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Sunday, September 30, 2007


You gotta believe!


Well as a die-hard Met fan, I never had any animosity towards Philly. Just wanted to say congrats. Your team played exceptional, and with a fire the Met's couldn't seem to grasp. Your team definaly wanted it more than we did. Good luck in the postseason. We will see you next year.

YESSSS!!!!!!! As a 26 year old, I am feeling very 12 again right now!!!!

Amazing. I'll be at a playoff game this week. AMAZING.

AMAZING!!! Thanks to Jason for having this site for all of us to post on. It's been an amazing year and I feel like the Phillies are just getting started now. Playoff baseball - it's great to be back!

Jason: great forum.

Commentors: For everyone that stuck it out, man what a reward.

AWH: I can still type with my Pom, Poms.

celebrate good times come on

Great graphic for this post, too.

You've outdone yourself again!

I'm gonna start talking playoffs... yeah, that's right, playoffs.



Isn't it amazing that we likely haven't been as positive about and confident in our pitching staff all year long. Today is probably the peak of our confidence, right?

Here are our starters' last start:
Lohse: 7 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 0 BB, 5 K
Kendrick: 6 IP, 3 H, 3 ER, 1 BB, 2 K
Hamels: 8 IP, 6 H, 0 ER, 1 BB, 13 K
Moyer: 5.1 IP, 5 H, 0 ER, 0 BB, 6K

That's 25.1 IP, 20 H, 5 ER, 2 BB, 26 K

And our best bullpen pitchers this month? Since Sept. 6th and before today:

Myers: 14.2 IP, 21 H, 3 ER, 3 BB, 13 K
Gordon: 13 IP, 9 H, 2 ER, 2 BB, 13 K
Romero: 12.1 IP, 3 H, 0 ER, 3 BB, 8 K

That's 40 IP, 33 H, 5 ER, 8 BB, 34 K

We're ready for the playoffs.



emo to me: Was I ever wrong about the NL East and the Mets and the Phighting Phils.

In August I wrapped up the NL East in a nice little package for the Mets and said the race was unofficially over. I wrote these words:

Memo to Jimmy Rollins: The Best Team Won.

Here we are three days to go in the regular season and the race is just beginning.

The Phillies have overcome numerous injuries and no matter what happens these final three days, they have shown the hearts of champions and for that they should be congratulated.

The Mets have collapsed – perhaps the greaTest collapse in baseball history considering the teams that they’ve lost to down the stretch, and if you are going to be wrong, I can live with the fact that it took a colossal collapse to be wrong – while the Phillies have shown incredible heart and fortitude, led by Jimmy Rollins.

It was Rollins who said the Phils were the team to beat in the NL East over the winter. He was right. I was wrong. I’ve always loved Rollins approach to the game – he is Philadelphia’s Derek Jeter – and he is putting up MVP numbers.

To me, Rollins is the NL MVP. His defense is remarkable and his hitting is Captain Clutch. And his words fired up his teammates. He led by example in so many ways.

The Phillies have once again shown why baseball is the greatest game. It’s not over til it’s over. Once again that lesson was driven home – to me and everyone else in New York and especially to those in the Mets clubhouse.

Over the winter, it turns out, the Phillies were the team to beat in the NL East.

And with three days left in the season, they are still the team to beat in the NL East. Rollins was right. I was wrong. The Phillies are what being a winning team is all about.

wow can't believe Rollins tripled in the last game and they clinched the East. Not sure haven't looked at the standings but a SD loss and a COL win puts them in a playoff? And probably burns Peavy from the game 1?

Agreed Rockies are hot and they have some pitching but we are built to play games in Coors and CBP, not that they aren't.

I have been reading this site all year long and haven't posted really since today but I can't believe what I just saw!

The Phillies have to be the hottest team going ito the playoffs right the 03 Marlins, the 2005 White Sox and the Cards last year. NOBODY WANTS TO PLAY THE PHILLIES!

I'll take either the Padres or Rockies in the 5 game series. With Hamels starting 2 games, I LOVE our chances.

After Jimmy speaking up (and coming through time and time again), Victorino's injured calf, Chase's injured hand, Ryan's time on the DL, Pat's struggles of the first half, the fiasco that was 3rd base, the bullpen blowing countless games, questionable managerial decisions, 2 starting pitchers out for the season, moving our supposed #1 starter to the bullpen, Cole's injury, Eaton's inconsistency, Flash's injury, Myers' shoulder, Moyer's up-and-down season, and the mediocre value village:

i am literally shaking. this is INCREDIBLE!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best offense in the National League! What a crazy season!

I love the confidence going into the playoffs, too. But I will have more about that later on.

You all who post here, defending your point of view, sticking with it all season long, are great, great phans. You represent Philadelphia incredibly well.

Best. Post. Ever.

How awesome was this?

Nice job, Jason!

I gave up after the 8 run collapse to ATL. Thanks Phils for proving me wrong! This is an truly an amazing run.

Nothing like seeing this:

y - Philadelphia
New York

Bring on the Wild Card.

Where are all those Mets trolls?

I could have sworn we were supposed to get our hopes up, only to have them crash down around us so we can wallow in our own self-pity.

I like the Phillies chances against the Padres, their offense is weak (Bradley is out for the playoffs, right?) and I feel like our lineup can crack most any rotation in a few game series.

I love this team! My daughter has never seen them not make the playoffs - hopefully we can continue that for at least a couple of years!

Another great post J. Awesome graphic. Gonna print and hang it now.

watching celebration on, just awesome, un frikkin believable

If anyone has on the CW, watch the celebration. It's beautiful.

Myers went into the stands and is celebrating with fans.

One guy, I couldn't tell who, chugged a beer and slammed it on the ground a'la "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

This is wonderful!

Great graphic Jason!

Congrats to the Phils, Manuel, hell even that fraud Gillick (and a special side thank you to Ed Wade!)

Also congrats to longterm posters (well, two years anyway) like RSB, Lake Fred, Tray, ae, Alby, Carson, and the rest of the expanding gang*

And a thank you to Jason for providing us the place to bitch, moan, complain, and, ultimately, celebrate!!!

*I would also congratulate the "poster" know as "clout" but I'm pretty sure that those posts are just automated responses that spit out variations of the theme "I am right, you are wrong."

To the cool mets fans who have been gracious. Thanks and well done. To the smack talking ones. Kiss my red and white ass!

Dear Dontrell Willis,

Have my babies.

Phillies Fan

Yeah, this CW coverage has been great.

Moyer--I may doubt his stuff, but today he was absolute clutch. He's earned a spot in Philadelphia's heart like Thome did.

From a Mets fan to you,

Congrats guys.

Way to play through big injuries and take the East.

I won't be rooting for you, but Congrats.

this is one of the greatest days of my life. there were emotions i felt as a ten year old boy in 1993 that i didn't feel until wily mo pena swung and missed. thank you phils for letting me feel this way again.

we wouldn't be Phillies fans if we couldn't snipe at each other after clinching the playoffs, eh kdon? ;)

G - 162
AB - 716
R - 139
H - 212
2B - 38
3B - 20
HR - 30
RBI - 94
SB - 41
AVG - .296
OBP - .344
SLG - .531

Yeah, MVP.

watching moyer choke this team! love how he came thru for the phillies and glavine couldn't for the mutts

did Gillick just call Manuel "Charles" on the radio a second ago? ah ha ha

Now let's go Rockies, make the Padres play another game, and waste another Peavy start.

That way we only get to see Peavy on game 3.

hey guys - check this web site for the playoffs. tell me what's wrong with it...

I curious to see how many (and which) arms the Phils carry on their playoff roster. Wouldn't be surprised to see Eaton and Alfonseca left off.

so.......who's on the postseason roster?

Mesa's got the ground crew's watering hose! Haha!!!!

Make that Alfonseca!

this is amazing. as a displaced phillies fan who watched all the games on MLB TV in my apartment in NYC all season, I loved reading beerleaguer everyday and during every game. What a season. Go Phils! I'm going to game one, that being said, any other NYC beerleaguers out there who want to go to a bar to watch the Phils in the post season. I know its not quite up to the same standards, but I keep hearing Al Michaels, "Do you believe in miracles? Yes!" and the "I don't believe what I just saw" call after Gibson hit the PR HR in 1988. Go Phils!!!

Anybody see Jamie Moyer a few minutes ago? I truly think he was about to cry...this obviously means a whole lot to him. Good for him...good for the Phils...good for us.
What a great day!

joe, and all the other boston fans out there:
who wants to go to a bar in boston/allston/wherever on wednesday for game one??

So anyone heard anything about tickets?

oh and this just in:
Baseball Prospectus has just listed the phillies with a 100% chance to make the playoffs.

Exactly ae!

Nothing like listening to the audio clips again.

Can't wait til Baseball Tonight.

How ironic that the man who gets the last out in the 2007 season, winning the NL East for us, is the same man who was our opening day starter?


diggitydave - its obvious what yahoo expected. Stick it to 'em Phillies!

How many times could we have given up on this team this year?

When we were 4-11?

When we lost 8 of 11 to fall under .500 one game before the All Star break?

When we lost 6 of 7 games at the end of July including two of three to the Pirates?

When we followed the Mets sweep by losing 5 of 7 including the crushing collapse against the Braves?

When we lost 12-0 to the Rockies on Sept. 12th to fall 7 games behind the Mets and 3 games behind the Padres?

When we lost 10-6 to Atlanta against Chuck James and were facing Hudson and Smoltz the next two days?

Raise your hand if you gave up at one of those times.

AWESOME, AWESOME WIN!!!! Just a wonderful season!!!! The Phils believed in themselves and made it happen!! Bring on whatever team from the West that we will face!! LETS GO PHILS!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, CJ. I don't have enough hands.

I've given up on them time and time again, but I always come back to the next game to see/hear them play.

I just saw the replay of the final out and I think every hair on my body stood up. I was 14 in 1980 and I'm ready to see it happen again.
Thanks for all the company. 1230am here and somehow I need to get a little sleep before the Eagles game comes on in a few hours.

Anyone hear Harry Kalas singing High Hopes? LOL. This is unbelievable.

Harry singing in CBP...priceless.

Listen to Harry croon. What a day!

This has been such a bizarre celebration, culminating with this Harry-led sing-along.

I love it.

As an NYC based phils fan (grew up/lived in Philly for 25 years before moving) this is the best I have felt in a LOOONG time.

These smug, eliteist mutts fans have written us (and every other team) off all season long, thinking they were so superior.

When I go into the office tomorrow, I will simply smile and go about my business. Rubbing this win in their faces is what THEY would do. Philly gets a lot of criticism as a tough sports town, but in reading both this site and metsblog, we show 100x the class that mets fan do.

The satisfaction and pride that I feel right now is insurmountable. I feel ready to step in front of a bus and cleave it in half with my shoulder right now. No one can EVER take this feeling away from us.

That being said, let the playoffs begin. This is just the beginning.....

Harry the K singing for the fans! Unbelievable.

haha. that song was awesome.

I totally want an mp3 of that.
Some one rip that mofo.

1st and 3rd no outs in the 8th for the Rockies!

Heck, CJ, I'd need at least 12 fingers to count the times I wanted to give up, but you as I recall were also one of the posters that just had a feeling about this team.

3 million Goosebumps and counting!!!

Rockies take the lead.

Now it is 4-1 Rockies! This is crazy - in 24 hours we went from not even knowing if we were making the playoffs to now expecting to have the better-rested pitching come the Division Series!

Gramps... I'm an eternal optimist. It's my horrible lot in life.

To see this team realize its potential is just amazing.

One other note... just as expected, the Brewers split with the Padres. Had the Mets somehow managed to win just 3 out of the 7 game homestand, we'd have lost the division, but we'd still be alive with a shot at the playoffs.

any San Diegans want to crash some Pads games should they make it?

Okay guys (and evidently ladies), get ready for a new season.

We got 11 more games we have to win.

best case scenario actually happened for the phils today!!
san diego lost to milwaukee, colorado is gonna hold on to beat arizona, now SD plays COL tomorrow in a 1-game playoff WITH PEAVY PITCHING.
i hope the padres win tomorrow, which would mean we'd play an anemic offense and only face peavy probably once.

oh and how about Harry the K singing high hopes?! that was incredible!!

Go Rockies, Go Rockies

The funny thing is that if things play out as expected, only the Mets loss prevented the two-tier, three game playoff.

Let's go Rox! Let's go Rox!
(but just today; then it will be Let's go Pods!)

Rockies winning . . . Padres losing. As Hannibal Smith from the A-Team would say, "I love it when a plan comes together!"

as a 19 year old whose earliest phillies memories are of joe carter hitting the infamous walk off homerun in 93, i can safely say that this is one of the happiest moments in my life.

bring on the Pads. bring on everyone. LET'S GO PHILS


AFish, that result is acceptable to me.

To CJ, you and me both on the optomist part.

My only complaint this year was right after Vic and Bourn went down in Chi and then they called up, and I apologize for this "Werthless"...I was wrong on that one.


God, San Francisco finally decides to win a game when its completely meaningless. Booo on them.

I am so proud of the Phillies and so happy to be a Phillies fan my whole life!!!The comeback this year made history and makes this title really sweet!!

4-1 and loaded with 1 out for Rocks. Bottom 8. Looks like they bash it out monday with SD.

The stars are still aligning for the Phils.


Ha! I only listed the game losses where people gave up. I forgot...

When Myers blew out his shoulder?

When Utley broke his hand?

When Vic and Bourn went down on the same day?

When Hamels was shelved?

Burrell's got his dog on the grass!

I never give up on this team, and I aint starting now!

I didn't get a chance to do this last thread.

JW, I want to thank you for this great forum for Phillies baseball. Posters, I want to thank you for making this the greatest place to talk Phillies baseball. I recently lost my father, the man who introduced me to baseball and got me hooked on the Phillies. Its great to have a place to discuss, bitch, and rejoice just like I used to with my dad. This is one of the greatest days I can remember and I am privileged to share it with you all. Of all the ups and downs this year, the tears of joy I cried after the last out are by far the best moment of the season.

If there ever has been a "Rocky" type team in recent Philly sports history, this is it. Overcoming adversity, a poor start, and injuries to win it all.

One request - anyone with some video editing skills should put together highlights of this season to some Bill Conti music. My choice of the season highlight was JRoll's triple and end it with the guys swarming Myers.

AZ is threatening big time.

I have just 2 modest requests:

1. That the playoff game tomorrow last about 24 innings.

2. That Adam Eaton be left off the playoff roster.

JW - Don't think that you are getting any time off soon. A totally new phenomenon,

BEERLEAGUER (The Playoff version 1.0)

(I do like the sound of it.)

4-3 Rockies, top of the ninth, two out, man on first.

C'mon Rocks – don't blow it!

Colorado is nearly folding....

Well said Ben Rivera. My thanks too, Jason, for a place where a handful of other wierdos understand.

Rockies win!! Peavy's got to pitch tomorrow!

Third-best news of the day for the Phils.

Rockies win!! Good luck tomorrow, Peavy!

I just got home from the game. Wow.

There were clearly too many moments from the games itself to point out. Jimmy's triple was amazing. The place went as crazy as they did at the end. A friend I was with even turned to me and, as promised at the beginning of the season, told me she had goosebumps.

The two memories that will stand out came after the game. Driving down Broad Street the sidewalks were filled with cheering fans, horns honking, towels spinning. Later we cut down a side street and three old women were sitting out on a porch watching the parade of fans go by. The car in front of mine stopped and a phillies fan jumped out of the back seat and gave his towel to one of the old women who blew him a kiss and starting spinning it around as everyone honked.

What a game, what a moment. Its just the beginning.

That poster is great! I hope you don't mind that I am using it as my Facebook profile picture :)

Note to Steve Phillips:


YES!!! I haven't been this stoked since '93. I love the Eagles, but the Phils mean much more to me - go Phils See you Wednesday!

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