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Thursday, September 27, 2007


Could Dobbs and "Julius Caesar" Romero share the rule of Value Village like the 2 consul system that ruled over Rome prior to Caesar destroying Pompey?

Weitzel - TJ Bohn has a sprained ankle.
Ruben Amaro discussed this addition on 950 earlier this week.
He claimed that this was a "stockpiling" addition to add depth to the minor league outfield next year.
He also said that, if Bohn was not injured, he would have played in this week's games with the Phils.

I like that idea.

Continuing the Pete LaForest debate from the previous thread (which you'll never ready anywhere else but here):

With the Cards out of it, and Pet LaForest looking a little weak as the primary LH bench bat, I wonder if the Phils can reacquire Russell Branyan as the player to be named later in the Russell Branyan deal. Thus, trading Branyan for himself, remenicient of the great Rob Ducey for Rob Ducey deal of 2000.

With only so few AB's left in the year, it just does not make any sense whatsoever to leave a bat like Iguchi's on the bench every other night. I hope RSB's hunch is right about LaForest, otherwise I'm left wondering if Iguchi schtuped Chollie's wife or something.

It all about left-right, and that's a stupid way to waste a professional hitter like Iguchi.

I'm sure you all saw that Mike Winters, the ump in the Milton Bradley incident, got suspended for the rest of the season. Interestingly enough, this weekend he was supposed to do, and now his crew without him will do, the Padres-Brewers series in Milwaukee. Gotta figure the Padres won't be too happy to see those guys again.

Dbacks manager still gets my vote as manager of the year. His decision to not pitch Webb today because he worried about a long rain delay is just plain smart. Plus I'm happy he will pitch in the Colorado series. DBacks win big today and they still have Webb for Colorado.

Jason - yes it is unbelievable how Howard Eskine can get on the radio and talk baseball when he doesn't even do the research. Yesterday, he was busy saying Milwaukee had no bats after Fielder - ahhh Braun, JJ Hardy, etc. Then with the mis-information about the tiebreakers, it was an embarrassment to Philly.

I predict Padres lose the next two to Brewers based on the match-ups and playing in sausage land. I'm hopeful phils come with their A+ game tonight.

I still think it ends up being us and Mets as division winner and Mets as wild card.

JW: agreed about the left-right thing. I really want to like Uncle Chollie as well (his character has grown on me), but stuff like that sure makes it hard!

Mutts pitching = a Mauchery of the game.

Good call on Eskin. I was listening to him on the way down and he basically sounded like an idiot. I don't dislike him but don't cutoff callers saying they don't know what they're talking about when you yourself, Sir, have no clue. To borrow from his lexicon: what a nitwit.

I would be curious to find out from Pat Gillick and Co. why if they needed a left handed bat off the bench they didn't bring up Gary Burnham from Ottawa (Joe Thurston would be a distant second choice). This would especially be helpful when Dobbs is starting.

Burnham is definitely not a prospect at age 32 but you would think the team would reward him in some way for his loyalty to the organization. He has put together good numbers at AAA and can also field first base (unlike Howard and his mental block at throwing to second). I know he has no major league experience but Laforest isn't swimming in at-bats either (and I seriously doubt we will see Laforest behind the plate anytime soon).

It seems I remember a time when organizations brought up players like Burnham just to give them a taste of the big leagues and reward them for sticking around. Several years ago the Phils did this with a catcher named Clemente Alvarez. I know there are financial considerations but Burnham seems like a class guy who might actually be able to help in some small way.

Not sure if anyone mentioned it, but the Jayson Stark article looks like it was updated with the results of today's coin flips:

Philadelphia at San Diego
San Diego at Colorado
Chicago at San Diego
Philadelphia at Colorado
Chicago at Philadelphia
Colorado at Chicago
Arizona at New York
Arizona at San Diego
Arizona at Colorado
Arizona at Philadelphia
San Diego at New York
New York at Colorado

NY Mets at Philadelphia

Milwaukee at Chicago

San Diego at Arizona
Colorado at Arizona
Colorado at San Diego

I can't believe that there is a self respecting baseball fan out there that would even consider listening to Howard Eskin. He knows absolutely nothing about baseball. He doesn't stay up on it, he doesn't know the rules and he doesn't know anything about the rosters of other teams besides the Phillies. Guarantee you he couldn't even name three guys in the Padres pitching rotation.

Especially now when you've got Jody Mac across the dial during drive time. I'm not gonna claim that he's the be all end all of baseball analysis, but I'll be damned if Eskin doesn't make Jody Mac look like Peter Gammons.

[Basically, at this point, there are 5 teams fighting for three spots.

ARI 88-70

Another PIT win today would be nice, but I'm not counting on it.]

This is not quite true since 1 team has to be NYM or PHI. Finish in the top 2, and you're in. Finish 3rd, and you're in unless you're from the West, in which case it depends.

John Sapovits - I agree about Burnham. But I would still bat Iguchi first and then guys like Coste (good career numbers versus righties) ahead of Burnham. I love the idea mentioned above to get Branyan back as the player to be named later. He won 1.5 games for us. I like his pop and think we could pop one this weekend if needed.

950 needs a stronger signal, otherwise I'd never listen during drive time.

I agree FTD. Just when I think I can't be surprised by WIP they still shock me. As I was driving to work on Tuesday I could not believe that they would choose to talk about the upcoming Eagles (1-2) Giants (1-2) matchup SIX days away instead of the Phillies game that night against the Braves. I was in the car for 45 minutes and nobody mentioned the Phils.

We were just talking about Bohn today -- and while I'm sure it has been analyzed to death -- WHY, Pat WHY? Why not bring up one of the Reading kids like Outman to fill out the 40-man. Lord knows you need arms, and when the cupboard is bare at the end of the night (you know, after Mesa and 6-Finger have walked the bases full), I feel more comfortable looking to the bullpen and seeing a young kid who (like Kendrick) doesn't know how good he really is, than seeing some Calif. surferboy who gave himself not one, but two nicknames.

Minor point but - It continues to baffle me why Cholly insists on using LaForest as a PH so much (especially if Dobbs is already playing 3B)?

LaForest has surprisingly seen a number of PH opportunities since the Phils acquired him including 12 of 20 games.

Here are his stellar numbers:

12 G, 10 AB, 2 R, .100 AVG, 1 RBI, 2 BB, 4 K

PH-hitting is difficult but LaForest has shown nothing at the plate except a few plate appearances where he managed to coax a high count.

I don't care if it is a lefty-righty matchup. LaForest is offensively inept it is ridiculous that he is used a PH over either Iguchi or Victorino. He should be buried on the bench as Barajas and Roberson are.

Has a "player to be named later" ever amounted to anything? (actual question)

"Ruben Amaro discussed this addition on 950 earlier this week.
He claimed that this was a "stockpiling" addition to add depth to the minor league outfield next year.
He also said that, if Bohn was not injured, he would have played in this week's games with the Phils."

I know nothing about Bohn and the "stockpiling" part means nothing to me. Just organizational filler speak.

It is almost incomprehensible that Bohn would play in meaningful games. Is Victorino hurt that badly? Has something changed where the Phils are suddenly so down on Bourn?

This is the kind of crap that baffles me at times with the Phils. Why even make such a stupid comment. I should reserve my website now for when he becomes the GM in '09.

Weitzel - How can you not mention the founder of the Phils' "Value Village", Lee Thomas? He was the classic Phils' GM who would make acquisitions on the cheap by acquire damaged goods or diamonds in the rough and hope they pan out.

Worked well in '93 but this approach was generally a unmitigated disaster during his tenure.

I was shocked when listening to the Amaro interview as well.
It sounded to me like they thought they were acquiring Bohn to play this week and were surprised that he showed up to the Phils complex sporting an injury.
What's disgraceful is that they continue to make the same mistakes in these deals - although this is a relatively low-impact deal, they failed to do their due diligence with regards to Bohn's medical condition - something you would think they would do with eveyr single deal after the Freddy Garcia fiasco.

MG: It's probably too late to reserve Some smart businessman has probably already bought the domain & will be auctioning it off to the highest-bidding disgruntled Phillies fan, come 2009.

Did anyone wonder why Ayala came in the finish the Mutts off last night instead of Cordero? Here's the explanation from the Washington Post:

"Ayala was on only because, when the Nationals called down to get closer Chad Cordero to warm up, Cordero rose -- and promptly threw up in his glove. Save the jokes about how that's what the Mets were doing all week. This was a serious situation.

"It was kind of weird," Acta said.

Cordero said he hadn't felt bad all day. But when he rose to warm up, he felt something. Some vomit escaped. "I grabbed my glove," he said, "and everything else came out."

Linup tonight per Franske:

1) Rollins
2) Victorino
3) Utley
4) Howard
5) Rowand
6) Burrell
7) Dobbs
8) Ruiz
9) KK

good lineup. thats the team to send out there tonight. i would throw coste out there but its no biggie.

I'd thow Coste out as well since the Braves don't really run much, but maybe at this point Ruiz calls a better game then Coste in Chollie's opinion.

If that's really the lineup Charlie's stock is up in my book...I didn't think he had it in him.

Bringing in Vic last night, having JC pitch to Chipper, and now a solid lineup. . . Cholly is three for his last three, I think.

I had suggested Werth over Burrell... but at least if he's playing Burrell vs. Smoltz he's batting sixth. That's certainly the way to go.

Coste vs. Ruiz is an either-or in my book.

Hold up, I thought that a tie with the Mets would mean that we win the division (Based on head to head record), Correct? That is what I thought and I have seen other people post that. I thought the only way that there would be a one game playoff would be if we were tied for the wild card lead. Maybe I should just read the Stark article, but I don't have time for that right now. If we do win the division with a tie, then why do people keep posting that it will be a playoff?

Parker: You are correct. A tie with the Mets means we win the division and there's no playoff UNLESS the Wild Card leader has a record equal to or better than the Mets and Phillies. In that case, there would indeed be a playoff.

I took some heat in the last thread questioning Brandon Webb's manhood because he wouldn't pitch in the rain. Tulane alum Micah Owings pitched instead and the D-Backs won 8-0. It was a good managerial move that paid off. Micah is a great hitter. Braves pitcher Hudson from last night is also a good hitter. Both are much better than No Hit Nuni.

I'm glad to see Victorino gets rewarded with a start tonight. We want another Victorino tonight!

On the drinking question from previous threads, I, too, was alcohol free last night. Maybe this Karma stuff applies to drinking, too. Since drinking is not good for you, abstaining from drinking while watching the Phillies earns you good Karma; and this Karma is transfered from the sober Phillies fan through the universal Karma transfer system directly to the Phillies team. That's why we never see Cholly with a brew in his hands in the dugout. That's also why the Brewers won't win the NL Central.

Parker, I thought so, too. That would be stupid if we had to play the mets in a three way tie...the Mets should just go straight to the WC play-in game. I think something like this happened with Red Sox-Yankees two years ago...

I only think the head to head tiebreaker applies only if both teams records are better than the other Wild Card contenders.

Love the story about Cordero tossing cookies instead of relief. I'm truly glad Ayala was so lights out.

I guess we need Joe Table or Old 12 Fingers to hurl when the phone rings for them, too!

So wonderful to watch the Mutts slain by the "Gnats". The added bonus was Billy Wags coughin up a lil insurance. Their bullpen is a total flameout while ours has actually improved a bit. Their broadcasters are even in a panic mode. Whenever the Phils have a lead, Steve Cohen mutters "uh-oh", even if that lead is in only the 2nd inning. Here's hoping for the biggest single collapse...7 games up w/ 17 to play.. Maybe it will finally put '64 to rest

We are NOT automatically in the playoffs if we have the same record as the Mets. Head-to-head tiebreaker ONLY applies if we are tied and ahead of all other wild card contenders.

If we are tied with Mets and tied with at least one other wild card contender, then the Mets and Phils would play a one game playoff to determine the division champion... and then loser would then be involved in a tie-breaker scenario involving a game or games against the other wild card contenders with the same record as us.

Cubs are losing 5-1... giving the Brewers that much more incentive to play hard against the Padres.


1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, RF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. A Rowand, CF
6. P Burrell, LF
7. G Dobbs, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. K Kendrick, P

1. K Johnson, 2B
2. E Renteria, SS
3. C Jones, 3B
4. M Teixeira, 1B
5. B McCann, C
6. J Francoeur, RF
7. A Jones, CF
8. M Diaz, LF
9. J Smoltz, P

@CJ -- or if the Mets/Phillies records are tied behind the WC leader...

I can't wait to get down to the stadium tonight, fellas!!!

Mike: Correct... which is certainly a possibility.

Speaking of which, is it outside the bounds for this to happen:

Rockies lose tonight to Dodgers
Rockies sweep Diamondbacks at home
Padres split with Brewers
Mets lose once to Cards or Marlins
Phils win out

That would give us the #1 record in the league (tied with the Mets, but holding the tiebreaker).

Am I on crack?

Another No-Nunez lineup. Sounds like runs to me!

Romero has gone from "(gulp) that new lefty guy is coming in from the crappy 'pen," to "Bring in Lights Out JC, already!" Quite a turn around. Brought in to be the LOOGY and he's essentially become one of the most critical bridges in the 'pen to Myers. He earned any money he's got coming to him.

Whoops... may have spoke too soon... Cubs have cut the Fish lead to 5-4.

I like the lineup tonight. Happy to see Vic starting and although I do want PtB in the lineup (as opposed to Werth, etc.), it's not bad that he's batting 6th against Smoltz.

Hate to be a buzzkill but the only way the Phils have a realistic shot at the division is if they win out.

At worst the Mets finish 2-2, but I see a minimum of 3-1. The Cards have mailed in it the past month and Pedro should be good enough to totally handcuff the Cards' inept offense. Only real question tonight is if the Mets bullpen implodes when Pedro leaves around the 6th or 7th inning. Will Willy get desperate and push Pedro if they Mets are in a close game?

As for the Marlins, I don't have much faith they will do anything against the Mets. The Mets have played well against the Fish this year (10-5) and for the past couple of years in general. The pitching matchups also completely favor the Mets too.

Just have to hope that Maine implodes again on Sat. and the Fish keep swinging some hot bats. Don't think the Mets will sweep but it is going to be tough for the Fish to take more than 1 of 3.

For those looking at the home records of the Brewers, look too at the home record of the Rockies. They may finish with a better record at home than the BrewCrew. It is possible that the Rox just keep on winning - Dodgers won't win tonight because they don't care.

Um... spoke too soon again? Fish have 'em loaded with no outs against the Cubs and they're up 5-4.

Kerry Wood on to face Jason Wood...I wish I could come up with a good joke here.

Last time Phils trailed Mets by 1 game: April 4.

MG - You make a good case for the Mets, but the Marlins look like they are about to sweep the Cubs, and they nearly won 3/4 of those games against the Mets this past weekend.

I think Mets win 2 minimum rather than 3. At the worst I see 2, if they somehow manage to lose to the Cards tonight, make that 1. I'm not saying they'll go 2-2 or 1-3. I'm just saying that if we're talking minimums, you should give the Marlins a chance to take 2/3.

Wait. How did the Cubs get out of a bases loaded no-out jam without giving up a run? What did Kerry Wood do? Strike out three straight?

Oh, and the other reason to at least believe that the Marlins can take 2/3 is that the Mets just got swept by the Nats. And the Mets suck.

K and double play.

The Mets have been a .500 club for the past 3.5 months. And just gave up 30 runs in a 3 game series at home to a pathetic Nats offense. No way 3 wins is a minimum. They could win out, but they could also conceivably lose out. If they lose tonight with Pedro on the mound against the pathetic Cards, they are toast.

[If they lose tonight with Pedro on the mound against the pathetic Cards, they are toast.]


It's gametime

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