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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Expect big things from Howard tonight - I'm sitting him on my fantasy team. (I'm also going for the double reverse as I'm starting Jason Bay). Should lead to an O-fer for Jason and a couple of 3-4 from Howard with a couple of RBI's.

About the language debate, I'd say that it's incumbent on a Spanish-speaking catcher to learn English if he works with a predominantly English-speaking pitching staff. Conversely, if an American catcher goes to Japan and works with a predominantly Japanese-speaking pitching staff, he should learn Japanese. It doesn't make any sense to force the whole pitching staff to learn the catcher's language.

Nice AB there by Howard - got the count in his favor, and it made all the difference.

I don't mind Werth a bit...against a lefty.

Nice to see the offense is picking up where it left off last night. Good to see Howard picking up Burrell. And all these runs are with 2 outs!

What a shot by Werth...hes starting to prove his "Werth!" ;)

Can this guy get anyone out? (Not that I'm complaining!) ;)

Where the heck is this game on TV? Or is Comcast not giving this game to central PA?

That last comment wasn't mine. Whoever posts as 'RSB' through the rest of this thread is some other idiot. Knock yourself out.

The last two, make it. I do not 'wink' on my posts.

Yahoo has WPSG as the only telecast - none for Pittsburgh.

Is it just me, or is this Wendy's commercial the greatest? ;)

Tray: This debate is a little bit silly, but I agree with you that it is incumbent upon the "foreigner" to learn how to communicate efficiently with his teammates. That doesn't necessarily mean achieving fluency in the language. Just because Ruiz sounds like he's struggling though the Lincoln commercial doesn't mean he can't tell Durbin to slow down or Kendrick to keep the ball down.

I'm as pro-Coste as the next guy, but given that there have been absolutely zero comments or even rumors that Ruiz has any sort of problems dealing with the pitching staff in English, I lean towards calling the statements that his language proficiency affects his play ignorant at best.

Except the communication between him and moyer's arm is sucking right now

This tight strike zone is not good news for Jamie. We're going to be relying on the offense again tonight.

Anyone else catch that Randy Marsh is behind home plate tonight (Stans dad in South Park?

Atleast moyer will be getting his ssn check after the game.....blow a 4 run lead in the 1st is horrilbe

you said it, Joe F. This ump has missed a few.

0-0 ball game boys!

Yeah The Theory, this game seems to be blacked out in the Central PA region. Looks like it will be a high scoring game too. I can't believe the Bucs answered our 4 with a 4 of their own!

Mets down 2-1 on Lannan's RBI single. Maybe he can take out Wright for us.

Pat Burrell! Bummer to be missing this one on the tube!

I think whatever staying power the "Werth-less" moniker had, is officially dead. Love the way Phils are playing. Hopefully Moyer goes into his second inning mode. Unlike Eaton, he can come out of this. Especially after a little Pat the Bat help. Nats are now officially choking, with a little help from the umps.

Is Condrey warming up yet?

i was listening on XM radio during burrell's homer and they had the pirates announcers on. one of them seemed a bit put off by rollins' clapping as he rounded the bases. he even went so far as to suggest that snell might be looking to plunk somebody tomorrow. anybody watching think j-roll was out of line or is this guy just pissed because his team is having a crappy year?

That sounds ridiculous, what do they want? A walkoff where you are greeted by a bunch of nuns and a priest and are served mass?

haha, who knows? i guess if my team was 50-70, i'd be pissed at somebody else's success too

Boy, oh boy the regulars from Beerleaguer have egg on our faces - Pat Gillick honestly deserves serious consideration for Executive of the year in baseball. Granted Arbuckle handed him a great homegrown core of Howard, Rollins, Utley, Hamels, Ruiz, etc., but every move he has made since this season began has been exactly what this team needed to support that core. Iguchi at 2nd, Dobbs at 3rd, Werth in the outfield, 3 veteran relievers clicking at the right time, as it turned out, in Alfonseca, Romero, and unbelievably Mesa and starters that we all thought were worthless like J.D. Durbin and Kyle Kendrick who now seemingly can't be beat. The best of all however was not trading Pat Burrell - teams are stupid to be pitching to him instead of Howard at this point - who ever thought we'd be able to say that!?! Great job Pat Gillick.

And I really hate to say this after all of my previous rants, but Charlie Manuel is doing a great job during the second half of this season. Dubee and especially Steve Smith still must be replaced, but if the team can finally hold on to their late season playoff position as they again find themselves this year on the 18th of August, he should get another year....

The fake RSB has been banned. On with the show.

How did Moyer get on base? Gameday says a soft ground ball to the catcher. It wasn't a bunt, was it?

Moyer - soft ground ball pretty much describes it, Harry called it a swinging bunt. The ball trickled up the 3rd base line, catcher let it go hoping it to go foul but it did not.

Watched Yanks/Tigers game on fox. MLB National broadcasters are horid. Joe Morgan is atrocious but I think Tim Mccarver topped him today. He stated that Manuel should be Coach of the year. Among his reason
1)he Phills had to overcome the loss of Garcia after only 3 starts?
2)their #1 catcher Rod Barajas has been on the DL.
Ken Rosenthal added-I think he should be considered but alot of people question his in-game strategy in Philly. McCarver countered w/"You have to question those who question his strategy in Philly"
play by play guy asks "Is it the media or the fans questioning him.
McCarver adds "It's not the fans"

Great job guys!

brilliant. i think we should start handing out awards at the end of each season for those extra "special" announcers.

verdeforce: Are you speaking to us from the future? The Phillies made the playoffs? J.D. Durbin can't be beat? How many games did he win in September? All of Gillick's moves worked out? I was worried his failure to get bullpen help in the offseason would cost them the playoffs. Glad to know that didn't happen.
Tell us some more stuff about the future so I can place some bets.

clout -- verdedforce must have finished reading Dutch's new book, "If They Only Knew" and applied some of the time traveling techniques.


Yeah, I think it's a bit early to be singing Gillick's praises. To be sure, some of his mid-season moves have worked out better than his off-season ones. But the Phillies would probably have a 5-game lead in the NL East right if Gillick had addressed the bullpen in the off-season & if he had brought in a couple of average starters instead of Garcia & Eaton.


Nunez is a very stupid hitter. There's no subtle way to put it. The Phillies broadcasters try, but it's very transparent.

Moyer hasn't been good tonight, but if they go on to lose, as it looks like they will, I'll blame a lot of it on that Nunez AB. Not only did it kill the inning, but it forced Moyer back out on the mound quickly.

Like i said Jason, with out being to harsh, Nunez gets on my last nerve! Moyer had a 4-0 lead, if they go on to lose this game its all on his shoulders....The umpire didn't help out though because he didn't call any borderline pitches,

check that I HATE NUNEZ, error

Correction. Nunez is just plain stupid in every facet of the game.

Looks like there are all sorts of reasons to get on Nunez's case tonight. I suspect it's because his fellow Abe is being given in bobblehead form at the Mets/Nats game tonight- all the good Abe karma's down here.

Ok, now we need good at bats by everyone..take pitches, get on base, we need base runners!! Plenty of time in the game be smart

I do wish I was speaking from the future, because I would know if this oft-frustrating passion of ours finally resulted in a return to the postseason - I think I speak for all of us when I say, we deserve it!

The bottom line is Nunez shouldn't be starting games if the Phillies are serious about making the playoffs. They've climbed back into the race largely without him. Let's keep it that way.

phew what a stinker tonite! THis one reaks off a 12-6 run game where our offense falls asleep after putting up early runs.

If this team resorts to previous years' teams where we fall asleep after big run games then chances are that tomorrow we'll struggle to score a few runs.

Way to let the fans down guys! Although the offense is struggling I have to put alot of the blame on Moyer for a terrible outing. ANd Nunez does not deserve to be starting any remaining games. Its time for a strick Helms/Dobbs platoon at 3rd. Hopefully Costanzo can get a call up to PH in September to give us some more bench flexibility against lefties. Nunez serves no purpose on this team and had our fabulous GM had some forthsight he would have realized that, not signed Helms and instead obtained a real 3rd basemen to replace Nunez.

Has anyone noticed the line Arizona pitcher Micah Owings is putting up - with his bat?

He's 4-for-4 with 4 runs, 6 RBI, 2HR, 1 2B.

He's tossed 59 pitches through six innings (45 pitches for strikes) allowing only 1 hit, 1ER, 0 BB, 6 K.

Mets pulling away from Nats

Dobbs should start at 3rd 4 out of every 5 games with an occasional start by Helms and Nunez should only be used for late-inning defense. Just when I finally throw out my appreciation for what the team has recently accomplished - finally getting to first in the Wild Card standings, in spite of major injuries - I now have to hope for an Astors win for them to stay tied! At least the Braves won't be gaining any ground!

Zagurski probably needs to go back down.

Zagurski is a AAA pitcher (at best) who is only in the major leagues by (repeated) accident.

J. C. Romero has been solid, other than the walks, but they need to figure out whether they can find another lefty for the pen in the offseason.

Ugly night. Posters picked a good night to do something else. They didn't get the pitching, but Nunez killed them, too.

The Astros are definitely the favorite. Oswalt's on fire, Germano's been struggling. It's tough to get a sweep on the road - as long as we keep winning serieses we'll be fine. The Padres aren't running away from us.

Zagurski is a guy that the organization probably had targeted for AA ball this year. The fact that he was able to come up and give the team ANYTHING this year (which included a HUGE win over the Mets in June), is a positive. He is no "triple A pitcher at best".

The kid is a very young lefty, who throws in the low 90's. He'll be back.

Now, who takes his place on the active roster? Too bad Mathieson isn't ready. Guys like Sanchez, Hernandez and Geary don't belong up, with the way they pitched while they were here. Since Zags spot is basically the "I will only pitch this guy if we are way ahead or way behind" spot in Charlie's pen', does it really matter who gets called up?

Aaron Heilman is horrible, and if the Nats had anybody other than Zimmerman and Young they would be closer in this game.

Mota is worse than Heilman.

astros 2, padres 0 after 1 inning. who wishes we still had justin germano and his 82 mph fastball ?

cem: Germano is 6-6. What is the record of the Phillies 5th starters this season?

Come on Clout, Germano pitches behind one of the worst offenses in baseball. If he were with us he'd easily be 8-4.

Mets win

Mets win, 7-4

Phillies may have gotten a break. Sounds like Penny might throw tommorow for the Dodgers tommorow on three days rest. If that is true, they will miss Penny and Peavy next week.

Also, any update on Madsen? I have not anything about him all week

I'm with clout - Germano was all smoke and mirrors - he's now down 3-0 and the Phils will still be tied for the Wild Card lead. Durbin, again, I/we was/were wrong, is a better 5th starter than Germano would have been. The Phils just need to win tomorrow and do what they have been doing - win each series.

I'm with clout - Germano was all smoke and mirrors - he's now down 3-0 and the Phils will still be tied for the Wild Card lead. Durbin, again, I/we was/were wrong, is a better 5th starter than Germano would have been. The Phils just need to win tomorrow and do what they have been doing - win each series.

sorry - computer glitch

verdeforce: I think you may have misunderstood my post. cam asked if anyone still wishes we had Germano. I asked cam whether the record of the pitchers who've been used as 5th starters this season is better than Germano's. Durbin may finish well, but the jury is out, both on him and on whether the Phillies 5th starters will end the season with a better record than Germano.

Well Adam Eaton's 9-8... but like I said, Germano would have a better record with us. And clout, do you still think we have a better shot at the division, where we're back 4, than at the wild card, for which we'll still probably be tied at the end of the night?

Noted, but I like my odds of being right - Germano started 5-0 with a 2.5 ERA, but now is about to go to 6-7 (if the Astros hold on) with a 4.3 ERA. The Phillies combined #5 of Eaton and Durbin are 14-10 with a bad ERA. However, Germano's ERA over his last ten appearances, are almost 3.0 runs worse than Durbin's over his last ten - Durbin is getting better as the season progresses and Germano is tanking....

Was at the game again deflating it was to see Moyer come out and give those 4 right back in the 1st. The place was going crazy there in the 1st with all the Phillies fans when Werth hit the 3 run HR. Moyer just needed to pitch better. Phils bats just went dead after the 2nd. Nunez was terrible. Hitting and that play at 3rd. Mesa made the pitch, Nunez made a nice stop, but an awful throw. The guy has been great down there (defense only obviously) so I will cut him some slack in that reagrd.....dont think it would have mattered, the Phillies bats just quit.

But Houston hopefully can hold on tonight vs SD - I think they still owe us a few dating back to Sept. 2005.

3 more outs to go and the PHils stay in a tie for first - come on Brad Lidge!

1 down. 2 to go.

Khalil Greene strikes out on 3 pitches, now it is down to former Nat Termel Sledge.

and that's it - 65-57 records are a pretty respectable tie for the Wild Card - I'm particularly looking forward to the Pads vs. Phils head to head next week! Go Phillies!

Watching iguchi tonight just confirmed that he needs to play third once Utley returns. No way he can be worse than Helms.
Homeump strikezone did not match Moyer's pitching. long night.

moyer's era is now over 5. i'm beginning to hope he decides to retire this winter.

I guess w/ Zagurski going down that means another go around for Gas Can Geary....swell

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