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Sunday, August 12, 2007


Repost from end of last thread:

The problem with talking about Eaton's supposed "great stuff" is falling into the pitfalls of the old time scouter mindset where you reject accumulated knowledge and instead proceed with illusions of potential.

Statistics show us *how often* a pitcher has his "good stuff*, and, statistically, Eaton does not have his as often as a standard pitcher. Outside of a breakout rookie year, defensively and offensively, Eaton just hasn't done anything to impress. Instead, he's coasting on "1st round draft pick" and his offensive numbers from his rookie year.

National Television and we put Nunez, and Ruiz in...I am ok with Worth because we really don't have any other options, but how about dobbs or branyan at 3b??? Coste had 2 more hits last night but doesn't get the start, i know he played the past two games but ruiz swings first pitch all the time. With ruiz and nunez at the back you know that is a double play waiting to happen...

This game is huge, we need moyer tonight to step up, we are off tomorrow! GO PHILS

i have no idea how to get eaton on track. nobody is questioning his offensive contributions, which are well above average, its his performance on the hill.

some of it seems to be a focus/motivation issue, and i don't know what is more exciting than a pennant race. he seems to fall apart with any diversity, and his body language is terrible.

his face constantly looks puffy, and i have to question his off field conduct because of it. he looks like he's got gin blossoms.

Moyer is in, you need defense... Nunez over Helms/Dobbs.

Coste caught the last 2 games... fairly simple. I think most beerleaguers will take a 2 to 3 Coste to Ruiz ratio.l

With only 15 RBIs in 95 games, 200 at bats, and a .305 slugging percentage so far, Nunez has to be hitting one of the quietest .250's ever.

I don't know who's talking about Eaton's great stuff though. It's a problem, certainly, but most teams have a dicy fifth starter and at least we have the offense to win in his starts. That said, it's probably time to take a look at Happ but don't expect a big improvement.


It's possible Eaton is merely unattractive; you might be surprised at all the negative qualities people instinctively attribute to those unfortunate in the looks department. But I don't know how he looks now compared to previous years.

While no one doubts his offensive prowess, too often it is used as a mask for his deficiencies on the mound. Just listen every time he steps to plate when announcers--any of them--talk about what a great hitter he is. It's tiring hearing, "Eaton has a chance to help himself here" when he just gave up four runs last inning. You know, he'd have to hit a grand slam to "help himself" out of that one.

polanco has gone 143 games without an error, if only they had the balls to bench bell and move polanco to third.

So uh hopefully they don't have more injuries like the last nationally televised game.

We really need the Jamie Moyer with control to show up tonight.

as for looks, there are certain things that you look for in people. big puffy eyes, surrounded by constant rosy cheeks is an indicator of alcohol abuse.



moyer look about as god as eaton here.

worse, actually.

time to get durbin up.

a Philadelphia bowl?

I'm with you ZT... what the heck is a Philadelphia bowl?

good start for jroll

I smell a double play.

Burrell can run?

Since when can Burrell run?

Burrell can run? Joe Morgan just said it.

Although the genious of Joe Morgan just said that Pat Burrell can run. What the heck is he smoking?

I giggled a bit when he said that.

whatever a Philadelphia bowl is apparently its one of our most prized possessions according to Joe Morgan.

Man, Sarge would fit right in with Miller and Morgan.

Howard looks like he did in April right now.

wow, it's loud at the bank tonight.

Joe Morgan would make Sarge look like a genious

morgan: they do not rarely chase balls out of the strike zone.

Ruiz ughh!!!

How was that pitch above the belt?

I laughed at that too lekh

morgan is the definition of talking out your ass

i have *no* idea why morgan gets to be on national broadcasts. he obviously is without a clue.

the only guy worse is buck for baseball. such and effing homer.

I've always wanted to start a website called

He also said burrell gets off to slow starts..other than this year April is his hottest month.

I don't think he even prepares for a game. That makes an uncountable number of ridiculous comments he has made this year.

Wow how was he out with that blazing speed.

Who sent Burrell?

Can you imagine how much Burrell would've been out by if he couldn't run?

Burrell CAN'T run, Morgan.

So much for Burrells great speed

i think that steve smith has cost this team more games than adam eaton.

burrell's great speed wasn't great enough was it joe morgan?

Hey at least we got our money's WERTH...

Here we go again with smith sending runners and getting them thrown out by a mile

That ball was rocketed to Francouer, who has a hell of an arm. Why was Burrell waved around third?

Oh, yeah, I forgot: He can run.

Smith must've listened to Morgan

At least we got one run there. Bah.

The legendary steve smith strikes again.

I think you had to take that chance with Carlos 4-for-21 with the bases loaded Ruiz up next. You just had to pray for a bad throw, which is wasn't.

That was really stupid. Even Victorino couldn't have scored from 2nd on that play.

...isn't there a scene in that Major League movie where somebody starts their slide 20 feet short?

Unfortunately for us, Burrell's slide was not as comical.

Burrell should have bombed McCann there. Make the Braves wish they hadn't traded Saltalamacchia.

anyone in the movie biz? Maybe we can get Steve Smith cast in a big role so he'll leave the phillies alone.

My roommate (who knows nothing) about baseball just asked why that guy (Burrell) tried to score? Hell, just pick a guy out of the crowd and make them the 3rd base coach instead. At least it would be a brilliant marketing PR move.

For anyone from the New England area, there were shades of Dale Sveum on that play. To those who are uninitiated, his sending of any and all players rounding third is parodied in this article:

sd, yeah Willie Mays Hayes tries to steal and doesn't make it to second and gives the shortstop the finger.

Burrell is so slow its comical..

i hate steve smith
i hate him

i wonder if charlie will get on him for that one?

I hope Moyer's calmed down. That was a fast inning.

I can't believe that the Manual hasn't had Burrell in the two hole all year. With that on base percentage and speed, he is an obvious choice. Hell lets fire Cholly now and hire Joe Morgan. Or at least make him the 3B coach.

attywood will - If Moyer had been up next, you send Burrell but here are the following reasons you don't send Burrell:

1. Francoeur has arguably the best arm in RF in the NL
2. That ball was hit lightly and Francoeur was able to charge it and come up throwing
3. Burrell is one of the slowest runners in the NL.

Steve Smith should be charged by the Philly PD with "Gross Negligence" for allowing so many Philly baserunners to be thrown out at home this year. 25 or 30 now this year already?

Morgan: "Starting pitching is most a rotation."

Did he just say starting pitching is most important to a rotation?

I'm a big believer in starting pitching helping you win ballgames too... is this guy for real?

Great – Morgan's making jokes about Burrell's speed now. The same f'n guy he just extolled as having good speed.

Ok i understand ruiz and nunez for defense because you have moyer in the game

BUT....3 pitches and 2 outs, Carlyle threw how many pitches in the first inning, and they swing right away..bums

They seem to have a lot of fun with Burrell tonight.

I feel like Jimmy has been hitting into some tough luck lately.

That's it. I can't take Morgan any more. The worst thing he is guilty of is doing zero prep work for his games. I understand he isn't going to know everything that is going on but he is an embarrassment.

If you want to listen to two guys who know what they are talking about and have great chemistry, tune into Dan Shulman and Dave Campbell on ESPN Radio.

nice catch by Rowand.

Nice play by Rowand.

The "one" thing about Aaron ROwand is he is not afraid of the wall. Really Joe, that is the only one thing about Rowand?

I think even though we have Moyer pitching we should at least have Coste catching. Missing Chase means there is a lot of offense to make up for and I think Coste would be a lot more helpful than Ruiz.

When Second Audio Program (SAP) became standard on televisions, I thought it perfect for nationally televised baseball games because it would allow fans to choose their broadcasters. Boy was I off on that one.

"Getting a good jump was the key." No sh!t Joe. They should just have Miller do play-by-play and use a soundboard for Morgan with some generic comments.

Howard looked ridiculous trying to make that play.

DID YOU SEE HOWARDS SPEED?! Almost as fast as Pat "Flash" Burrell.

Rico Brogna would have had that one.

DID YOU SEE HOWARDS SPEED?! Almost as fast as Pat "Flash" Burrell.

Howard was hustling and went all out to make that play and people criticize him. Sometimes I don't understand Philly fans.

Time to freaking pound this korean league freak. I've seen enough 89 MPH fastball bs today. Take him out.

Chase looked really uncomfortable in that interview.

Really, I prefer the Sarge to this banality.

I realize howard was doing his best to make the play, but that little jump he did to try and come back to the ball was just hilarious to me.

For a good laugh at Stupid Joe Morgan's expense:

This game has a playoff feel tonight. Both pitchers seemed to be jittery and had trouble finding their location and have since settled down a bit.

As for the positional players, both sides seem to be going all out and making a few good plays already.

Should be fun to watch.

But not to listen. It's uncanny how often the good games get thrown to ESPN.

Is it just me or does it seem like someone has a gun to Smoltz's head forcing him to do this? At least Chase didn't have to talk to these two idiots.

Speaking of TV. I watched the Philles Marlins game at a bar the other night (WIth no sound). I noticed that it was the Phillies announcers and not the Marlins. This was on MLB Extra innings, and up to that point I had yet to see the Phillies home announcers (ALways road announcers no matter who was the home team). Has there been some development here? I remember someone saying it had something to do with Comcast, and that they had been sued for not allowing the broadcasts? Anyone know?

Well if that doesn't suck. Maybe they should stop underestimating Francoeur's arm...

I like how Smoltz said he Tivo'd the PGA championship to watch later, and Morgan immediately told him who won. Tsk tsk, Joe.

GOD DAMN IT...just go into him.

Jeez. Fire Steve Smith, already.

Wow... Second ridiculous mistake by sending a guy home

If we get a committee together, do you think we can hire someone to kill Steve Smith?

I loathe you Steve Smith! Loathe!

Does Smith even know who this Francouer guy is?

The second that ball was hit I was, like, "Don't send him, don't send him!"


Thank you, steve smith for letting that happen so we could all see mccann play chicken with werth. douche.

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