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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Let's do this.

Feels like Lohse's start was two weeks ago.

I'm hoping to see some better things from Kyle tonight! I think he was a little nervous missing the strike zone last start.

Good news... he didn't hit the first pitch over the wall.

wow... that was close... thought he got him

nope, he was safe.

And he was safe that time too, thanks blue.

Good thing C.B. Buckner is blind.


Kyle Lohse > Adam Eaton

We're through one scoreless!

Man, this lohse kid can DEAL.

guys like lohse hae got to be completely pumped that they got traded out of the cellar and into a contender.

even if he does have to pitch at cbp.

I'm guessing Dontrelle's hat was covering his eyes and he couldn't see where first base was.

Ahhh. PtB is still batting 3rd. Okay.

That's Pat's 11th walk in 56 PA's against Willis.

Sheesh - can't drive in runners if you get nothing to hit.

Willis vs. Howard is not a good match up for us. Good walk.

Let's go, A-Row!

Bah... back to Jayson Werth and a chance to see if he's still got that lucky horseshoe.

boy, willis seems to have lost his command of just about everything...

TJ candidate?

He's pitched so poorly this season, you'd have to assume there's an injury there somewhere.

Well, that sucks hard.


and, dontrelle is a hard young slider pitcher with an odd delivery.

smells like tj to me.

Nice line today by the guy who dominated the Phils last week--Yovani Gallardo:

2.2IP 12H 11R 11ER 3BB 1K 2HR

At Coors, to be fair.

brother: Someone check me, but Coors isn't exactly the hitter's paradise it once was, is it?

Two sharp innings in a row. One more good inning and Lohse will match Adam Eaton's career high of 3 good innings in a row.

I dont think it's scoring quite as high as in years past, but the Rockies probably have a better pitching staff (Francis, Cook, etc.) than they're used to.

black hole time... time to make a sandwich.

It's still quite a hitter's paradise, humidor and all. Maybe not on a night-to-night basis like it used to be, but it still hosts an unusually large number of high-scoring games.

Much better start for Lohse this time. He's getting ahead in the count & looking good.

now 6 for 13 off of willis... great coaching by Cholly tonight.

CJ, you're right. Must be the humidors. But it's still the 3rd best hitter's park in MLB this year based on runs (adjusted by park factor):

CBP is suprisingly 10th, but by far away the best park to hit home runs this year.

And the good guys strike first!

Iguchi is the man

Jeez, Willis is a mess.

I swear I read somewhere that Florida was waiting until they were ridiculously out of it to shut Willis down...I don't know what the hell they're waiting for.

Is it a good thing when I'm surprised Pat doesn't come through? That means he's done enough that I don't just walk out of the room, right?

5 LOB in 2 innings. Maybe I'm jumping the gun here, but I'm starting to detect the signs that Burrell is about to go into another one of his long tailspins. Rollins too. I believe he's like 0 for his last 18.

Ugh, when are they going to take down that awful Phillies sign blocking the city view? It's disgusting.

Well, you've gotta hate that.

Awww, crap on a stick. Willis should've been prevented from hitting that home run on karma alone. That fan looked like she took quite a shot to the face.

Oh brother. 7 career homeruns for Willis & it seems like they've all come against the Phillies.

lol. somebody didn't read the scouting report on willis.

Dontrelle Willis has the worst homerun trot in the history of forever.

man does howard need to learn to take ball four.

Man, Dontrelle Willis has just lost his head; it's like he's been completely taken off his game.

The Phillies need to pile on the runs here.

Hoping Lohse pulls a Dontrelle here

it really looks like willis needs to be put on the shelf.

What the hell was that pickoff move?!? That's the most awkward, silly looking move I've ever seen.

Can we just get some DECENT pitching, please? Our offense is ridiculously good, no matter who is playing. It's been said many, many times, but even with average pitching, we're a playoff team.

I see offseason surgery in Willis' future . . .

Lohse in middle innings equals eaton in first few innings

Makings of one of those runfests at CBP and the last team that scores will win tonight . . . at least the Phils bullpen though is fully rested thanks to Cholly using Durbin for 3 innings last night (which I forget to mention was actually quiet an underappreciated yet solid strategic move).

I think if Prince Fielder and Miguel Cabrera went to the local all you can eat Chinese Buffet, they'd put it out of business.

Yeh, who would of thought Manuel actually managing the bullpen well last night?
I thought for sure Myers was going to get in there in the 9th.

MG -- True, that was a good move last night. Viva los Cooler Pants!

Miguel was really skinny just a couple of years ago.

Pat in the 3 spot?


Ruiz is really killing them right now. That's a weak, tired looking AB right there.

i could see ruiz taking a 15 day breather, after barajas gets "healthy".

hopefully that will sort him out, or it may be time for a little minor league shock therapy.

I'd like Hanley Ramirez better if we didn't see him so many times a year. I'm pretty sure I'd still dislike Jose Reyes no matter where he were playing though.

Weitzel - Agreed about Ruiz. He just looks drained the last 2 or 3 weeks. Not sharp at AB or behind the plate.

Joe - Not a bad idea for Ruiz to have a "phantom" leg injury and a trip to the 15-day DL once Barajas is eligible to return. Ruiz just might be able to actually contribute for the final month of the season.

Once again, what does Chris Coste have to do in order to be our regular catcher?

This game feels like it could finish 4-3. It must be torture out there. Glad to be enjoying my Lionshead Light. $11.99 a case.

I'm in Miami right now, and this city is so lame that no channels at this (very nice) hotel are showing the game. Someday the Marlins will move to Havana...

Its cheaper than nattie... and you get puzzles on the cap too!

Nice start by Lohse, and its good to see he can field the position and lay down a bunt.

Lohse at 92 pitches, we're probably looking at one more inning for him.

Braves 3-1 over the Mets, bottom 6th.

That's too bad, Howard should be at 2nd.

and we haven't re-signed rowand, because... ?


Guess it doesn't matter, way to go Rowand!!

Nothing like fresh meatballs in South Philly. Not that the hit was bad, either. He definitely throttled it.

Marlins in Havana. I'd love to see that happen. That would be awesome all the way around.

Rowand erases an error.

Nice drive, Chooch.

Ok....shift of conversation for a random thought/complaint.

Through the use of the DVR on my TV (extra innings package) and the audio of the comcast tv feed from, I might be the only person in Central Mass to watch the Phillies home games with Phillies announcers.

One of the annoying things is the sounds of sirens frequently in the backround. These seems to happens all the times during home games. Does anyone know exactly what that sound is and what it seems to happen nightly. Am i the only annoyed by it?

Rusty, I used to do that with Eagles games. That's three separate joys in a row - muting Joe Buck, listening to Merrill Reese, and the Eagles on Sunday mornings in California.

Rusty -- where are you at in central mass? I'm over in Waltham.

I do not like 12 LOB, very scary. This should be a 6-7 run lead. Very nervous about 3 or 3+ from our bullpen

Phillies have outplayed the Marlins all night. They must hold on and win this one.

Rowand has been the man. This game looked dried up until that bomb. He's done that a couple times this season.

These Phillies hitters deserve so much better from their GM and owners. Get them some pitching already.

More bad news for the Muts: "Pedro Martinez struggled in his first rehab start for Class A St. Lucie on Wednesday, giving up five runs and six hits in three innings."

I'm in Mass too and I usually try to do the same thing when i'm at home but tonite im watching gameday on a gov't computer. so agonizing!

I was just going to suggest that Lohse should've been lifted for a PH last inning (it's hot and he was around 90+ pitches anyway), and, this is looking shaky.

Every score in the NL tonight going the Phillies way. The Dodgers haven't scored in 26 straight innings.

One divot later, and it's nail biting time again...

This might be the "bullpen ace" point of the game.

Interesting that Comcast just posted Lohse's line 4 er... but the Marlins have only scored 3??? what am I missing?

Cholly is actually making some good moves here. Tries to extend Lohse for another inning and pulls him when he looks a bit gassed.

Mike H - I looking forward to doing the same thing in the fall. For some reason I don't mind Buck and Aikman but I'll still take Merrill as much as I can!

Side note - I try the same thing with the Phillies radio for road game and I always end up being "off" within an inning.
Speaking of annoying things, WPHT radio cramming extra commerical time in and almost ALWAYS missing a pitch to start an inning

Joe l - I live in Worcester. Work takes me to brandeis from time to time!

i guess its alfie, gordon, myers....

with jc for "tough" lefties....

that almost resembles a legitimate closing staff.


MG - I agree Lohse had earned the at bat and was gassed. El pulpo can get this and another inning.

(how do you get Merril when not in the Philly market?)

If Gordon is getting anywhere near this game, I want more runs. Now.

NFL field pass for the computer

No comments on Burrell's flop?

Little leaguers look more graceful.

They call a penalty on that in hockey now, don't they?

BB - Field Pass. You have to pay.

Sometimes, Harry Kalas will call an Eagles game for Westwood One stations. That's pretty cool, too.

i've been hanging out at the sports depot (off the mass pike in allston) lately since the g/f has been going to physical therapy across the street. they've got most games and I occasionally catch the phils over a pint.

B's Beard: Sirius is an option, but the lag is beyond annoying.

Props to Cholly for pulling Lohse, who put in a nice effort tonight.

Gordon up in the bullpen. I guess tonight's an "on" night for him!

Is that a Phillies-"theme" bar?

why is he bringing in gordon, go with el pulpo one more inning! Rest Gordon!

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