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Sunday, August 26, 2007


Alby: That's exactly right.

Parker: You're tie-in of Myers blow up to his on-field performance is a good one. If I recall, Myers biggest problem as a starter is that when something went wrong, he'd lose his composure and things would go from bad to worse. He's the anti-Kendrick. Until he is able to harness his emotions he will have trouble on-field and off.

Parker: I refer you to the stats I posted above. His record in save situations is indeed good; however, most of that was compiled with leads of more than 1 run. When he enters either a tie game or a game with the Phils ahead by one (7 appearances), he has three losses, a blown save and has allowed 6 runs in 7 innings. Or do you claim that a tie game isn't like a save situation?

But what about Chase?

st.j. hawk:
I was thinking more like 90 instead of 88, but, yeah, unless Kirk Gimpson was up

Did Carchidi ask the same question, in the same manner to Romero and Gordon about the HRs they served up? Also, just because Myers is a jerk doesn't mean that his claims about Carchidi's past behavior in the clubhouse can be dismissed out of hand, can they? On that point Myers comment about Carchidi might be correct. Ergo, if someone is not dependent on good rapport on a daily basis in order to get copy (a fill-in) then perhaps that might make them more willing to make controversy? If Carchidi is on Daily News Live tonight then his performance there will tell me a lot about this situation.

idk remember eric gagne in his prime? he was lights out for so long. Im pretty sure he was the only releiver to win a Cy young. And what about Mariano Rivera?

stjoehawk: Eck was first-rate, but ahead 1-0 bottom of the 9th in the World Series, I'll take Rollie Fingers. I'm probably dating myself, but Fingers had a devastating slider and tremendous command. He could put that sucker wherever he wanted, whenever he wanted. His fastball was just good enough to get guys who were trying to time the slider. In those days closers worked 2-3 innings a game and he routinely pitched 120-130 innings a season.

JJD: How about that Willie Hernandez? Not only did he win the Cy Young, he was MVP, one season after being dumped by -- you guessed it, your Fightin' Phils!

"Im pretty sure he was the only releiver to win a Cy young."

How could you forget about Steve Bedrosian in 1987? I mean, this is a Phillies blog...

It looks like other acceptable answers included Mark Davis (1989), Willie Hernandez (1984, after being traded by the Phillies in March of '84), Rollie Fingers (1981), Bruce Sutter (1979), Sparky Lyle (1977) and Mike Marshall (1974).

To be honest, I knew about a couple of those, but I didn't know it was that many.

Clout: I might take the Goose over Fingers. But I can't swear to it.

JJD: Many relievers have won the Cy Young, including the PHillies' Steve Bedrosian in 1987.

yes ur right about willie. alright so what about mariano rivera? he only has that one blemish on his otherwise spotless record. that of course being the hit he gave up to Luis Gonzalez in the World Series

Thanks for the full list, Hawk. Others on the list with Phillies ties are Mark Davis (Phillies draftee) and Sparky Lyle (pitched for Phils many years later).

It's sort of immaterial whether or not Carchidi acted appropriately. Every pro athlete has to occasionally deal with an overbearing reporter. There are 2 ways to handle it. You either grin & bear it, or you politely walk away & decline to answer the questions. Myers chose Option 3, which was to make a total idiot of himself by channeling Ryan Leaf.

Myers may not be among the elite tier of major league closers. But, if they kept statistics for being a horse's ass, Myers would be near the very top.

I love when people remark about asking the "TOUGH" questions. Well, there is a time and place for TOUGH questions. Atheletes and Coaches for as LONG as their have been professional sports have had confrontations with the Media. Tommy Lasorda is one of the most beloved baseball men... yet even he has had nasty blowouts with reporters who ask questions that seem inappropriate or STUPID. "What did you think of Dave Kingman's performance?"

It's completely appropriate to question a reporter's experience and aptitude when he doesn't handle the "beat" on a regular basis. It's laborous listening to press conferences when you have 5 different reporters ask the same question, the same way 5 different times. Or the columnists who asks a question (with only their lede paragraph in mind) without context of any other question in the room -- "Well I have already written half the column... I don't care if my question is no longer relevant."

I'm not excusing Myers behavior. Sure he should have been better than that. But any smart reporter is going to know the EMOTIONS of a tough loss like that and is going to tread the ground softly. There are 3 kinds of reporters who get reactions like this. Reporters who bait the athelete or coach (see Eskin/Manuel)... the reporter who doesn't seem to care one way or the other (see Mark Kram)... or in this case, a less talented reporter who didn't recognize the emotions of the situation and challenged the athelete.

I like how much time we spend talking about HOW easy it is to hit homers in this bandbox... and then KILL Myers for saying it. The second homer BARELY made it over the wall... the first homer probably was going to be out regardless... but it looked like a pop-up. But now it's Myers making excuses???

It was a frustrating loss... to SAY the LEAST... And a guy who is as "EXPERIENCED" as Carchidi should recognize that. The other reporter's blogs impressions, give me all the information I need.

Hey guys, look on the bright side. The Mets are coming to town with all their fans. So at least you won't have to watch the ass whoopin in person, because Mets fans will have purchased all the tickets. Jose Jose Jose Jose...warming up my Jose Reyes Chant.

I will give Carchidi this credit... he didn't mention the Myers blow up in his game story.

Although neither men are backing down:
Carchidi said he was still seeking an apology from Myers. "I stuck my finger in his face because he called me a retard. If asking tough questions is stirring things up, I'm guilty as charged."

Although Myers hasn't learned much either than using the wrong word:
"If anything, he should apologize for pointing his finger in my face and disrespecting me that way," Myers said. "I've had my run-ins with him before. He covers high school sports and comes in here and tries to stir things up, and we definitely didn't need it after a tough loss."

At least Myers has some spirit

@Metsblog275 -- Great... now we have to deal with you...

What? I thought you guys enjoyed my company. I'm a good target when you're tired of firing shots at Cholly and PtB

Both Myers and Sam acted badly- neither is fully to blame, and neither is free of blame.

Jason- I hear you on the hihg school beat but if you're subbing for a day wouldn't you at least do some research on the subject or read other articles in your paper. I know Zolecki reported that the Phillies weren't moving Iguchi to third.

As was said- worse happens and is said in the locker room. This was a bad night for Myers and the Phillies and everyone pounced the story.

Myers totally overreacted to the reporter. He should have either walked away or not answered any questions at all. Besides, what kind of excuses are there for blowing the game?

Speaking of relievers how can anyone completely forget Lee Smith - he dominated for years.

It should be noted that Carchidi doesn't just cover high school sports, he writes a thrice-weekly sports column. High school sports isn't really the ghetto of sports journalism you guys are making it out to be.

Myers is a thug, period. The reporter answered Myers's question openly and honestly and Myers became offended. Moreover, he offered to beat the reporter up. There are more posts that refer to Carchidi's resume than this pitcher's abyssmal record on and off the field. The Phils will remain home again this offseason due to sub-standard performances like Brett Myers gave the other night. Time to get rid of this guy.

i like how myers can get tough with a reporter and a defenseless woman but doesnt have the balls to stand-up to milton bradley. he's your typical bully. and he sucks. He's average a best, total under achiever. And he sucks as a closer. You never hear Hoffman or Rivera making excuses.

The questions that were asked had already been asked by 2 other writers. It was a bs question and was meant to incite. Myers is a hot-head but he is also one of the media's favorites in philly. 95% of the local media has said that the reporter was trying to get myers to blow up. The reporter has been known to take cheap shots at various members of the phillies and he is a back-up writer, not the beat writer. Bother were wrong but the reporter started it by asking a question that had already been answered.

Brett Myers=classless piece of crap

Make that classless piece of wife-beating crap.

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