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Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Thanks to MPN for the heads up on this report.

This is a bad, bad move, if true.

At this point in the season, we can't just GIVE games away to the team we're fighting against for the Wild Card.

The Phils seems to have caught lightning in a bottle TWICE with Kendrick and, to a lesser extent, Durbin. Why do this?

Does this team EVER go with the hot hand?

Staying positive, Castro has a live arm, can miss some bats and would be facing a weak lineup.

happ and castro are both on the 40-man, right? it can't be that. happ's turn seems to co-incide with the scheduled start, more or less, so that's not really an issue. it must be something where they don't want to use happ yet for a specific reason, as opposed to them actually preferring castro. only obvious thing is happ's injury last month, but who knows.

in anycase, happ will probably be here in another 10 days anyway. castro probably makes all of one start.

Castro as a starter in a playoff race? Maybe he keeps the Phils' in the game but this move just reeks of desperation.

Kind of start you give to a young pitcher on a team that is well out of the race instead of tied for the WC lead.

on the other hand, jason, happ's been missing bats to the tune of over 10 per 9 IP since coming back, while castro is somewhere in the 6s. don't get it.

I don't get it, either. Happ would have been my choice. Maybe Happ is hurt.

From the AP:

"Ciccotti said Utley should be ready for a rehab assignment this weekend, and then return against the Mets"...

"In other Phillies injury news, Ciccotti said outfielder Shane Victorino (calf) could rejoin the team on Wednesday; OF Michael Bourn (ankle) might be back in two-to-three weeks; LHP Mike Zagurski (hamstring) is likely out for the season; RHP Ryan Madson (shoulder) might return for the final week of the season; and Eaton (shoulder) will throw in a bullpen session on Wednesday."

Does anybody finding it amazing that the only Phils' starter not on the DL this season has been Moyer, the 44-year old ageless wonder?

Regardless of what happens the rest of the season, this probably is going to be go down as one of the oddest, interesting, and probably one of the most frustrating seasons in Phils' history.

Does that update above mean that Victorino is back tonight or next week?

Also, put me down as someone else who would hope to see Happ start on Saturday.

Did Zagurski pull his hammy while falling on his sprained ankle or something? That was one ugly play.

Watch, Castro will throw a no-hitter now. That's just how this team works. They lose someone important, then their replacement comes in and does better than them.

Ribbies - It's tonight, if we're lucky. I'd be worried about playing him on the wet outfield grass though.

Been a Howard backer here all season but it is time for the big man to step it up. He is having the worst month of his young career so far and really hurting this team at the plate in some key situations.

Yeah, Howard misses Utley hitting in front of him in a big way and a few other guys in the lineup have cooled considerably this month (e.g., Rowand).

Still, if this team has any hope of making it through this 10-game homestand with more than a .500 record, they need Howard to deliver some key hits and drive in some runs. Last night was a good start and but Tomko is garbage. It is going to be real interesting to see what Howard does tonight against a tough LHP like Lowe.

Three guesses on Castro over Happ.

1) Castro has pitched in 25 games at Major League Level. (no matter how porrly in recent memory); Happ has only pitched one.

2) If they put Happ on the active roster they'd have to move someone else; at this point I don't think they've put Hamels on injured reserve.

3) Castro, long-term, gives more flexibility, since he's been a starter and a reliever.

All that being said, if I were the GM, I'd bring up Happ. If I were the manager I'd ask for him. But I ain't, so I'm hoping something unlikely happens. Again.

Any update on Hamels's MRI?

Victorino is supposed to be with the team tonight, from what I understand, though I would doubt that he would start yet.

Thanks for the Vic update. I too would be worried about bringing him back to cold and wet conditions.

Good point about Hamels not yet making the DL. I *think* that's good news. Then again, this is the Phillies' med staff we're dealing with here.

Victorino is listed in the press notes. It would appear Hamels is DL.

i don't think there's any doubt cole is going on the dl. even if this isn't serious, can't they make the visit retroactive to the day after his start in dc?


Are you saying it DOES appear Hamels is on the DL?

I was surprised to read in the press notes that the Phillies lead the majors in come from behind victories (37). I suspected they would have led the league in "blow them out early and barely hang on" victories.

But then again, I guess falling behind in the top of the first and coming back to win is a "come from behind" victory, so I guess it does make sense.

Has anyone done a break down on Castro's starting versus bullpen work? My impression is that Castro has been more effective as a starter than coming out in relief. I have NO statistical basis for that because all I'm looking at is MLB stats.

It does scare me though because Castro was effective in JUST one appearance this season. And that was in mop-up duty. In the rest did not perform well at all.

Last year as the last pitcher on the bench he was effective for most of the season, not giving up runs while Manuel forget he even existed. Then when it mattered, in "clutch" situations he didn't really come through.

breaking news: hamels placed on 15-day DL, retroactively.

I didn't see that Hamels injury was referenced in the press notes.

And in their own press notes (as opposed to the linked article) they aren't listing _any_ of their upcoming starters. Castro is, however, included in the bullpen section.

So Castro may indeed just be a placeholder for now for Saturday's game.

also, victorino in the lineup tonight, batting 6th.

these news breaks are from 950 AM.

It's good news for Cole Hamels.

The Phillies' ace has no structural damage in his left elbow, after undergoing an MRI today. The ligament is fully intact.

The Phillies are calling it a "very mild" elbow strain and have placed him retroactively on the 15-day disabled list. Hamels said he believes he will miss just two starts and can be activated Sept. 1.

Fabio Castro will start Thursday afternoon against the Dodgers. The Phillies also activated Shane Victorino from the disabled list. He will bat sixth tonight and start in rightfield.

The Phillies are calling it a "very mild" elbow strain and have placed him retroactively on the 15-day disabled list.

I wonder if this is more mild or less mild than Myers' previous "mild strain".

Oh, okay, I see where Hamels's likely being put on the DL is referenced in the Marcus Hayes article. Says it would be back-dated to August 17th meaning he'd miss two starts and be available on September 1st.

... and, as usual, I am behind the news curve.

I wonder if this is more mild or less mild than Myers' previous "mild strain".

Well, with the Phils medical staff's Cheney-esque devotion to secrecy, "very mild" means no more than when we ask the local Indian restaurant to make the food American-wimp mild ...

Coste and Dobbs in the lineup tonight


Ribbies - You're right, a good many of those come-from-behind victories stem from being down very early in the game by 1 run. For instance, there have been 10 come-from-behind victories in games when Hamels has started and pitched OK to very well. Another four have come when Kendrick was down by 1 run at some point during a start. And they won eight games when Eaton crapped the bed in the 1st inning. It's one of those little stats that have little relevance except to the PR guys.

whoops, should have said "when Eaton crapped the bed, USUALLY in the 1st inning." My bad.

Let's not get to high on Pat B. Don't forget if he played this way during the beginning of theseason we'd already be in first place injuries or not!

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