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Sunday, August 05, 2007


why does Pat have a number ending in 3 in the picture? Was this when we first brought him up?

Let me be the first to say it's fucking time, Cholly. I'm not sure I even could've watched today if unWerthy was leading off again.

I would have batted Werth ahead of Dobbs, but oh well. I have a strange feeling we will win today and my least favorite pitcher, Eaton, will come out strong.

Just my 2 cents...

The whole "JRoll should be batting leadoff" whining is way overrated. How many times a game does the #1 hitter leadoff an inning anyway? Once, most nights. The reason JRoll isn't hitting is probably because Howard has been lost the past week. If Howard was hot, JRoll would be getting fastballs to hit. He isn't right now.

With Utley out, he is supposed to be the next best all around hitter. In most lineups, the best hitter hits 3rd, not first. He led off innings a few times the past couple of nights, out of the 3 hole, and did nothing.

If anyone should leading off right now, its Iguchi. He actually draws walks, which Rollins doesn't want to do. Dobbs should bat 2nd (dead pull hitter can take advantage of hole on right side if Gooch got on). Then Rollins, Howard, Burrell, Rowand, Coste/Ruiz and Roberson/Werth.

Rollins has the 2nd most HR's on the team, and with its best RBI man out (which is Utley), need some run production from the middle of the lineup. Solo HR's from Rollins, when batting first (because the #8 or pitcher are hardly ever going to be on base) don't help out much right now.

I think guys like Howard, Rollins and Rowand are dragging right now and all could use a day off. Piniella was able to rest Ramirez this week, and they aren't exactly loaded with talent on their bench. But, with the current embarrassing bench, there isn't anyone to put in for any of them. Maybe they ought to carry 17 pitchers and have no one on the bench. I think Eaton or Durbin might be better PH options than most of the current bench anyway.

Sam, Burrell wore #33 when he first came up. At that time, Ron Gant was wearing the good ol' #5.

What does Coste have to do to get out of the 8 hole? More than the leadoff debacle, that's the most perplexing thing with Cholly's lineups.

Your argument would make sense, denny b, but Rollins actually has a much lower home run rate per at-bat than Burrell - he just gets way more at-bats, which inflates his numbers. Iguchi was hot his first few days with us, but he actually strikes out a lot and is a pretty mediocre hitter overall, I don't think you want him leadoff. Anyway, I'm obviously very pleased with the new lineup.

denny b: And it's not about Jimmy leading off innings... it's about which players get the most plate appearances. Do you really believe Werth or Roberson should get more plate appearances per game than Burrell?

I won't be able to watch the game cause I'm dancing in the street over this lineup, finally!

I expect a hitting parade from Jimmy, Aaron and Ryan but I'm worried that this might signal PtBB's fall back to mediocre, hope I'm wrong about PtBB

Yeah, at least 50/50 chance that PtBB won't be able to handle being in a spot where he's expected to produce...we shall see.

Beerleaguers jump for joy over Burrell's lineup ascent. Now we get to see if it works. I absolutely agree that Rollins needed to be moved back to leadoff, but I would prefer Rowand third and Burrell fifth. Then again, Rowand hasn't hit at all in the last four games, and Burrell is white-hot. So I won't quibble.

It seemed to all of us that Barajas' DL exile was 'addition by subtraction', but if yesterday's pinch-hitting debacle is any indication, the Phillies might be missing him more than expected. On any given day, the catcher who doesn't start is automatically the best bat on the bench. (Wes Helms? I don't think so.) But now that they're carrying just the two catchers, the other catcher will be used *last* off the bench instead of first. As for Werth being the emergency catcher, I'll believe that when I see it.

Huge game today. It'd be a great time to end the Miller Park jinx. A wise move to reconstruct the lineup today, because they're going to need all the 'O' they can possibly get.

It will be interesting to see if Manuel pulls his new 3 hole hitter late in games.

@RSB -- Excellent point on the last bat on the bench.

Surprise us Eaton and get out of the 1st with less than 30 pitches.

how many times 0-2 and then a hit. Eaton is looking typical - uh oh

There's the Pat Burrell we know.


If we're to believe what PG was selling us on all winter, you could use Coste (or Ruiz) as a PH option because Werth could step in as a catcher in a pinch. I get the feeling Cholly's not buying that though.

If there's no real possibility of Werth spending any innings behind the plate, PG never should have run around telling everyone that. Not to go all davthom, but that whole line of B.S. looks more and more like laying the groundwork to keep Coste off the ML roster.

He really did tag up from first base, didn't he? And he's not going to IBB Fielder? Or was that an "unintentional intentional?" A 0-0 game and it already feels like a loss...

I guarantee you Manuel doesn't ever want to see Werth behind the plate.

@phila fan -- Sometimes you need help from your infield or other outfielder... communicating that the guy has tagged up.

big meaty pitch. Interesting that Eaton and Coste aren't in sink. My guess is Coste sees that certain pitches are crap

30+ pitches here we come

Playoff Contenders 3, Little Leaguers 0...

It's beyond amazing that Dubee hasn't visited the mound yet. Let the pitcher pitch... Terrible.

Call me crazy, but I'd pull his ass right here with the day off tomorrow. What a freakin bum Adam Eaton is!!!!

Ahhhh, Adam Eaton. What a freakin bad move.

oops in synch.

jesus Eaton sucks. He isn't a very smart pitcher but remember he is a great athlete.

This has to be the end of the road for Eaton, doesnt it? If Loshe can make his next start, Durbin has to take Eaton's place.

Adam Eaton, baseball's worst off-season free agent signing!

30 pitches and counting. Is this guy predictably bad, or what?

What an awesome 1-2 punch we have with Hamels and Eaton.

Thanks Dubee... 4 runs... NOW lets talk to the pitcher... .

If I see one more post about this alleged "great stuff" of Adam Eaton.

Let me say it again, I HATE ADAM EATON!!!!

Mike Cunningham: agreed where is Dubee, actually we should send Moyer out there. oh here he comes.

Both the last two balls, could have been caught with better defense.

Mike Cunningham: agreed where is Dubee, actually we should send Moyer out there. oh here he comes.

Both the last two balls, could have been caught with better defense.

Adam Eaton is already devising his postgame comments. "I just can't explain it." "Maybe they should start the game in the second inning." "It's very frustrating, I know I can pitch better." "Sometimes you have to give the other team the credit." "I felt like I made some good pitches there, it just didn't work out."

Mike, I don't disagree, but you don't take your time getting the ball back to the infield when you have a man on base.

And with that last hit to left field, it seemed like Pat didn't have any idea how to play it.

Dubee better stay away from the mound.

I took Brewers and the over.

You got that right, slocs. The pitch on the ground rule double was right down the pooper chute.

As they were walking him, Werth was checking out his sunglasses. Too late for that, buddy...

what's the penalty for just straight up releasing Eaton? Do we have to pay his contract if someone else signs him? Do reporters ever ask him if he knows how bad he is and that he's killing the team? How bad does Eaton have to pitch for there to some sort of repercussions? Seriously...

his potches are just big fat and very hittable. He'll be fine 2,3 and 4 but lookiut either 5th or 6th but he has already thrown around 40 pitches.

why, after working Fielder with two stright inside pitches would someone call for another pitch inside? You know that is what he wants. Who is calling these pitches? You have to be brain dead to call that pitch on a guy who opens up on every swing! And yes, it will be interesting to see if “chewing Charlie” makes his late inning “defensive” move again in order to have a nothing hitter at the plate in the ninth.

Mensh finally got a hit against the Phils... and a RBI no less.

4 in the first inning? Eaton, WTF?
How is Eaton the only pitcher who seems unable to work with Coste - without his personal catcher he looks even worse then usual.

Prediction - Charlie uses 6 pitchers today, the best ones pitching less than 1 inning.

Let me add to the press conference: "I mean, I know I'm probably one of the best 10 pitchers in baseball. I just didn't have it today. They're a good team. But I'll come back."

Well, in games like this we won't have to worry about the patched together offense, or the pathetic defense.

I never want to see Adam Eaton start another game for the Phils. Can't wait to hear his lame ass excuse this time. BOOOOOOOOO...

Now this is either the game where:

- The offense responds by throttling Suppan and scoring 10+ runs.

- The offense struggles to put few rallies together, and the game falls by the wayside.

I mean, it IS the Phillies. I take the latter.

This is going to be the one game in the series where we should opposed to the other 2 games in the series that we should have won.

@phila fan -- it was a bad play. but I was disagree with what you said... "there's the Pat Burrell we know."

That would be incorrect statement. Burrell is one of the better outfielders in the league in GETTING THE BALL back quickly into the infield.

There must be an issue with seeing the ball out there with the OVERCAST sky...

This team has to lead baseball in "Games They Should've Won."

Maybe the Phillies can send Eaton down like Ankiel to change positions.

Eaton's ERA is now 6.11.

Way to go Pat!!!! Another one of your gift doubles to the opposition!!! Looks like your into double digit gift doubles again this year!!! But on the positive side your defenders give me goose bumps when they babble on about how great your OPS is!!! I'm going to switch over to ESPNHD to watch the Pocono 500 now but I'll be back in a couple of hours to see how many more runs you have gifted the Brewers with.

The day we lost any shot at the playoffs could arguabley have been any of the last 3 games (today included), however I believe it was November 28, the day we signed Adam Fcking Eaton.

For all you GMs, Ruben Amaro types, and scouts out there... when you hear Aaron Rowand asking for big money contracts this winter, make sure you check the tape out of this weekend's series.

I see it's Cy Young pitching for the Brewers today.

If Eaton can get through the 2nd somehow, he might be able to break up Suppan's no-hitter in the 3rd though

Ataboy, team. Well on your way to breaking your streak of 5 consecutive 1-run loses at Miller Park. Good work!

Nice start to the 2nd inning there Eaton, YOU FRICKIN BUM!!!!

lekh - it was a few days before that - when Gillick brought Cholly back.

Can the ball girl play RF for us?

Their ball girl who made a nice play on Hardy's at bat looks sturdy. Wisconsin, where the men are strong and the women are fearless. Can we sign her up for right field?

We already have that type playing defense in LF...

Cole Hamels: 89 pitches through 7 innings.
Adam Eaton: 64 pitches through 2 innings.

Which one of these two gets the chance to keep pitching?

Malcolm - I'm confused about why you phrased it that way... how is that anywhere close to an either or thing with Cole and Adam??? J.D. and Adam maybe...?

Mike H -

Actually, she'd be best at third base. She took a couple of hot line drives off of the wall, no problem. She also looks like she could power a couple of balls past the infield.

Unfortunately, Gillick and Phillies Management do not want to increase the payroll any further.

I'm comparing managerial choices from last night to today. Hamels should've gone out there with his relatively low pitch count. Eaton, however, I mean, come on.

Ah, okay... I thought you meant like who should get to pitch AGAIN, not who should have kept pitching.

I definitely agree about Cole - he should (could!) have gone on longer last night.

Gavin Floyd shutout through 6 against the tigers. I wish Eaton could pitch as consisten as Floyd. That is how BAD Eaton is.

Phillies are shoring some fight though going 1-2-3, 1-2-3, 1-3-4, 1-2-3 - lot's of fight there

Eaton is supposed to be a veteran starter capable of providing a lift to his team. Nobody is expecting a shutout but he needs to give his team a chance to win.

So what does Eaton do today? - he gives up 4 runs in the first. The thing that is the real kicker for me is his body language/reaction. This 1st inning phenomenon is really a mental issue with him but Eaton seemingly isn't able or willing to correct it.

As RSB and a few other stated earlier, I guarantee you that Eaton has a series of empty excuses and avoids directly taking too much personable responsibility after today's game.

If Lohse is healthy and the Phils have some guts, they would consider demoting Eaton to the bullpen. Eaton has been horrendous the past month and just isn't giving the Phils a chance to win. Plus, Eaton is chewing up the bullpen by only going for 5+ every time out (Eaton is averaging 5 2/3 innings a start compared to Moyer's 6 1/3.

I never thought I would long for the comfortable mediocrity of Lidle.

And the posters who said that Eaton was probably Gillick's worse move might be dead on. As much as we bitch about Barajas or Nunez, they are both bench players and will be gone at the end of this year.

Unfortunately, Eaton will be around for 2 more long years and I guarantee he is penciled in right now as the 3rd or 4th starter next year.

MG, right, that is what makes Eaton the worst signing of them all. This nightmare still has two more years to go.

One more angst filled comment before I head out - Garcia's performance this year was poor but at least it was understandable in retrospect. What is Eaton's excuse (unless he has an undisclosed injury too)?

don't worry. Eaton will be injured most of next year and will pitch half-way decent in 2009 as he prepares for another sucker to pay him millions

Love the at-bat by Jayson Werth. Dobbs works a walk and Werth pops up on the first pitch. Are these guys' heads in the game?

Mike, my statement, as most statements regarding Philadelphia sports teams that are made when things are going poorly, was made with more than a touch of sarcasm.

Then again, if the positive about Burrell's defense is getting the ball back to the infield, then there's something for us to think about…

And Mike, I’d point out that Burrell blew a play in Chicago by not picking the ball up on his first try.

why isn't Charley pinch hitting for Eaton????

This is such a typical Eaton outing. Leaves hittable pitches out over the plate early putting the Phils behind and then cruises along for a few innings. Now, he'll tire in the 5th or 6th inning allowing the Brewers to have another big inning before being yanked. I've never seen a more inconsistent pitcher within a game.

Maybe Eaton can get some redemption because he has swung a good bat. It would only be fitting if Cholly lifted him for Nunez.

I would have pinch hit there and tried to get something going....

I probably would have PH too, with the day off tomorrow, but the sad thing is that Eaton is probably just as good as any of the options on the bench.

Billy Mac, you couldn't have called it any better.

Yeah, I definetly would have pinch hit.

Billy Mac, you couldn't have called it any better.

glad we didn't pinch hit. Or what the hell, just give up

sdphillie, It is like watching Gilligan's Island. I've seen this episode many times. They don't get off the island.

It looks as if Werth looks like he has no idea what he's doing in the outfield, which is a shame since he's had 10-12 balls hit his way.

Werth cannot go back on the ball. He's worse than Abreu out there.

Let's just wave the white flag. Charlie is a fool. Eaton is a tool. We can't win.

Eaton has to go to the bullpen. I mean, enough is enough. He is a total joke.

Jon, the Phillies are raising that flag awfully high today. Pretty soulless performance in this series for a team that's trying to contend.

The only suspense left is whether Suppan throws a CG. The Phils will be hacking at anything they can reach.

Condrey = White Flag?

eaton is sucking, and the worst part is that he doesn't seem to care about how bad he's pitching. that kind of says it all i think. and, i mean, jd durbin can give this team a solid 6ER / 5 inning outing.

shoot, i'd rather have condrey out there than eaton. leaving eaton in was more of a white flag move!

I too would start Durbin instead of Eaton next time around. Just the hearing of Eaton's name makes me cringe. Durbin, with his quality starts vs. LA and SD, probably has more quality starts than Eaton this season. What a total waste of money...

Whoever mentioned Eaton as Gillick's worse signing, I have come around to your idea of thinking. Nuni was always the one that came to mind for me. No more. Eaton is pure garbage. What a freakin' waste...

Werth looks like he has almost no range there either. Corner defense is just brutal unless Victorino gets back.

That said, I don't know if one of those doubles that were hit in the first inning would have been caught anyways. I haven't checked but I would be willing to bet that Eaton has given up a ton of doubles this year and might be up near the league lead.

Big AB here for Rowand.

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