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Monday, August 27, 2007


Good stuff, Jason.

The Phils are looking uphill this week with Glavine, Perez and El Duque starting the final three games of the series; they have to tattoo Lawrence tonight, get into the bullpen, and then hope it's hot enough that 40somethings Glavine and Hernandez get tired and Perez loses his command.

Sadly, the Phils pitching is so ragged right now that they could score six or seven runs in a couple of these games and still lose. The Mets as a team love hitting in OFJOAB (who doesn't?), and the Reyes-or-Beltran question is a painful joke considering that they've both had multi-homer games there.

What an odd question to finish with -- I haven't followed the Mets all that closely this year, but I imagine that's some sort of ongoing debate in Mets land?

I'd rather see Beltran - Reyes effin kills us.

Jason, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, for starting a new thread.

agreed, Crazy Jon.

Split would be a success here.

...also, Coste needs to start 3 of these 4 games. I don't know what Vic's status is, but I don't know if Werth is a solution batting 2nd. Who fills that spot? Lastly, can Iguchi really be that worse than Dobbs/Nunez/Helms/Branyon?

That's one excellent summary.

If the Phillies win more than 2 of these games, I'll faint on the spot.

Is it for sure that Adam Eaton will be throwing batting practice tomorrow to the Mets tomorrow. I'll say it again, I don't care about his past record against the Mets. Let's give Happ or one of the other kids a chance. Hopefully there won't be much video on our young guys and we can get 5 innings and stay close.

If Eaton starts I think we all know that we'll be down a minimum of 2 runs by the time we hit in the first. Now If Eaton leaves it at that and goes 7 innings, I'd be thrilled but logic says, he'll pitch less than 6 full innings and will give up at least 5, probably more.

Reed I do not want a split. We need at least 3 of these games. This late in the season we can't afford to be treading water, we need to make a move and quick. That said, the projected starters for this series does not leave me with much confidence.

Slocs, while I'm sympathetic to your overall point, Happ pitched yesterday--and he got pounded, allowing 9 runs (all earned) in five and change. I still like the guy, but he's not likely to do well for the Phillies right now.

Any news about who will be sent down when Utley is activated? I am guessing it will be Branyan....with Ennis getting shipped out tomorrow for the 24 million dollar man

Denny B, I wanna sweep, but this could be a dangerous series due to our (lack of) pitching. This could be a knock-out punch if we don't at least split.

A split is bare minimum, IMO.

Let's hope yesterday's romp got the bats awake and Ut's return gives a much-needed spark.

It was nice to see Ryan break out a little yesterday. If the past is any indication, he could go on a tear now. With the pitching staff in its current state, let's hope he does.

Iguchi cannot and will not play 3rd. He was moved to second after having shoulder surgery. It's Not Going To Happen. Why does this keep coming up?

Phils have to win 3 out of 4 to stay alive. A split is not ok.

it keeps coming up because we have Rudy Stein and Timothy Lupus as our 3rd basemen.

It is going to take a combination of the Mets faltering and the Phils overachieving for the Phils to possibly take 3 or 4 right now.

The tough part is that the Padres are going to go through the most difficult part of their remaining schedule over the next 10 days. I just don't see how the Phils are going to keep pace let alone actually make up any real ground.

Phils have to win tonight's game or it is a real chance they might get swept.

I realize that our 3rd base options stink but I just don't think Iguchi is physically capable of doing it. For the record, I'd take Dobbs there for the rest of the year, then keep him for next year as a utility guy. He's been useful this year.

I'm not gonna give up on the Phils if they don't sweep these turkeys; but I say, win em all!!!
There'd be joy in Mudville.

P.S. I'd still take the Eck (cause Gibson already sold his soul in order to hit that homer in 88)

agreed - think Dobbs gives us the best chance to win if Tad is a no-go. Also, I think Coste must be primary going forward.

did your list have Sutter?

did your list have Sutter?"

Yes, it did.

Basically, I went to the Cy Young award list on & searched for saves. So technically, if a middle relief pitcher won the Cy Young award without getting any saves, I would have missed them. But I think that I got any others.

Now that I think about it, I suppose that it's also very possible that a starter who got one or two saves in a year would have made my list as well.

Any news about who will be sent down when Utley is activated? I am guessing it will be Branyan....with Ennis getting shipped out tomorrow for the 24 million dollar man

I hope not. I like Branyan. He's a human lottery ticket.

"Lotto" Branyan. Love it!

Lets hope Arizona stays hot and takes three possibly four from the Padres. The Phils ... well, it's hard to imagine them taking more than two of four as their pitching goes now. Our main hope is that they replaced Eaton with a robot while he was DL'ed.

So in that whole Inky article on the wind currents at CBP (and I like the OFJOAB acronym), there's no indication that they can or are planning to do anything else about it, is there? Is there anything more they could do even if they wanted to, short of building a big cocoon around the park to protect it from wind currents?

Branyan. He's a human lottery ticket

I nearly p*****d my pants

I think one of my main reasons for choosing Eck to be the "Elite Closer of All Time" was that from 89 - 91 he gave up 16 walks versus 215 strikeouts. Still, I can see some arguments for others. Most had great facial hair, for instance, which would make a compelling argument for Fingers.

I'm not sure they can do anything about the wind at CBP, without making it insufferable to be at during a hot summer day. Those breezes are life savers for those in the seats.

Andy: True but Eck was the first closer to have closer hair: neatly trimmed on the sides and flowing down the back. Within 5 years every closer in baseball had that hairstyle.

I nearly p*****d my pants

Heh, nice.

The matchups for the season's most crucial series:
Tonight: Lawrence vs. Durbin
Tomorrow: Glavine vs. Eaton
Wednesday: Perez vs. Moyer
Thursday (BPS): El Duque vs. Lohse

A split amounts to a Mets series win. These matchups are about as bad as I've seen and given the quality of the bullpen, it's going to be up to the offense to generate at least 6 runs a game to have any hope of winning this series. This series is truly the defining moment of the 2007 season for the Phillies.

They need to hit Lawrence HARD tonight and get Randolph to use his 'pen.

That being said, the only pitcher we'll face this week that really scares me is Glavine. Perez and Duque are hittable.

But if Moyer brings the same slop he's had the last two games, it won't matter very much. Eaton will probably get shelled...though I wouldn't be shocked if threw a solid game.

It really is THE defining moment...i think that's a good way to look at it..

Durbin can pitch 5/6 innings and keep them under 4 runs hopefully...phils can wreck i'll take phils tonite...

after that i'm wondering if anyone has any miracles owed to them by their respective deities???

altho i will say the phils have really had some heartbreaking losses with Lohse so far

Tell pitchers to keep pitches down in the zone and it's not that big a problem. Considering the first year- the type of home runs Sledge hit the other night have really declined greatly

"after that i'm wondering if anyone has any miracles owed to them by their respective deities???"

uh, i've been alive for 21 years and i have yet to see an f-ing championship in this town. one would think some deity up there owes me at least one miracle...

HOUSTON - Manager Phil Garner and general manager Tim Purpura were fired Monday by the Houston Astros, less than two years after leading the team to its first World Series appearance. Bench coach Cecil Cooper was appointed interim manager and team president Tal Smith will serve as interim general manager.
"I felt this was the time for a change," owner Drayton McLane said. "I just think we needed a fresh start."
Maybe we can have Gillick and our MGR of the year fired - its a real joke for someone to even mention him being mgr of the year -

@clout -- "defining moment" you are absolutely correct. I said the same thing about Burrell when Utley came down. The first few games he faltered, but he has been playing fine as of late.

The entire 7 game stretch with the Padres and the Mets is the defining moment. They faltered out of the gate. But perhaps yesterday will turn it all around. Because you'll need to score 14 runs with this pitching staff it seems. It's a shame they wasted it on a Kendrick outing!

I'll trade Charles Fuqua Manuel and 3rd base coach Steve Smith to the Astros for Orlando Palmeiro.

Carson, I'd be willing to trade Cholly, Gillick, Smith & Amaro for Garner & Purpura and future considerations. That could work. Do you think it could get any worse?

Mr Mac
I'd trade the lot of them for a dozen fresh, hot Krispy Kreme donuts.

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