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Friday, August 24, 2007


6-4 Phils. You heard it here first.

I was at Shea last night, and we might be lucky that the Pads were hitting the hell out of the ball. It was pretty funny because half of the lineups ave. is under .250 and they still ended up with 14 or 15 hits. They do have some HR power, which could be trouble in CBP, but I think we have to feel pretty good about them coming in without a shot at throwing Peavy or Young. If we can put some numbers on the board, we've got a very good shot to take 2 and could even take 3. Let's say I'm cautiously optimistic.

Stick a fork in them; the're done. The fish rots from the head down. What else is to be expected from a dysfunctional front office that has yet to uncrate a second brain cell and whose signature decision was selection of The Lummox and his Flunkey Flock in lieu of Jim Leyland. The most regrettable aspect is the deadending of such a world class player and person as Chase Utley who is tethered to such a rotting corpse of an organization that views hime merely as a marketing tool. For pain relief it's time to switch over to following a real team such as The Braves, Rockies, or Yankees where winning is actually a priority.

I do not think Vail43 shares your cautious optimism, JTS.

the phillies would be alot better off if someone would reteach ryan howard how to hit again and just go the other way and not try to pull it.i think hes hitting something like a .215? against lefthanded pitching this year. thats a guy who the phillies need to step up if they expect to take the wild card

Vail43 . . . the Rockies?

Call me crazy but I like the Phils to rebound this weekend and somehow manage to take 2 out of 3. My gut reaction though probably has a lot to do with missing Peavy and Young this weekend. Almost the kind of the break the Phils are going to need over this long stretch until their next off day on Sept. 6th.

Somehow the Phils have managed to pull themselves up several times this season whenever they have been counted.

As Mickey would say, "Get up you son of a bitch! 'Cause Mickey loves you (Phils)!"

Every game matters (that's why I get pissed when the team makes excuses in April), but this series against the NL Wild Card leading San Diego Padres is the biggest series of the season to date...must win series, sweep makes a strong statement and gets team back on right track.

from the district: give the Rockies a chance; they have a offense at least as good as the Phillies at this time and are nipping at the Phillies heel in the WC race. You can catch them @ 9:05 tonite vs WASH on or MLB EI; Padres will probably have enbalmed the Phillies by then so you probably won't be missing much in Phila.

I'm inclined to agree with MG, only because the Phils wouldn't let me off the hook this easy. It would be much less painful to just tank it now. Think of what I could do with my September! Read some good fiction, actually accomplish things at work instead of lurking around beerleaguer all day long , repair some lost friendships that inevitably fall by the wayside every April.

I'm sure they still have plenty of false hope left yet to feed us.

I would predict 2 of 3 as well. A sweep's even pretty conceivable.

Perhaps San Diego will right the ship for Howard. He hit .700 against the Padres earlier this year with 2 HR and 8 RBI. Of course Ryno is not the same as he was 1 month ago.

Oh, and the Rockies are in a bit of a tail spin. 4.5 games out doesn't constitute nipping at a team's heel.

You know what, Vail? Just go. The Yankees or Braves would love to have you. The sky is not that black and it's not that sunny, either. You know who else has a culture of winning? The Boston Red Sox. Read this article and see where that fits into their culture of winning, too. Enjoy.

A majority of the games the rest of the way are in division. No one in the NL East has been able to rise up so far: the Mets are 25-21, the Phils 24-22, and the Braves are 26-22.

The season isn't over. It will go down to the last week again.

Mike H.
Thanks for the headsup on Boston; but I never did like J.D. Drew's attitude so I don't think I'll be a Red Sox fan anytime soon.

Mike, please don't link to that guy again! That is the worst lede sentence I've ever read.

Remember when 'untouchbles', such as Gavin Floyd, didn't pan out. The Phils could have parlayed him, or other players like him, as part of a trade that would have brought them a player that could be here producing right now, but were reluctant because they over-valued him, as they have others, that also have never made an impact.
This all goes back to my harping on the fact that the system is not stocked with good players. They have a bunch people running the minor league system, who do a lousy job of scouting and teaching, instead of stealing good coaches and scouts from other teams. You do that by over paying for those kind of guys. So instead of getting a guy to manage like Leyland, Piniella or Girondi, we have to watch guys like Manuel flounder at the helm. When do you think the last time a Phillies scout went to a Latin American country or Japan or any place else that cost a few more bucks? I'm almost sure that answer is NEVER.

Yes, what a repulsive metaphor...

Yeah, it is an Abe Nunez sort of lede, isn't it? My point is that every team has some level of weakness or dysfunction. I'm just tired of the trotting out of every Negadelphia conspiracy theory because of two crappy losses in a row.

I love the matchups in this series, but the real key is beating Maddux tonight. Moyer needs to give us 7 strong and Penny needs to dominate Oliver "Steve Carlton" Perez to inject some reality into Shea Stadium.

To be fair... it's 4 losses out of 6...

Phils really should sweep this series to make up for losing the last two, but beware of what you wish for. Ledezma over Young looks good on paper, but last year we also though we caught a break when Clemens skipped the make-up game...

It's true... we're 2-4 in our last six. Of course, I'd hazard a guess that we'd be 3-3 if we hadn't lost Hamels when we did... but injuries happen.

Time is still on our side, especially considering we're in 2nd in both the WC and our division with games against both opponents happening this week.

We've got to get back on that winning track now.

I don't think I have enough posts to call out Vali as a troll....would anyone else care to?

Can't find a live Reading boxscore to check on Uts ... anyone?

Can't find any info on Chase yet, but the R-Phils site's scoreboard shows them with 1 hit through 1 full inning, eaton gave up a run in the 1st (shock of shocks.)

Eation pitched 2 innings, hit one batter, gave up three hits and two runs, for an ERA of 9.00

Utley is 1-2. He just hit a single. The game is available on radio over

Clout. Just got back.
Thanks for keeping it going.
I DO understand your viewpoint.
Durbin's allowed 12 runs in his last 3 starts.
That kind of performance won't get him into the HoF.
I just wanted to make you understood why so many of the rest of us see some value in him and would choose him over (at this point) Castro and (at any point) Eaton.

That should be "make sure you understood"

And, incidently, we can disagree and be on the same side.

i.e. Geary has been iosht all year.

Wow... the braves DFA'd Wickman today. Apparently he was bitching about having to pitch in non-save situations. Andruw Jones ripped into him a little.

Should the Phillies try and grab him? YES.

Utley flied out to right in his third AB. Switching to the big team.

Wow... the braves DFA'd Wickman today. Apparently he was bitching about having to pitch in non-save situations. Andruw Jones ripped into him a little.

Should the Phillies try and grab him? YES.

When he realizes Myers will close, isn't Wickman going to bitch just as much here?

Yeah, I noticed that Wickman thing earlier. Strange.

This sure is starting well.

And just like that... the Phils fall behind once again.

It's hard to constantly be fighting uphill.

I'm not that big on Wickman... but if he'll come here to set up, he'd be better than a couple of guys we got right now.

But if he's bitching about a non-save situation in Atlanta, will he really want to come here to not save games?

Moyer sure did throw some fat pitches that inning. Let's hope he settles down fast.

burrell looked so stunned that he had that one

Well, let's see Burrell or Howard repeat Gonzalez's feat and get us even.

Let Wickmann close. Let Myers start.

Oh, if it were only as easy as fantasy baseball, Andy...

I'll take it.

Okay, I was about to whine about Ryan first pitch swinging. I'll take the second swing, though.

Yeah, Mike. I know. Just dreamin

Think Howard will steal third here?

Howard's new strategy.. placement.

and kudos to the Phillies announcers for not falling back on the cliche of "that's the type of thing that can really get a struggling guy going."

But Brian, it is the kind of thing that...


What happened? Two two-out hits with runners in scoring position?

Too bad bruceg hadn't given up yet...

Let's see if we can riccochet one off of Maddux's leg like Mickey Morandini. My favorite baseball moment of 1993, far and away...

gotta love Victorino's hustle.

so has anyone read Peter Gammons creepy blog entry about Rick Ankiel? It's uncomfortable.

The jackass Padres play-by-play guy is now talking about how this might be the Phillies' last scoring opportunity in the game.

Smell anything, Jason?

If he's swinging at that, we got a chance here...

Nice work by Moyer to get out of it.

That's what I'm talkin' about.

It's a shame that at-bat took about a half hour, but I'll take it.

y'know, I don't know where Kouzmanoff is playing but a bunt mighta been good there

I wouldn't want Wickman. All the same, it's a weird move for them. I'm sure Moylan or Soriano could do a better job than Wickman was doing, but then they're left with just two good setup men - Mahay and Moylan/Soriano.

I just actually gave Iguchi a standing ovation in my house.

@Tray why wouldn't you want Wickman? He's better than at least 5 guys in our bullpen.

This may be a little messy - but nothing defeats a team's moral better than blowing a lot of chances. Go Gooch!

I'll take a little luck.

Okay. On Wickmann. Per Baseball Reference. He's not an overpowering K guy, nor is his control superlative. {Go Gooch again!!!) But every year except his first two he's been better than league average ERA. Unless he's willing to do set-up however, he may not be worth the trouble.

Still. I'd take him. He's better than Sanchez/Geary/et al

Okay, Ryan. No more f'ing around here.

Ehh, whatever. Still counts.

Two runners moved up on simple ground balls after a SB. Small Ball!!! Hurrah.

I accidentally flipped over to the Miss Teen USA pageant. I believe Chris Hanson will be knocking on my door any minute now.

Moyer was voted by something like 75% of the players as the softest throwing pitcher in the majors.

Anyway, although Wickman is better than most of the stuff we're throwing out there if he wants to close this wouldn't be the place to do it. They're committed for the time being to have Myers close and even if Myers 8th, Wickman 9th would be an improvement (as it would take Gordon out of games and you could go with Romero/Alfie 7th) they won't do it.

Actually, since Wickman would also want some money, it's all pretty academic.

I'd give you that he's better than guys like Sanches and Condrey and Geary, he's probably on par with Alfonseca, but I think if we brought him in Charlie would overuse him in big late-inning situations because he's a veteran and used to be pretty good, and I wouldn't want that to happen because these days he's pretty hittable.


Them sub-70 hippo pitches a foot outside make the 80 mph fastball look pretty quick, I guess.

We can do this all night.

Giles is a pussy. That was a good, clean, hard slide.

That was a slide?

Bullsh1t! Damn right Giles is a pussy. Yeah it was awkward looking but that's what happens when you try to throw when the guy is already on you. When a pussy call by the ump too.

I really hope Moyer punishes Giles with a blistering 72 mph fastball to the ribs.

What?! The run doesn't score?! What kind of BS call is that?

That's a load of horseshit. At the very least, why does Vic need to go back to third?? He definitely would've scored, even on a double play.

How do they justify the runner going back to 3rd?

With our luck that run will come back and haunt us - I am a very pessimistic jerk

yeah, it is stupid that the run doesn't score there. i guess i don't understand the interference rule...i thought the runner on third scoring or not would have been a judgement call from the umpire, not an automatic return to third base. but that sucks.

well, what can you say? give giles a lot of crap while he's up there, carlos.

I'll give you that after seeing the replay, Ruiz didn't make a textbook slide on that one, but I cannot fathom how they send the run back to third. Should the Phils end up losing this one, I'd seriously consider protesting the game. If there's any rule on the book that justifies it, I'd love to hear it.

For the benefit of those of us on gameday, what the h--- happened?

Has the leadoff hitter been on base in every inning for SD so far?

Ruiz made a hard slide into second. Ump called interference, resulting in a double play and forcing Vic back to 3rd.

Nunez soft grounder to short, Ruiz has an awkward slide to take Giles out at second, but is definitely on top of the bag. Nunez is safe by a mile and would've been safe anyway. Giles gets up and cries like a little bitch. And the ump calls interference so Nunez is out, and somehow the runner has to go back to third, which makes ZERO sense.

Well, apparently it is a rule, 7.2 in the rulebook. On an interference call no runs are allowed to score. Go figure.

Thanks guys.

I maight switch to sportsline. Gameday only said dp and that's it.

right, i looked it up too. on an interference call, all other runners return to the base they occupied at the time of the call. such is life. it doesn't make giles less of a bitch, though.

That's a stupid rule. Why wouldn't the ump get to use discretion?

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