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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


According to Mike Radano

"Anyway, Utley is not in the lineup. The guess for now is it's because of a hard throwing lefty and they want an Utley as close to 100% as possible."


Are they trying to ease him back in. We certainly need to win every day, but rushing him in now may hurt us in a week.

I'd guess there's no way Chase would be sitting if we didn't have Iguchi. I just worry about whether this will slow Howard back down.

Need Chase fresh for the Duke tomorrow.

if he's healthy, he should be playing everyday, especially against the mets. he hits lefties just fine. i just hope he hasn't had a setback.

Perez has handled righties and lefties just about the same this year.

Righties: .225 BA, .391 Slg, .700 OPS
Lefties: .221 BA, .327 Slg, .612 OPS

Rights are certainly doing better, but they aren't exactly crushing the ball.

The good news is that our starting 3B is likley Nunez... wait, that's not the good news. The good news is that Nunez is 5-for-10 in his career against Perez and has the second highest career OPS against Perez behind only Burrell (who's hit Perez really well, 3 HR in 12 AB).

Whenever I predict anything about baseball it doesn't come true, so I'll limit my comment to this:

I sincerely hope Pat Burrell resumes his role of the Phillies #1 Met Killer tonight.

Even if this is just a precaution, I’m fine with it. Utley returned earlier than expected. No need to risk it. Perez is a hard lefty thrower and can be wild. I'll take Utley off my bench tonight and start Gooch.

We need to sweep this series to really be back in serious playoff contention. I say unless there is something wrong with Utley, he should play.

this is one of the five most important games left of the year. Utley needs to be in there. If this is true, you would have to believe this is more than just a precaution.

Its also a signal to Iguchi that Charlie views him more than a mere rental.

Any word if we see Myers tonight? If not him, then el Pulpo or Romero, depending on the lineup?

a little surprising... but not unreasonable...

If Iguchi was a Left-handed hitting 2B, he would not be starting. So Manuel is loading the righties while reducing any pressure on Chase.

I'd like to wait and see before I believe Chase has had a physical set back.

This isn't the most unreasonable spot to sit him down. We've already won two games in the series... Gooch has been more than respectable for us... we're facing a tough lefty... and Chase rushed back from an injury.

thats it...utley's out for tonight...i'm giving up on the game.

just kidding that time.

ryan howard has his power swing back, chase is back, cole is on his way, J-roll is the best shortstop in baseball, yeah i said it, better than the media's beloved jose reyes. i'm feeling playoffs, i know it's dangerous to believe, but i just have a feeling about this team. does anyone agree?

Utley is lifetime 1-3 against Perez, but with a hit batsman.

ah! maybe that's it...cholly doesn't want perez to bean the bad hand.

nice to see your at least sticking around until 1st pitch bruceg.

This team has an uphill battle to make the playoffs after dropping series' to pirates & our main WC competitors. If they were able to complete a four game sweep of the Mets, , and then Hamels comes back healthy, I'd start to harbour a bit of hope.

control13: Don't forget Ryan "Only 20% better than Adam Dunn" Howard. The Big Guy is showing signs of heating up and we all saw what happened in August of 2006. He can carry a whole team just by himself.

c-13, I agree. As good a win as the last game was, if they don't win the next two games....

Any news on Beltran? It's been real quiet on his ribs so far.

Agreed AWH - Burrell needs to continue in his role as Mets killer if the Phils have a shot tonight. Some timely pitching by Moyer wouldn't hurt either. He seems to me to be experiencing that 'dead arm syndrome' his past few starts. Hopefully he gets his stuff going early and keeps the Mets off balance and the Phillies score early and often. Without Chase, one can only hope.


Yeah, Howard is showing signs of firing up. He's been hitting some bullets, besides the homer last night. If he heats up like that again, he could carry us. Last time he looked hot on the west coast though, he went back into a funk. Coinc. or not, he also seems to do better with Utley in the lineup. I hope you're right and he goes on a tear.

One + thing for me is the Mets look kind of sick right now. That could all change in a few hours though.

Let us not forget the Braves. This item from

"Yesterday, the Braves pitched John Smoltz pitched on three days rest so that he could start against the Mets and Tom Glavine on Sunday in Atlanta."

This is an indication that the Braves don't think they're out of it, and they have a good lineup and can be a very dangerous team.


1. J Rollins, SS
2. T Iguchi, 2B
3. P Burrell, LF
4. R Howard, 1B
5. A Rowand, CF
6. J Werth, RF
7. C Ruiz, C
8. A Nunez, 3B
9. J Moyer, P

1. J Reyes, SS
2. L Castillo, 2B
3. D Wright, 3B
4. C Beltran, CF
5. M Alou, LF
6. C Delgado, 1B
7. P Lo Duca, C
8. L Milledge, RF
9. O Perez, P

Radano reports Utley is OK health wise.

"This is about playing two days after returning from the DL and it's a precautionary move with hard throwing - and conspiracy theorists can throw this one in - wild left-handed starter on the mound. Utley will be back in the lineup Thursday afternoon and Iguchi needs some playing time as well."

Off topic, but if there's any doubt as to how pitchers feel about CBP, this is Tom Glavine on being taken out of last night's game:

“It’s a more stressful 100, or whatever pitches it was. I mean, you know, some nights you throw 110, 115 pitches and there’s little stress and other nights you can throw 80 pitches and there’s a ton of stress. In this ball park, and some of the jams I pitched out of, it takes a lot of you – beating out that infield hit didn’t help…Tonight, I didn’t have a whole lot left.”

(Also courtesy of metsblog)

Also courtesy Metsblog from last night:

"F#$@, F#%#, F#%@!!!!!"

Why is Nunez starting?

Doesn't Nunez usually play third with Moyer on the mound?

Courtesy of beerleaguer, foreshadowing to in game thoughts around this line-up: "Ruiz, Nunez, Moyer - WTF?!?!?!?!?!"

That's a stellar 7-8-9 (in the independant leagues).

When's Vic back to full time?

AWH: Thanks for that quote. I had a spirited debate about this with co-workers today, including a Mets fan who supported taking Glavine out.

Perhaps the thinking on Utley is that they would probably rest him tomorrow, day game after a night game, so why not rest him against the lefty tonight instead.

On an unrelated note, the Dodgers got Esteban Loaiza on waivers from the A's, just for assuming the $8 million he's guaranteed this year and next. Would the Phillies have claimed him if they had been in line ahead of LA?


I'd guess if there were a right-hander on the mound tonight that Vic would be in. Werth has been hot recently and is hitting .344 against lefties with a .935 OPS.

I'm not saying Werth-Victorino is a platoon at this point, but I'd like to ride Werth's hot hand for a couple games against lefties until he cools off.

Besides, Vic is a great weapon off the bench late in the game.

LA made the playoffs last year. I believe the Phils are in the waiver claim line ahead of them. Isn't that how it works?


Waiver system is based on current standings.

CJ, you're right; think about it. If Vic starts last night he's not on the bench to run for Burrell.

No Vic on bench = no tie game.

Being that Randy Wolf is likely to be a free agent this winter, according to Ken Rosenthal, should the Phillies pursue him? Is he healthy? Would he want to come back?


Utley isn't starting tonight? Is this another beyond our comprehension maneuver by the Charlie "the Brain" Manuel, charter member of Hillbilly Mensa?

lekh, someone on the last thread listed Wolf's injury history the last 4 years. I'm not sure he's worth the risk. He hasn't pitched since July 3rd.

I have no problem with Iguchi starting the game. Nothing wrong with having Utley and Victorino available for pinch hitting, running, etc.

I think I might bat Moyer over Nunez... I also might have slotted Burrell over Howard in those power rankings. Dodgers making an interesting move picking up Esteban Loaiza. His two starts this season coming back from injury were really solid. Of course sometimes he's really awful.

I think Moyer knows he needs a solid outing tonight. I look for him to dig deep and keep the team in the game at a minimum. He knows what is at stake.

This amusing series of posts from metsblog. And we think we're bad?

"by nychurch111 on Wed 29 Aug 2007 06:19 PM EDT | Profile | Permanent Link

did anyone see david wright with donovan McNabb today when McNabb was interviwed? why were they together?

Re: Re: preGame: Mets at Phillies (Game Three)
by BiggestMetFanEver on Wed 29 Aug 2007 06:25 PM EDT | Profile | Permanent Link

David Wright is a traitor, trade him to the Phils already, we need to get rid of all the sorry excuses for ball players on this team. Where are the real Mets? What ever happened to our good team? If we don't win tonight the season is over, the Mets can't handle a fight and they're showing it, and even if we had to fight for it, it don't mean jack, because good teams sail into the postseason and win the world series, or I mean, at least make it, c'mon, how could you root for a team that doesn't make the world sereis? what is the point? We have a GM that doesn't care about winning it all and a manager that couldn't manage the big red machine into a world series title. Tonight is as much of a must win as there ever will be. C'mon Mets, show up, give your fans a reason to be fans. "

For me, the Randy Wolf question basically boils down to how many starters the team intends to go to war with next year. Six proved insufficient this season; they were grasping at straws by May (and keep in mind that if any good options had been available, Garcia and Eaton may not have been given as many starts as they got).

Because of his injury, Wolf probably will get another one-year contract. If he could be signed for low guaranteed money/high innings-based incentives, the Philies wouldn't have much to lose. And, while a number of posters, including Jason, have said that Wolf "didn't want to sign here" because the Phillies offered a better deal than the Dodgers and he went to LA anyway, I've never gotten the impression he wanted to get out of Philly -- he just wanted to pitch in his hometown more. If the Dodgers still want him, I guess he'd go back there. If not, I imagine the Phillies have a better shot at signing him than most teams would.

Are there any takers on this blog for David Wright as the Phils' 3B?

AWH: That sort of twaddle permeates baseball blog comment sections. The notable lack of such emotion-laden, intellect-free discourse is what keeps a lot of people coming back to Beerleaguer.

Who would the Phillies have to give up to get Wright? Probably too much.

Wright? I'd take him in a New York nanosecond.

The Mets fans should chill, I give them something like a 75-80% chance of winning the division. This game is in no way a must-win for them.

The Metsblog has made for some remarkably amusing reading over the last few days.

Although, I'm sure they got some laughs reading Beerleaguer when the Phils got swept by the Mets earlier this year.

If you are gonna give Utley a night off, the best time to do it is against a hard throwing leftie. And he's not a bad guy to have off the bench to pinch hit late in that game.
That said, Iguchi has actually historically been a better hitter against righties than lefties. And with how important these games are, I would really rather put as much pressure on the Mets as possible, and our best chance to do that is with all of our MVP caliber players in the lineup.

Brian G: I hear you. I'm not saying *I* would sit Utley in this situation... I'm just saying I can sorta see the thinking...

If Wolfie takes a one year deal in '08 in hopes of earning a long term deal following that, i'm guessing pitching in the friendly confines ain't on the top of his list

Is anyone else wary of this emerging "Mathieson as September bullpen savior" sentiment. I mean the guy just started rehab outings after reconstructive elbow surgery. Last thing we need is another reliever searching for his command.

So in LA in the top of the twelfth, runners on first and third with one out and Scott Proctor on the mound, throwing a season-high 47th pitch, Robert Fick grounds into a double play.

Bunt single, here we go...Moyer needs to throw over atleast 5 times to keep him there, How come Joe West can't be the umpire tonight because moyer needs the kind of calls that he was given glavine

so it begins...

Oh Yes

That's the way to neutralize Reyes. Crafty vet, that Jamie Moyer.


Thank you, Mr. Reyes!

No offense to last night's hero, but if Reyes was smart, he'd have kept running and forced Howard to make a hard throw to second; odds were probably fewer than 50/50 that he'd make a good throw.

Wolf is not coming back to Philadelphia. This was discussed in great detail a few days ago here. He's going to stick with California teams for the remainder of his career as a first choice. Esteban Loaiza? Three different injuries this year. If you like Adam Eaton at 65%, you'll love Loaiza.

Goes to show you this is not your typical Jose Reyes. Has to bunt to get some action on the bases for the first time this series, then blows it.

too many Mets fans at CBP.


Bah. Moyer's gotta keep the ball down or we'll see a lot of that.

it's starting already

where's bruceg? Time for you to give up, man! Only way to help us crawl out of a hole ...

Even though he had some bad at bats, I would rather have Coste catching. Anyone notice how much better our pitchers do when he is catching? Further, he still is hitting 60-70 points higher than Chooch

This game really comes down to Moyer. If he doesn't go at least 6, the Phils will lose. Mets haven't hit much in the first two games in the series but I bet they would find their strokes again pretty quickly against the likes of Mesa and Condrey.

The Phils bullpen is limited tonight - Romero isn't available and I doubt Cholly will use Myers unless it is absolutely necessary. Here's hoping that Grandpa has pinpoint control and that Joe West is as liberal with his strike zone as he was last night.

moyer is done. he's a nice guy and had an impressive career, but he's done. i really hope he retires.

MG - Ed Rapuauno is behind home plate today. West is over at 3B.

looks like another poor start for Moyer

The Mathieson "as bullpen savior" story line is almost as foolish as the crap about Garcia coming back in Sept. to help this club. Any useful contribution they get from Mathieson this will be an unexpected gift.

Whew ! Nice pitch.

Looks like Moyer may lose his spot in the rotation tonight. 4 hits in the first - awful so far

Really think we'll need to hit Perez hard tonight.

Thank god Delgado still sucks.

i'm not giving up yet. after last night, i have a little more patience than usual. but i'll keep you posted.


!@#!#$@$! Moyer, take your Viagra and start hardening up out there!

Awful AB from Delgado. Mets might end up regretting that 1 run off 4 hits in the first if/when Moyer settles in.

It'll be tough for Cowboy to call strikes with him at third base. Ed Rapuano is no spring picnic, either.

at least the innings over

Think the Mets Blog folks will still trade us Wright?

We are lucky he was able to pick off Reyes... otherwise that inning coul dhave been much worse

Moyer has started this way before and bounced back during the same game.

But, its late August now, and he looks shot.

Can't keep running him out there for much longer. Maybe only start Moyer against the Marlins and Eaton against the Mets the rest of the way.

What? Game over already? It's the top of the 1st. They got a run. A homer in CBP, can you believe it? Wait a bit before you surrender.

Huge to get out of that inning with only 1 run against.

Before we give up on Moyer...

Just a few starts ago against the Braves, he gave up 3 hits and 2 runs in the first, but gave up just two hits and two walks with no runs over the next 5. The start before that, he gave up a run in the first inning and again kept the Marlins off the scoreboard for the next 5 innings.


J-Roll !!

a new met killa in the making???


So much for that lead!

I don't have very high hopes for tonight right now.

J-Roll came to play!

MVP. Period.

Well, there's your run back.

Jimmy is the man. Period.

I love J-Roll.

Can we get a few MVP chants?

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