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Thursday, August 23, 2007


Funny thing is that if Rowand made grabs on two near misses on Kent's doubles this would have been potentially been a much different game.

1. 4th inning - Rownad should have had that Kent double to left CF and that would have turned Either's shot in a solo jack instead of a 2-role blast. Phils would have been down only 2-1 instead of 3-1.

2. 6th inning - Rowand was just a few feet short of making a great catch at the wall in RF. If he makes that grab, there is only a guy on 1B with 2 outs. It is pretty likely Durbin would have made it out of that inning with giving up a run.

My personaly views on Ryan Howard- he's unwilling to do what it takes to succeed.

Last season, he took the ball the other way, and hit for average, and did an awesome job collecting rbi. This season he has rbi, but that's because of the mass amount of runners that seem to always be on base for him. He has been consistently stranding runners on base this season and he's dead-pull any more. His strike outs have gotten worse, and like I've mentioned many times before- his defense is horrible. I'm tired of him this season. People will look at his #'s and think he's done a great job, but if they watch the games, they know Howard is coming up very small. I know players will make outs and will suffer through slumps, but he's sucked a lot this season and is hurting the team. He's pissing me off!

Now before people start spouting off about him not being the only one coming up small or slumping, let me remind you nobody else is the reigning NL MVP!

Roberson demoted and Gas Can Geary promoted.

I know batting with 2 strikes is difficult for a MLB player, but Ryan Howard is 30 for 236 (.120 avg) on the season with various counts of 2 strikes.

0-2 (3-26 .115), 1-2 (9-82 .110), 2-2 (10-72 .139), and 3-2 (8-56 .143).

Chris B. Young on Arizona now has 26 homeruns on the season but only 47 rbi...that's crazy. I know he bats leadoff, but you'd think he'd have more ribbies than that.

It's not the best of comparisons, but Howard swinging at pitches that are clearly balls is reminiscent of the past few seasons, where it seemed as if Burrell was destined to strike out looking during every at bat. Why is it so hard for Rhino to lay off balls, rather than swinging wildly and/or grounding out?

I think we are just going to have to deal with the fact that Howard is as streaky as nude frat boys running across campus. He wasn't this streaky last year, but he was still streaky.

It's just the nature of power hitters I'm afraid. Having said that, it would be nice if he'd shorten up the swing just a tad on two strikes. Heck, even Bonds chokes up a bit.

Why is it so hard? I don't know for sure, but I imagine it as something to do with the pressure of wanting to do something.

People should lay off Howard. The boong is ridiculous, and is an indication of the intelligence level of the person booing, not the one being booed.

If you want to criticize Howard, then rip him for showing p to camp out of shape, rip him for remaining overweight (which affects is defense and mobility, BTW) and seeming lack of concern about it, but booing should be reserved for those who truly stink, or worse, don't work hard or put forth maximum effort. As far as I know, Howard has NEVER been accused of lacking an in season work ethic.

The danger for him though, unless he shapes up (literally) is becoming an overweight, aging one dimensional player. He'll make less money and be exiled to the AL if that happens. If he wants to be considered in the competition for MVP awards in the future, he needs to remember that it's muc tougher for a DH to win vs a guy that actually plays defense.

Now, let's be realistic. As far a this season is concerned, it's always been about the PITCHING. That's been the recurring theme on this board since the offseason, and any rational individual realizes that.

Howard is not in a position, even if he get's ice hot and hits .350, 20, 45 the rest of the season, to affect whether this team makes the playoffs. It won't make any difference if the pitching doesn't show up.

Cole Hamels is this teams MVP. The team's record is 17-8 in games he starts. Look at the W-L record and do the math. No Cole, no contention.

Losing Cole to the DL hurts more than losing Howard would. You saw that last night.

Maybe, MAYBE, if they can play .500 until Cole comes back they will have a shot and can make a run. But the equation is this simple:

No Cole = No Playoffs.

Stop booing Ryan Howard. What he does or doesn't do isn't that relevant.

Funny thing is that Bonds was his idol and he told him to stay patient and let the pitchers make the mistake. He did that after we played the Giants and was on fire. As noted almost every game nowadays, he kills more rallies than anyone on the Phils. Totally agree watching him lately is like watching Burrell the last few years, just know he is going to swing at something you need a sand wedge for. I have confidence that he will turn it around especially if he wants the cash...CBP is a great place to get out of funks.

Honeymoon is over for Mesa as well. His luck has run out.

His ERA with the Phils a week last saturday (11th Aug) was 2.52. Now it is 4.55.

I know ERA is not always a true reflection of a relievers results but that rise is significant. More than just the result of 'one blowout'

He has had a lot of luck since being here
but it looks to me as if it has run out.

Moyer - KK - Lohse - Durbin - Castro

Worst rotation in baseball. Each win from now on will be a small miracle.

AWH - you are crazy. Its about time people booed Howard. It made me sick to hear people continue to boo Burrell, as good as he has been with the bat lately, but NOT boo Howard. Howard STINKS right now. He should be booed.

Oh, and I'd be stretching Myers immediately, starting with ~3 innings tonight, ~5 inning in 5 days. It's dumb for him to rot in the BP.

I should mention Victorino's vaunted return saw an 0-for-4 performance. Also wanted to mention that Hamels absense was immediately felt. Now the pressure is on Fabio Castro to win the series. Hamels' injury could screw the entire homestand.

Another big night for cleanup hitter Marlon Byrd in the Rangers' 30-3 rout over Baltimore. The most ridiculous part of the box score is W. Littleton (S,1). The Rangers' 8-9 hitters delivered 14 RBIs, which must be a record. Beerleaguer senior correspondent pointed out that while the Rangers scored 30, they also struck out 11 times. Shuey allowed 9 runs in two innings, but also struck out 5 batters. Odd.

Howard continues to paint a big question mark on himself concerning a long term contract. Thankfully the Phils didn't get a deal accomplished last Winter; we might have created another "Pat" situation.

But for me the even larger question is what is the coaching staff doing to correct the situation. Another Cholly black mark.

On Derek Lowe: we should have known the Phils were in troublem in this game. Derek Lowe throws ground balls. Since 2002 he's thrown 2148 ground outs to 709 air outs. In the Zen against the Phils line-up that kind of pitching can be deadly. (I still think that Lowe is the over-priced free agent the Phils should have popped for a few years ago.) We knew this job was dangerous before we took it. So losing big is no biggy. Even with Cole it would have been a tough game. (How many games have we won scoring less than 4 runs?)
2) On Howard: Someone needs to show him some tapes of himself last year. And then go Bowa on him. And listen, why don't we save the booing for the Mets series when Billy Wagner comes to our house?
3) Do you think when he hit a three run homer, with the score already 27 - 3, Vazquez said, "Ooops..." ? And how would you like to be Baltimore going out to play the second game of a double header, before a home crowd, after losing by 27?

With Howard slumping and getting booed like this, Pat Burrell must be taking a deep sigh of relief.

Maybe it wasn't "boo" that we heard, but "boo-urns." Clearly, the Philly faithful want to make a run at Eric Byrnes.

It's absolutely time to boo Ryan Howard. He's been a joke at the plate for crucial stretches during the season, and I feel he has cost the team victories. Even though he missed time, he's right around the pace to break the all-time record for strikeouts. As stated above, his defense is pathetic (and I'm not just talking about errors, but also his instincts. How many times have we seen him not attempt to start a double play by throwing to second after getting a ground ball?)

I said weeks ago on this site that I would not give this guy a long-term contract. i still feel that way. let him continue going to arbitration. by the time he's eligible for free agency (3 or 4 years from now), he'll likely be washed up.

No Hamels meant more 'pen and they were clearly exposed last night. Unfortunately, that can only compound itself as the days go on and they're relied on more and more.

Where is Gary Knotts, shouldn't he have started yesterday for Reading?

He isn't listed on Readings probable starters either, did he get bumped to Ottawa?

According to MILB he is now on the Lynx, maybe he starts the 2nd game for the lynx and if Castro does poorly today and he does well with the Lynx, maybe he starts next week. Why in the world do we bring back Geary. He is still screwed up and useless. Where is Matteo

AWH- Howard is irrelevant? If he hits like last season the Phils are winning a lot more games by scoring more runs and giving the pitchers a breather. How is this not relevant?
Clay Condrey should not be on any major league roster.

brio, I disagree. Right NOW Clay Condrey should be on the Mets roster. ASAP!!

Jason, You beat me to the punch pointing out that Littleton was credited with a save in yesterday's 30-3 game. He pitched the last 3 innings of the game and preserved the 27-run lead. By definition, a save.

BAP: Yet another reason why stats do not necessarily tell the whole story.

BAP: Yet another reason why stats do not necessarily tell the whole story.

I have to agree with the frustration of calling up the same old junk for the bullpen. Geary joins a long list of relievers who should be non-tendered next season. It's not like the time in the minors gave him better stuff. Mateo is on the 40-man roster and I see no reason not to give him a shot.

How can people say it is “absolutely time to boo Ryan Howard”. I think people need to remember that this is only Ryan’s second full season. Ryan’s slump coincided with Utely’s injury as did Jimmy Rollin’s, Pat Burrell’s and Rowand’s. The entire lineup started pressing when Utely went down. Ryan is trying to do too much at a time when pitchers will are not giving him any thing to hit. He will eventually adjust just like he did last year. If you think it is easy to simple layoff pitches out of the strike zone then you have no idea how hard it is to hit any pitch off a major league pitcher let alone hit with power.

Give Ryan a break, without him we would not be anywhere near 500 ( He does league the league in RBIs ) and certainly not in contention for a playoff spot.

@ GM-Carson

Chris B. Young on Arizona now has 26 homeruns on the season but only 47 rbi...that's crazy. I know he bats leadoff, but you'd think he'd have more ribbies than that.

Reminds me of Ron Gant's numbers from near the middle of the order last time the Phils had him.

I wonder if the Twins fans are booing Justin Morneau right now. That reigning AL MVP has gone 27 games without a home run and over that stretch, he's carrying a .653 OPS.

I'm gonna guess they're not. But in Philly, we can't help ourselves.

I don't get the vitriol directed to Howard. Yeah, he is struggling big time but so are a few other key hitters in the lineup. I am frustrated that he is not producing and fans did have a right to boo him when he ground out to end the 6th inning last night but to go "Bowa" on him or boo him in every AB is just pointless. Just shows the yahoo nature of some of the Philly fans.

And as for his defense, some posters here act like he is the worst defensive 1B ever. Howard doesn't have great range but if you actually look at the advanced defensive stats or even the more conventional ones (E, Fielding PCT), Howard is ranked in the middle of the league.

Howard will never will be a Gold Glover but the Phils can get by with him at first. Defense at 3B when Helms/Dobbs are playing and LF when Burrell is in are much bigger deficiencies.

Let's see what this lineup and Howard do when Utley returns. They still have been producing at a pretty good clip and it should pick up a bit with Victorino and Utley back.

MG: I'm with you. Philly fans trip all over themselves to be the first to boo someone. So the guy is slumping. It happens. He's in his second full season. We've been spoiled by his historic production and now we expect him to never have a bad stretch.

Boo away Philly fans... let's see if we can drive another star out of town.

Howard's August numbers (71 ABs):
.197 BA, .301 OBP, .394 SLG, 4 HR, 2 2B, 9 BB, 29 K, 13 RBI

Burrell's May numbers (78 ABs):
.179 AB, .360 OBP, .410 SLG, 5 HR, 3 2B, 20 BB, 17 K, 14 RBI

OK, people booed Burrell mercilessly during late May. Howard's August has been worse. Boo away.

MG - Do you have the saying 'knee-jerk reaction' in the US? 90% of posters on here have that to any bad inning, bad at bat, bad defeat, well almost anything bad. Its the other 10% (like yourself) that make Beerleaguer a great site

Wow, we're talking about Gary Knotts actually starting a game for the big club??????? I used to work for an Atlantic League club and went to a few games at Newark this year. I love the league, but the talent level is not even close.

A question about Howard and baseball contracts since I'm cloudy on some of the rules:

Earlier elliot suggested letting him go to arbitration each year for the next few until he's FA eligible. My question is, let's say he just doesn't agree to sign a contract at all and decides to hold out. I realize the arbitration decision would be binding, so there is no player leverage. However, what if he just decides regardless of the arbitration $, he's not going to play at all unless the Phils trade him or pay him? Has that ever been done? At that point the Phils would be in a bad spot because what's the point of having his rights but he won't play?

Doctor if thats the case Howard gets no money and how long can he do that?

Dear Ryan Howard Apologists:

If you haven't figured out that NL pitchers are aggressively working Howard's swing holes, you're missing the story. It really doesn't matter who is batting in front, behind, or sideways to him in the order.

Unless he learns plate discipline and acquires the skills to make adjustments,we're looking at the next Dave Kingman.

That shift on Howard is also killing him - like to see him lay down a bunt down third base and and I'm pretty sure eventually that shift will be stopped or at least not as extreme

Doc, as Fljerry said, how long will Howard go without getting paid?

Also, I think Howard would be paid handsomely and fairly through arbitration. The benefit for the Phils is that they are not on the hook for the long term. after all, sluggers like howard don't often remain at the top of their games for more than a few years.

Hell... maybe we can just lure Mark Grace out of retirement. That oughta help this team make the playoffs.

It's easy to see why Philadelphia fans are so insufferable. We certainly earn our reputation.

nice inning castro

any reason why Vic isn't playing - this guy is murder on right handed hitters

@fljerry -- interesting last night the Dodgers didn't even put the shift on for Howard. Had they did? It's likely his 6th inning ground out might have gotten through. [They played him to pull, not dead pull] But the second baseman was playing relatively normal second base (not one foot in the outfield). Shortstop was on the 1st base side of 2nd then was moved to the left side, just before the at-bat started.

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