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Saturday, August 11, 2007


Here's to Eaton going four strong surrendering seven or less runs.

From Scott Lauber's Blog "Delaware Online"


After a visit to Wills Eye Hospital, Aaron Rowand is seeing clearly again through his right eye and in the lineup tonight against the Braves. According to Rowand, here's what happened last night:

Before the game, Rowand was bothered by dry eyes caused by allergies. That resulted in a scratch that was exacerbated when he tried to put Visine into his eye. The Visine essentially caused his eye to become dilated. Anyone who has ever been to the eye doctor knows that causes blurred vision. Rowand was given ointment to put in his eye that cleared up the scratch and restore his 20-15 vision. He said the specialists who looked at his eye told him his vision was 20-25 before he was treated.

"I was having trouble just playing catch with Pat [Burrell] before the game," Rowand said. "It was hard to see home plate from center field, and you saw my at-bat. I didn't want to hurt the team, so I came out of the game."
Scott Lauber | 5:35 PM

That happened to me recently. If you use too much of that stuff, you turn into a vampire and can't go outside. Your eyes dilate and you look like a ghoul. It clears up in a few hours. Actually, that's the first thing that came to mind when I heard the report of blurred vision. Rowand does seem to suffer from some type of allergies, you can see it in his eyes when he takes ABs.

Padres down 8-1. We're going to get a shot at tying the wild card tonight. By the way, good choice on the Hard To Earn, Jason.

Making a psychic prediction about the Phils'

I am getting good vibes man. I like the Phils in a runfest by a score of 8-6. We know that Eaton sucks at home (an ERA of 6.27) and somehow has been much worse since the All-Star break (an ERA of 7.71).

Honestly, if Eaton can survive the first inning without surrendering multiple runs, I will be happy. Hell, I am so down on Eaton that I would be happy if he can complete 6+ innings and 4-5 runs tomorrow. He has just been that bad.

The whole X factor is Cormier. The Braves have been desperate for backend rotation guys for much of the year too and he is making his first start since June. Supposedly he blamed his earlier a triceps injury but Cormier is the definition of mediocre.

No out pitch, mediocre offspeed stuff, and poor control. His only redeeming grace is inducing a bunch of grounders. If Cormier is able to get comfortable tomorrow and get into a groove early, then the Phils might be in trouble because there is no way Eaton completely shuts down the Braves. Phils need to take advantage of Cormier's likely early issues with finding the strike zone and put a few runs on the board by the 3rd/4th inning.

Heavy rotation of "Hard to Earn," "Daily Operation," along with Rakim's "18th Letter." Plus, a lot of Ozzy for some reason. I'm eyeing the new Danzig double album. Twice the Danzig is just a click away on iTunes.

San Diego has lost this afternoon in Cincinnati. With a win tonight the Phillies will be tied for the wild card.

prediction: Rollins starts to get hot tongiht.

eaton had a better first than hamels yesterday!

very true...but i would doubt six hitless innings will follow :)

What happened on that Teixeira triple? Gameday said Burrell deflected it from Rowand??

Eaton is crap. Even that pitch to McCann was out over the plate. Roll the dice with Durbin next turn. Maybe they catch lightning in a bottle. Eaton is giving them nothing.

He is DREADFUL. I think I have more confidence in Durbin. Eaton should not have another opportunity to blow this pennant race.

Burrell ran over to center and ball hit in middle of glove and he dropped ball - should of been caught

Ugh. Another HR.

Eaton hasn't looked good since against the White Sox in June. He's gone beyond 6.1 only four times this season. Pathetic.

Can Eaton play third? He has to be of more value to the Phillies at that position than at pitcher.

Where's that "Everybody hits! Woooo!" guy when you need him?

Enough with this bum Eaton, the guy is killing us. I don't understand why we keep starting him

3 years, $24 million. with every start by eaton, my hatred of pat gillick only grows. the wisdom of this move is long lost on me. eaton is a stone cold stiff. anyone who is lifted in favor of a guy wh's been DFA 4 times this year is not a major league pitcher.

How long are they going to continue to let this go on -- both tonight & in general? Go back to Durbin. Give Condrey a start. Try Happ again. Bring back Paul Abbott or Joe Cowley. Anything.

That should do it for Eaton in the rotation until further notice.

think eaton mysteriously develops an injury after the game?

it figures that this organization signs an oft-injured batting practice pitcher only to see him stay healthy all year.

Anyone think Manuel's body language was different this time? Usually, he's confused and/or exasperated when making the bullpen move but this time he looked pissed.

Eaton has to be the first to go to the pen when more pitching becomes available. There's just no way a playoff contender can keep trotting out a guy who routinely gives up half a dozen runs in four or five innings.

Ok, it is really time to try to figure out some other alternative to Eaton. I know this is not realistic with his contract, but man he is horrible right now. The only potential positive though is a reminder of St. Louis. Kip Wells was signed to a big contract and was absolutely horrible for most of the season. Recently however Wells has been very good. We can only hope that Eaton can right the ship similar to Wells. I attribute much of Wells turnaround to Dave Duncan, as I have much respect for anybody that can make something out of Ryan Franklin. Franklin looked like he was done when with Philly, and they were talking Ryan Franklin as a closer for St. Louis earlier in the season. That is really hard to believe.

I don't think there's ANY positive with Eaton.

(The same Kip Wells who almost was traded for Ryan Howard)

if all we can do is "hope that Eaton can right the ship", we better find something else to do with our lives.

arizona ate russ ortiz's $22 million contract a couple of years ago, i think it's worth it to DFA eaton

WE have to go Durbin at this point.

It would be great to get rid of Eaton, but I don't think that they would do it in a million years. It would be ballsy if they did, but I don't think they will.

Let it be know that gr correctly raised the red flag very early with Eaton. I endorsed the signing and expected something close to dominance here and there. But now it's plain to see he's just an ordinary pitcher.

Gotta give props to Condrey. He did a pretty good job

so where does Eaton go then? Bullpen, DL? Can we send him to the minors...perhaps hoping someone claims him?

Wow what a turn of events that was. This was meant to be the Braves game.

I don't like Eaton's one inning prospect's out of the pen.

March 27, 2007:
"'I don't think they pay me to play in spring training. They pay me to get ready,' said starting pitcher Adam Eaton."

April 5, 2007:
"'Spring Training numbers are what they are,' Eaton said. 'I'm looking forward to a good season. Hopefully, the wins and losses will be where they should be. My expectations are to perform.'"

Here's another vote for a change in the rotation.

just DFA and if nobody wants him, just let him go

Fire the batboy or one of the ball girls.

i take no joy in being right this time. i also thought garcia would win 16 games.

if eaton is put in the bullpen I assume he becomes the 12th or 13th pitcher of sorts

Drake that would be great, but if a team, say the Mets claimed him and he was good, we would be paying him to play for the Mets. The horror, the horror. I don't think they can do that. The Russ Ortiz thing was different. Russ Ortiz was/is done. Eaton may be rapidly on his way to that status, but he is not there yet.

i read this story on the good phight a few days ago, maybe fabio castro can help!

May be it is something mental with him, but he's got big problems.

Use him to soak up innings in the bullpen. I don't know if he's got options left. They really don't have the luxury of sticking with him. I saw the Cholly body language, too. He's tired of it.

By the way, Mr. Eaton was the 11th pick nationally in 1996, so being a first round pick and doing something with it are two different things.

Peterson, or Duncan, would turn Eaton into a 15-20 game winner almost overnight.

Ordinary pitcher? 3IP, 3H, and 6ER? I think we'd be happy for anything approaching ordinary right now from Eaton.

We have to go with Durbin next time. Demote Eaton to the waiver wire.

Drake - youe are exactly right. It is time for Fabio. We know he can pitch and I think will make a very strong starter. He is the sleeper most Philly Phans forget about when they mention Carrasco, Outman, Happ, etc... But I do believe Durbin has earned the right for another start or two

Two thumbs way down to the Fabio Castro suggestion.

seriously though, i'd like to see fabio back, but not this year. i've got no problem with durbin starting, the guy did already give us a CG shutout this year. and the way condrey handled today, why not give him a start?

here comes the comeback


does the gooch have a grand slam in his career?

aw, damn, almost!

gr, I think he hit one in the playoffs during the Sox WS year.

there's gotta be a spot in the lineup for this guy when chase comes back. there's just gotta.

hoping for a good at bat here pat

PAt the Bart

let's try this again. does burrell have a 30run HR in his career?

it worked!!!!!!!

that was supposed to be 3-run HR.

Oops, meant Bat (not Bart). But Howard's Homer would be a nice followup.

Who is going to pitch the sixth for the Phillies? Has anyone said who is warming up? Mesa?

I definitely have more faith in Durbin than Eaton. The ability to provide a quality start for this team is monumental. The Phils can score 6+ runs by accident most nights and 5 when they're trying.

BTW - fine job by Condrey for a second outing in a row. Pitching after Eaton, early in games is becoming a full-time role

anybody worried cholly might decide to keep roberson in and sit pat?

not when u are behind...A close game means it's more likely for one-innning guys

At the moment we're still behind in the game so taking out Pat is not an option. If we take the lead you'll probably see Werth in leftfield

They could always move Dobbs to left later with the Nunez shift.

exchange of the year:

sarge: how did wheels get his start?
larry schenk: everybody makes mistakes.

That was big/kinda pathetic to do nothing else there. I wonder about Rowand's vision, he has looked pretty horrible up there tonight.

Damn. That could have/should have been a bigger inning.

Mahay is a stud.

Eaton is garbage. Is this the game that kicks him to the back of the 'pen. He is an bullpen killer and has been horrible lately.

Its ashamed that we stranded the runner at 3rd without getting at least a ground ball or a flyout to bring him home

we need howard to snap out of whatever funk he's in... it's pretty impressive that we've won 4 of 5 with howard playing like he is...

Bridoc, I think Eaton being in the bullpen would also qualify him as a bullpen killer.

why not durbin? it's only the 6th. is charlie going to use 4 pitchers for the next 4 innings?

durbin's gotta get ready for his start in five days

I don't have a lot of faith in either Durbin or Eaton, but Eaton has given them a solid season of sub-standard pitching. A decision should be made to give someone else a chance.

Howard currently 1 for 23 with RISP.

pitcher due to bat third...if you go to Durbin, you need more then an inning. If it stays close, you see everyone else for an inning, then Durbin as the long guy for extras

Durbin does have a CG shutout against the team ahead of us on his resume. Eaton probably hasn't thrown a CG in 3 years.

Well Howard did hit the ball hard in the first and right into the shift, then there was the lefty. I'm not too concerned.

thank god mahay's out

Mahay actually had been pretty horrible for Atlanta so far I think. He blew a game the other night, but I'm not sure about the rest of his appearances.

Eaton should ride the pine just like Burrell did late last season. Big contract or not, he has been hideous.

I agree that Durbin would be a notable improvement.

And isn't Garcia about to do a rehab assignment? I would take HIM over Eaton these days, frayed shoulder and all!

1.42 ERA with the braves, 2.77 with texas

let's see, how did i sum up eaton's last performace....

"no one who has paid attention in the slightest believes that durbin is a legit ML pitcher who will give you consistent quality outings...BUT what has eaton done to prove that he's really any better? eaton's had all season to prove his worth and he's laid egg after egg. i challenge you to find a starting pitcher this year that has been as reliably awful as adam eaton and is still employed by a ML team."

yep, still rings true.

Garcia, rehab? really? Is that related to pitching or personal problems?

I have to admit, Gillick's best acquisition this season is arguably Joe Table. I feared him greatly to start, but I would rather see him in any situation than someone like Tom Gordon.

i think iguchi is by far the biggest pickup. he's been HUGE with chase out.

Francisco Rosario got bombed in his Single A rehab start -- for the second game in a row. In case anyone cares.

Of more relevancy, Joe Savery also got bombed.

From here J.C. Romero looks like a pretty good pickup. Book is not written on Loshe, but he was not bad in his first start (better than Eaton for sure).


I actually may be very tempted to agree with you. Without a doubt, Iguchi has filled in fantastically for Utley and helped keep the team in the playoff hunt. While Mesa has been a boon in the long run, Gooch has kept the playoff hopes afloat in the short run.

Rosario is a AAAA pitcher, in my opinion.

In the Daily News injury update last week, Garcia had thrown a bullpen session and was going to do a rehab assignment in the minors. That could be Eaton's ticket out of the rotation. Key word: "Could"

i'm assuming you're ignoring the 1-inning start v. the cubs, right parker?

Yes, he left with an injury. You can't count that against him.

Marlins grand slam! 5-3 Fish

Fish just took lead 5-3

I won't hold my breath, but a healthy Garcia trying to prove to potential free agent suitors that he's healthy, might be a good boost.

that was pretty surprising from a guy like chipper, swinging away when romero just threw six balls

Is it bad that every time Iguchi is involved in any play at all, I have the uncontrollable urge to scream "GOOCH!" ? I don't think a nickname was ever more enjoyable to yell at my television.

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