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Friday, September 28, 2007


from what i've heard is that cole will not be on a pitch count tonight. on sportsnet last night they had a little thing about it and interview saying how he'll be able to be more relaxed since he won't have to worry about how many pitches he has left

Jason, I think your concern is appropriate.

I'm pretty confident the Phils will take 2 this weekend, but with Eaton and Moyer, I think a sweep is unlikely.

With the Mets, no idea. They could easily wake up today, realize they are worlds better than the Marlins, and sweep. Or they could completely choke, collapse and get swept? I see both prospects as being about equal.

We need to plan on winning all 3. Even the Mets should find a way to beat BK KIm tonight.

YES!! Just scored some tickets to tonight's game! We need this one BIG TIME! This is NO TIME for pitch counts (or LaForest ABs)! LETS GO PHILS!!

I'm not entirely certain what will happen tonight. Hamels is pitching, he's been in town long enough to see his chiropractor. He's got to do it for us, right? Right?!?!?

Visited to see if I could get any tickets-all sold out for rest of season.

Stubhub prices all triple figures. Only game I could go to is Saturday. How much would you pay to see Eaton pitch?

Hmm, maybe fans have given up the Kool-Aid for something better.

From a letter to phillymag:

"It seems the market for nitrous balloons among the tailgating crowd has really taken off. I’ve heard about this at Dave concerts, but never at Phillies games. We parked in the Linc lot (between Citizens bank and the Linc). As people filed out after the game, several people set up shop directly inside the gates of the parking lot with industrial sized nitrous tanks, filling and selling balloons for $5 a pop. EVERYONE was buying them. People would casually alternate between puffs on a cigarette and pulls from a balloon. I must have seen 2 or 3 hundred people doing this. After the crowd died down a bit people started going car to car with full tanks on wheels selling them. Like I said, it seemed like a new trend to me, although I normally park in the Jetro lot, which I had previously considered the party lot. I guess I’ll have to reconsider now. On a related note, there were plenty of people pushing zannies in the lot too."

I was somehow hoping that they'd come up with some creative miracle to bypass Eaton tomorrow, but I guess that's not happening. Mitch Williams says they'd be better off throwing Castro in there. That might be stretching it. I know where I'll be all weekend, glued to the TV. My wife will be thrilled.

Anyway, don't if you guys have seen the Phillies alternate jersey for next year yet, but here it is...

Zolecki wrote about the pitch count issue:

"Do I want to let him go?" manager Charlie Manuel said. "Yeah, I'd like to see him go nine innings. But he will be monitored. We'll just wait and see."

Manuel said Hamels would not throw 115 pitches.

What I don't understand about pitch counts is, why announce them before the game? Why give the other team advance knowledge of your pitching plan for the game? If a guy's on a pitch count, fine, but just keep it to yourself and tell us about it after the fact.

Only game I could go to is Saturday. How much would you pay to see Eaton pitch?

here comes the imaginary numbers again..

Looks like me and Mrs. Limoguy are headed to CBP for Fan Appreciation Day.

On Kendrick: All I saw from him yesterday was big-time poise, the kind I'd start in a post-season game with no questions asked.

I was talking with Tom Goodman yesterday during the game and posed a difficult question. Which pitcher is likely to have the better career in Philadelphia: Kendrick or Hamels? You have to consider injuries, the type of pitchers they are, the short porch in left, etc. And I think you need to consider the attitude of the players. That's not to say Hamels has a bad one, but he has a certain "Hollywood" persona that will get him in trouble in Philadelphia. On the other hand, nothing from Kendrick suggests anything other than a workman-like approach.

I would go with Hamels, but the question itself causes pause, and that's surprising.

Weitzel - You are stretching a bit there. Kendrick has been a tremendous story this year but the Phils have played good defense behind him (DER) and his peripherals suggest he has been a bit lucky too this year.

from the end of the last thread:

from espn diamond daily:

Rick Sutcliffe: "I picked the Phillies to win the NL East in spring training, and they still could take the division. Despite all the injuries that have plagued their starting rotation, GM Pat Gillick has done a great job making sure the club starts a quality pitcher every night."

what exactly is his opinion of a quality pitcher??

Jason, Kendrick is great, but when predicting the future for pitchers, I think it's helpful to look at these numbers:

Hamels: 176 IP, 157 H, 4-1 K:BB ratio
Kendrick: 121 IP, 129 H, 2-1 K:BB ratio (and only 49 K's!)

The bid edge Kendrick has is his ability to keep the ball in the park, but that's not nearly enough to make up the difference in talent.

According to 610, Ryan Church is predicting a sweep by the NATIONALS this weekend.

**I'm shaking**

What about the history of injury? Talking from now (Sept. 28, 2008) on ...

"Talking from now (Sept. 28, 2008) on ..."

Stupid long nap. How did we end up doing in 2007?

Rick Sutcliffe: "I picked the Phillies to win the NL East in spring training, and they still could take the division. Despite all the injuries that have plagued their starting rotation, GM Pat Gillick has done a great job making sure the club starts a quality pitcher every night."

I guess that Rick was drinking heavily again.

Stupid long nap. How did we end up doing in 2007?

Nice catch, StJoe!

With Cole, injuries are always a factor, but he has the raw talent to be a top 5 pitcher in MLB while Kendrick has the talent to be Ted Lilly, or a solid 4-4.50 ERA guy.

You just can't overlook that, but you are right Jason that there are a lot of factors (outside of talent alone) that make it a closer call than it would appear.

Weitzel - Maybe but Hamels is a potential Cy Young candidate while Kendrick upside is probably as a solid rotation guy. Just as big as the injury factor is Hamel's ability to develop a third pitch that is above average. Still too dependent on that changeup and fastball. If he does that, he will be a Top 5 pitcher.

The Phils would be smart to hold onto both Hamels and Kendrick. Hollywood personality? Chalk that up to lefthandedness and being from California.

funny quote from Keith Law's chat: Shawn (MN): Now that the Brewers are basically done, what do you think they should be looking to add in the offseason? Any good middle relievers going to be available? Any starters they should be targeting?

Keith Law: (2:22 PM ET ) I believe more in developing your own middle relievers, rather than edwading them on the free agent market. I think their top priorities are as follows: 1. New manager. 2. Getting everyone in the right positions, which to me means Braun in LF or even CF, Hall at 3b, and deciding on Weeks at 2b or CF. 3. Catcher.

Cole to me has always come off as more aloof than anything else. Not arrogant like Pat the Bat or Myers, but not exactly fun like J-Roll and Howard.

Jumping ahead a bit but if Eaton stinks tomorrow and gets blown out, will he take his place among the most reviled athletes in recent Philly history?

Steve Carlton didn't have a "Philly" personality... and he was perhaps the greatest pitcher this town ever saw... (all apolgoies to Grover Cleveland Alexander and Robin Roberts)...

Hey, I'm glad the Nats are coming to play and I'm glad they're shooting off their mouths. That stuff plays right into our hands.

Mike - I had to read that twice, because I skimmed over the word 'edwading'. Great stuff.

I wonder if Hamels still leaves his grass clippings out.

I think loc is on to something. My vote goes for the one who better cleans up after a good weekend of yardwork. I haven't heard a single old lady screech about KK's yard waste.

I'd also like to mention that I flouted recent history, and went to Castle Rox in Manayunk for the game. And they won. So this means I get to drink for the rest of the season! Well done, Phillies!

Metsblog has Youtube clips, comparing the last out of the Mets and Phillies games last night. Lovely chorus of boos at the end there. Hilarious!

For the earlier poster looking for a place in the Cooperstown area = try "The Pit".
Great beer and seafood bisque.
I believe that they carry MLB Extra Innings as well.

I suppose it's possible no one knows what I'm talking about with the Hamels/clippings reference, so here:

It's not really meaningful in any way, I just enjoy that story.

Cunningham: That's true about Carlton, and good point. The difference is the era in which they're playing. In Carlton's day, it's paper, 3, 6, 10 as your media, basically, and the state of the game is different with high-price contracts, pitch counts, etc.

After my 1 year nap, I'm happy to report the Phillies won the World Series.

Has the new "alternate" home uni been officially unveiled by the team? I'm still deeply concerned about how much they look like the 1949 uniforms... before we went to the pinstripes.

Hamels gets labeled as 'Hollywood' because he's a cocky prima donna who thinks he should pitch a no-hitter every season. He came up with a chip on his shoulder and that chip is only going to get broader.

It's still hard for me to project Kendrick as a guy who will have the better career, however. For one thing, he needs to be able to pitch past the sixth inning now and then. I like his makeup and consistency, but I don't think he'll ever be a top-rotation kind of pitcher.

Fan in DC - they *are* the '48-'49 unis, except with the present name/number scheme on the back. I think a lot of people would probably have preferred the '70s/'80s jerseys as the alternate, the way the Brewers have done this year.

I like the 48-49 unies, personally. More than the 70s/80s for sure. I just dont like the idea, or see the point of having two home jerseys.

which occasions would warrant the alternate uni?

I live my life off the evening news...

Seriously, guys, don't just throw away what Ryan Church is saying. We need to feed off that. One game at a time. Just keep saying that. One game at a time.

Let's not at all get ahead of ourselves. These three games are incredibly tough. Toughest yet. And for a reason. If this team is a playoff team, if they are built for this, they will win these games.

Let's start tonight. Let's win it.

from espn polling
1) Which team will win the NL East?

72.7% Phillies
27.3% Mets

6) Which NL team in the running for the playoffs is the strongest?

33.9% Phillies
20.5% Rockies
12.4% Padres
12.2% Diamondbacks
12.2% Cubs
7.5% Mets
1.2% Brewers

8) Which team are you picking right now to win the World Series?

19.7% Phillies
18.5% Yankees
13.8% Red Sox
12.3% Indians
9.5% Cubs
8.5% Angels
5.9% Rockies
5.4% Padres
3.3% Mets
2.5% Diamondbacks
0.8% Brewers

Total Votes: 12,477

there must be a hell of a lot of phillies fans voting, i remember seeing it a couple weeks ago and it had us at like 5% chance to win it all

Can anybody split that link to the Phils new jerseys?

Deeply concerned about a uniform?

Curious, anxious, other words that end in ious. Don't worry, beer will calm my nerves.

"which occasions would warrant the alternate uni?"

When they need to sell more merchandise?

When they need to sell more merchandise?

If they sell more merchandise, does that mean they'll spend more money on pitching AND re-sign Rowand?

I'd like to see that happen.

Anyone know of a bar in Pittsburgh that has Phillies games or at least has the MLB package?

What's taking them so long to get this damn game started?

Bring it on! You can insert this MP3 clip in between your Don Henley marathon. It never gets old.

UM... Check out the Pic of Delgado here:

Either I never NOTICED HOW MUCH he looks like Jimmy Rollins...

OR someone at MSNBC photoshopped Rollins ina Mets uniform

I would like to see the exact same lineup as last night; just The Bat and Rowand switched, assuming Rowand is ok from that foul ball last night

Marcus Hayes just said on "Daily News Live" that "Chris Robertson is just as good of an oldfielder as Michael Bourne. He just has mental lapses".
I like Marcus Hayes but he makes some dumb statements.

The Phillies uniforms of the past can be viewed, for those interested, if you Google Phillies uniform history - a basic overview at least. The photo's are from a poster that they used to be sold(they still might?)or was a give-a-way souveir at some home game, circa 1991-92, which I actually still own. Lots of Phillies of old are featured. I think the uni Dykstra is sporting (1925) is sort of cool. VERY prohibition retro.

@ PittPhillsPhan
Hey I don't know of one, though I'm looking also. Silky's in Squirrel Hill turns into an Eagles bar on Sundays so I've been asking some of the people that go down there. Really not much of a baseball town here.

lineups are out.....and i like them

D. Jimenez ss
R. Belliard 2b
R. Zimmerman 3b
A. Kearns rf
W. Pena lf
T. Batista 1b
J. Flores c
J. Maxwell cf 50
T. Redding p

J. Rollins ss
S. Victorino rf
C. Utley 2b
R. Howard 1b
A. Rowand cf
P. Burrell lf
G. Dobbs 3b
C. Ruiz c
C. Hamels p

Thanks for the info, if you hear of any place please post.

Apart from the Nats 8-hole hitter who has 20 at bats this season... only Ryan Zimmerman has a higher OPS than Victorino (.789-.779)... who has the second LOWEST OPS in our lineup ahead of only Ruiz.

Boston has shut down the fatigued 23-yera old rookie Clay Bucholz for the rest of the year. He pitched 125 minor league innings and 23 major league innings.

As if we need yet another reason to appreciate our own 23-year old rookie, Kyle Kendrick, who threw 81 minor league innings before his 121 major league innings.

Kyle wants to pitch on short rest.
Clay wants to go home and rest his arm.

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