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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


So that makes 1 game saving call for us and 1 against us by Bucknor this year correct? Wasn't he the umpire who called Carlos Lee safe at first in Houston?

That was clearly interference. Stupid baseball by Marlon Anderson. This wasn't a gimmee by Buckner.

Barksdale made the Lee call.

Willie was interviewed after the game. He kept saying that Anderson swiped his foot with the bag. When he was asked about Handerson having his hands up, Willie deflected the question by stating that Anderson had a foot on the bag. However, a little research on baserunners interference shows there is no language in the rulebook that is available to the public that prohibits a runner from using his hands to avoid a tag or any other reason. It is, however, outlined in the supplemental rulebook given to umpires in section 6.1. It reads: "While contact may occur between a fielder and runner during a tag attempt, a runner is not allowed to use his hands or arms to commit an obviously malicious or unsportsmanlike act--such as grabbing, tackling, intentionally slapping at the baseball, punching, kicking, flagrantly using his arms or forearms, etc. to commit an intentional act of interference unrelated to running the bases."

Anderson all but tackled the 'gooch. Umpires made the right call.

Oh right, my fault.

Good research RutgersESQ. Again, Buckner didn't "save" this game. He did his job.

Marlon Anderson's "slide" was as egregious a play as the one where A-Rod slapped the ball out of the 1st baseman's glove in the playoff against the Red Sox.
In both cases, the boys in blue got it right.

That ending could be the Met's version of the Chico Ruiz play. That may be the thing they end up looking back on, where it all went wrong. Wouldn't that be ironic.

Might be the strangest play I've ever seen that ended a game. Strange occurances at CBP the last 2 nights. Rowand's swingin nubber staying fair, and now this. The Met's are doing their best Phillies impression. Couldn't have come at a better time. Could be the full moon.

I guess it should go under the heading: Walk Off Interference.

Can someone inform the young folks about the Chico Ruiz play?

My understanding is that the issue with Anderson was not that he went outside the line. Rather, it is that Anderson went into Gooch with his upper body and his extended arms. It was very similar to the Ruiz call.

Quick question... anyone know how many roster spots are added in September?

AFish: I thought I read he was outside the line. I'll take your word and clarify.

Terrific and timely find by Burt on the previous thread, about Bucknor being involved in an identical game-ending interference play in a 2004 game between Detroit and KC. It also features an ironic historical twist: that same interference call 'gathered steam' largely thanks to roll-blocks by Hal McRae in the '77 ALCS. The second baseman he went after twice in that series? Willie Randolph.

he was outside the line AND he reached out and pushed Iguchi.

the pushing motion of the arms put it over the top--it was obviously the right call.

Totally the right call on the slide, as impartial and honest observers alike are attesting.

Two thoughts, though, on the umpiring over this series and the over the past year against the Phillies.

1. The Phillies have been subject to some pretty bad calls over the past two years, and they've not really complained to the degree we're seeing from the Mets. Last September, if I recall correctly, Utley got robbed of that homer and there was little, if any, argument. The non-call dealt a serious blow to their pennant hopes, and they basically took it in stride. They seem to understand that bad calls are an unfortunate part of the game.

2. Within this series, there have been some pretty bad calls and some unusual calls going both ways, but the Phillies generally seem to disagree and go about their business. The Mets, on the other hand, start chirping and displaying disgust. Wright, Delgado, LoDuca, Beltran and Perez have all been big offenders in that regard. And of course Anderson and Randolph on that last play started crying, and I thought the umpires were going to convene and overturn (smart move by our boys to shake hands and hit the dugout).

At any rate, the Mets' conduct this series in regard to the umpiring suggests to me a team running scared and looking to scapegoat. I am trying to stay balanced and optimistic with regard to the Phillies' chances, but I feel like we're in a good position with a month left. I'll feel that way until we're in or mathematically eliminated.

Thanks RSB for the relay. It's going in the header.

This stat might get lost in our euphoric haze, but it deserves to be mentioned:

Reyes and Castillo are 2-for-25 in the series.

Weitzel called it before the series began: As Reyes goes, so go the Mets. Lets see if Kendrick can keep him off base tomorrow.


also lost in the shuffle is how the last post also topped 700 posts... the second game in a row to do that.

Awesome, awesome, win!! You need these kind of things to happen in order to win a division. The 40 footer last night, and now the Anderson take out slide tonight! It's amazing that this is the same team who coughed up 2 of 3 to both San Diego and LA.

Interesting insight, RSB.

The blood is in the water. The Muts seem uninspired. Unprepared. Almost dead. Let's go for the kill!!

Give me a few seconds for the Chico Ruiz play, please.

Just to continue my current obsession, SportsCenter must have reviewed the frakking Yanks-Sox game about four times. Yes, of course, they showed the Phils-Mets highlights, and Stuart Scott got a little excited over the ending, but they barely gave it that much more attention than your average Royals-Rangers game. Ugh. ESPN has more and more turned into the Yankees Home Network.

I mean "Let's hope LOHSE can keep Reyes off the basepaths tomorrow"

Either way, this is the most exciting/anxious/fingernail biting/thrilling team I've ever seen. LET'S GO PHILS!

You actually have to wonder in a way if (and I don't know if the umps across baseball actually do this) the play with Ruiz was noticed across the league and something was said for umpires to keep an eye on this sort of thing? In a way, the Ruiz play could have helped the Phillies in this game? Or am I just trying to not give Bucknor credit for making the right call...haha.

SD and Arizona tied 1-1 in the bottom of the 7th...

Glennbo: rosters expand to 40 on September 1. Any predictions for likely call-ups?

i dont even know who i want to lose Pads or Snakes. Snakes have been sinking, but Pads are slightly closer.

Honestly, the last two nights the Phils really haven't outplayed the Mets. Both games could have easily gone either way but the Phils have just had good karma.

I mean how many times does Rowand's dink hit down the line last night roll dead like that? Maybe 5 or 10 out of 100?

Then tonight - I know the ump made the correct call but what are the chances the game ends like that?

Not knocking the Phils. They have gotten some great pitching from unlikely sources (Eaton and Moyer) but as the old saying goes, "Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good."

mets suck, i hate those idiot bastards, reyes sucks, castillo sucks, wright sucks, delgado, sucks, beltran sucks, perez sucks HAHAHHAHAH WE GONNA WIN THE EAST!

Leading into LA and SD, the talk was just take 2/3. If the Phillies can complete the sweep tomorrow, we don't need to worry about anybody else but the Mets.

On the other hand, is Mathieson, a week from now, better than Mesa, right now? This bullpen will be better a week from now. I don't know why a week makes a difference but if CHolly is being mentioned as MOY, no wonder Sir Alden doesn't post anymore.

Jimmy Rollins for MVP.

Good win. Good night.

Sort Of Not Mentioned Dept: The 2 pick offs of Reyes were huge. Twice on base. Twice picked off - 2 different pitchers. I wonder if the Phillies coaches didn't pick up some sort of tip off on Reyes's part when he is about to take off?

Why the Chico Ruiz play is so infuriating, in three parts. Long, but important for Phils fans to understand.

Part One: This is the city. Los Angeles, California. It is Saturday, September 19, 1964, and going into the game, the 1964 Phillies were up 6 games in the National League. Kids, there was only one division back then. It was literally every team for itself.

Phils are up 3-2 going into the bottom of the eighth. Frank Howard, a mountain of a man, six-seven, 255 pounds, homers to tie the game at 3. The game goes into extra innings until the bottom of the 16th. With two outs and none on, Willie Davis hit a line drive off of John Herrnstein at first base. Herrnstein recovered and tried to flip to Jack Baldschun covering first. Willie was fast, and he reaches first at the exact same time as Baldschun. Davis's foot lands on top of Baldschun's. The umpire, Chris Pelekoudas, calls him safe. Gene Mauch, the Phils manager, goes nuts and complains.

Next batter is Tommy Davis. Baldschun went to the Brett Myers school of Anger Management and promptly uncorks a wild pitch. Remember, this is Dodger Stadium - the area behind home plate is gigantic, much larger than today. Willie Davis is still fast, too. He ends up on third by the time Clay Dalrymple, the Phils catcher, gets to the ball. Baldschun intentionally walks Tommy Davis to get the runner on base.

The next batter for the Dodgers is Ron Fairly, a very decent, left handed batter. Mauch goes to the bullpen and brings in Morrie Steevens, 21 years old, fresh from the minors. He throws two strikes to Fairly. Dalrymple calls for the curveball, and as Steevens goes back, Willie Davis on third breaks for home. The third base coach is none other than Leo Durocher, a man who would claim he has balls of steel and would walk through hell in a gasoline suit to win at baseball. Durocher did not give Fairly the sign for the suicide squeeze. If Fairly swings at the curve, he would have killed Willie Davis. Steevens is ready to throw curve and, in mid-delivery, gives it everything he can to go home. The throw is four feet up the line at third. Dalrymple actually catches the ball and dives toward Davis. Davis sees this and knocks the ball loose. Dodgers win, 4-3.

Part Two: Chico Effing Ruiz

It's Monday, September 21. Phils are playin the Reds. Art Mahaffey is pitching for the Phils, a legit #3 (behind Jim Bunning and Chris Short). John Tsitouris pitches for the Reds and was known as a Phillie Killer like Todd Helton, Mike Piazza, and so on, even though Tsitouris is nothing more than a .500 pitcher. Of course, the Phils get three scoring chances. Of course, they blow them three times. It's 0-0 going into the top of the sixth.

Pete Rose grounds out. Chico Ruiz is a rookie playing third base. He singles to left. Vada Pinson follows up with a line drive to right. Pinson tries to go for two, but Johnny Callison nails him at second. On the throw, Ruiz goes to third. There are now two outs and Frank Robinson, the best hitter on the Reds, is up. Mahaffey had good luck in the past with Robinson, even in 1964. Robinson would post .306/.396/.548 this year. Meanwhile, on the first pitch, Chico sees that Mahaffey is paying no attention to him at all. Ball one.

Mahaffey is still taking his dear sweet time on the mound. He winds up slowly and Ruiz just goes. No call from the dugout, or the coach, or doesn't even bother to flash Robinson a sign. If Robinson swings, Chico Ruiz is dead. Now he's 30 feet from him and the ball is just about to leave his hand. Frank Robinson freezes - he can't believe it. Mahaffey's arm tightens up. Clay Dalrymple sees it all coming and things "NOT AGAIN!" The ball goes up the third base line. Ruiz scores. 1-0, Reds.

It's the bottom of the ninth, and still 1-0. The Phils get a leadoff double from Wes Covington, but they don't score the run. Reds win. Gene Mauch goes back to the dugout and screams at all of them "YOU LET CHICO FUCKING RUIZ STEAL HOME!?! CHICO FUCKING RUIZ!"

The Phils are 5 and a half back with 11 to play.

Part Three: The Swoon

Everyone on the Phils - the players, and especially Mauch - starts doubting themselves. Pitchers pitch out of turn. Guys like Joe Torre on the hapless Milwaukee Braves of the mid-60s would see Mauch in the other dugout, screaming and picking fights and they'd laugh, loosen up, and win games. Players doubted themselves. Johnny Callison hits three homers in one game in the swoon. His wife smiles at him after the game and all he mentions is that he lost. They would lose, Mauch would rant and rave and throw things, and blame the players for "cracking under pressure." The players would feel more tired than they did the night before.

They let bad teams beat them and lost their 5 and a half game lead by losing 10 games in a row. The people of Philadelphia had made World Series plans, bought tickets, everything. They were heartbroken in the span of two weeks. For some, it took the next 16 years until we won it all in 1980 to recover. Some are still bitter to this day.

If you want to read more, pick up "September Swoon" by William C. Kashatus. It's definitely on Amazon. Most of the story I just wrote is paraphrased heavily from that book.

padres have just defeated the d-backs. they are tied in the nl west, each 3 above the phils.

if the phils can hold off la and atl, and catch either the mets, dbacks, or padres, the playoffs will be ours.

Padres 3, DBacks 1.

Three back in the division, three in the wild card.

to me, it's just nice to see former crappy phillies still being crappy somewhere else (especially ny). i can just see marlon doing the same thing in phillies pinstripes

some guy on metsblog wants his team to tank - lose tomorrow and get swept by the Braves - all so Randolph will get fired this off season. Sound like anyone we know?

I can't remember a Phils' season with so many games that had ridiculous endings both for and against the Phils. A crappy bullpen and an explosive offense probably contribute greatly to the wild endings.

A great Beerleaguer post would be a highlight to date of the Top 5 best comeback wins and the biggest implosions.

My early nods for best comebacks wins -

1. Last's night game vs the Mets

2. July 25th vs. Fish - JRoll tied the game in the bottom of the 9th against the Fish with the crazy 0-2, 2 out triple, error combo and Phils went on to win in extra innings

3. May 14th vs. Brewers - Down 6-2 in the 8th, the Phils precede to rally against Turnbow and win the game. Sparks the Phils to take 3 of 4 against what was the hottest team in baseball at the time.

My early nods for the most crushing defeats:

1. April 4 vs. Braves - One of Hamels best outings of the year was wasted as Gordon coughed up the lead and Madson lost it in extra innings. Set tone for the first 3 weeks of the season.

2. Aug 4 vs. Brewers - Gordon gives up a 2-run go-head bomb to Fielder in the 8th; Iguchi robbed of a game-tying HR in the 9th by Hart.

3. July 3 vs. Astros - Alfonseca blows the game in the 9th and Mesa gives up a walkoff HR as the Phils lost 2 out of 3 to a weak Astros team and continued to sputter into the All-Star break.

Thanks for that Mike H. I just relived the whole '64 season. I won't sleep for nights on end now, cold sweats, the works...

Now when I say my prayers it'll go something like this...and please God, let that interference call, be the Met's Chico f***ing Ruiz. I promise to say 5 Hail Mary's and 10 Our Father's for the rest of my life on the hour, every hour. Amen.

tonight was rock bottom for the mets, but as we all know, baseball is a game of ups and downs. the phils picked up 4 games in 4 days, i expect things to turn around and it'll be the same old story - mets in in october, jroll and howard watching at home. jroll has gotten the best of jose in this series, but talent will win out. i'd always rather be 3 up then 3 down - see you on the other side

thanks mike h. i know what i'm reading on the beach this weekend: september swoon. just checked and my library has it.

I hope that, if the Phils proceed to drop a few close ones next week and push us all to lose hope yet again, we can pause for a second, look back and remember these games. Say what you will about the team and its manager, but they're putting up a noble fight this year. In 2005 or 2006, it felt like we were just hoping they'd back their way in, but this year, despite all the injuries and setbacks, they're really busting their asses to make something happen. Maybe I'm just overwhelmed by these last two emotional wins, but I think you really have to get behind this team. Weitzel is right, a sweep will be tough, but after these last two games, the return of Chase and the impending return of Cole, it's hard to be anything but optimistic.

Reyes was CS only 15 times this year going into tonights game vs 71 SB. I would like to know how many times was he picked off as opposed to being thrown out by the catcher. I would also be willing to bet he has never been picked off twice in the same game.

MG - That game on the 25th was against the Nats

Another crushing loss was the game in Cincy where we led 1-0 with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th and gordon gave up the HR to hatteberg. A great comeback was when Burrell homered off Wagner at Shea. That has to be included.

It will suck to lose tomorrow, if it happens, but taking at least 3 was almost mandatory. F-in Padres.

If my calculations are correct SLINKY + ESCULATOR = EVERLASTING FUN. That's sort of how I feel this series. I don't want to go to sleep because I want to savor this after all the complaining we heaped on this team after last week. Man is this fun or what? I don't know what's more enjoyable, the Phillies winning or watching the Met's fans being miserable. Either way, you gotta love it.

Thanks for the info Mike H. That's a 22 years before my time, but I've heard about the 64 Phils from my dad and my Phillie-hating, Giant-loving grandfather. I never realized that Pete Rose came up as early as 1963.

As for Reyes... isn't this the 4th time he's been picked off by the Phillies this year??? I believe he has at least one caught stealing (third)....

Bullpen will be short tomorrow. Doubt Gordon (whatever), Romero (3 days in a row), and Myers (3 innings last 2 days) will be able to go. Critical for Lohse to go deep. Not much left outside of Alf - Mesa, Condrey, Geary. Phillies, by my count, are 1-8 in home weekday games this year:

1. Opening Day loss to ATL
2. 4/5 to ATL
3. 4/27 to WSH
4. 5/17 to MIL
5. 6/4 to SF
6. WIN 6/13 vs. CWS
7. 6/29 to NYM
8. 7/26 to WSH
9. 8/9 to LAD

Tomorrow is the last scheduled day game for a weekday. Team needs to get a win tomorrow based on that alone.

I'm actually glad the Padres won, I'll take my chances 3 games behind the Diamondbacks. By the numbers we have every chance in the world of catching them. And look at their schedule - six against the Rockies, six against the Dodgers, four more against the Padres - all the rest are against the Giants, Cards, and Pirates, and they're not cupcakes. You can talk about their bullpen all day and the managing genius of Bob Melvin (sticking a guy with Rob Deer numbers in the leadoff spot, that's real smart) all you want, but their offense is the second worst in the National League after the Nationals. That's not a product of a few blowouts distorting the run differential, that's a really bad offense. On top of that, they allow more runs than every team in that division but Colorado. So they have no business being where they are.

Dusty Baker on Baseball Tonight thought the call at 2nd was incorrect. I didn't hear much of an argument though. Someone e-mail those guys a rule book. What do they do in Bristol? Kick back and watch 8 games at once, get on the air with no preparation, and just say whatever comes to mind? Lousy. Can't they at least reference the rule and make a case?

Lost from the euphoria of the Wednesday night win (one of the strangest and biggest Phillie wins in a long time) was the news that Rockie closer Brian Fuentes has cleared waivers (according to Gammons). It was briefly mentioned at the end of the Wed. game report blog by someone, but nothing else was said about it.

Folks, this is EXACTLY the guy the Phils need, that could (fingers crossed) put them finally over the top. As I see it, there is 1 glaring weakness with this team right now (provided Hamels comes back healthy for the rest of the season). The 8th inning is the weak spot. Myers is solidified the closer role. Alf is doing the job in that 6th/7th inning role. Romero has been solid as a lefty specialist. But, you CANNOT rely on Flash Gordon as your 8th inning guy, and expect to get it done this year. He might be able to give you a good inning here and there, but he can't pitch in consecutive days, and he really is a 'shot in the dark' every night he pitches now.

Fuentes would solve SEVERAL different issues in 1 guy. He is another lefty for the pen (which is desperate need for another lefty down the stretch; you can't pitch Romero every night). He has recent closing expereince (20 saves this year), so you had someone else should Myers need a break (like he needs right now). He can strike people out (which most in the pen cannot do). He is relatively young (just turned 31 years old) and signed through 2008 (which was said to be a sticking point at the original trade deadline for Gillick). He has pitched well and has a good numbers, despite pitching at Coors Field. And, he seems to be healthy.

This is the guy you have to get if you are Gillick. The pen (all jokes aside) is 1 good guy short right now. Madson would be that guy, but you don't know when he comes back, if he comes back at all this year. Fuentes is out there, available. Get him, and I think this team makes the playoffs.

If they can't get Fuentes, they HAVE to get another reliever, preferably a lefty. With games left against teams like Atlanta, Colorado and New York, quality lefty relievers can neutrailize some of the best hitters on each of these teams. Romero can't be called on every night. I haven't seen the list of who has passed through waivers, but there have to be a few decent relievers on that list. I mentioned a guy like Mike Stanton yesterday. He is old, but Cincy doesn't need him and he can still get lefty's out (Howard, for one, can't hit him). Plus, he plays for 1 of the 4 teams that Gillick seems to always make trades with (White Sox, Reds, Rangers and Yankees).

Gillick has to make a move. You are going into a game on Thursday, where if you win, you can be 2 games behind the Mets going into September. And, you are doing it with a bullpen (likely) of Alfonseca, Mesa, Geary and Condrey. 3 of those 4 are just lucky to still have major league jobs, yet if Lohse doesn't pitch deep into the game, they will be in there, trying to sweep the Mets.

Get something done Pat. Its there for the taking.

Thanks you guys 700+ posts again to get through!! Won't be getting much work done today

similar to tray, i have been waiting for the d-backs to fall back down to earth.
think about this - before losing the last 2 games to San Diego they were 16 games above .500 AND WERE OUTSCORED BY THEIR OPPONENTS. i mean, you gotta be kidding me.
they have an excellent bullpen and a few great starters. but if you think that brandon webb is gonna throw another 44 straight scoreless innings, it's not gonna happen. beyond webb, they still have an ageless livan who can still pitch, but do you really trust Doug Davis? Yusmiero Petit? Edgar Gonzalez? Dana Eveland??
and when those last few pitchers are pitching and they need their offense to pick them up, for the most part they have not been able to do such. i mean, they have a lower team BA than the pirates for gods sake.
again, they have a very young, intriguing team, but i dont think they can continue the current clip they're playing at.
i can't say i have a ton of faith in the phils at this point, but looking at the way Arizona is playing now, combined with their future schedule gives me some hope for the phightins

The Phillies mets game have taken on a life of their own much like Eagles-Giants games with nail biting bizarre finishes like non other in sport -expect the unexpected....

Just like the call against Ruiz was the correct call the other night, so was the near tackle Marlon Anderson almost laid down on Iguchi. I've had problems with CB Bucknor's calls before, but last night was the right one, replays make it obvious.

I can't believe they've won 3 straight they way they have. I'm getting giddy again. I want this 4 game sweep so bad!

Last night was only the third game this season the Phillies have won scoring 3 or fewer runs.

Done it, read the thread. As always lots of great comment. i loved the metsblogs quotes so just to be fair here's a few from the thread. Not having a go at anyone, isn't it fun to make predictions?

moyer is done. he's a nice guy and had an impressive career, but he's done. i really hope he retires – Elliot

looks like another poor start for Moyer – Parlance

Looks like Moyer may lose his spot in the rotation tonight – Slocs

i'm not giving up yet. after last night, - bruceg

man, this is crap. gordon is spent. he sucks. i hope cholly has the sense to have someone ready in the pen this time, so we don't have to watch gordon cough up several runs here. – bathtubhippo

Why is Tom Gordon still pitching? his major league career is obviously over. He is absolutely awful. if we hold them under 4 this inning with this bum ptiching it will be a moral victory – Jonny Goodtimes

Well done bruceg for sticking it out!

I like Denny B's idea of picking up Brian Fuentes off of waivers from Colorado. His numbers so far this season are:
SV-20, IP-43.2, H-36, K-40, BB-15,WHIP-1.17, ERA-3.71. His record is 1-5, but I am not sure about his blown saves.

I almost can't watch the game, and get a tremendous sinking feeling when I hear those three little words, "Gordon warming up". Gillick has to do something to put them in a better postion to win. Let's face it, Flash Gordon is to relief pitching, what Woody Allen is to body building.

Phillies cannot lose ground in the WC chase today. Someone has to lose the AZ-SD game so with a loss the Phils are 3 back and with a win they are 2 back (both in division and WC) regardless of who wins in SD.

MG: Unless the 3rd base path is tilted toward foul territory you cannot say that only 5 or 10 dink rollers out of 100 would stay fair. If the path is level it should be 50-50, no? The issue wasn't the ball stopping. Lo Duca had no shot to throw him out at any point if the ball stayed fair. The issue was where the ball would stop.

The ultimate killer ending of this series would be a walk off HR by PtB off Wagner today !
Lets go Phils...

Wait, its a BP Special...could be doomed.

This AM -- Interview on WHYY with Pat Gillick.

The interviewer (a woman, I don't remember her name) tosses him a question about Cholly's name being bandied about as a candidate for "Manager of the Year."

Gillick -- probably meant to say "You can't say enough about Charlie". Instead, he says "You can't say too much about Charlie."

Paging Dr. Freud....

Imagine if Marlon Anderson had not had braincramp and thus hte tying run scored. Myers then would have blown a save, who knows what would have followed? And a large majority of posters would have been castigating Charlie for using Myers.

Its a fine line isn't it?

Tray: Keep wishin' and hopin' and maybe you'll turn out to be right. Meanwhile, the Phils are taking care of business in the one thing they can control.

denny b: Who do you trade to get Fuentes?

Speaking of acquisitions, here's an offseason thought: Morgan Ensberg. Having a terrible year, arb eligible and the Padres don't need him. They might even non-tender him. If he bounces back even a little to career norm he would be a HUGE upgrade at 3B: Decent fielder, righty pop, decent OB skills. Way, way cheaper than Lowell.

El Duque has been superb in his last 6 starts but the Pirates held him to a no-decision on 8/14 by taking a lot of pitches and waiting him out. The key is for the Phils to be relaxed and take pitches. If they jump out of their jocks at his breaking stuff, they will lose.

If there is any question as to how Pat Burrell is viewed in New York, here's a little ditty from this morning's NY Daily News:

"The Phillies (70-62) loaded the bases, bringing Met killer Pat Burrell to the plate with none out."

Link here:


Here's hoping he shows up again today!

Joe Borowski, the man who couldn't possibly help the Phillies because his WHIP is too high, got his 39th save last night. He has now protected his team's lead 89% of the time, but because he really sucked the other 11% it's a good thing we didn't sign him.

I believe most of us wanted Borowski on the team but it was the medical staff that said he shouldn't. Actually it made sense at the time and who wanted a ballplayer that would not last the year and the Phils had a few years on the contract. It worked out lousy but we should be berating the medical staff and nobody else.

Rowand needs a day off. He's been pretty brutal lately, but since I'm not a stats freak I can't say what he's done over the past couple of weeks. Cholly should play Vic in CF today

I second that.

The Phillies' best road toward the playoffs is through the division. Phillies saw Dodgers, Padres and Mets this homestand and the worst team of that group couldn't be clearer at this point.

Speaking of the division, the Marlins are truly woeful this season. I forget the manager's name. Gonzalez? Have to wonder if he's one and done.

Jason: Amen!

In the Marlins case you can make a case for the Mgr being the reason they are in last place. I myself after last year and looking at the young guys they have, thought they would be right at the top. What happened to all that pitching they had?

Decoy - nothing wrong with Gillick's remark. Let it sink in for a minute. It makes perfect sense.

Phils for wildcard have to go thru same teams as last year. Dodgers are only 1/2 game behind phils and again they along with AZ and SD (and braves who were not there last year) will probably be the teams fighting it out. ou would thin AZ, SD, and Dodgers would be knocking themselves out by playing each other.

Marlon Anderson was quoted as saying he had a foot on the bag. Check out this post though on my blog and you may think differently...

The Marlins had a lot of injuries and D-Train hasn't been good all season. Still, they shouldn't be almost 20 games below .500.

Phillies fly to Florida next. Still a very, very dangerous series coming off this one.

brio & fljerry: Are you overreacting? I don't know what Rowand's career stats are against El Duque, but he's probably got more looks against him than anyone on the team. A-Row had an awful game last night, but it's not like he's been slumping. He was 7 for 18 coming into last night.

I am a big Rowand fan, My thought is to give him a rest and this way we get Vic in. I am not stating for him to now be a bench warmer. I want Phils to resign him.

Kevin: You can't go up high with the arms and body the way Anderson did, even if his foot was on the bag, which it wasn't.

fljerry: Well, Vic does give you another lefty bat and then I guess you go with Dobbs in RF?

These Phils sure know how to string us along. Lose 4 in a row, them win 4 in a row against our main competitors. Let's hope Lohse can make it a sweep.

I was in the dollar store here in Houston, and they had a rack of plastic auto lisence plate holders with NASCAR driver logos, then I noticed one for the Phillies. I bought it. I checked further to see what other MLB teams were represented. Only the lowly Pirates and the Barry Bonds hated Giants were available at this store for a dollar!

Enjoyed the posts about the 1964 Phillies. (Maybe "enjoyed" isn't the right word.) I was a mere boy at the time. It was the first year of my life that I had decided to consciously follow baseball from the beginning of the season. I religiously would read the sports section of the Atlantic City Press every morning to see what happened the night before. During the season, their main rival was the SF Giants, however, at the end the Cards won by a game and the Phils were tied for second with the Reds. I can still remember the last day of the 1964 season. It was a dreary overcast day with some sporadic light rain. After the Phillies game was over, I sat in a chair looking out the window for about an hour, totally drained emotionally. It was a terrible day.

The emotional torment this 2007 team puts us through is nothing compared to the 1964 collapse.

No I go with the hot bat, and Leave Werth in RF and Dobbs at third base.

I missed last night cause of a (short season low A) game at the Staten Island Yankees. My daughters were along. Toward the end (it was a long game - 29 hits, 18 runs), they announced the Major League scores. The reaction to the Yanks score was predictible - a loud cheer. The next reaction was not. When the Phils score was announced, the cheer was louder than the first. It occurs to me that we have the psychic energy of all these Yankee fans with us in this series - cause they hate the Muts, maybe even more... naaahhh that's not possible.

It was a good moment. Just as good. My 6 yr old asked what was up; I said, "The Mets lost." She got a huge grin on her sweet little face.

"Raise up a child," I always say, "in the way she should go."

Preaching to the choir, but that was clearly interference. The biggest indicator to me is the 'tackle. Sliding into second, your momentum should take you towards left field, but Ighuchi was clearly PUSHED towards home plate. I don't care what part of his body was touching the bag (which BTW, was none).

Woohoo! Go Phils. Do you realize that they have 30 games left and if they play .500 ball, they'll end with - yep - 85 wins. Here's hoping for better the .500 ball.

Lake Fred: Little known footnote: In Cincinnati, 1964 is known as the year the Reds blew the pennant. They would've tied for the pennant had they won just 1 of their last 2 games and won it outright had they swept. But they lost 'em both. Their opponent? I bet you know.

denny b: Who do you trade to get Fuentes?

That's the part that Gillick and their GM would have to figure out. Colorado has reportedly been told to chop some payroll for 2008, and Fuentes is due to make 3.5 million next year. He has been replaced as the Rockie closer by Corpes, and there are some that think 3.5 million is too steep for a setup man. With that in mind, you could maybe get Fuentes for a lot less than you might think.

Looking at the Rockie roster, it looks like they could use a young catcher. They seem to be starved of a real catching prospect in the minors. The Phils have some depth at the catching position in their system. Maybe that might be a match there. I really have no idea though.

Whatever the Phils do or don't do, there seem to be about 5-6 guys or so in their system that they will not move, no matter what. Guys like Bourn, Happ, Outman, Costanzo, Golson, Carrasco, Savery and Carpenter are not going anywhere (and shouldn't be going anywhere).

Maybe they wouldn't have enough ammo to get a guy like Fuentes. I have no idea if they cleared waivers or not, but I would also make strong pushes for either Mike Stanton or Matt Thornton, should Fuentes not be possible. The Reds have plenty of lefty's in their bullpen already and Stanton is 40 years old, so he is not part of their future. The White Sox recently signed Mike Myers to a contract for next year. They already have Boone Logan as well. So, that is why Thornton makes some sense. Plus, neither would likely cost much.

Whatever happens, Gillick HAS to add a bullpen arm, preferrably one that has the ability to pitch late in games. They will likely be careful with Mathieson when he comes back, so I dont' see him being rushed into a late inning situation. Madson is not ready yet. Something HAS to be done. Just look at today's bullpen, on why someone needs to be added. Better go deep Lohse.

dennyb" Guys like Bourn, Happ, Outman, Costanzo, Golson, Carrasco, Savery and Carpenter are not going anywhere (and shouldn't be going anywhere)."

The right deal would free up Costanzo pretty quick. Any decent deal should, probably would, send Golson packing. On Carpenter, I wouldn't, right now, but I think management might.

denny B: They have Iannetta so they won't be looking for a catcher. I wish they were, since I'd trade them Jaramillo for Fuentes in a second. What the Rockies really need is starting pitching. They'd probably want one of our good prospects.

fljerry, how can you blame Freddi Gonzalez for Willis having the worst year of his career, Anibal Sanchez and Josh Johnson going down for the year, and for their GM thinking that Jorge Julio could close? He's the last guy I'd blame.

Andy: Agree with your assessment 100%

I have to say that lost in the euphoria of the win and the controversy of the interference call last night (which was the correct call by the way) was the play of Abraham Nunez. Yes he solidified his role as no-hit Nunez, but he made a few defensive plays that Wes Helms never would have made and I can't say for sure that Dobbs would have made either. So as rare as it happens, here's to you No-Hit.

Is anyone else having trouble getting on metsblog right now? I think it exploded.

the main problem I have getting on metsblog is not ever ever wanting to

@Your Conscience:
nice screen name

I understand Willis is having a very very bad year and they have injuries like us. But then again we are still in the pennant race and they are not even close. Mgr's always get the blame. Are we just going to blame willis for them being in last place?

HAHA thanks Andy,

I don't post often but when I do it's not about numbers (although very important) but rather impressions about the actual play.

clout, yes, I remember, the Phillies won the last two games of the 1964 season, against the Reds. They needed the expansion team Mets to beat the Cards for a third straight game on Sunday to end in a three way tie. Bob Gibson had pitched 8 innings on the previous Friday losing a 1-0 game. They used Gibson to pitch middle relief on one day's rest, pitching 4 innings, getting his 19th victory of the season. The Mets lost 109 games that year.

Getting back to Ruiz's steal of home in the 9th inning of a cinci - phils game which was the start of the Phils 10 losing streak which cost us the pennant back in 64. He stole home with Frank robinson their cleanup hitter batting which nobody expected and I believe their own teammates and Mgr were not expecting. Covington in the last of ninth and first batter hit one off the top of right field fence just missing a hr and like this year and last could not bring him hom to tie.

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