mets, since we always do ;-)

Hell, I've been a Philadelphia sports fan too long. I can't believe that this good thing is happening. Butterflies as big as rocks. F&ck Maine. Last thing we need is for the Mutts to have smething good happen to them.

I hope Manuel has his hand on the bullpen phone ready to warm up Lohse or Real Deal at the least sign of "excellent athelet" Adam Eaton being crappy pitcher Adam Eaton.

Curt, I just got word that 62 year old Steve Carlton is warming in the pen. LOL

Ben: Chico is a LHP.

Chstk: Good point on last thread about Reyes mouthing off to the Marlins. The last thing the Mets need to be doing now is goading the Fish. Tomorrow is MUST-WIN for them and giving the Marlins extra incentive behind D-Train is a very bad idea.

Well, it was a nice feeling for the last 14 hours. But now I'm back to being incredibly nervous. I just can see Eaton blowing this so easily and then we're going into tomorrow with all the pressure on us and the Mets feeling really confident. We need a huge performance by Eaton and the offense today. I'm praying Eaton remembers how to pitch.

What's the over/under on Eaton bringing in the 1st inning under 30 pitches? Or does he get pulled before 30?

Whoohoo!!! Now you can start the comeback!

Oh thank god... the no-no is over...

NO-NO NO MORE! Crappy infield single down the third base line. Oh well, Mets don't deserve it anyway.

Maine just lost the no-hitter!

I didn't see the Mets-Fish brawl. Is there sny chance that any Mut players could be suspended for tomorrow's game (since I don't think suspensions are carried over into the playoffs)?

curt: In his last start, against these same Nats, Eaton allowed 1 run in 4 IP. The problem came in the 5th.

Fox is showing Cubs-Reds? What is that about?

No Mets of note were really involved in the faux-brawl.

They're showing that here in LA, JD. Damned if I know why. The other two games are more important, playoffs-wise. The Cubs are in, and they're the #3 seed.

a brawl and almost a no-hitter...the mets may have turned the corner...we must win today, we don't want to be tied with the mets tommorrow. Come on first relief pitcher!

I don't understand starting Helms. I'd rather Nunez.

This intro by Dmitri Young is pretty funny.

The Nats folding up? I see some of their backups getting work...Felipe Lopez in the lineup.

Thank the Divine Author for the wind.

Tim McCarver makes no sense.

MAW, I know! I would think if they were going to show the Phils, they would show the Pads. Who cares about this game right now?

get him outta there now!



What happened to Burrell?! Jeezus

How can someone be a reputable baseball announcer and not know how to pronounce "Lohse"? Neither one of them had a clue!

Could have been worse. At least he is throwing strikes. If he walked Kearns, that would have sucked hard.

"Low-see" atta boy mccarver
another reason why you are the best announcer ever.

That's the way to take the crowd out of it after five minutes, Eaton. I wasn't 100 percent in love with Helms' effort on that hit, either.

I think its time to send Eaton home and tell him when he needs to report in the Spring.

Only one run given up in the first. I see that as a minor victory...

Well... as always with Eaton... it could have been worse.

The bats are gonna have to win this game.

Jayson Werth not as funny as Young.

How that ball in the corner wasn't a triple, I'll never know.

True. One run isn't SO bad..

Somebody show Werth how to shave.

True. One run isn't SO bad..

guess we're gonna need to score around 20 runs to win today..

You're awesome Eaton. No seriously man, you are fantastic.

U play like crap and u still get paid. I'm buying a jersey with your name on.

My hero Adam Eaton

Lohse should had started on short rest.

Let's go Phils

I'm starting to hate those PAdres.

F*ck Adam Eaton. It's a joke that he's pitching today, it's an absolute travesty. I can't stress enough how much I hate him

Wow. 13-0 Muts. Guess they felt a little pressure today.

Good news: Since it's a national (ahem) broadcast on FOX, Harry and LA are doing the whole game (?) on radio.

Did the Rat come into the game up 13-0?

Does anyone have any faith in Eaton to get through an inning 1-2-3?

anybody watched this?


"NEW YORK -- A blowout turned into a blowup in the fifth inning of the Marlins and Mets game at Shea Stadium on Saturday afternoon.

Marlins catcher Miguel Olivo was ejected for throwing a punch at Mets shortstop Jose Reyes, which sparked a benches- and bullpen-clearing incident.

The situation spun out of control after an early fracas in the same inning. With the Mets winning 10-0, Reyes doubled with one out off Harvey Garcia.

Then Garcia threw a pitch that nearly struck Luis Castillo. The next pitch flew behind Castillo, who put his hands up and walked toward Garcia. Both benches and bullpens ran toward home plate, and order was restored.

The Olivo-Reyes scuffle occurred after Castillo walked and the Marlins were in the midst of making a pitching change. Reyes was on third while Olivo was on the mound. The two exchanged words and Olivo sprinted toward Reyes. Third-base coach Sandy Alomar Sr. intervened as Olivo began throwing punches that didn't land.

Again, the field was cluttered with players, pushing and shoving near the Marlins' dugout. When order was restored, Olivo was ejected."

Olivo punched Reyes in the face.

Jack. Yes, I do, but that's only because I have to. You have to hope he does well enough to keep them in the game

Helms starts because he has an actual chance to get a hit vs. LHP. Nunez, well you know the answer.

I think FOX came to their senses, the Phils game is now on in Los Angeles.

I can't believe Eaton is starting this game. Phils are going to need to score almost every inning until the 8th to win this one, unless he somehow does something he hasn't done all year.

MAW, all of a sudden the Fox feed switched over to the Phils game.

No excuses for Eaton, who has the command of a 14-year-old, but that run in the 1st scored on Burrell. He couldn't find the ball in the corner after he dropped it.

yeah tim, we have really missed barajas

Get him out of there now.

Way to turn over the lineup, Eaton.

MAW: you are getting the phils game in LA? I am still getting the pads game in SF. I dont get fox at all.

Maybe I'd rather listen to Eaton pitch then watch him.

Spitz, they just changed the feed from the Cubs game to the Phils game

Swing, and a long drive...

Yikes, huge moment here.

Get Eaton out now. I can't watch any more of his meatballs.

Who's up in the pen? real deal?

I've never been more disgusted with a player than I am with Eaton, He is so miserable it hurts to watch

Course, it's tough to ask Eaton to hold the Nats when he just flew down the turnpike after giving up 4 runs against the Mets earlier this afternoon.

C'mon Adam, get out of this.

you gotta pull him now if he doenst get out of this inning

use two hands wes can't take any chances with eaton on the mound

If Geary is 1st out of the BP, then Geary should have started the game.

I can't see how Eaton makes it on the team next year. Even our GM is making faces at him now. Fans will wise up and cease purchasing tickets for his outings.


You pull him now, anyway.

That inning was bad enough, and it was only the second. One more mistake, and let's get the Gas Can in there.

If we get to the bottom of the order in the 2nd, we MUST pinch hit for Eaton.

Apparently the official scorer has decreed that no Phillies shall make errors today. It's mind-blowing that neither Burrell nor Utley was charged with an error. I wonder how blatant it has to be.

Cacks, I was thinking the same thing. What, it isn't cool to use two hands?

I love how Eaton has the balls to act pumped up about the last out. Just go away, please

I can't believe we're only thru 1.5 innings. My heart is pounding. Having Eaton on the mound is not heart healthy. Oy.

come on, we need some run support behind Eaton, can't live on the edge like this all game

I doubt you pull him. But you won't let him get to Zimmerman the third time around.

I'd send him out for the third, but only on the condition we pull him after the first hit or ball.

JD, werth also has me worried the way he catches the ball off to the side..especially with the sun right in his face

I didn't see the Burrell play, but Utley's was an error for sure

We should gather a mob and take Eaton out of philadelphia.


I was thinking the same thing. Eaton is awful, but that bad throw was on Utley.

Zimmerman is a beast over there at third

If scorers actually charged all errors, the totals would be mindboggling.

Whelkman: Yep and the Burrell play in the 1st was a joke. The last guy you wanna play bad defense behind is Eaton.

MIL ties it up 1-1

come on werth. tie this one up

yes, nice job Werth

And inserting Werth into the lineup pays off early. Got to get this run home. I cannot believe we are relying on Wes Helms here.

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