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Friday, August 17, 2007


One more chance for J. D.; wonder if he'll take advantage.

Hope he remembers to breathe.

Something about that photo just inspires the opposite of confidence.

No wonder I had a 'bad feeling' last night about the Pirates series: the Phils haven't won a series there since '01.

Phils take 2 of 3 after losing tonight.

RSB: Haven't you had a "bad feeling" about 15 consecutive Phils' series?

Note to Tray: WHIP and ERA are meaningless stats when it comes to closers. If you need me to explain why, just ask.

This team is more beatable than the Nats, but the pitching matchups are really brutal. Gorzelanny and Snell are pretty good. Still, they have a weak offense and weak bullpen, so, I'll say we take 2.

Posted this on the other thread, I'll try here now:

Does anyone know a place in Manhattan that will be showing the Phils game tonight? Some people suggested Wogie's in the Village before, but I walked by it last week and it was closed. Any other ideas? Thanks a lot

that's because RSB is one bad mutha...ah, shut yo mouth! what? i'm just talkin' 'bout RSB...damn right!

Wogie's is closed on Thursday...religious reasons.

Carson, I tried it on a Saturday night 2 weeks ago. No go.

Pedro Martinez's latest rehab start has been pushed back a day. It suggests he had more trouble than expected bouncing back from his last outing.

His return to the Mets in any meaningful form this season is looking less and less likely.

Jack- my bad bro, I was just joking around. I have no idea what Wogie's is. Do a sports pub search on yahoo yellow pages or something.

No worries Carson. It's been a bitch to find somewhere to see games. As much as I love sitting at home watching mlbtv, it's friday night and I'd like to find a good bar to go to for the game. Again, if anyone knows of anywhere, would greatly appreciate it. Thanks,

Jack, ESPN Zone should have it.

I haven't trolled the comments section before, so I apologize if this has already been discussed. How bad did David Wells do this season that he was cut by San Diego? And, if it was bad but not that horrible, why aren't the starting pitcher-craving Phillies looking into making him an offer?

fatman: Almost Adam Eaton bad.

There is no reason to give a second thought about David Wells.

These matchups make me a little nervous. Lefties have given the Phils fits this season and Maholm, who faces Moyer tomorrow, has 5 quality starts in his last 6 games. Gorzelanny, pitching tonight, has QS in 7 of his last 9. These are good young prospects.

Even Sunday is no day at the beach with Snell vs. Lohse. I don't like these matchups nearly as well as those in the past 2 series. The Phillies best not be complacent. These are tough matchups.

REAL DEAL!!!!!!!!-YAR!!!!

I have an excellent idea. We pick up Scott Olson. Then they get 3,000 dollars to spend in a bar in one night. PTB is referee. Whoever doesn't get into a fight/ get arrested/ or have some embarassing shirtless photo put on myspace, takes the rotation spot.

Jack: Between Wogies and Standings, you shouldnt have any trouble watching every game without the aid of MLBTV. Unless, of course, the game isnt carried. I've never been shut-out in NYC.

Jack: Wogies works, but I prefer Standings in the east village. If the game isnt on, just ask the bartender and they'll put it on one of the screens.

If the Phils continue to win at the same rate they've been winning since starting 4-10 (.566 win percentage), they're on pace to finish with 88 wins.

If the Mets continue to win at the same rate they've been winning since starting 10-4 (.537), they're on pace to finish with 89.5 wins.

If the Braves continue to win at the same rate they've been winning since starting 10-4 (.505), they're on pace to finish with 85 wins.

Thanks guys, I'll look up Standings right now. Hopefully I'll bethe drunk guy there later yelling when Howard belts a 3-run dong.

Tonight's prediction - "Real Deal" helps out an anemic Pirates attack by having spotty control and issuing a few walks tonight. I look for the Pirates to take advantage and have one big inning tonight (say 2-3 runs) as a result of Durbin's charity.

As for Gorzelanny, he has been the only Pirates' starter who has been consistent all year. He has pitched well at home and looks like he is healthy again. The Phils won't get shutout by him but he will be tough tonight.

I say Suckos 5-3.

Jack: Maybe i'll join you for a few innings.

I am feeling charitable and don't feel good about Durbin tonight. Let's say 6-4 Suckos.

Jack: Don't bother; the game is not on MLB Extra Innings.

I did not realize that Ottawa was the worst team in all of AAA. How sad.

I take back what I said about Howard and benching him last night. No, I don't know what the posted lineup is. He should start.

Agreed with clout about the lefties, and Snell is tough. I'll say 5 2-3 innings, three runs, lots of walks for Durbin tonight.

I always think the Phillies will lose...


Phils 7 - Bucs 1.

Howard snaps out of it.....

- Pirates offense may suck, but they sure showed up in the Mets series. They scored 4, 8 & 10 runs the last 3 games, which would've swept the Phils. Let's hope that OUR offense shows up and doesn't repeat their 12 K's per game performance that they just had at RFK. If that happens, don't expect to take 2 out of 3. Come to think of it, if maybe our pitchers could coax the Bucco's into that type of offensive ineptitude, the Phil's could possibly pull off a sweep. Never happen, but it's nice to dream.

Lineups are in...


For the Phils:



N. McLouth
F. Sanchez
A. LaRoche
J. Bay
J. Bautista
J. Castillo
R. Paulino
C. Izturis
T. Gorzelanny


McLouth, CF
Sanchez, 2B
LaRoche, 1B
Bay, LF
Bautista, RF
Castillo, 3B
Paulino, C
Isturis, SS
Gorzelanny, P

My Phillies darkhorse (Gary Knotts)pitched a one hit shutout for Reading yesterday, his ERA is now 0.86.

If Durbin falters, I say bring up Gary Knotts!

I haven't seen anyone mention that we sign Julian Sampson along with Savery and Drabek last year, Gillick is improving our pitchers. He is a stud and only went lower because everyone was sure he would head to college. Plus don't forget Castro, he is still young and has been moved back to a starter in Ottawa with a low 3 era. I expect him to be real good next year and on the Phils

Slocs: On what do you base your projection that Castro will be a real good starter for the Phils next year?

Expect a rotation in 2009 like this:

I see Mathieson ending up in the bullpen, Drabek will be in AAA, Savery a wild card and Sampson still toiling. Oh and Eaton will have been dumped between 2008 and 2009 after only pitching 1/3 of the season but keeping his era under 5.00

Clout: my hillbilly mensa

Drabek and his Tommy John elbow?

Slocs: Ah, a wish and a prayer. Carry on.

There was an interesting SI players poll about what the players think regarding various ballparks and how easy it is to hit. CBP came on top with 25% by a rather large margin - 6% over the nearest competitor. I say that's large because only 4 parks even got above 6%. I guess it isn't interesting as much as it shows the players think the same way the fans do... CBP is a very offense-oriented park. Of course, the fact that opposing players always have to face our pitching probably makes it easier for them to hit here!

AFish: DirecTV has the game listed as of right now on channel 739 on DirecTV at 7pm.

Expect a 2009 rotation like this:

1. Hamels
2. Myers
3. Durbin
4. Eaton
5. A homeless guy who licked Cholly's leg

Oh god are those red Pirate unis ugly...

Gorzo works fast.

Pop-up Jimmy makes an appearance...

And Ryan picks up where he left off.

they really need to move coste out of the 8 hole, just seems like the only thing he is doing down there is turning over the lineup

Sorry I have to post this, but...E-A-G-L-E-S! Donovan looks great so far.

Now, what in the holy hell are these Pirates uniforms? Dear Lord. It's like they lost a bet.

Bad feeling about this game, but I wouldn't be a Phils fan without a bad feeling about the game.

Uh, did just switch from the Phillies announcers to the Pirates, or am I losing it? And if I am in fact sane, why the hell did they do that?

Kevin: me too - this might be the radio feed. Not sure if the Pirates game is on local tv.

I'm listening to the radio feed on my laptop sitting on my deck -- mlbtv is telling me I'm "blacked out"??? Anyone know what the deal is with that -- I'm in North Dakota and the only mlb club which claims exclusive rights here is the Twins..

Okay, so let's please not waste a leadoff double here. Someone send the offense a wake up call, please.

Willy Mo Pena to the Nationals today, apparently. Not sure why, but there it is.

Way to go, Pat! Now let's get Ryan back on track. He's never homered at PNC, so...

But then, maybe not.

Wily Mo Pena makes sense for the Nats. Outfielder who is dirt cheap and can provide some pop in the OF. It is not exactly like Church and Kearns at studs at either corner OF position for the Nats.

Wily Mo might be Theo Epstein worst move as a GM. Basically the Sox got a bag of magic beans and some unnamed player for Bronson Arroyo (who the Sox really could have used last year).

TOK - They did do that, and it obviously sucks.

That's probably the fastest RBI you will ever see.

Weak, right side pop ups for the Big Man. He'll be all right, just not going to make it happen tonight.

Back to the Pirates run in the first, not sure if I have ever seen a run score from first base on a single with no outs

Looks like Rowand is really starting to struggle...

I have Extra Innings, we have Harry and Co still, but tomorrow's game is not be carried.

Clout, I think the point I was making is that you can pitch pretty poorly and still be a successful closer. And since closers usually don't come into games with inherited runners, ERA is more meaningful for them than it is for other relievers.

Man this Pirates team is such a vanilla team. I can't possibly imagine forking over a few thousand dollars for season tickets to watch a poor and keep Littlefield employed.

When was the last time they had a positional player who was a legit star? Ramirez? Giles?

jason bay's having a down year, but he's usually a star

I know this game does not feel like it's close, but Gorzellany is already at 70 pitches. Two innings max for him?

Great play, J-Roll!!!

drake - True. Guess I should rephrase into a truly marketable star. I think you have to go back 15 years to Bonds' last year with the club in '92. Its like the franchise has been frozen in time since he left and fans are waiting for any signs of thawing and life.


I'm sorry but I have no confidence in Howard at all...way to pick Howard up Rowand but I would rather have the pitcher up there then Howard, atleast they might make contact, i know that is drastic but I am soooo bitter at him right now

i'm not sure how anyone could go see the pirates play without going blind from the uniforms tonight, let alone the players on the field.

Great to see Rowand step up although a horrible HR call by LA. He has no business doing play-by-play.

haha, i hated those pirates with bonds and bonilla so much

The Phils can't afford to sit Howard, so he will have to hit his way through the slump. Simple as that.

Phillies' offense seems to be getting it back -- especially Rollins & Gooch. This is a pretty good pitcher they're facing & they've battered him pretty hard.

Huge dong by Rowand. Just huge. I don't care if they're throwing a lefty tomorrow, I think Charlie needs to sit Howard and give Dobbs the start at first. Anyone else agree? Just to give the big guy a night off and get him to relax

ahh that's my boy, wes!

Can I say how nice it is not being down 4-0 by the second. Durbin is already 10 times better than Eaton

I like Sarge ripping Ryan for taking a fast ball down the middle. He is right!

There is the Wes Helms we know and lov.. err despise!!!

Man, these Pirates announcers are just bad. They're not particularly offensive or anything, just not good.

LA wrapping up the end of the inning - "3 runs . . . er no 4 runs. 5 hits . .. no 6 hits." I will take Franske over LA play-by-play anyday. At least he calls a clean, crispy game. Does LA drink during the games?

i am going to make a bold statement.

i'd much rather have no-hit nuni in the lineup than helms.

Slocs I agree, never thought I could agree with Sarge. I think he also had a legit point in stating Howard looks like he doesn't have a game plan considering all the balls in the dirt he is swinging at.

Jack: I agree. Sit Ryan now cause we need him over the next week or too. I'd put in Coste at first.

Speaking of Coste, Durbin pitches great when he catches but awful with Ruiz

I have been getting through the LA PBP by just ignoring the sound unless sarge is talking...I am liking sarge.

24-3, Eagles.

It'd be awfully sweet of the Real Deal for him to breathe and get a quality start out of this. Can't believe Gorzellany will only go 5. Might be his worst outing this year.

Hey, there's Matt Kata!

Former Phillies General Manager Ed Wade got stuck in a tree while skydiving on Thursday. The accident happened at 4:45 p.m. Along the 1400 block of North Tuckahoe Road. According to authorities, Wade's parachute opened normally, but he landed in a tree. Wade hung about 75 feet from the ground until rescuers could get him down. He did not suffer any injuries

Do you suppose the Bucs' Matt Kata has a brother named Al?

And J.D., please don't lose it now.

i always knew losing matt kata would haunt the phils.

Would it be possible to move Sarge into the radio booth and LA to TV next season?

Sarge's style of stating the obvious with some snappy comments would play a lot better on radio.

As for LA, his observations on pitching mechanics would be more interesting if you can see the pitcher on TV and his antics would play better on TV.

i'd rather have nunez than helms too. helms has been THAT bad.

what do you guys think about going after Craig Monroe, who the Tigers just demoted to bring up a 20 year old prospect with only 6 games experience at AA.

How about alternating Burrell and Howard in 4th spot, first one to get a clue gets the spot.

Lost in the broadcast discussion is the fact that if you don't give Wheels his way, he will stomp his feet, bitch and moan, and demand Monty do whatever he wants. And that sucks. He's the fifth wheel.

Have I been sniffing glue since 3:30, or was that a great bunt on the first pitch???

Wow, sending Coste...that was lucky.

It's been said before, but it's so true: as Jimmy goes, so goes the Phils.

KevinLin - Man I thought it was going to be another "Steve Smith" special at home. Good hustle by Coste but that was a pretty weak throw.

Pat the Bat sighting!!

Yeah, bad throw.

Burrell with a lil pop.

I will take it.

the secret to awakening the phils' bats: start jd durbin! do they score boatloads of runs for him or what!?

Let the beatdown commence! Nice to see the offense get out of their temporary funk.

Charlie complains about the lack of hitting, and they launch a barrage.

Is he the greatest manager in baseball history, or what?

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