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Sunday, August 19, 2007


Obviously that should have been a win last night. And Snell can be tough; this is not good. Not good at all. At least the Mets get Shawn Hill today.

To heck with last night's game. All that matters is that the Phils keep winning series, so today a win would do that. Sweeps are great, but taking 2 outta 3 will get us to the playoffs.

I didn't check yesterday, so I'm sorry I missed the big Coste discussion. I'm suprised no one pointed out that Dice-K has no difficulties pitching without being able to communicate clearly with his catcher. That being said - Barajas was a stupid move, probably intended to make it look to Selig like the Phillies were willing to spend money on free agents - Ruiz is still a work in progress and Coste can, indeed, "rake." With Utley out, Ruiz should ride pine. Moreover: didn't I read somewhere that the pitchers really like to pitch to Coste? Anyway, as others have noted, Durbin allowed six baserunners in six innings the other night. I think Eaton's "injury" requires the 60-day list.

Why would the Phillies need to make anything look like anything for Selig? You're not making the assumption that he's actually a Commisioner instead of a puppet, are you?

No Excuse for No-Hit Nunez:
Abe Nunez's only positive attribute is supposed to be his defense. I'm not expecting him to be the second coming of Brooks Robinson at 3rd base, but making an error of the magnitude he did last night almost calls for a public flogging. He is normally solid defensively at 3rd, but as Phillies fans we think he's actually better than he is because our other defensive options at 3rd are horrible so they make Nunez look good. Looking at the stats, Abe is only slightly better than league average in terms of fielding percentage (.962/.956). Lets forget about fielding for a minute and turn our attention to offense, or in Nunez's case the lack thereof. The man hacks/slaps at any pitcher's offering and constantly hits weak groundballs or pop-ups that barely clear the catcher's cutout. He sucks, hence the ungracious nickname of No-Hit Nunez. He strikes out when we need contact, or hits into double plays when all we need is a run. He's the anti-offense, he is horrible! His career OPS is .630, which is awful, but he's actually managed to out-do his crappiness and post a .620 OPS on the season thus far. How this man gets starts is beyond me...

yo too much bitchin' bout the ump's strike zone last night both on here and in the announcers. I thought I was listening to a Flyers Game where the announcers always say the Ref's screw us cause of the Broad Street Bullies of the 70's. TOTAL BS!

That Ump has been around a long time as well as Moyer. Moyer would be the first to admit that the Ump had nothing to do with his poor effort.

Its been mentioned that Moyer should retire at season's end. I'm not too sure thats a good thing for the Phils. We all know that as soon as he retires he's heading back to Seattle to live permanently. Contrary to most of you guys that think he's going to be our pitching coach. He has said on several occassions that when he retires it will be to spend time with his kids and wife. And BTW if any of you saw his wife on DNL a few weeks back you'd know why he wants to spend some extra quality time with her.

As bad as Moyer can be we all know how good he can be as well...and if we are to get to the playoffs he will be needed because he's our only starting pitcher with playoff experience.

Nice. The Dude needs to post more.

They must absolutely sweep cellar dwellers like Washington and Pittsburgh. There's nothing wrong with a 6-8 game winning streak. Next week will make or break the season, and 2 (at least) losses to the dregs could spell the difference. At least San Diego is losing as well.

Carson, how many times must we call Nunez to task?? It's nice to see Weitzel jump on board with regard to his futileness.

Nuni has sucked his whole career, expect for a breif half year stint in St. Louis (and even then he wasn't that good - hell, the Cards didn't even want him back). How he got a 2 year multi-million dollar deal is beyond me! He brings nothing, I mean NOTHING, to the table! He shouldn't even be minor league filler in this organization, yet Manuel continues to start him 3 times a week (probably cause he was a sucky bench player who wanted in there more often just like Abe).

Anyway, I am not sure why Dobbs isn't getting more playing time. He has been pretty solid all season.

Moyer has been up and down all season, and no doubt he will continue to be. But on this team he's still the number three starter.

Any word on how Garcia did in his two innings of rehab?


Nunez gets me so fired up I cannot type right!!

nunez is the shiznite !

I agree about Moyer. He has good and bad games, last night was bad but he brings intanglibles to the team and my guess is that Hamels, Kendrick and Durbin are all beeter because of his presence.

Mesa could have gotten out of that inning with 0 or 1 runs without Nuni's error but what happened to the Phillies bats. The game is 9 inninings not two. Last night was the perfect time to sit Howard but Cholly didn't. Good thing aqbout today is Lohse is 2-0 with a 0.42 ERA against Pirates this year. Keep winnining series and forget the losses.

Garcia Update:
n a Saturday game for the Gulf Coast Phillies, Garcia went two innings, allowed one hit, one run, walked one and struck out two on 28 pitches.

"It was OK," said director of the minor leagues Steve Noworyta. "He said his arm felt fine afterward and in these situations that's the most important thing."

According to Noworyta, Garcia threw between 84 and 87 miles per hour.

looks like Freddy did this:
2 inning, 2 hits, 1 run, zero BB and 2k's

I will be very shocked if the Phillies put Garcia in the rotation while he's throwing 84-87. He will have to dial it up to at least 89-90 to return to the rotation, assuming he can.

Well, considering this was Garcia's first live game pitching (if I'm not mistaken?), we'd assume that he may not be throwing full speed (whatever that is going to end up being) yet.

Not high hopes, but perhaps he'll be in for a few starts down the stretch.

More important, perhaps, is if and when Madson will be back.

Anyone have any thoughts on bringing up Yoel Hernandez to replace Zagurski?

Grumpy, I was actually thinking about that today, and I would bring up the guy Mateo who they acquired a couple of weeks back. I know the guy is a PR nightmare with his backround, however, he is a veteran and has good numbers...I would love the phillies tot try to pick up one more lefty though

Gramps: The Phillies do have a guy in the minors who has 5 years of major league experience & who has a considerably better track record than Zagurski, Yoel or Geary. His name is Julio Mateo.

Again, I ask: Why would you trade for this guy if you're so outraged by his conduct that you have no intention of putting him on your team? The answer, of course, is that the Phillies aren't all that outraged by his conduct & they fully intended to put him on the team, but didn't expect the public out-cry when they traded for him. Once the out-cry happened, they put PR concerns above winning, by letting Mateo rot in Double A, when he's clearly better than a few of the relievers on their major league roster.

If the Phillies had wanted to take a principled stand against domestic violence, they would have never traded for Mateo in the first place. If they wanted to do whatever they can to win, they would put him on the active roster because no one can seriously argue that Zagurski is a better pitcher. The Phillies, apparently, are neither principled nor committed to winning.

A win today over Pittsburgh will mean the Phils have lost just one series of their last 9. That includes taking 3 of 4 from the Padres and sweeping the Pirates. That would be a 19-9 record since July 20th, a whopping .679 win percentage over that stretch.

Sweeps are awesome, but I'll say it again, keep winning series and we make the playoffs.

I think the Phillies should bring up Gary Knotts. He also has major league experience. I'm nervous about this next week with lots of rain predicted, a rain out or two could really hurt us since we ar so short of pitchers.

The last thread had a comment about D-Backs pitcher Micah Owings great hitting last night. Just two years ago, he played here in New Orleans for Tulane University. That year he played 61 games as a position player in addition to pitching in 18 games. As a hitter, he lead Conference USA in homers and slugging pct. As a pitcher, He was second in the conference in wins and Ks. He was named Conference USA Player of the Year. His hitting was better than his pitching!

Line ups - Branyan in at 3B, Coste catching

Jimmy Rollins SS
Tadahito Iguchi 2B
Pat Burrell LF
Ryan Howard 1B
Aaron Rowand CF
Greg Dobbs RF
Russell Branyan 3B
Chris Coste C
Kyle Lohse P

Nate McLouth CF
Jack Wilson SS
Freddy Sanchez 2B
Adam LaRoche 1B
Xavier Nady RF
Jason Bay LF
Jose Bautista 3B
Carlos Maldonado C
Ian Snell P

The way Werth has been playing, I don't see why you bench him to make room for Branyan. Looks like 10-12 strikeouts

The way Werth has been playing, I don't see why you bench him to make room for Branyan. Looks like 10-12 strikeouts

mateo should be up w/the phils...i don't care what crime he has been charged with...we're in a pennant race here.

then again, the way knotts has been throwing, i might go with him first.

Too late Slocs, they have bought back Yoel Hernandez (ahead of Geary)

I'm sure Branyan and Dobbs are in there to get two more lefties in the lineup against a rightie.

Other Kevin: You care about what Selig thinks if you're one of his buds.

Moyer's fine. Some nights he's just gonna get knocked. That's sort of what a #3 is like. (And he is like an extra pitching coach for all the kids.)

And really. We got Mateo as a steal cause Seattle didn't like his PR. Now we're not gonna use him? When we really need another decent relief pitcher? (Instead it's Yoel again.) (Uggh.)

Yoel Hernandez? sigh.

I'm sure Branyan will get pinch hit for the minute a right-handed pitcher is put in.

And if Coste gets another big hit today, I'll wager that Gillick will try to find a way to bust him back down into the Little League World Series.

Yeah, I would have left Werth in there; he has been swinging well. With Howard, Branyan, Burrell, and Dobbs playing the corners today, that could be the worst corner defense any MLB team has sent out there this year.

Agreed on Mateo, if we arent going to ever use him, why did we trade for him?

Yoel??? Ughh...

His last 6 outings at Ottawa:

8 2/3 IP
12 H
5 ER
8 BB's (!)
7 K's

What has he done to EARN a promotion??? Did he win the coin flip?

Apparently Kelsey Grammer's on the mound today...David Hyde Pierce, who doesn't have much of an arm, at 3rd.

Today's a must-win - the Braves will probably win with Smoltz facing Yusmeiro Petit (they're already up 2-1), and the Padres have to be favored with Maddux facing Albers. If we can stay tied with the Padres today, we probably stand to gain a game on them in the next few days - they play the Mets at Shea and we've got the scuffling Dodgers at home.

Any word on the rain delay? I dont get it on tv here. Are the saying it a short delay or are we looking at a postpone?

they are saying 2:15.....but there is a ton of rain in the area

If this game gets going, I have a feeling that today is the day Howard goes nuts. This is where we need him to step up. If anyone predicts Howard's output today, that person may win 2 tickets to the Phils Dodgers game on 8/23 at 1:05.
My guess:
2-4 HR, 4RBI, K, BB

my guess....1-4 (two-out single, no RBI/run scored, K) with a walk. serious about the tickets?

Howard: 1-4, BB, RBI, R, 2B

A Sunday double-header...of "Fraser." Not good.

Recalling Yoel is a puzzle. The guy isn't a prospect and he pitched poorly when he was here earlier. Gary Knotts is not a major league pitcher (lifetime 13-16, 5.45 ERA). Mateo should be the choice.

Adding Mateo to the roster is a no-brainer. There is no plausible baseball explanation for adding Yoel over Mateo. If Yoel Hernandez costs them any games over the next 6 weeks, & they wind up missing the playoffs as a result, then they will truly have missed the playoffs because the team's management cares more about PR than it cares about winning.

I don't want Mateo -- I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but I don't think you sell your mortal soul as human beings to win a playoff slot (crazy, huh?).

That said, either you don't get a guy like that (and I don't think they should have) or, if you do, I don't get their thinking in not using him. They probably plan to make him a Sept. 1 callup to minimize the bad publicity. Also, I don't know his contract status but Gillick may have been gambling that the charges are dropped (as they so frequently are; see "Myers, Brett") during the off-season, making him another Value Village purchase for '08.


way to be j-roll!

J-Roll! Hey Crazy Jon, how far would he have hit that ball if he wasn't so overrated?

They're not gonna get this game in. Just looked on Supposed to rain hard all day in Pittsburgh.

Worried about howaRD IN THE COLD AND WET

this game could take 6 hours.

Howard - 0 for 3, 1 BB, 2K's

That was some leadoff AB for Rollins. Whiffs on the first two fastballs, so Snell comes right back with a third, and BAM. Not exactly your classic Brett Butler approach, but I'll take it.

Hopefully it'll count, looks like a soggy day out there.

howard sucks.

I don't think Howard sucks, but he looks totally out of sorts at the plate. I don't get to see the Phils on tv that often, and it is really clear that he's off. His feet seem totally off and he's only swinging with his arms.

Happy to see Branyan hitting above Coste...

Good point Slocs

Looking good up there - 3 pitch strikeout...

Meanwhile Coste is 10 for 20 against Pittsburgh, bat him 8th and take the bat out of his hands. CHOLLY!

Does anyone have an explanation as to why we have a .202 hitter who strikes out every other at bat batting ahead of a .351 who never strikes out?

Is there any goddamn reason why Charlie won't give Howard a day off? just please. please give him the day off, he needs it, he can't hit a single thing right now.

Johnny Good-times:

"Manager-of-the-year" - the guy can't put up a line-up together. His attitude is catcher bats 8. Branyan is a bum who won a game for us. Coste is barely used. No hit is used ahead when pinch-hitting, it is just idiotic.

Coste would have to hit .400 for Charlie to move him in the lineup.

Howard is just guessing up there right now.

He is behind the fastball and in front of anything off-speed. The only pitch he can hit hard right now is something up and out-over-the-plate, where he is strong enough to drive the ball to left.

He still has almost 100 RBI's though. Which is pretty amazing, considering he has (even he would admit) been "off" with his timing most of the year. If he could just put the ball in play a little more often, he would have 15 more RBI's easy.


Coste is hitting .500 against the bucos and is still batting 8th so I don't think anything can get him out of the 8 spot.

lohse is locating his pitches really well so far.

bill: howard definitely sucks lately, though he's been streaky all season. Hopefully, the day off tomorrow and the home crowd these next three series will help him get back on track. we need it if were gonna stay in this thing to the end.

To be honest, I bet if Coste became the first batter in 67 years to bat .400, Charlie would still bat him 8th, because the 1934 "Mayberry Rule Book" says that catchers bat 8th. I mean, Charlie has done a great job keeping this team winning through a lot of injuries, but I thought they brought in Jimy Williams to stop Charlie from doing idiotic things like batting "Russ-K" ahead of Coste.

I really like the decision to start Branyan in this game, especially against Snell. Check out Snell's left/right splits:

vs. right: .249/.306/.403
vs. left: .295/.373/.497

While it's debatable that Branyan bats above Coste, they're pretty comparable hitters. Branyan's OPS+ on the year is 107, Coste is at 111. Seriously, could we get over the obsession with batting average? There's a lot more to being a good hitter than hitting singles.

That assumes that Charlie looks at splits. Besides, I don't believe that hitters hit certain teams better, except by random chance. In football or basketball a player can do well against certain defenses, but in baseball you're facing different pitchers everytime, so it doesn't stand to reason that someone would hit a given team better.

big spot for howard.

so sick of this

yeah, howard didnt need a day off.

wasted opps

Leaving runners on with the middle of our lineup at the plate + Kyle Lohse pitching = Trouble in this game. Although if Lohse keeps getting lucky double plays he might pull off a game.

" then they will truly have missed the playoffs because the team's management cares more about PR than it cares about winning.
b_a_p, duuuuuuuuhhhhhhhh! This has been one of the major problems with this franchise since Giles and the rest of the no-talent, ass-clown owners bought the team.

adam dunn holds the all-time record for strikeouts in a season with 195. howard currently has 149. this puts his about on pace to break the record, despite all the time he has missed.

Looks like Howard's ready for another trip to the 'disabled list'. If this team doesn't have a sports psychologist, they need to hire one pronto.

With a runner on second and one out, do you want an excellent singles hitter, or a guy who walks a lot and strikes out CONSTANTLY? Yes, he hits a lot more homers per at bat than Coste, raising his OPS. But Coste moves runners. Branyan does not. Branyan is nicknamed 3TO, because his at bats only result in three true outcomes: strike out, home run walk.

Jeremy: Snell is right-handed. So how do those stats justify starting Branyan today?

And, no, Branyan & Coste are not comparable hitters. A walk doesn't often drive in runs. A hit does.

howard deserves the 3TO nickname as well.

Howard has whiffed now 77 times in his last 181 official at bats.

And, he has now stuck out at least once, in 25 of his last 26 games.

But, if he hits in September and the team makes the playoffs, then no one will remember.

AWH: True. I wasn't implying that this obsession with PR over winning is a new phenomenon. I was just noting that this is a particularly stark example of the phenomenon.

Branyan time - 4 pitch strikeout is my prediction

who would u rather have up right now? coste or branyan? there is no debate.

I get mad know when howard is up because you know he is going to stike out! Come one man, just a little contact, thats all I am asking, I am watching the little league world series and everyone one of those 12 yr old kids look better then him right now.

He is swinging at the bad pitches, taking the good pitches and missing the fast balls..I think I could strike him out...Manuel said " he will have off monday because he needs his presence in the line up" sorry but who the hell is scared of this guy right now...I am sooo fed up with him!! CONTACT

Sorry 6 pitch strikeout.

Teixeira with a pair of HRs today, Braves breezing. Mets tied with Nats.

ok with Branyan and Howard in the lineup thats an automatic 8 strike outs guarenteed...

Bats have disappeared again. People don't understand that Howard struggling hurts everyone. If Howard isn't in lineup, people seem to step it up.

Lead off double and we can't even move him over...Hopefully it rains after the 5th and the game gets called...Phils win..this is brutal

Lohse had better keep pitching lights-out, because the team is just not executing today.

Will they waste another double here by Coste? Nothing personal against Russell Branyan, but he's a strikeout waiting to happen. Why he's in the everyday lineup is a mystery to me. Too many Ks in this lineup as it is, and waaaayyy too many Ks with him in there.

In the time it took me to type the above, another wasted double.

Slocs, give Ian Snell some credit. He's a good pitcher. He's better than anyone in the Phils rotation except Hamels.

This lineup today is a seminar on how not to score runs. 1 guy gets on base, up come 2 guys who strike out. Here's a fun game, what would your lineup have been today if you were managing? Mine would've gone:


I know there's no huge middle of the lineup bat, but all of those guys can contribute hits, ive tried to mix up lefty-righty, and Howard just needs the time off with no excuses. What would you guys have done?

Branyan .426 SLG vs. RHP, Coste .372. I have no problem batting Branyan ahead of Coste vs. RHP. I don't like Dobbs-Branyan batting back to back. Makes it too easy to bring in a LOOGY.

I never thouhgt I would say "Helms should be starting at 1st today."

Slocs, you are right, they do tend to step it up when Howard is out of the lineup.

Branyan gave us his one HR. Get him out of here.

Jack: Snell has a wide split between LH and RH. Using Werth would be a mistake.

i just did a little research...phillies hitters are on pace to set their all-time team record for strikeouts. the current record is 1155 in 2003. i'm not complaining about the team's offensive output, but it is worth noting.

lead off walk...SMALL BALL time..come on

Burrell can't be trying to hit the ball out of the park there.

If Ryan Howard didn't suck, he'd hit that ball 2 feet farther to the right, etc.

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