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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Castro a starter? This year? Are the games not exciting enough for you people? :)

Happ is regaining his form ...
Next year if a starter goes down we will be in a much better position ... we will have Happ, Castro, Outman, and maybe Carrasco ready to make emergency starts ... oh yeah, we might have that Eaton fellow too!

Happ is the only one close on that list. Outman still has to develop. Castro has a live arm, but doesn't look like a starter. Carrasco is far off.

Don't forget about Mathieson.

Mathieson is better suited for the bullpen since he lacks the secondary pitches to start.

Off Topic:

The Eagles are about to release Jermiah Trotter!!!

I like Trot, but I think his time has come. Best of luck to him.

Just a thought...

With Utley and Victorino about ready to be activated, who leaves the active roster?

Roberson for sure, but who is the other odd man out?

Helms? No.
Branyan? No.
Werth? No.
Coste? No.
Iguchi? No.
Dobbs? No.

In my mind, there is only 1 guy who even makes sense? Nunez. Maybe the team finds a bogus injury to hide him on the DL for a few days until the rosters expand in September. He will only fill one role with the club once Utley comes back: As a late-inning defensive replacement at 3rd or as the starter when Moyer pitches. He can't pinch-hit. He can't run. He has no power.

So, I see Utley coming back by this weekend and Roberson going down. Victorino is activated before the Mets series, and Nunez will go on the D.L. with the same injury that Eaton had. Nunez will be activated in early September, when the rosters expand, hopefully joining Bourn, Madson, Barajas, Jaramillo, Mateo, Mathieson and Happ on the active roster.

This just in: Nunez placed on the 15-day DL with a severe case of the bads.

(no, not really)

LMAO on "severe case of the bads." It does seem to be going around the clubhouse recently.

I agree on the "why didn't they call up the lefty in the first place" thinking. But Castro would not have been the right replacement for Eaton. IMO They lucked out by having to bring and stick with Durbin; now that he's gained confidence that he can pitch in the bigs he seems alright. he might even, some day, be a legit 4 or 5.

Nunez would be the right choice. But I'm sure they're gonna think about who has options. Who CAN they send down?

You can't bring up Jaramillo unless you drop someone from the 40 man roster.

Did anybody see that they moved Gary Knotts up to Ottawa?

They will probably send Clay Condrey down for the 70th time this season.

Assuming Utley and Vic both come back by the weekend, we're only talking about 5 or 6 days before rosters expand. Much as I hate Nunez, it doesn't make a lot of sense to keep him on the roster all year, then waive him because you need his roster space for 5 games. It also doesn't make sense to DL him for 15 days, just to clear space for 5. That leaves Condrey again. Why wouldn't you just shuttle him back to the minors for 5 days? I think they can get by with a shortened bullpen for a few days.

[In my mind, there is only 1 guy who even makes sense? Nunez. ]
I doubt that Abe has any options. And, you do need a backup SS -- the story is that IGuchi hurt his arm in the past and that's why he was a 2B rather than a SS.
Why the objection to dropping Helms? he can't hit much, can't field, can't run.

Helms got options?

It's probably Condrey. For five days.

Don't be shocked if they release Branyan. Yeah, he's hit the two bombs, but the Phillies probably see him as less useful than Nunez. Given that the team isn't really short on power, and that they do need a late-game glove to play third most of the time, it's an understandable if frustrating position.

RSB: I knew I could count on you to make an asinine statement: "Regarding Burrell, Hayes probably has his contract in mind when he says less than 110 RBI is unacceptable. Considering the lineup he's been a part of, that assessment isn't far off at all."

In fact, considering the lineup is exactly WHAT makes that statement absurd. Burrell hits behind Utley and Howard (when all are healthy), two of the better RBI men in baseball. To expect him to drive in 110 behind those two every year is a joke.

As for Marcus, read what he said. Beyond the geek-bashing and the absurd comment about Burrell being a failure if he doesn't drive in 110 a year, it's just plain common sense, as I said earlier. He does not say that OPS is a meaningless stat or that batting average is the best measure of a player's offense. He's basically responding to some earlier criticism (which apparently wasn't posted) by pointing out that runs scored and runs driven in are the two most important components of offense.

Edmundo: Thanks for injecting some reality: Nunez is the only player on the team besides Rollins who can play SS. Unless the Phillies are signing someone off waivers who can play SS, Nunez isn't going anywhere.

Conine to the Mets.

I wish he would just retire. Now he will probably hit a couple late game home runs off the Phillies bullpen just for old time sake.

Apologies if this has already been posted, but this is quite amusing. Let the jokes begin...


Former Phillies General Manager Ed Wade got stuck in a tree while skydiving on Thursday. The accident happened at 4:45 p.m. Along the 1400 block of North Tuckahoe Road. According to authorities, Wade's parachute opened normally, but he landed in a tree. Wade hung about 75 feet from the ground until rescuers could get him down. He did not suffer any injuries. -- ABC 6 Philadelphia

Ryan Budde's heroics yesterday reminded me that he was technically on the DL as a Phillie this year and rehabed at Clearwater. That's no. 17, I think. No. 18 would be Mathieson.

I think they'll release Condrey.

Wade - He should have bargained for a "no tree'd" clause.

Ba dump dump chhhh!

Question - I'm heading back to school in a few days, and tonight's is really the only game I can catch before I leave the Philadelphia area. Should I risk the rain, or do you think the weather has made it a virtual lost-cause at this point?

king---The weather calls for rain into the evening. There is supposed to be a clearing sometime during the evening. Whether that makes it too wet to play is hard to say....

Assuming Rowand isn't signed and VIC goes to center, I wonder what the possibility of trading for Corey Hart in the off-season. The Brewers have a glut of OFers.The only caveat is that their need may be at middle IF, where we have the least prospects..If not Hart, are there any other corner OF (w/power) that appear available?

Amusing Bits from a Tommy Lasorda Interview Yesterday:

- Thinks Pat Gillick is one of the best GM's in MLB. Has proven he knows how to build a winner. Okay, he may have a point there, but read on...

- David Montgomery is one of the 'greatest' front office/owners in MLB. He has always shown time and again how to build a winning franchise, is very knowledgable about the game of baseball and not afraid to spend money.

- He was asked about his famous eating habits and what is his favorite restuarant is when he comes to Philly. "Pat's Steaks or Geno's." Nice restuarant's!

- He talked about how he didn't like the violence that the Philly Phanatic showed when he would run over the Tommy Lasorda dummy. That it was sending a bad message about violence to kids. On top of it, it was disrespectful, not funny. In the next sentence, I swear to God, he said he was proud to have body slammed the Phanatic to the Vet Turf, to show him his displeasure. Yeah, way to react in a non-violent way Tommy! Nice sense of humor, you moron.

I think Lasorda is either:
A. suffering from the effects of the onset of Alzheimer's.
B. More out of touch with reality than Dutch Daulton.
C. Showing his pure ignorance.

Like Chevy Chase stated in the movie Fletch,
"I hate Tommy Lasorda" I pray we swep LA.

Fletch! "It's all ball bearings these days guys!"

The 40 man roster means nothing with September callups, so Jaramillo or Knotts or anyone else not on the 40 man, can still be promoted then.

The Phils (barring rain outs) don't have a off-day now until September 6. I can't see them going to a 11 man staff when Vic and Utley return, so I think Condrey has to stay. With Gordon, you would only have about a 10 1/2 man pitching staff then. Plus, we all know that Castro won't pitch unless its 10-1, or its the 13th inning and he is the last man standing. So, your bullpen becomes very limited then.

I wonder if its Branyan who ends up getting sent down for a few days? He would return again soon after. But, I don't know what options the team would have with him (would they have to DFA him??). Nunez really adds very little to the team (but I guess you have to have a backup for Rollins; although he never misses a inning). Maybe Coste could play short (kidding).

But, we speculate on this, and what usually happens is someone gets hurt and it makes the decision easy for the GM.

When Victorino and Utley come back, I would think that Roberson and either Castro or Condrey (whoever is putting up the least desirable numbers) would be sent down.

Also, it would be nice to see Gillick pull off a minor deal for an upgraded backup SS so we can finally rid our team of Nuni.

or does the GM hurt somebody (like Eaton)?


In regards to Middle IF-we do have Cardenas and Jason Donald down on the farm. Donald was just rated 8th best SS prospect and Cardenas is a top 2b prospect, who may end up being moved to a different position.

In 3 games with the Phillies, Russell Branyan is 2 for 5 with 2 HR adn 5 RBI.

There's no way this guy is removed from the roster.

Nunez is the only backup SS.

There's no way this guy is removed from the roster.

It's Roberson and Condrey or Castro until Sept. 1st unless someone goes on the DL.

Loved this line in Marcus Hayes' piece on Durbin today in the Daily News:

"they put Eaton on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday with an ineffective right shoulder"

Not strained, hurt or sore right shoulder ... "ineffective."

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