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Thursday, August 09, 2007


any word on the telecast about who is getting sent down?

Well, always good to get a strong first inning under your belt! Especially when you face both of the opponent's best hitters.

Someone tell me again why Iguchi shouldn't be given a chance at third????

What is the weather like in Philly? In Central PA it's been raining like a mother for hours and I have trouble believing that Philly isn't seeing any of this...

According to the broadcast, it's dry.

CJ - Probably the same reason Coste hasn't been given a chance at third. Because Gillick says so.

How many at bats do you need to qualify for the batting title? If Gooch hits like he does, and plays every game, will he come close to qualifying? He's hitting .383 since coming over to the Phils.

That sucked. Rollins to the gap... running catch. Burrell down the line... diving snag... Rowand to the wall... jumping catch.


because when schmidt retired, he put a curse on anybody who plays third for the phils. it's best to spare iguchi.

MAW: I don't think there's any chance at all of him qualifying. He'd need 3.1 PAs per scheduled game. That's about 500 PAs he'd need to reach in the NL. You normally have to play in at least 100 games in a league to qualify.

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

MAW: He has a grand total of 47 National League ABs. That is 455 ABs short of what you need for a batting crown.

Hey Kyle... don't tire yourself out here...

BAP: For clarification purposes... it's Plate Appearances, not At Bats.

My brain says it can last, but my heart loves that KK sinker.

the only thing that worries me about kendrick is the lack of strikeouts...

drake: Don't worry... Burrell and Howard strike out too much, so it all evens out in the wash.

on the broadcast theyre saying branyan 'just couldnt make it on time' for todays game. roster move will happen tomorrow.

CJ. True. I misspoke. 502 plate apperances is the mininum.

Kendrick peripheal stats (especially his K/9 and his K/BB rates) suggest his ERA and WHIP are due to rise but he has been a real underappreciated story this season.

The Phils have gone 7-3 in his 10 starts so far and he has only had one poor outing to date. Easy could see the Phils having gone 3-7 or 4-6 if they had gone with someone else including moving Madson back into the rotation.

It is possible to catch the Mets back at 3.5 games vs. 7 or 8 games.

according to gameday, 24 pitches so far for kendrick, 20 strikes, 4 balls.

9 Marlin batters, 8 groundouts ... Can we clone Kendrick?

Entering tonight, KK ranks among the starters ...

2nd best ERA
2nd best WHiP
2nd best OBA
1st in GA/AO ratio
1st in SLG

Mitre's dealing tonight, let's keep it up Kyle!

Geez... hardest hit ball of the inning was an out.

We better get some runs before this game goes official. Nothing would be more depressing than a five inning 1-0 downpour.

He's economical, isn't he? 6 batters, 10 pitches total!

"close but no cigar"
g-dam Harry makes me sick !!!

well this one certainly has a "just not our game" feel to it so far.

Can't keep let the Marlins off the hook after they make a mistake. Especially given that this game might be a rainout at some point.

how many lucky defensive plays are the marlins going to make today

Here comes the hard stuff. Phillies need runs ASAP.

Time to take your time fellas.

The heavy rain is coming and right now it ain't official.

// well this one certainly has a "just not our game" feel to it so far. //

It's true, and the rain's coming. I'd feel a lot better if this wasn't Werth - Ruiz - Kendrick. If we can just get to bat in the bottom of the 6th...

dammit ruiz take a friggin pitch. it's like he wants to get the 5th inning in.

anybody figured out why they're STILL not starting coste?

get ready for the tarp.

I have a feeling a 3-hour rain delay is in the near future.

It's hard to believe Ruiz got the start tonight. He's trying to bunt? Sarge is right - how about going for a 1-out double?

baltimore is in a delay, perhaps the gods pushed the rain south...

right now would be a nice time for a 2 run shot

Towel keep bat warm.

Time for the Big Man to deliver.

what's the rain situation like now?

Send PtB on a single? Game might be called after this.

c'mon dobbs!


..didn't want to see Rowand walk there. Can't say I trust anyone else behind him.


What a great hit and what horrible luck!

Bad break on the ground rule though. I almost thought that was gonna get tracked down.

...I say that and look what happens! Gameday says runs...!

Huge base hit by Dobbs. He definitely has had some real timely hits this season for the Phils.

Dobbs now 7 for 21 with bases loaded this season w/ 15 RBI

Remember when we all decided we were tired off dobbs about a week and a half ago.. haha.

HUGE hit with the way the rain's coming down.

was it a bounce over the fence or what on the bad break?

Who needs Branyan?

yeah Rowand scores for sure if it doesnt bounce over the wall

Drake, yeah the ball bounced over the wall and Rowand would've scored pretty easily.

thanks, i live in austin, tx and i'm broke so i'm stuck with gameday

They can't keep having them play in this rain. They need to bring out the tarps (especially now that the Phillies have tied it).

Too bad about that ground rule double. They have had about 4 or 5 bad breaks this game.

BAP: Yep, but we're still in it! Another great job by Kendrick.

They ought to suspend it before someone gets hurt. We're already deep into replacement players.

I think I've got a heterosexual mancrush on Kyle Kendrick.

Kyle Kendrick throws balls at the heads of little kids!

hahahaha, well the kid got we deserved, it was an easy toss

7 strong again by Kendrick. Certainly nothing to complain about there!

BR: Damn near the funniest thing I've ever seen during a Phillies game. Although I'd take that kid at third base until we find a better solution.

Man did Kendrick sprint through first there.

LOL ruts.

Harry Kalas talking over the image of that kid crying because he got hit in the head by a ball Kendrick threw to him has to be one of the most hilarious things I've ever seen.

Kendrick's only thrown 71 pitches thru 7 innings

Aww man Bryan Harvey. I remember that guy being ridiculously tough on the Phillies back in 93.

71 pitches through 7 IP... i love this sort of efficiency

I've re-watched that little kid's half-assed effort five times already. I wonder if someone gave him the ball.

These are the things I think about during commercials while trying to block out those f'ing W.B. Mason spots.

I miss the W.B. Mason commercial at the shrink's office. The musicals just don't do it for me.

I have no idea why Cholly would remove Kendrick, rather than just having him bunt. He's only at 71 pitches. Do you trust this game in the hands of the Phillies' pen?

Happy Birthday, Wheels. Get him a win.

lame, why not keep kendrick in and let him bunt?

WOW... unreal... why is Kendrick being taken out of this game? how does that make any sense? ESPECIALLY when you're bunting anyway. So dumb.

Brilliant move, Cholly.

i wish i could hear the boos after that AB

Cholly's not going to live this one down for a while ...


We're giving up an out anyway and we take out the pitcher? Helms has more bunting experience than the pitchers on our bench?

Just plain stupid.

because the game is going to be called after this inning.

i don't know why you bunt with wes helms, though... roberson is prbly who i use here.

who wants to bet that coste is sent down tomorrow?

you think? after triumphantly keeping the team together against all odds, a lot of people seem to want to crown cholly king for life.

You have to leave Kendrick in there if you're bunting. Who knows when they're gonna call this game. He's only at 71 pitches. Does cholly think we have a good bullpen for some reason? I just don't get it at all.

i think he pretty much gets away with every bonehead move lately

coste won't be sent down, they've got to have a backup catcher on the roster

No bet Joe - remember, Barajas is still on the DL.

This inning is very, very disappointing so far. I'm calling the Iguchi single and PtBB game-winner right now.

(fingers crossed...)

bathtubhippo -- Oddly reminiscent of Francona the year Boston won it all. Cholly is dancing through raindrops right now.

Hillbilly Mensa, indeed.

Cholly strikes again! Helms to PH? To bunt?

Wow, pitching around Burrell to get to Howard...bringing in the lefty, obviously. has Gillick saying that Iguchi WILL NOT play third.

I loved the slammin' the bat into the ground by Burrell there. This is a whole new man - what happened to him starring off into space? I love it.

Well, that move should squelch any "Manager of the Year" talk. Jeez 'o man...

Man, that's tough. Pat should've been on base -- ump called ball four a strike.

That's the Pat the Bat we know and love... Way to break the bat after the K, we all believe your upset Pat.

and we WILL NOT make the playoffs with him as GM

alright, come on bullpen

the ump was punishing us for the stupidity of pinch hitting for kendrick only to bunt. That will just never make sense to me.

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