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Friday, August 10, 2007


Short post tonight. Busy, busy, busy!

Short prediction - Phils 5-3 tonight.

Just to repeat the matchups I posted the other day:
Fri: James vs. Hamels
Sat: Cormier vs. Eaton
Sun: Carlyle vs. Moyer

These are very favorable matchups for the Phils.


Helms and Coste get the nod tonight. Reminder that game is at 7:35 tonight.

1. J Rollins, SS
2. T Iguchi, 2B
3. P Burrell, LF
4. R Howard, 1B
5. A Rowand, CF
6. W Helms, 3B
7. J Werth, RF
8. C Coste, C
9. C Hamels, P

1. Y Escobar, SS
2. M Diaz, LF
3. C Jones, 3B
4. M Teixeira, 1B
5. J Francoeur, RF
6. A Jones, CF
7. B McCann, C
8. K Johnson, 2B
9. C James, P

Here are your lineups (per MLB Gameday):

Phillies (ha! I typed it in ahead of time and was dead on)

SS Rollins
2B Iguchi
LF Burrell
1B Howard
CF Rowand
3B Helms
RF Werth
CA Coste
PI Hamels


SS Escobar
LF Diaz
3B Jones
1B Teixeira
LF Francouer
CF Jones
CA McCann
2B Johnson
PI James

Yup, good matchups except the whole they get to face Eaton thing. He pitched well against them last time in ATL, if i remember (but not the 3rd game of the season at home).

Really need a win tonight - MGs 5-3 prediction sounds about right to me.

Wow... wonder why my comment didn't hit until 15 minutes after Billy Mac lol

Game is on TBS for those who have it on their cable. (Doesn't everyone?)

I've seen conflicting reports about Victorino beginning his rehab this weekend. Anybody know what his current story is? Just hoping against more bad news after Utley's delay.

Mets news: Beltran's off the DL and in tonight's starting lineup.

Probably posted already, but Dotel's on the DL.



is adam eaton wearing a cole hamels jersey or something?

Well on a positive note the Mets are down 2-0 and the Padres are down 3-0.

Cole really earned his Phillie stripes tonight by saving his worst performance for the most important moment of the season. And he didn't even waste any time doing it.

What's going on? Nine men up! Down four! Hamels pitching!

So much for the "matchups."

It just figures--first game of a huge series and the Phils take themselves right out of the ballgame.

Hamels may be amazing, be he's still wearing that P on his head.

Wow, looks like one of those nights.

C'mon Ryan!

You think Cholly will have Helms bunt?

there we go wes!

Wes Helms! 4-4!


Well, at least this game ranks high on the drama scale.

both teams batting around in the first... 12 runs wins it?

Coste has a rabbit's foot hidden in his pocket!

might as well be 0-0 top 1, hopefully hamels sees this as a second chance to make a first impression

oh good, rowand's injured.

for those of us "watching" on the computer - what happened to Rowand?

Ok, so how did Rowand get injured? I'm only on mlb gameday and it isn't cool enough to give us that kind of trivial info...

Any word from the Phillies broadcasters on what's wrong with Rowand?

Great catch by Werth, by the way. I'd love to see Cole settle down here.

apparently he swung badly when he struck out and aggravated his shoulder

this game is seriously insane. these guys are hammering Hamels--if not for two great catches by, of all people, Werth there'd be another Braves lead. Whats going on?

1-2-3 for Hamels in the second.


i actually like how werth's been playing since shane went down, pretty good for a backup

Tough night for me. Phils on TBS, Saints on CBS and my wife wants to drag me to the Shopping Mall.

dale; best post on beerleaguer all summer. you had me laughing too loud (im in the library).

werth's been batting .400 since his return

I only recall one or two bad defensive plays from Werth all season. Rowand out with blurred vision in right eye.

Rowand has "blurred vision in his right eye" according to Braves announcers

Braves guys are saying that Rowand left with blurred vision in his right eye. That doesn't sound terribly good...

beat me to it. either way, that can't be good.

I guess it is better than blurred vision in both his eyes. Christ, what would that be? A heart attack? Man, that does not sound good unless it is some kind of problem with a contact.

these Braves announcers sound perplexed that Phillies fans dislike Burrell even while they're showing a graphic with his .179 May and .129 June averages up there.

perhaps he's experiencing the early stages of glaucoma

and when most of us think of pat over the last few years, we see that called third strike right down the middle like the one he just freakin took

Isn't blurred vision a possible side effect of Viagra?

Lol, Lake Fred, it is the new substitute for amphetamines.

are you saying aaron rowand is the new rafael palmerio?

Jeezus Helms! You've become a parody of yourself.

Rowand could have a brain tumor that, up until now, was giving him magical baseball abilities.

(best arnold impersonation) it's not a toomah!

Is it about to rain in Philly?

damn wind

Coste almost got lucky again.

why is coste not getting regular time?

and time at third?

because it seems like we'd rather have a potentially good catcher than one who's proven he can hit mlb pitching

harry on the radio. meaningful baseball. a chill in the air. life is perfect.

Muts take 3-2 lead over Fish

the braves took out james after he retired 16 straight. the phills should let hammels pitch tonight. with myers likely unavailable. hammels even after 115 pitches is our best option. this is a huge game no sense in coddling the kid. it is time to be the man. conlin had a decent article the other day about "aces" never pitching the big moments late in games anymore. he is our guy and this is his game. go get em cole.

What a strange game, after the big start.


Nope, Wheels got it wrong, it;'s Dobbs


mark the calendar, ladies and gentlemen...cholly pulled an effective pitcher for a pinch hitter and it actually worked!

Alright Iguchi, let's make this a big inning.

Romero looks like a steal, but should Cholly have left him in???

why is romero coming out. He looked great getting C. Jones and M. Texiera out.


I guess with 12 digits in, this means that Myers will pitch 9th in save situation. Shame on Manual using him last night.

Parker: No. He was there to flip the switch hitters. You don't want him facing Francoeur

Yeah, well 12 digits looks a hell of a lot better!

great francoer hits a double off of 12 fingers. great move cholly

If I remember right, didn't Alfo give up a HR to Jones last time they faced?

Our manager is simply a moron. The guy comes in and retires the first two batters and Cholly arbitrarily decides to bring in a new guy, who may or may not be effective.

andruw jones is due for a hr

BAP: Any manager in the majors would've made that move

mesa up....

Alright well it worked out. Thank my lucky Chollies.

Romero is a LOOGY. Nothing more, nothing less. You NEVER want him facing a tough righty especially a low-ball hitter like Francoeur

Flash is up, which means we need another run

Well, Clout, on this one we disagree. I'd take my chances with the hot hand. Besides, I really don't like the way Cholly blows through his relievers. The Braves could easily send this game to extra innings and, if it happens, I would like to have as many relievers as possible.

Clout, I agree but if that is all he is, why let him face Texieiera?

flash up...
savior of the universe...

uh oh. Gordon in the ninth.

Did the Phillies blow up a mirror factory or something? The only luck, with regards to injuries, this team seems to have is bad luck.

Shiyt, stupid f-iing AAA pitchers. Damn, can anybody in the NL east freaking pitch. Screw the freaking Braves. SOB's!

You'd think a non-hitter like Roberson would at least learn how to bunt

for a guy with his skill set, it's really unbelievable that roberson is so truly atrocious at bunting.

Absolutely pitiful

Holy crap. You know, for a marginal guy who needs to earn his way into a permanent spot on the roster, Roberson does a lot of the little things very poorly.

Parker, to force Tex to bat from the right side. Same with Chipper. I'm no Cholly fan, but he made the right move there (unless his bone-headed bunting with Helms last night).

Is Myers hurt? How many times have we seen Gordon blow a close game against the braves? Do we really need to see that again?

Well, this should be interesting. Key game, late season, Gordon in to close.

Fasten your seatbelts...

Intresting stat. Gordon has never gotten McCann out.

Well, he's certainly starting off strong. I've got a real bad feeling about this.


Great reason to put him in. What the hell is wrong with Myers?

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