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Friday, August 10, 2007


Myers let another one get away. Ugh.

I read in the paper how Kendrick was only at 71 pitches when he was lifted. It's easy in hindsight to say he should have kept going, esp. since Helms batted for him and struck out.

Very frustrating that they blew another good start from KK. :(

If they tied it in the ninth and had to play the 10th, who was going to play RF? Nunez?

Probably Dobbs with Nuni going to third.

It was another game that proved the old adage "As Rollins goes, so go the Phillies." J-Roll went 0-for-5. It takes the juice out of the entire lineup.

Gotta give Mitre some credit, and Willingham's return hurt. I was hoping for some kidney stones to re-appear last night.

if there's a silver lining to this, it should be deflating the baseless assumption that Myers is the second coming of Mariano Rivera, as b_a_p said in the last thread. unfortunately, from reading over the comments it seems like that has yet to sink in for a lot of people.

Rollins has had a tough run of it lately. He's been prone to cold stretches over his career, but we need him back to being a sparkplug at the top of the order pronto with Atlanta in town.

That game was blah. Kendrick pitched great for a 22 year old rook, but the Phils bats failed to show up for him for the 3rd straight game. He was getting ridiculous run support at the beginning now it's disappeared.

We can't pin the loss entirely on Myers, AE. The walk killed, but you can't say that the Fish were exactly tearing the cover off the ball in that inning.

This one's on the offense. You won't win many games by scoring two runs.

oh, I agree. I don't blame it on him. it would've taken a great closer to get out of that, and Myers is not a great closer. he's just better than anything we have right now.

Myers is not a great closer. he's just better than anything we have right now.

Ain't it the truth!

At least the pitching draws are favorable this weekend. We won't see Hudson.

But they WILL see Eaton, unfortunately.

I hope Eaton was watching Ankiel's return to the majors last night...

On a side-note I had no idea that Ankiel was still so young. Even if he turns out to be a flop back in the bigs that is a great story.

Unfortunately I couldn't watch last night, but can anyone offer even a hypothetically reasonable explanation as to why Helms was brought in to bunt last night? I have no problem with taking KK out for a pinch hitter there, but to BUNT???

Philly fans. We are a hilarious bunch.

Couple things-

1.) Should Charlie have pulled Kendrick and pinch-hit Helms to bunt? Maybe not. They were getting better swings at Kendrick in the 6th and 7th inning so maybe pulling him was fine. Personally I thought he should've maybe run Kyle Lohse up there to bunt, but if he doesn't get it down or even worse injuries himself running in the slop it would've been a lot worse and we'd be on here hammering Charlie for using a pitcher instead of a bench player. Helms has to get that bunt down (something he has done well in the past) and he didn't.

2.) Has anyone really said Myers is the second coming of Rivera? As it is right now he is a good to very goo closer who has the potential to be great. PLus he has the mentality to be great in that role. As was mentioned in a previous thread there are going to be some closers available in the off-season like Wickman, Jones, Benitez, etc so the question will be do we roll the dice on a guy like that and try to build the starting rotaion by adding Myers or do we leave Myers where he is and try to improve the starting rotation through free agency. There are a couple decent starting pitchers that will be out there. For now though, Myers best role for this team is as closer.

And really to kill him over last night is insane, a botched bunt play and a couple of infield hits is one of those touch luck losses. It's not like they were hitting stuff all around the ballpark off him.

anytime the offense scores less than 3 runs, the loss is unquestionably on the offense.

I thought they did an excellant job on the roster moves.

good closers don't give up four-pitch walks. period. and considering how everyone likes to cite his eye-popping K rate as a reliever, I think the infield hits are a failure on his part.

based on the posts I've read, the majority opinion on Beerleaguer is that Myers is one of the best closers in the National League. I see no evidence for that. I see a guy with a good arm but serious focus and consistency problems, which is not at all what you want in a closer.

The proverbial jury is out on Myers. He has the stuff, but not the mentality yet. Of course, it would be nice to see him pitch in actual save he has been used two nights in a row with what could be a tight Braves series approaching.

I think the infield hits are a failure on his part.

how so? the weather conditions were HORRIBLE last night, someone was bound to have an inning marred by slop singles and bad defense. it just haened t be brett.

i'll take 2 for 3 in every series the rest of the year, thank you very much.

now, its time to scalp the bravos.

ae: I wouldn't say the overall opinion of people on Beerleaguer is that Myers is "one of the best closers in the NL". I just think people here get excited or trust him when he gets in there because what better option do we have in the 9th? If we can't trust Myers, who can we trust? Plus, his ERA as a reliever is lowest on the team for any reliever besides Romero.

ae- Yep cause I'm sure Rivera, FRod, Saito, Papelbon, Trevor Hoffman, Billy Wagner, Lee Smith, Dennis Eckersley, Goose Gossage, Bruce Sutter, etc- never once walked a guy on 4 pitches.

Like I said he is good and has POTENTIAL to be great. There are some things he needs to learn yet about being great in that role. If he is going to be slotted there next year (something I'm sure they'll make him aware of early in the off-season)he'll pick those things up. A guy who can throw mid 90's with a very good cut fastball and an excellent curveball can be lights out in that role provided they do the work to learn how to mix pitches best in the 9th.

what I see with Myers sometimes, including when he started, is that if something doesn't go his way behind him, he can unravel. i.e. Iguchi doesn't cover the bunt, then Brent throws a 4 pitch walk to next batter.

joe: a guy who's lauded for his 13+ K/9 rate as a reliever should be striking out batters with the bases loaded, not allowing weak grounders. otherwise, just send Alfonseca up there; he can get ground-outs too.

naylman: "upper-echelon closer." "a lights out closer for years to come." and that's just last night, after he blew a game. if I go back through old threads, I'm sure I can find a lot more.

I agree with Voice of Reason here. Myers certainly has the stuff to be a stud closer, but doesn't yet have the head for it. Whether he should go back to the rotation next year should depend on who the Phillies get in the offseason.

I'm inclined to move him back to the rotation. That would give us Hamels-Myers-Kendrick-Eaton-Moyer. Garcia, Lohse & Lieber won't be back. Should PG acquire a stud SP, it might be tempting to keep Myers in the pen since the bullpen is the single worst part of the team right now. I think we can all agree that Gordon should not be counted on for anything next year, which leaves a bunch of mediocre middle relievers (Geary-Condrey-Durbin-Alfonseca) and Madson as the very weak foundation. Mesa & Romero won't be back.

Final thought: I'm not sure who though Segovia was one of the top pitching prospects. Certainly no one who's been reading my posts about him for the past year.

A few thoughts I have pondered since last nights soggy dissapointment at CBP:

- Is last night a preview of what's to come? The teams of the past three years would always come up small in big games. Remember Cincinatti & Florida in '04, Houston in '05 and Washington last year in '06.
- Too bad a quality start was wasted, let alone a chance to pick up a game on the Mets.
- I can't help but think, who would I rather have? Texiera and Dotel or Loshe and Branyan?
- Can somebody assemble a manager and coaching staff (especially Smith & Dubee) in the off season please!!!
- It's getting more and more painful to watch. Pretty soon I will be down to an old B & W TV. I've beaten up more television screens than Phillies pitcher's have their spouse's.

ae: People who say that are just being ridiculous, especially the "lights out closer for years to come" considering Myers most likely will be a starter again next season. I still don't think its the overall opinion though, just a few people here and there.

Say it becomes a save situation tonight, what are we going to do with the probability that Myers and Alfonseca are both going to be unavailable? Romero? Flash?....(gulp) MESA?

The Baron would like to try and play a conciliatory role...let us not assign hyperbole where it does not exist (hyperbole is my domain, after all, is it not?). There is great excitement over Myers as closer by some on this board, as well there should be. He has shown flashes of brilliance. However, there is also grave doubt, especially following an evening of turpitude on the mound. Should we unite in acknowledging both? We should...and I hope we shall. Myers is somewhat new at the role, and considering not only our dearth of other options but also the unusual way his manager continues to employ him, I believe we should lengthen our Philadelphian-sized leash. Perhaps a length more akin to a leash of Baltimore? Or, dare I say, this great Nation's Capital?

The vexing question, however, is next year - is it not? Time will tell, of course, but we have some large pitching holes to fill, and a park that is ill-suited for courting hurlers with exemplary track records. But for this year, our team is our team, and I am quite frankly enjoying the ride.

mr. mac -

the took the series 2/3. they've lost what, 2 series since the all-star break.

we ain't going to win them all. it's just NOT going to happen.

on to the bravos.

1.) A good starter is worth more than an elite closer.

2.) People say Myers has a perfect closer mentality. People also say that one of his biggest psychological problems is that he lets small mistakes snowball into huge innings. That doesn't make sense.

Maybe it's not the consensus opinion, but there certainly are some people here who consider Myers a top-flight closer; they have explicitly said so, and further endorsed it by saying $10 million a year is not too much to pay him to close games.

I'm no supporter of Myers as closer beyond this year, but he's getting a raw deal about last night. He was having a hard time with his fastball, IMO, because of the poor footing on the mound. And, as I pointed out on the last thread, if they get the out at first on the bunt he's out of that inning with no runs scored.

- I can't help but think, who would I rather have? Texiera and Dotel or Loshe and Branyan?

if only Gillick was allowed to use Atlanta's farm system in trades, we would have one hell of a team...

(and I realize I'm taking this too literally, but where does Teixeira play on the Phils? did we move to the AL in addition to taking over Atlanta's minor league system?)

He was having a hard time with his fastball, IMO, because of the poor footing on the mound.

and, the rain would effect a poor grip.

get over it guys, the game shouldn't have went that long, and SOMEONE was going to have a cr@p loss because of the weather conditions. they were dumping entire pallettes of diamond dry on the field.

Joe: True. And even with that, there were puddles on the infield dirt by the end of each half-inning.

The real silver lining to last night is that we didnt go extra innings and lose, expending our entire pen... time to rest up and roast the Braves.

(and I realize I'm taking this too literally, but where does Teixeira play on the Phils? did we move to the AL in addition to taking over Atlanta's minor league system?)

well they'll say "he could play 3rd base" because most people assume since a guy can play one position he can play them all. :rolls eyes:

Good point, Michael. Which reminds me -- I think Iguchi's weak throw on that play to his right should put to rest calls for trying him at 3B. I realize it was a tough play, but he got nothing on that ball. I really like the guy, but I don't think he can play anywhere but 2B.

2.) People say Myers has a perfect closer mentality. People also say that one of his biggest psychological problems is that he lets small mistakes snowball into huge innings. That doesn't make sense.

My take on it is that having the chance to pitch every day would make it easier for him to not get too emotional over one bad pitch.

That has yet to happen, though.

Mr. Mac: "I can't help but think, who would I rather have? Texiera and Dotel or Loshe and Branyan?"

Well, I'd rather have Lohse than Dotel.

Myer's pitches have more crispness in a 1-inning spurt, which leads you to believe he could be an awesome closer. However, we can all agree he lets things get to him on the mound and becomes emtional in a way that hurts his performance...very bad for a closer. I think he could save 40+ games easily, but he'll blow some too. With that said, I want him back in the rotation. We're weak in the rotation now and next season. Hamels good, Kendrick looking good, Moyer only getting older, and Eaton is lousy! We need another top of the rotation starter unless you plan on counting on Durbin...

Mac: Didnt he get Iguchi at the trade deadline too? Since we didnt need a 1B, I'd take Gooch and Loshe.

ALby: If he cant play third, having Gooch as 1st man off the bench and possibly spelling Rollins in September is valuable. I think they have 2 days off in all of September.

Alby, I think that's a good point on Iguchi. one of the first times I've seen him really have to put some arm into a throw, and it wasn't pretty. I don't know if I'd rule it out yet - after all, as many have pointed out, the rain was a factor last night - but I'm not real confident any more.

So Cholly thinks they were starting to get good swings off Kendrick in the 6th & 7th? This is utter nonsense; he's just making this stuff up as he goes along. The Marlins had exactly two good swings over those 2 innings -- the homerun ball by Willingham & the line out by DeAnza -- and both of those happened in the 6th inning. In the 7th, the Marlins had a walk, a ground ball DP, an infield single, and a ground out. Those are hardly "good swings." The decision to remove an extremely effective starter after just 71 pitches -- when you know you've got the worst bullpen in the history of organized baseball & when you're only going to have the pinch hitter bunt anyhow -- has to go down as the single most bone-headed decision of the season. And, since this is Cholly we're talking about, that is no small feat.

You know what's interesting about the "ARM" discussion, I always felt that the infielder with the best arm should be your shortstop. How many times has Rollins field balls in the OUTFIELD and have to have the quick release and STRONG throw to make it across the diamond. The short stop LOOKS like he's closer to first, but I would imagine that the short stop's throws are often as far as the third baseman.

In addition, the 3rd baseman... has MORE time to throw a ball than short. That's why the call it the HOT corner... You need a quicker reaction to catch the ball. But often you have MORE time to set and throw. If your ball takes longer to throw? Just set sooner...

I still have no idea if Iguchi can make that throw. But isn't it worth a morning of infield practice to find out???

Last night's field conditions should not be an indicator ONE way or the other about Iguchi's ability to play the position.

so i know i'm pretty new around these parts, but i haven't seen anyone of us posters say explicitly that Myers was the second coming of Mariano... i did hear that from a far more worrying source. Tom Gordon. taken from yesterday's Inquirer: "The last time I saw something like this, it was me and Mariano in New York," Gordon said.

Tie game, bad weather, runs tough to come by, lead run on 1st .... I guess I'm Ok with pinch hitting helms, even to bunt. My question .... shouldn't all pitchers work on, and be proficient at getting a bunt down even if they can't hit?

and while I'm posting, I'm just going to go ahead and make the ridiculous statement that, as a lifelong Phils phan, I can't help but feel cursed... I mean, c'mon, if Dobbs' double goes off the wall, as opposed to over it, we have the lead 3-2 and the game changes. if Iguchi doesn't slip and covers first on that bunt and everything else happens as it did, we're out of the inning tied at 2. where the hell is our karma? i don't understand how 27 years of not winning doesn't merit, say, an ump getting a double play call at first base correct, or an admission that Utley hit a homerun and not a double... it's just frustrating!

i do feel a little better now though.

I'm OK with the bunt, but why with Helms? He didn't seem like the logical guy to play small ball with, and that was the consensus view in section 142 even before he botched the second attempt.

well, Control, you would think. but all the work in the world can't guarantee a proficient bunt every time... sadly.

Alby, apparently Manuel sent Helms up because he has been a consistently good bunter, but he can also hit for power. Manuel figured if the count worked in Helms' favor they could switch the sign to a hit and run...

I didn't even really want Myers in the ninth. Jacobs, Olivo, and some other subpar hitter was up, Hermida I think. We were probably going to be held scoreless in the bottom of the ninth as our 7-8-9 was up. So I would've used Romero or whomever and saved Myers for the heart of the order in extra innings.

tray -

if manuel would have used anybody else, people would be on here screaming about how myers should have been in.

there's wayyy too much angst here over a freak loss.

Joe: Not from me. When you're outhit 10-5, it would have registered more as a freak win. I was simply puzzled over the Helms move. Thanks for the explanation, Cube. It makes a little more sense now, but I think -- dare I say it? -- Cholly might have overthought that one.

Alby - Never, ever use the words overthink and Cholly in the same sentence again. Ever.
As for the Texiera & Dotel reference, I was comparing talent levels. Although, I might agree that with you about Loshe rather than Dotel, if he can duplicate a few more starts like he had the other night. For the record, I hate the move that Cholly makes all too often, PH for the pitcher to lay down a bunt. At this level, pitchers should be MADE to learn how to bunt, just so you DO have a bench to go to if needed later. It was a wasted move in my opinion. I also hate bringing in Myers in a non-closing situation. Especially if you could have rested him if he wasn't needed.

It's funny what one game always does... and I'll never cease to be amazed by the extremes comments move towards based on whether we win or lose.

Brett Myers is the best closer on the Phils roster. No one else out there has the potential to do what Brett did two night ago.

Last night was not his best. However, if Iguchi covers first, that inning could go very differently. Let's not forget that. The Marlins hit one ball out of the infield against Myers. Hardly an implosion.

More importantly, we had a bad offensive game. Unfortunately, the hard hit balls in the first inning found gloves. Had we jumped out to a lead there, the game might have gone differently. Instead, we struggled at the plate. That's going to happen, especially with some of our best guns on the DL.

Frankly, I can't look at last night's game and compare it to the examples of losing big games in the past. Every game is important, but this game was not much more important than others. We took 2 of 3 again. We've lost only two series since the All-Star break.

This team is winning despite its injuries. Losses are going to happen. Now let's go out and win a series against the Braves.

CJ: Couldn't of been said any better.

Phillie fans can rationalize a bad loss 500 different ways. Contenders who (1) waste quality starts, (2) get no run production from 3-4-5, and (3) lose tie games in the 9th inning in mid-August with their best pitcher on the mound, don't contend for long.

For reference, below are the stats of two relievers. One is Mariano Rivera, one is Brett Myers with his stats as a reliever extrapolated to the same number of IP as Rivera.

47.7 IP/2.83 ERA/18 SV/20 OP
50 K/5 BB/3 HR

47.7 IP/2.96 ERA/14 SV/16 OP
68 K/19 BB/2 HR

Alright, it might not be that hard to guess that the second is Brett Myers, but it's also not that easy to say that Rivera is that much better than Myers. Myers lost the game last night. He will lose many more. I would be surprised if he doesn't lose another this season.

Every closer loses games though and so far Brett Myers hasn't done it at a rate that much worse than the best of them. Myers has put up great stats as a reliever and deserves our continued confidence.

Isnt this the last straw for Cholly? I mean how many stupid decisions do you get to make before you're gone?

Assuming anyone agrees with the decision to pull Kendrick after only 70+ pitches, is Helms a better bunter than Kendrick, or maybe the question should be rephrased, is Helms capable of striking out as well as Kendrick?

The season's moving to an end and we can't afford to snatch defeat away from the jaws of victory again.

Please fire this guy today.

jeremy, maybe I'm just stating the obvious here, but Rivera is 37 years old and at the tail end of a brilliant career. Myers, well, is not.

and would you really rather have Myers on the mound in the 9th than Rivera? I'm hardly a Yankees fan, but the man is the greatest closer alive.

The question isn't wheter Myers could be an excellent reliever. There's no doubt he could.

Cole Hamels could be an even better one - when people swing at his changeup, they hit less than 50% of the time. Thats the only changeup in baseball that induces more misses than contact. (Some people did a study a while ago). But we're not going to make him a reliever because that would be a poor allocation of our resources.

Moving Myers to the bullpen made sense at the time, and its too late into the season to change it, really. Plus, if you moved him back into the rotation now, I guarantee that they'd get remove Kendrick and not Eaton.

Anyway, like I said, the question isn't whether Myers can be an all-star reliever (he can), or whether to move him back this year (he can't). The question is whether, next year, is he more valuable as a starter than a reliever? The answer, I think, is yes.

From today's Cleveland Plain Dealer:

"I don't know why the Phillies just didn't sign Branyan themselves," (Indians Assistant GM Chris) Antonetti said. "We had an understanding with Russ that we wouldn't stand in his way if he had an immediate chance to go to the big leagues."

I wonder as well.

well put, Dave X, although I think "poor allocation of resources" is the Phillies franchise motto.

Myewrs will be a starter next year following the firing of Cholly and the resignation of Gillick.. A new mgr WANTS a 27 yr old starter that throws 93-94 even if the paunchy idiot doesn't see the benefits

Myers even :)

Which is more palatable;

Hamels, Moyer, Kendrick, Lohse, Eaton; with Myers closing


Hamels, Myers, Moyer, Lohse, Kendrick; with Alfonseca/Mesa closing (and Eaton going to long relief).


This season or next? If it's next, let's go with your second rotation and get a decent closer somewhere.

Myers isn't going back in the rotation this year .... Do they have another Kendrick somewhere to replace Eaton in the SR? I guess not.

are we not allowed to sign free agents or make trades for next year? I don't remember reading that in the CBA...

I'll answer my own hypothetical question first. I'd go with the first one.

And next year, if there's a better closer out there, then fine. But that might be easier said than done.

nobody's suggesting Myers return to the rotation now. it's not even on the table.

and frankly, I'd go with the first one anyway. contending teams don't start guys like Jamie Moyer on day two of the season.

I guess I brought that question up because there's still a lot of hand-wringing about the Myers move to the 'pen, and I think if they hadn't done it before, they'd have to do it now.

Dave X:
i agree that Myers has the potential to be an all-star closer, but i do have to completely disagree about Hamels though. while his changeup is devestating, when hitters do make contact with his pitches they often go over the outfield wall. he's given up more homeruns than any other pitcher in the national league, and whether or not they're only solo shots, i don't want that propensity closing out my ballgames...

but then again, this is all just conjecture because hamels has as much of a chance starting next season in the 'pen as i do in the front five...

Hypothetically speaking, if Myers were a free agent, how do you think he would enter the market as, a Starter or Closer? What does he THINK he is? That might answer the question where he ends up next season.

on the subject of where Myers is best suited next season, i really think more thought needs to be devoted to how Myers might feel. clearly, his emotional state has an impact on his performance and i would think he'd perform best (and therefore be most valuable) in the role that he prefers. judging from his comments this season, i wouldn't be surprised if he choose to stay in the bullpen.


jinx Mr. Mac!

cube, Brett Myers was among the league leaders in HR allowed every year from 2004 to 2006. Hamels is definitely worse, but not by much.

(worse on HR allowed, not overall performance.)

Frankly, it won't matter what Myers WANTS to do. It will matter where the Phillies think he helps them best. Myers is a competitor... it's not like putting him back in the rotation will cause him to sulk.

For now, as this team stands, Myers is our closer... for better or for worse. And based on what we endured while he wasn't our closer, I'll argue it's for better. As we continue to get quality starts from guys like Kendrick and Lohse (and let's hope it continues) having a strong back end of the bullpen could be the difference between a long sought after playoff spot and once again sitting at home.

loctastic: Lohse is a free agent at the end of the season. What makes you think he'll re-sign here or that the Phils want him back?

Thanks CH. All great minds think alike...

Clout: If he continues in his current mold, that is, as a league-average pitcher, I would think the Phils have a good chance of signing him to a new, market-level contract. If I were them I'd give it a shot, anyway, because he'd be a FA pitcher we could sign without giving up a draft choice. This was a part of the reason I was in favor of trading for him.

Things that are NOT going to happen this year:

1) Charlie Manuel gets fired
2) Myers back to the rotation
3) Pat Burrell gets traded
4) Iguchi to moves to 3B

Let's talk about other things. If we need to give J-Roll a day off, who gets the start at short? Can Branyan handle it or does it have to be Nunez? Has anyone figured out a logical pattern in selecting the starting catcher, between Ruiz and Coste? Is there anyone here who DOESN'T think that Coste should be getting more playing time than he is?

I haven't heard anything either way about Lohse coming back.

Tough loss last night. People need to stop going overboard on the Brett Myers situation.

hey can't we all just be happy that we are facing James, Lance Cormier, and Buddy Carlyle when we could be facing Smoltz and Hudson?? and even though we have Eaton going on saturday, he's pitching against a guy (cormier) who has an ERA that's over TWICE as high as Eaton's (15.58 to 6.09)!

we should win at least 2 this weekend. whether we will?? who knows...


1) Iguchi to third is not a dead issue. It won't be dead until Utley gets back and we know for sure.

2) Branyan has never played SS. Nunez is the only fill-in on the roster for now. There will likely be another option come September.

Right now, Ruiz needs a rest. Catch 3 games a week. Coste 3 or 4.

The problem with Coste getting at bats when he's NOT playing is, Barajas is not here. Who's the emergency catcher with Victorino down? It's Werth right??? So if Ruiz is playing... COSTE is your VERY VERY LAST man of the bench. He's not going to play 3rd or 1st. It's NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

I've said from spring training, why did we have to spend on $2.5 million on Barajas, when Coste & Ruiz were more than adequate at $765K between both of them. They play more, not to mention better. Barajas has proven to be nothing more than a soft burrito with human qualities. Coste gets a vote from me. Here's to him giving Ruiz the night off.

I suspect they'll move Myers back into the rotation next year. If they do, Lohse isn't needed as long as Moyer doesn't retire. RP is easier and cheaper (even good ones) than another SP.

I heard they wanted Iguchi to try taking balls at third as they get closer to Utley returning. So, unless something happened that I don't know about it's not a dead issue. It is a hibernating one though, because they're not even going to try until Utley gets closer.

They could bring Gookie Dawkins up in Sept. to give Rollins a couple of innings off, but
they will have to drop someone from the 40 man roster like Barajas or Sanches or Mateo or put Smith on the 60 day disabled list.

The Phillies have no minor league position players on their 40 man roster, so they would have to clear a space to even bring up Jaramillo.

Listen, everyone here is wondering what roster moves will make in 3 WEEKS FROM NOW!

We have a god damn series to win this weekend against the Braves!

So let's go Cole and get us one tonight!

Off to work, better come home to good news.

You're right Nayles. Cole on the hill should really have the Phillie Faithful pumped at CBP. I miss the excitement that the old Wolfpack used to provide though. Any idea on the forecast? Last time I saw rain like last night, the Bull was mispalying flyballs vs LA in the NLCS.

Mr. Mac,

Cecily says no rain just cloudy. Cole's pitching has been spotty lately or when he has pitched well the O or pen lets him down with the exception of his Cubs win. I look for a solid all around performance tonight.

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