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Thursday, August 30, 2007


kick'em-when-they're-down time starts now

This is THE game! Winning this one will really put it to the hated Mets.

Tremendous opportunity to step on a team that is clearly questioning themselves ... The Duke has a lot on his shoulders - I don't think the Mets' pen would mind sitting one out.

As an aside, love the attitude the past few nights. When Burrell realized he juuuuust missed the slam last night he looked completely devastated. I don't know if it's for Charlie, or for what, but these guys want it bad. Not seeing that recently in the D-Backs, the Brewers, and actually ... the Mets. That edge should be the difference today. That and giving Myers the day off to listen to some relaxing smooth jazz.

Looks like Rowand is starting today. I think he needs a rest.

I like the Fuentes idea. If there's one thing that I think this team needs it's another bullpen guy who can come in for a big strike out in a jam. The only guys I really have faith in to do this at the moment are Romero, Alfie and the six finger shuffle, and Myers. Going forward I think we really need to add another K guy to next year's bullpen.

I'm with you Lake, the win here today would be tremendous. It's the difference between being two out with a month to play and four out.

kick'em-when-they're-down - Burrell's theme

I want the Met Killer to do some more damage today

Don't like the lineup today.

Unless Victorino is hurt (with him pinch-running and stealing 2nd on Tuesday, then he must not be), he needs to get back in there. You need to run against El Duque, and the Phils need his speed on both offense and defense on the field. He should be in there in CF today. Rowand has been scuffling. Give him a day off. He probably isn't going to do much against El Duque anyway.

Coste homered off El Duque, the last time he pitched at CBP. Plus, its a day game after a night game. He should be starting today.

You need to put as many lefties in the lineup as possible against El Duque, and Cholly hasn't done it today. The Phils haven't hit him this year, with basically the same cast of characters playing today that have played against him in the past.

Not sure why vic is not back in the lineup. This game is the one the Phils have had trouble with this year, stepping on the other team's throat when you have them down. That's what good teams do.

Burrell: Loved the emotion he had last night. I think this just goes to show how much of a jack-ass Wagner is/was. Wagner has never been a part of a championship team. I'm not saying he is the reson for that, but his comments while in Philly suggest that he, and not The Bat, was the guy with the problem.

Lohse: Needs to come up big here.

El Duqe: I don't get the idea that he is some kind of dominant pitcher. Nor do I buy that the Mets have good pitching in general. I think El duquee is prone to some blowups. We'll see.

Anybody have the lineup?

I know the focus is on the Mets, rightfully so, but the Phils are now just 2 games out in the loss column of the WC leader again (now the D-Backs, who I believe will continue to fade).

Nice start

Yes, Vic should be in there today


I think... only difference may be flipping Dobbs and Werth.

Is it possible Vic's not 100%? Maybe he's just 80% or so... and then it certainly makes sense to give a hot Werth some more at bats... especially having a switch-hitting speedster off the bench when we need him.

Hernandez seems to go from decent commentary to the absolute absurd.

Ex. the Vic in the lineup comment vs. Jaime Moyer has a better move to first than J.C. Romero (Or that Moyer has a good move to first at all).





Thanks to Ben Keeler from the last thread.

Beltran is scary good against Lohse.

thanks for the lineups fellas.

how bout beltrans numbers vs lohse? scary.

Nice inning

Nice off speed pitch.

Good inning Kyle... it's nice to get out of the first clean.

Lohse gets him this time.

Having Vic on the bench lets them play small ball /w a pinch runner should they need it later on. Plus, calf injuries tend to be nagging. It was clear when we called him up and didn't have him start all the time (this was before Werth's insane streak) that he wasn't fully healed. Its a lot easier for someone to work through the pain and give 100% for a few innings than an entire game.

Yer right denny. Duke has been eating righties alive with stuff running off the plate. Ruiz especially has no prayer.

victorino should definitely be in if he's healthy. he's the starting right fielder, and has done nothing to lose the job.

i really don't understand why rowand is playing. he looked worse than moyer at the plate yesterday.

Alright, good inning from Lohse. lets get Hernandez early. Hope the Phils are patient.

Just read Rollins comments on Manual. Really like what he said. Manual is really not getting the credit he deserves. While I definately questioned him early in the season, the way this team has hung in, in the face of certain doom from the DL, is amazing. Manual kept the ship afloat, and now he has them in position for a push with a few of those holes plugged up and a few more cannons on board.

J-Roll, all business baby.

who all is following on the internet? i would guess most, if people are at work...i usually use cbssportsline but its real slow is not the best looking and you gotta refresh yourself but i think its the quickest...god, we need this win

J Roll, baby!

I was hoping for triple #16.

Jimmy's the spark - hope they tag some on El Duque here early.

he is so getting quicker updates from you guys

Is this another misstep by the phils med staff? It's great to have Vic back, don't get me wrong. But if he wasn't healed yet, they should have just gone w/ Werth until he was ready to play again. Now, this could nag at him the whole rest of the season and limit his playing time. I guess it's fine line.


I'm watching on TV

The Phils will see these 6 starters (probably) the next 6 games after today:


Fri- Mitre
Sat- Kim
Sun- Hot Head Olsen


Mon- Cormier
Tues- Carlyle
Wed- Hudson

Just looking into the future a bit. Those look like some enticing matchups for Howard.

damn big ben, what happened to you??? and while were at it, where jeff juden???

I'd like to see Jimmy take 3rd here ... even w/ a lefty up.

Let's Go, PtB !

Way too shallow to run there. Way to shallow.

killah moment?

The Phillies are undergoing something of a renaissance in the city of Philadelphia. As a frequent listener of 610, I can testify that over half their calls lately have been about the Phils, even with Eagles football right around the corner. And you won't find a blog or board anywhere near as active as Beerleaguer dedicated to the Eagles.

Burrell being very smart here. With El Duque it's all about waiting.

that looked inside on gameday

din't wait long ebnough. That was ball 4 inside

It's about time. this city has been dying to embrace the phils but they havent given us, or should i say, the casual fan, much hope...

Come on phillies.

Yeah I think my top 3 support is:

1.Phillies/Flyers depending on season.

But that just more has to do with my families interest in sports growing up.

but clout, which was further inside, pitch 4 or pitch 5?

ESPN has someone named Barone listed as the probable for the Saturday game.

How accurate is MLB's Gameday with respect to pitches in and out of the zone? I rarely use it, but I find myself working (not really) without a television.

C'mon Ryno. Show Jack you're more than 20% better than Adam Dunn!

oooch, message pitch or pushing him back?

Ryan won't see a strike here. He may s wing and miss 3 pitches, but none will be in the zone.

Andy: Pitch 4 looked borderline, pitch 5 was clearly inside.

@Dan, me and Jeff Juden hang out all the time! We talk about the good ol days at the Vet and I always make fun of him for being on the crappy late mid to late 90s teams.

Man was I wrong!



WOW ! Go Ryan !

Take THAT Adam Dunn!!!!



kick-em hard!!!

That's what I was looking for!

Why...would you pitch to Howard there...

Sweet swing, dropped the bat head on a low breaker.

Clout, lol, I love the sudden Dunn resentment.

Beautiful. That was a shot

wow. that was a big one! way to go ryno!

Locked the F in!

nice big ben...danny jackson too??? i hear he is still performing his take off my shirt, flex and celebrate and NL pennant move at various karaoke bars across the uS....i was 11 years old...get me back to the playoffs!!!!!!

That's what Howard has to do with those outside breaking pitches: Stay back, stay back, stay back.

Yeah Howard, there's a message for the Mets right there.

homerun???? damn you guys are way faster than the internet

People are dying at Mets blog.
How deep was that..
i'm speechless.

The challenge now falls to Lohse. Can he hold them to 2 runs in 5+ innings the way all the other starters have?

Crushed an off-speed pitch to center LF field. Good to see Howard rebounding after a tough night last night against Perez.

nice inning. good Start

Dan, indeed. Howard jacked one over 450 feet acording to Muts announcers.

Gameday sucks. really slow

Do you think MetsBlog75 will be back here talking trash like he was before the series opener?

nice to see rowand at least making contact today.

Ben Rivera - it was Barone shceduled for Saturday, but they took him out of the rotation for BK Kim.

I think this could be a shattering the record day of comments

RSB, no idea why'd they pitch to Howard, especially since everyone on this board has noticed that Rowand looks to be slumping/tired/whatever. Guess Willie hasn't caught on just yet, luckily.

Dan: The Daily News produced a T-shirt with that picture of Jackson on it in 1993. I bet it's a collector's item now.

ughh dont get me started on cohen, hernandez and darling, who is actually OK..did you hear how bad they were ripping myers last night for throwing curve balls? he over used it a little but still made guys look silly

also, gary cohen needs to chill..his homerun calls are out of last night..dude its the 1st inning...keep it in your pants

Clout the game isn't over...but probably not.

I am still on edge 2 runs is not enough for this team and it still only the 1st. Lets not get premature here.

king myno: I realize I'm in the minority here, but Rowand was 7 for 18 before last night's Golden Sombrero. I wouldn't call that a slump.

wow. that must've been a whopper, LA sounded truly impressed on the audio feed...

and not that i'm going to disagree with the decision to pitch to howard there, but why, why would you pitch to the big man with first base open and a righty on deck? good call randolph!

Good to see we didn't trade the "slumping" Howard for a handful of trashbin relievers!

Dan, I also prank call Adam Eaton to tell him that I'm a far better #5 than he could ever hope to be.

There is no excuse for pitching to Howard in that situation, first inning or not. You have Rowand on deck, and not only has he been ice-cold for days, he has struggles against Hernandez.

Speaking of Rowand - I don't get why he's starting today. He clearly could use a rest, and we've seen Victorino run just fine in this series.

A note for Denny B., who is insisting that the Phillies "find a way" to acquire Brian Fuentes: have you noticed, by chance, that Colorado is right in the thick of the wild-card race? You expect them to just toss him over to a competitor?

I agree that Rowand needs a rest. Especially since he's over the hill now, being that he turned 30 yesterday...j/k. But seriously, Victorino needs to play! Plug Vic in CF and let Werth in RF if Manuel is so intent on starting Werth.

By the way- that was a friggin' shot by Howard, mammoth in fact.

oh, that's why LA sounded so impressed. 455 feet was what they just estimated the distance on that last howard homerun.

not too shabby.

On ESPN's gamecast, that homer looks like it was about 450 feet. Any visual confirmation?

Oh, and can I get an "M-V-P, M-V-P" for Jimmy Rollins?

Lohse is lucky there. That was a classic hanging curve.

Clout: You think he's been reading me? Wow, that's awesome. Howard is hot right now and I'm loving it.

Lets go Lohse, don't let them back in this...

Hate to say it, but i think the Mets announcers are some of the best in the league.

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