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Monday, August 27, 2007


Okay clout, here it is Durbin's next start. I'll be watching as much as possible and am ready to take my lumps. To make your response easier, though, I've devised the simple multiple choice response form. If you want, you can just copy and paste the answer you like based on Durbin's performance. So:

A) He pitched abysmally!!! How can we keep this guy around. Send him off to DFA-land!

B) Well, that was pretty mediocre. Time to stick'em in the BP and call up Happ.

C) Woo-hoo! You guys were right! He IS the Real Deal!

D) No matter what happens, I'm not gonna change my opinion. Even if this WAS a perfect game against the Mets, I still think Durbin's a stretch and I'm not budging.

E) Hah! What you guys don't know is that I actually AM J.D. Durbin and I just post this stuff to fish for complements. (Suckas!!)

See you later on.

Durbin I believe has more stuff than Kendrick, but has to get the ball over the plate. That complete shutout he threw a few weeks ago proved that he can pitch

E) Hah! What you guys don't know is that I actually AM J.D. Durbin and I just post this stuff to fish for complements. (Suckas!!)

That is definitely the answer. No question.

I"m really nervous about this series. We're facing 4 ridiculously inept pitchers, in a hitters ball park that we love to play in, with our offense finally clicking for the first time all season. Glavine's been very good in 5 of his last 6, we're 9-0 in El Duque's last 9 and he has a 2.16 era since the allstar break, Ollie seems to be finding his groove again as well as his fastball, Lawrence stinks, but this is his last start before Pedro gets here. Oh yeah, and we've got some guys coming off the DL as well. Oh baby, I'm shakin' with anticipation. Bring on the Phanatics.

I"m really nervous about this series.

Then he lists 7 reasons why the Mets will win.

It's a trap. Get an axe!

yea I figured we met fans would take over this blog (which I honestly really like) the same way we take over CBP.

Not to get ahead of everyone, but I'm really looking forward to watching Eaton pitch tomorrow night. He's been an absolute embarrassment this year, but has stellar numbers against the Mets. If he gets tagged tomorrow ... it will be a pretty hostile night at the ballpark.

Tonight, though, looks like a slugfest. I think the only way the Phils grab three games is by winning these first two.

In response to the "defining moment" statement .... don't want to rain on the parade, but this team already has had it's defining moment. They're not out of it, but they soon could be. They are what they are, what you see is what you get. Cole Hamels going on the DL was the final straw, and the team really wasn't good enough before that. Good to see Chase back, hope he is completely healed unlike Victorino.

so was Branyan DFA'd, sent down, or outright released?

If he gets tagged tomorrow ... it will be a pretty hostile night at the ballpark.

And I'll be there, on my birthday and without work the next day. Sounds like I'll be joining the hostile crowd contingent.

Lineups announced.


Probably the best lineup the Phils can put out there right now. Dobbs has pretty much become the everyday 3B and glad to see the Coste is getting the start ata C.

nice line-up
probably the one we all woulda picked
is Chollie feelin alright?

Why would we hit Utley 2nd?? That doesn't make sense to me at all.

Todd, as I stepped away that occured to me, too. I'm guessing he had Gooch until the last minute and then just changed it. That or he's expecting Uts to think more contact rather than power in his first start back. Or maybe he's just our MoY.

It does get PtB higher in the line-up, hence more ABs for tB.

Why would we hit Utley 2nd?? That doesn't make sense to me at all.

I guess Victorino still isn't healthy enough to play. question-

i'm from south jersey, but i go to boston university. just moved into my apartment, and with the return of Chase, i am slightly to seriously considering however, i know that many people have bought it, only to have the games of their hometown team blacked out.

now, is there any way around this - does black you out if you are connecting from an ip address near that team, or is it as simple as checking the zip code on your credit card? and, should i even waste my 15 dollars, or is tonight's Real Deal start the beginning of the end?

I like that lineup. And not because of this...

Looking at the first letter of each name, in order, you get RUB HRD WC. I'm guessing I'm the only sick-minded individual that would see this and comment on it. A Phils win would be all the "pleasure" I need, thank you.

(From the floor where I just fell on my butt laughing.)

I would say that the homestand in general is the 'defining moment' for this team. It would take a sweep of the Mets in order to have a winning record on it.

with care? consistency? commitment?

First thought was the UK term (water closet), but I like with care better.

WC=Wild Card!

king myno:

It's an IP issue. If you can mask your IP, you won't be blacked out.

King if you are in Boston the Redsox games will be blacked out not the Phils - goes by your IP which will be from that area. I am in florida so I can not get Marlins games but I see Phils

I'm guessing Utley's first game back it's best to put him in a less-intense lineup spot (2nd is less intense than third). Besides, the way PtB is swinging, it's better to have him 3rd than 6th. And without Vic and Gooch... who bats 2nd... Werth?

>If you can mask your IP, you won't be blacked out.

I'd look for an anonymous proxy, preferably overseas.

Myno: The MLB.TV blackouts are based on your ISP POP, so you'll see all Phillies games except those against the Red Sox and any that are carried nationally (ESPN, Fox).

Interesting article here about how they probably track down your ISP POP (apparently the method is not foolproof):,1895,1617945,00.asp

I'd say that losing 2 of 3 to the pirates before the homestand kind of set the tone for how the team was playing, negative momentum going into the homestand against good teams. Then when Hamels gets DL'd, they're hosed. I'd like to see'em come back, but I think they are toast now. What's the likelyhood they win 3 or 4 games in this series? I hope to be proven wrong.

It also just occured to me that metsblog275 forgot one other important consideration: Billy (the "{insert rodent of choice}" Wagner is out with a Dead Brain... urp... I mean Dead Arm.

king myno - You live in the "student ghetto" in Allston? I'm a fellow BU alum and ex-Allston resident.

one good thing about PTB batting 3rd we now have righty, lefty, righty batting which is better than Utley and then Howard batting. They will use too many pitchers if they keep changing.

he also forgot to mention that the only reason mets fans are able to "take over" (meaning have 30 percent mets fans in attendance) CBP is because intelligent phils fans are willing to sell their tickets at a 50 percent markup for the privilege of not sitting next to the obnoxious foul smelling vermin that make up the mets fan base. and shea sucks hardcore, so mets fans are willing to make the trip down to see a real baseball stadium.

the mets have a better team, but then again I'd rather have a loosing team than be a mets fan. id take 100 more years without playoffs to avoid that horrible fate.

After salvaging the last game of the Padres series, all of the white flag waiving subsided somewhat. If the Mets take 3 of 4, the only flag that should be flapping in those CBP wind currents, should be a checkered one. The season, for all intents and purposes, WILL be over if that happens. Let's hope it doesn't.

FTD: Agreed. Mets fans are bogus. Jose Reyes will walk on the field and they start cheering like they won the World Series. They just cheer for the hell of it, I don't even think they care if they win, they just want to be "better fans" than anyone rather than caring about their baseball team all that much. Jokes, all of them.

Just a bold prediction: Utley goes deep tonight.

FTD - At the rate the Phillies are torturing us, that may not be such a far fetched wish. We might get lucky though. Most of the owners are old enough that we probably only have to wait 10 to 20 years tops, before they die off. That might be the only way...

oh FtD, thank you
that was SO funny

Don't know what's up with Branyan, but he may find out that an .889 slugging percentage wasn't good enough roster shows Chase active and Branyan is gone. nothing to indicate if he was DFA'd, released, or sent down.

According to the Phillies press pass, Branyan was DFA'd.

Hey or lose, we Phils fans will need some fun by the end of this week. Come check out Von Hayes the band play on the real Von Hayes' birthday on Friday, Aug. 31 at Mojo 13 in Wilmington. We have a song about Rick Schu. No sh*t.

Show starts at about 9 p.m. and also features fellow baseball lovers, Drexel Hill, Pa.'s own The Tressels.

Go to

Hey or lose, we Phils fans will need some fun by the end of this week. Come check out Von Hayes the band play on the real Von Hayes' birthday on Friday, Aug. 31 at Mojo 13 in Wilmington. We have a song about Rick Schu. No sh*t.

Show starts at about 9 p.m. and also features fellow baseball lovers, Drexel Hill, Pa.'s own The Tressels.

Go to

you mean THE Rick Schu, the 2nd coming of Mike Schmidt?!?

To: Dave Montgomery
Ed Wade
Pat Gillick

To what extent are you guys aware that your dump of Billy Wagner reaped only a negative cost-benefit ratio and catalized a set of serial fiascos, the most prominent of these being your Frankensteinian experiment with the right arm of Brett Myers? If you are still in denial of this be sure to watch the 8th and 9th innings of the next four games that should provide with multiple examples of your malfeasance.

@Andy, nah, billy "philly killa" Wagner is back...And to tell you truth, I don't think he had a dead arm. I believe he was a little tired but I also believe it was a message to willie to stop putting him in non save situations. I forget the stat, but he's pitched in a ton of non save Sits. and I believe 5 of his last 8 appearances were non save Sits.

@FTB that was pretty lame...but POOF~Your wish is granted. Your team will suck for the the next 100 yrs.

getting rid of Branyan was really the only move to make today....of course they wouldnt cut Helms because of the contract. At least one of them is gone. Branyan got us that win in WSH so we got what we could from him.

I'll grant you that he had a "killa" excuse the last time Burrell lit him up.

Even if we take three, it's not as if we have any shot at catching the Mets four back with 28 to play. Be real here. Our only shot, and it's not much of a shot, is the wild card.

yeah, that's was one of killa's 3, count em, 3 Blown saves on the season.

@Tray. no truer words have ever been spoken

fljerry gets post of the day for understanding the lineup. Exactly right.

tray: I'll make a little side bet with you: The Phillies will NOT win the wild card.

The Phils will try to slip Branyan thru waivers, stash him at Ottawa for a week and then recall him on Sept. 1. I think he'll be back.


It's really no use trash talking Phillies fans. We're the most miserable, surly folks this side of Siberia.

Tray: The problem with the wild card is this: You can't just root for the Padres to lose. You have to root for the Padres, Rockies, Dodgers and Braves to lose. What do you think the odds are of all 4 of those teams losing are? It ain't happenin' captain.

Plus, he got to turn a save opportunity into a non-save opportunity...we know he just HATES those

I wouldn't be too cocky Metsblog. The Phillies will take AT LEAST 3 of 4 in this series, possibly even sweep. This past weekend against the Pads was supposed to convince us the Phillies are done this year. Naturally, they'll go on a winning spurt to pull us within a game or two of the wild card or the division. It won't be until the mid-September series that you crush our hopes. Trust me. As everyone here likes to say.. we've seen this movie before.

Hey clout, this might be my only opportunity to say this: Durbin's still got a no-hitter goin.

well I'll be honest, if you guys win 3 of ain't enough, your only chance is if you sweep. Seriously, winning 3 still leaves you 4 games back, and here's where I make you miserable, check the Mets remaining sched. LMAO...other than the braves, we play nothing but scrubs.

Andy: If Durbin can give us 6 IP and 4 runs, I'll be pleased and surprised.

Well sorry clout, I'd bet we won't win it either. But I would be willing to bet you that at the end of the season we'll be fewer games out in the wild card than in the division. You seem to think the Mets are fraught with weaknesses and are due for a downturn, but they've been winning at this clip almost all season long. Granted some guys have overachieved there, but it's reached the point where you just have to assume guys like Oliver Perez will continue to have career years.

metsblog: You've got 6 more with the Braves and 3 more with the Phillies after this series. That's 9 games out of your last 29, so if the Phils take 3 of 4 here, you're not out of the woods yet.

Tray: Yeah, I admit beating the Mets is a longshot. But I still think beating one team is easier than beating 4 teams. It only takes one of them to get hot to end our chances. At least with the Mets the Phils, with 7 games left head-to-head, can control their destiny.


He's back boys!

No rust on that play!

What a start! I wish I was at this game.

We're not trying to beat one team though, we also have to beat the Braves. Any scenario in which we won the division would involve a Mets collapse, so they'd be in it too, and we'd have to fend them off. I'm not an expert at probability but I think it's probably tougher to win a race where you're six back of the leader and one team is a game behind you than a race where you're three back of the leader and three teams are a game behind you. Suppose we go 22-11 in the next 33 games, a really tall order, the Mets still win just by going 17-16. But if we got hot in the wild card, we'd probably win.

The Real Deal baby. never thought id say that

So I am an MLB.TV subscriber -- why I am getting the Mets broadcast, listening to Keith Hernandez and the Mets crew when this is a home game for the Phils?

Nice start from JD.

Tray: Again, you're betting on NONE of 4 other teams to get hot. I'd rather bet that ONE team, the Mets, gets cold. Neither scenario is likley of course.

If Durbin can consistently get his breaking stuff over for strikes he could indeed be a factor.

Great now we need the umps agaisnt us. PLEASE THROW OUT CHARLIE

need I say

Another thing about the wild card, if San Diego rolls over the Dbacks in the next couple weeks (combined 7 games) and we get hot as well, that brings the Dbacks into play as a team we can catch.

he was safe by 2 steps

I don't know, but I sure do love dick.


That's worse than the call on Lopes in the 1977 playoffs.


WOW BRUTAL CALL... nothing like getting influenced by wanting to see a great defensive play.

Nice call by Tim DonaghyJoe West.

Clout: I agree on Durbin. He's shown flashes of having good stuff. I think I think he can be a Major League pitcher, but we'll know more in the next few hours.

Meanwhile, that was a total guess. Hopefully, the rest of the series will be nothing but makeup calls.

Crap. With Charlie gone, how are we gonna be able to play hard?


Awesome. Men on 1st and 2nd, with one out, and Ryan Howard up.

@sophist: they want to entertain the fans, not drive them away.

"It's so great to see these guys with no fat."

did i just imagine that first inning convo by the mets announcers?

LMAO...RE: I don't know, but I sure do love dick....Leave it to the city of "brotherly love" to give the conversation a homosexual tone. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

wow that pitch to beltran was nasty.

@ metsblog275


Excellent chase by Rowand. I'm glad to see that the Phillies look they have shown up to play.

BTW, the JD in JD Durbin stands for "Just Dealin' " on his good days and "Just Dying" on his bad days.

he is teh real deal

@DLhunter: someone else posting using my name

I looked up this "metsblog275" dude (google his name), he goes to the message boards of all the opponents the Mets play and runs his mouth. He's some sorta fight-picking creep. Kinda like a pedophile hangs around playgrounds.

Actually I don't think it's like that at all.

Takin a break from dinner.
clout, what'd I miss?

I just realized that the Phillies have a pretty deep bench when everyone is healthy:

Forget Nunez

That Rollins call was one of the worst I've seen in my young life. West puts himself in a terrible position to make the call, then makes the wrong one on top of it.

Pedophile? come on a little harsh aren't you? and I haven't been starting fact, I love Beerleaguer, I check this site everyday...but pedophile is harsh...did I hurt your feelings with something I said?

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