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Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Yeah, what he said! Sweep the Dodgers. Mess those punks up!

I have nothing useful to add, other than enthusiasm. I bet tonight's game won't go off anyway.

That's what I'm talking about. Light 'em up. Time to get serious. Let's go Phillies.

Mess em up real good like.

watta you lookin at?

OK, that settles it. Let's get down there and rough up some Dodgers fans! Hey alright!

Hmm, a sweep's definitely possible. Tonight's a probable win, tomorrow is likely when you consider the huge gap between the offenses, and the Thursday game is hard to call because you don't know what you'll get from Durbin, but Billingsley hasn't pitched well of late. I'd say we definitely get at least 2, maybe 3.

Got my dream pitching matchup on Wednesday - Cole Hamels vs. Derek Lowe.

These upcoming 10 games determine the season. Now we find out what this team is made of.

To all my NYC/Hoboken area folks...let's meet up to watch the Mets series next week. Reed had mentioned Liberty in Hoboken.


"These upcoming 10 games determine the season"

I agree....they can underperform and then make a typical frantic Sept. run, but it will come up short. 7-3 is almost a must. Anything less than 6-4 would be a terrible blow to the prospects of the playoffs.

6-4 is the bare minimum, in my opinion.

7-3 is good. 8-2 is even better. Sweep of the Dodgers, lose one against the Padres, and drop one to the Mets. If they must.

10-0 would alright, too.

6-4 is the bare minimum, in my opinion.

7-3 is good. 8-2 is even better. Sweep of the Dodgers, lose one against the Padres, and drop one to the Mets. If they must.

10-0 would alright, too.

Alright? Sorry, nothing short of 11-(-1) is OK.

If we're not 15-(-20) on this homestand, I quit!

If we're not 15-(-20) on this homestand, I quit!

Seriously. We've got to start involving quantum physics when we're talking baseball here. How else can you explain Howard's batting statistics? Every time up, he hits a HR and strikes out simulataneously.

Seriously though... a sweep here would help make up for the series loss to the Pirates. Every time we lose a series, it makes getting a sweep that much more important.

This team is on track. We've got big games against the very teams we're chaseing. Those are the ones we have to win. They're worth two games in the standings.

locastic... I'm with you. In wholehearted support of an irrational number getting us into the playoffs. After all, nothing else has worked the last few years!!!

I think 7-3 would be the target here. 6-4 would be Gillick acceptable. Everything else gravy.... The most important homestand of the season.

The only worry I have about this week is that struggling offenses, no longer struggle in the friendly confines.

5-5 is acceptable.

Breaking news: Citizens Bank Park has been named the most vegetarian-friendly park in baseball by PETA.

All this rah rah stuff is pointless.The fact is that what happens between now and the end of the season largely depends on Ryan Howard's ability to deliver. In recent weeks he has been an unmitigated disaster, killing one scoring opportunity after another. It's entirely unrealistic to expect the Phils to win the WC as long as their big man continues to strike out with men on base. Maybe the time has come for Cholly to bump Howard downward in the batting order, so that his nonperformance doesn't hurt the team quite as much. Maybe it would motivate him to pick it up.

Loved this line in Marcus Hayes' piece today in the Daily News:

"they put Eaton on the 15-day disabled list Wednesday with an ineffective right shoulder"

Not strained, hurt or sore right shoulder ... "ineffective."

Screw PETA.

More breaking news: Abe Nunez has been named the most pitcher-friendly (f)utility player in MLB.

As a vegetarian, I will say that CBP leaves a lot to be desired. But then, PETA is run by a bunch of nutjobs, so I'm not surprised their assesment is flawed.

The veggie dogs are ok, but found only at one vendor in the entire park. Veggie burgers are a little more prevalent, but still not all that exciting. The fare in Ashburn Alley is not bad though. I still prefer bringing in a couple of Vietnamese tofu hoagies though. Thank god for the "hoagie gate scandal" a few years back!

We have no excuses. The pitching matchups are all in our favor. We miss Penny in the Dodgers series and Peavy in the SD series while they both face the Mets. That should get us back the two games we gave away this weekend. Three back when then start with the Mets.

My wife - a "recovering vegetarian" - was shocked by that news, considering how good the food is at SBC Park here in San Francisco. I told her it was another reason for her to switch her allegiance to the Phils, and she gave me the finger.

HitMan: I second that emotion. Carlos Beltran (9 for 24, 10 RBI, 4 HR) has stepped it up and is now carrying the Mets. It's time for the Big Man to do the same for his team.

Anyone who roots for Barry Bonds automatically gets the bird from me. I appologize. It's an involuntary reaction. Sort of like Turrets Syndrome.

Mr. Mac - my wife actually agrees (she thinks Barry is scum), but she's still a SF native and can't abandon her home team. I respect that, since I can't abandon my Phillies either, despite how they break my heart EVERY DAMN YEAR.

Goin to the game, hopefully they'll get it in. Have fun boys (and girls?).

The Dodgers are a lineup of "Punch and Judy" hitters who just don't score many runs unless they can string together 3 or 4 hits/walks in a row.

While the Dodgers are hitting .271 as a team (6th in the NL) and are second in SB with 103, they are among the bottom of the league in HRs (15th), extra base hits (15th), and walks (10th).

So basically, if the Phils can keep Furcal or Pierre in check and prevent them from stealing bases, the Dodgers will be hard pressed to keep pace with the Phils' offense at CBP.

As for the pitching, the Phils catch a break and miss Penny but still have to face Lowe who looks like he is coming around from his injury. Still, I like the Phils in almost any good with Hamels on the mound.

Billingsley has great stuff but still struggles with maintaining his command/mental lapses. Phils just have to hope that Durbin can keep them in the game.

Tomko is the classic example of a guy who looks like a great pitcher but is a complete stiff. He would be one of my first examples of a guy who still has a job as a starting pitcher because starting pitching is just so thin in MLB. If the Phils do play tonight, they should hammer this marginal scrub.

A sweep is possible but unlikely given the Phils' own crappy pitching. I would be more than happy with 2 of 3.

a Phillies victory tonight would be nice.

You know with how crazy this season is... and the way our pitching staff has performed... When you look at the pitching match-up tonight... and you see Kyle Kendrick on the mound, you think. Alright... I can relax a little.

Phils have won 20 of the past 29 home dates. Please God, no rain-out. I shudder to think what a twin bill could do to the bullpen for this vital homestand.

Meant to finish...

If that doesn't define crazy... I don't know what does...

I don't see a sweep in the cards. Right now I'm just hoping for a win tonight.

If Barry Bonds was a Phillie, I would certainly cheer when he came up to bat.

As long as I can get a cheesesteak, a good hot dog, and a beer, cbp can win all the vegetarian awards in the world for all i care (should be noted, I actually live in dc)

chance of rain drops from 90% to 30% in philly at 7pm. it stays at that level through 9pm. at 10pm. it rises to 40%.

clout: While true that Beltran has picked it up recently... he's been a HUGE disappointment so far this season (I know, I haven him on my fantasy team).


1. J Rollins, SS
2. T Iguchi, 2B
3. P Burrell, LF
4. R Howard, 1B
5. A Rowand, CF
6. G Dobbs, 3B
7. J Werth, RF
8. C Ruiz, C
9. K Kendrick, P

1. R Furcal, SS
2. J Pierre, CF
3. A Ethier, RF
4. J Kent, 2B
5. L Gonzalez, LF
6. R Martin, C
7. J Loney, 1B
8. S Hillenbrand, 3B
9. B Tomko, P

i know this was discussed before, but who is everyone rooting for tonight (ny v san diego)?

i get the logic in rooting for san diego, and it's very hard to root for ny, but i really see no way we're winning the division.

Root for the Padres. With 7 games remaining against the Mets, the division is still very winnable.

After a team day off, Coste sits? Sigh ... Not to sound like DavThom here, but does anyone have a reason for this that makes sense? I mean an actual, statistics-based reason that has nothing to do with consipracy theories?

I'm pulling for the Mets tonight, to get the Phillies even in the WC. Get us there, and then make up the difference with the Mets later in the week.

While we could use the help from other teams... the best the Phillies can do is take care of their own business.

And since I follow the immutable law of Root ROOT ROOT against the Mets... I'll be rooting for the Padres... (Or 3 rain shortened ties which are not possible.)

Russell Branyan might have been worth a look in this game... he's 6 for 10 in his career against Tomko with 2 home runs.

Meanwhile... starting right fielder is 4 for 21 (.190) with 6 K's.

Rollins, Burrell and Howard have all hit Tomko well in limited exposure.

I'm with Mike...

This season will come down to what the Phillies do, not what happens to other teams in games we can't control.

With the division still within reach, and 7 games against the Mets yet to come, I'll root for whomever is playing against New York.

Er... two posts ago I should have specified that that starting right fielder who's struggled against Tomko is Jayson Werth.

Root for rain tonight in Queens. If the Mets and Padres don't get the game in, you can add Young to Peavy and Penny on the list of awesome (see: 1-0 shutout of Phils a few weeks back) pitchers we don't have to see this homestand.

There is no rational reason as to why Coste continues to sit. Its like asking why is Manuel still the manager. Some things are just dumb when it comes to the Phillies and most of that points right back to their inept manager.

For those of you outside the area, the skies over South Broad Street are dismal and cold, but the rain has let up for now.

Meteorologist J.R. King gives us the real scoop!

Thanks! My fiancee is out of town tonight so I should be able to watch the game on my computer in peace... assuming it's not rained out!

Jon - was looking for a silver lining, like maybe Ruiz or Coste has lit up one of the pitchers we are likely to face in the near future that would justify sitting Coste today. Sadly, I can't find anything that supports my hopes.

Maybe Kendrick speaks Spanish?

Good one CJ.

Chance of showers now at 70% for 7 pm, and 50% for each hour after until 2 am.

Anyone know what the plan is for Shane? Padres series possibly? Or are we looking at both him and Chase making debuts in the Mets series?

Wow - the Dodgers 1-4 hitters tonight have only 30 homers this year combined, with Kent being the "big" stick with 16.

Why would Kendrick throw the same spot 10 pitches in a row?

The lack of a real out pitch is what will limit Kendrick in his career.

Abe Nunez would have made that play at third on Ethier's RBI hit.

CJ: I was thinking the same thing.

This guy is garrett stephenson all over again.

CJ - I was thinking the exact same thing.

We need the bats to come out and answer right away.

And the light-hitting Dodgers jump out 2-0. Great start to the homestand :-(

that's disgraceful.

Well... not sure I call it disgraceful...

What exactly was disgraceful?

Nothing like a case of sh*t luck to start the series. Has anyone besides ethier come close to hitting it hard?

Lucky way for KK to get out of the inning... was that a delayed steal?

iguchi should have at least knocked that ball down.

Thanks Gonzo for that gift out.

not too good of a start for supposedly a 3 game sweep - (unless you were talking of a La. sweep)

Botched hit and run maybe? Strange time for that though.

KK has been a godsend to this team, but he does have one hole in his game: lefty hitters. Unfortunately the Dodgers are stacked with lefties and switch-hitters. But, other than that, I agree with the punch & judy reference.

elliot: It didn't look like Iguchi ever got close enough to knock it down. He doesn't exactly have the greatest range. Hardly disgraceful. Iguchi has done a nice job with the glove since arriving.

Josh M: You're wrong. And not just because Nunez is no better than league-average on defense. A hard shot down the line with the thirdbaseman playing normal is going to be a hit, even if Brooks Freakin' Robinson is at the hot corner.

way to be pat. i'm not watching this crap. have a good night guys.

Well, Kendrick is learning that luck is a bitch in baseball. Let's be honest, he got lucky his first few starts, and now we're all for some reason expecting him to our #2 starter. We're in serious trouble if this offense doesn't get its act together and quickly. I mean, like next inning.

CJ: I think Iguchi has fine range, above league average. And that's without looking at the stats. In the AL he was considered an excellent defensive 2Bman.

AP story I just read says Utley definitely wants to return for the Mets series and that he felt good swinging the bat before tonight's game. Also, Manuel says Howard isn't seeing the ball well right now but that he won't sit him down.

clout: I'm not saying he's bad defensively, but I don't think he's known for his range. I could be wrong as well. Regardless, that ball was out of reach.

Well, at least Gonzo got thrown out last inning, I suppose.

Great... a night I get to actually watch the whole game and we're down 3-0 already. Just my luck.

Beltran still hot 2 run homer first inning 2-0

What do you guys think are the chances that we'll get a good FA 3B? Best choices would likely be Mike Lowell and Pedro Feliz. Lowell is having a good year this year, but I'm not so sure he'd replicate those numbers.

I think we have Helms for another year, Feliz is hardly an upgrade

I've mentioned this before, but always worth noting when KK pitches. He kills righties, they have only .581 OPS. Lefties are a different story: .933

Typical Phillies. Everyone spends the last 2 days talking about what a critical series this is & they come out and immediately stake the Dodgers to a 3-run lead.

Dave X: Exactly right. Lowell would be interesting but only if he'd agree to 2 years, which I doubt.

Great throw! Man, I hate me some Juan Pierre.

Two ABs for Ethier: 20 pitches!!!

Tonight is not going well for KK.

Dave X/clout - I agree... Feliz would add nothing. Any more than two years to Lowell and it could be David Bell all over again.

If Lowell wants too much, I'd like to see them give Dobbs a chance to play every day and have Helms be strictly a backup.

is iguchi a FA after this season?

I know this was posted earlier, but here are the facts: Lifetime vs Tomko
Branyan - .600 , 6 for 10 w/ 2 HR
Werth - .120, 4 for 21 w/ 6 K's
Does nobody on the Phillies do their homework? How long do we have to suffer with this type of poor managing/coaching/scouting? This really angers me. It's like Steve Smith not knowing about outfield arms or Dubee not knowing career stats for BP pitchers vs opposing batters. This is a game ruled by numbers, except when you manage the Phillies. Do coaches point this out to Cholly or does he just ignore them because he has such a feel for the game? Aaarrggghh!!!

Great bunt by Kendrick. Nice to see at least someone on the team can put down a sacrifice.

Nice job of climbing back into it.

Steve Smith's line so far: 2 for 2

Whoa! Is that two good calls in a row for Steve Smith?

Right back in this.

Now, KK needs to settle down and start throwing some blank innings.

No way of knowing. Furcal bobbled the relay. I'll give him one earned, one unearned! I hate Steve Smith.


does it ever end??

Hamels has left elbow tenderness and will miss his start?! You gotta be kidding me.....

Why do all of our pitchers have arm Cole. Is it Dubee or the training staff or both?


If you're not watching, they just announced that Hamels is out for tomorrow's game.

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