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Saturday, July 07, 2007


While this has been said by others many times, I feel the need to emote again.

The most frustrating part of the situation is that the front office just doesn't care. As long as the attendance stays up they are happy. If this were the Flyers or the Eagles you would have management appologizing to the fans, and then doing something about it.

I hate this team.

As for gr's ridiculous claim in an earlier thread that Chris Coste was having all of his pitch calls mandated to him from signals conveyed directly from Manuel in the dugout, see the following quote from Hamels in today's Ken Mandel piece on

"(Coste has) got a great catching IQ," Cole Hamels said. "He's so aware of what the pitcher has, what [the pitcher] is thinking and what the hitter might be thinking. On top of that, he puts up a great target. The way he catches it, he makes it look pretty."


And a number of other present and former Phillies' pitchers -- including Kendrick, Moyer, and Lieber -- have said the same kinds of complimentary things about Coste's defense and "pitcher handling" skills.

In addition, John Kruk on ESPN's "Baseball Tonight" said earlier this week about Coste, simply, "Pitchers love throwing to this guy."

So gr -- it is beyond question that Coste's pitch-calling is his own -- and that his catching abilities are respected by the Phillies' pitching staff -- and obviously, even if it were physically possible -- which it is not -- Manuel is not making Coste's pitch calls from the Phillies' dugout.

Clout noted that Alfonseca's signing was Gillick's best move of the offseason. Lots of people have expressed disgust with his performance as a closer -- he's now blown 3 of 9 saves opportunities (though of course one of those should have been a narrow escape).

A couple of things to put this in proper perspective: El Pulpo's signing was greeted with general disgust on this site, mainly because the signing came late in the offseason, after numerous better relievers had signed elsewhere. I was OK with it, and he has pitched almost exactly as I expected -- reasonably well, but best used as a 7th-inning guy. If Alfonseca had been the third of three bullpen acquisitions, it would have been a good move. As the ONLY significant acquisition, it shows Gillick is unfit to build a contender.

I'm glad we're giving all these youngsters a chance, but that's not something solid contenders do -- it's something teams with no other options do, and occasionally (Florida in recent years, for example) those teams reach the fringes of contention.

Jason's list of internal options next year needs one correction, IMO: I see Mathieson as a reliever, not a starter. He had only two pitches, and his performance was rather consistenly subpar -- unlike Kendrick's performance so far. If he rehabs quickly enough, I could see him competing for a back-of-the-bullpen job.

One other note on Myers as closer. Jason, you responded to my comment a couple of threads back: "He'd be near the top of the pay list for closers. Why should I care about this, and why should the Phillies let this be a factor?"

The answer is, "The law of supply and demand." If you're willing to pay top dollar at a position, you can outbid other teams for a player. If we had been willing to pay top dollar, we might have kept Wagner. For a closer, $10 M is top dollar. For a starter, it's not. Therefore, if what the team is willing to spend is $10M -- the natural conclusion if they're willing to put Myers in the role -- they can compete for a top reliever, while they cannot compete for a top stater, QED.

Alby: I thought about that after the fact, on how to use Mathieson. I agree with you; he could be either. And is it too late to give Madson another tryout as a starter?


easy on GR, i thought he simply said "it looks like Coste is getting all calls from Manuel", or something. No need to be so defensive of Coste.

I wouldn't judge Mathieson soley what we saw of him last year in the ML. He shouldn't have been rushed in the first place.

P O'Neil -- My criticism of gr above was well more than justified.

For the record, gr's actual writing in Wednesday's thread was the following:

"and, for those watching the game, you'll notice that, as was the case last year, coste is not calling this game from behind the plate. he is consistently looking into the dugout for the signals. it's slowing down the pace, for one thing. something about coste's gamecalling doesn't inspire confidence in the team's coaching staff. i can't imagine hamels is too pleased with it either. he looks a little agitated on the mound today."

Obviously, especially given Hamels' comments reported by Ken Mandel today on make abundantly clear, gr was hallucinating, and making absurd comments --and I properly said so at the time.

Therefore -- its not about my being "defensive about Coste -- its about setting the record straight -- ok?

Oh -- and P O'Neil -- my response to gr in that thread went this way:

"I watched the whole game -- and your imagined thing about Coste looking to the bench between every pitch is absurd hallucination. Coste looks to his left to insure that the right-handed batter is looking forward, and not glancing back for a glimse at the sign. As we saw throughout the seven innings that Hamels pitched, Coste and Hamels had an excellent rhythm and pace -- and I didn't see Hamels shake Coste off once -- and there was no delay between pitches. And . .. most importantly . . . the result speaks for itself. And gr -- I'll even bet you that Hamels compliments Coste's pitch-calling in media interviews."


You're weird.

Can we make sure the bullpen doesn't overshadow the terribleness that is Steve Smith. He's running us out of innings and possibly trying to kill Ryan Howard.

good point, Mike. We ran right out of that inning last night as well - I believe the 2nd. The Phillies have to lead the majors the last few seasons in runners that have been gunned down at the plate trying to score.

It's a number of great, smart points, Alby, but I have doubts that the Phils were going to keep Wagner. He was finished in Philadelphia. Management offered him the money, a competitive offer was made, and he took it. I cannot forget the ridiculous comments of his agent during that time.

It's a hell of a mess and not going to get fixed by these owners and GM correctly.

Phillies fans need something a bit stronger than aspirin:


I agree with Alby: Mathieson looks like a reliever, if even that. More likely, he's just a non-prospect altogether. Even allowing for the rookie learning curve, he was HORRIBLE last year. And his minor league numbers don't inspire a lot of confidence. But he does have a good arm, so maybe he can eventually succeed out of the bullpen -- although I somewhat doubt it.

Agreed that Wagner had no intention of remaining with the Phillies, no matter what the offer. That's been reiterated several times over by the comments he's made since leaving.

Bathtubhippo made a good point at the end of the previous thread about Manuel and the bullpen. Yes, it isn't isn't his fault that he has such an ugly cast of castoffs to go to at the end of the games. But no, that doesn't absolve him for making poor decisions about using them. He got heat for that Sunday Detroit game when he lifted Eaton too early, but it's happened three or four times since then, and the Phils keep getting burned when he lifts a starter with nine outs to go. Unless their pitch count is dangerously high, the starters need to be given as long a leash as possible, and it just isn't happening. Moreover, the decision to lift Romero in favor of Alfonseca seems predicated on nothing more than the idea that Alfonseca is the 'closer' and therefore *must* be on the mound to finish the game (hypothetically!). How else to explain it when Manuel defends so many of his moves based on 'matchups', which in this case explicitly disfavored his strategy?

After last night's game, I wrote the Hall of Fame Season ticket guy and asked him to buy the remainder of my tickets back from me. I spent $7,000 for two seats and half the Phillies staff doesn't belong on the major league staff. I said fans deserve at least two more competent pitchers - they don't have to be stars but they can't be the waiver poster-boys or freaking Mesa. By the way, does Pat Gillick even work for the Phillies any more? Normally, I wouldn't say that I could handle the GM job because I'm sure it is more complicated than many of us think it is but I'm sure that I could do more than watch the waiver wire.

P O'Neil -- And you were demonstrably wrong, friend -- again.

I said "I thought GR said...". I was suggesting you not attack him b/c he questioned your bff. That's all. I had no interest in digging up an offhand comment from several days ago to see exactly what he said. You are right that GR's statement was more of an anti-Coste rant than a question about Coste calling his own game. Who cares? Please go back to gratifying yourself to Chris Coste's yearbook photo.

DavThom: Given the generally banged-up condition of Ruiz, I would be in favor of making Coste the starter at this point, if only to see if his game-calling skills can improve this pitching staff. Not for the rest of the season, perhaps -- Ruiz has a shot at a longer career, naturally, and you wouldn't want to bury him on the bench -- but at least for the first couple of weeks after the All-Star break. A .500 record isn't going to make the playoffs, there are no magic acquisitions on the horizon, therefore something new must be done with the players on the roster. Makes sense to me, but I doubt it will happen.

I realize Wagner wanted out of Philly, though again, it seems that was partly the team's reluctance to make the highest bid for him. Given the comments he's made since leaving I'm not sure he was a perfect fit for this town, but then he hasn't blown any big saves in NY; their fans can be just as unforgiving as ours in that situation. My point was that in this park, this team will have to pay top dollars if it wants pitching talent (note that I said talent, not mid-range mediocrities like Eaton and Lieber). It's easier and cheaper to find a top reliever than a top starter.

P O'Neill -- You really showed your true colors in that last post -- ie. the "yearbook photo" crack, and whatever "bff" means.

That chidlish stuff has no place on this board, and detracts from any credibility that your baseball-related comments might have -- and that's too bad.

Alby -- You make a solid point, and I agree that Ruiz should be considered to be the Phillies' starter overall for the next few years -- and after watching Jaramillo play in Ottawa back in April, I am convinced that Jaramillo's arm and bat are far below Ruiz's. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, Ruiz and Coste should be the catchers on the team, period. I can't see any upside at all in keeping Barajas -- and I don't consider Barajas' $3-million contract to mean that there is any "upside" in keeping him in Philadelphia.

Dave: At this point, Barajas' presence is what allows Cholly to use Coste as a pinch-hitter, on the principle that, in case of injury, you should never use your last catcher.

ALby -- You may be right about that, but Manuel has said that he likes having 12 pitchers on the roster -- and with 12 pitchers and Barajas on the 25-man -- after Werth comes back (and that's another story) -- Gillick will likely ship Coste back to the minors -- and that would deprive the team of a valuable pinch hitter and catcher.

It doesn't seem like the GM is working for the team anymore does it? And I don't think musch will be done at the deadline anyway, either buying or selling. Why? Simple. The Phils don't have the trading chips that it takes to bring in a top-notch starter or reliever at this point. And the players that they possibly would want to move nobody wants. The team for the most part continues to lose games it should win amd nothing's going to change. No font-office shake-up. No manager or coaching staff firings and no major changes on the field. Rowand's gonna walk. I keep a spreadsheet on their salaries just for fun. For next year including Thome, I've got them at around 64 million. With players who'll leave or not be re-signed, except for Howard, I believe they'll be around 80 million for next yearas only marginal players (cheap) will come in. So expect more of the same. IF the manager and GM leave in the off-season, things will be worse.

For all of Charlie's faults, I just can't get after him for his handling of the bullpen this year. I was at the Detroit game, and that was one time I would say where it seemed pretty obvious(as in, the entire stadium knew while it was happening) he was making the wrong (ie making too many) moves.
Other than that though, usually there is no right move to make. He leaves Moyer in against the Reds, and he walks the bases loaded. He leaves Kendrick/Lieber/Eaton in to hit for themselves, and it becomes clear quickly the next inning that they're done. He takes Kendrick out after a 6th inning where he struggles somewhat, and our bullpen does what they do. There just is no correct decision when you have a group of relievers like ours. Romero vs. Atkins could've had the same result as The Gut vs. Hawpe.

But if we never sign Barajas, and Coste is there to block the plate against Ramirez and Myers doesn't have to throw that unnecessary pitch against Florida, well.. things could be a little different.

Also, I'd fire Dubee. Not sure what he brings to the table.

Dave, I don't think we'll see Werth again. I'm assuming a Hollins-type problem there -- chronic bad wrists take a long time to recover from. It's not as if they've got to rush him back because he's so valuable.

DPatrone, if we ever hand out an award for the most pessimistic poster, you get my vote. Why do you assume they won't be able to spend the extra $10M to reach the current approximate budget? Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just interested in how you reach that conclusion.

At the time, Alby, the Phils could not outbid the Mets. They were still paying Mike Lieberthal, and David Bell millions. And when we are all on this same boat next year, we'll end up with the Eatons, Miltons, Garcias, and Liebers again because of Pat Burrell's millions. These guys of middling talent and mega millions do not permit the owners/GM to get into bidding wars with clubs like Atlanta, the Mets, the Yanks, and Boston.

Mike H.: Sure they could have. The issue wasn't dollars, it was years -- the Mets were willing to go one higher. As for not being able to get in bidding wars with clubs, only Boston and the two New York clubs operate in a different payroll bracket than the Phillies. The Braves ended their free-spending ways years ago, when Turner sold out to TimeWarner/AOL.

Alby: I agree with every single thing you posted on this thread.

BrianG: I even agree with YOUR posts. Go figure.

davthom: I'm waiting for P O'Neil to have some credibility with his baseball related comments. Let me know when it happens. Although, in his defense, he's not nearly as out of it as SirAlden.

RSB: I'm the last person to defend Cholly. He's a HORRIBLE in-game manager. But I have no problem with him lifting Romero vs. Atkins. Romero is horrible vs. righties. As I posted in the previous thread, every righty becomes Albert Pujols vs. Romero. Alfonseca sucks as a closer, but that's who we're stuck with until Gordon comes back. Instead of letting Atkins tee it up against Romero, you bring in the guy who's supposed to shut down the other team regadlkess of which side of the plate they hit. Now, if you want to whack Cholly for bringing in his other lefty, Zagurski, when he did, I'm with you. Zagurski ought to be the #1 LOOGY, which means you bring in your setup guy in the 7th and spot Zags. Yes, I know the team doesn't have a legit setup guy, but still.

Final thought: the excuse makers for management always say things like, "well the Mets outbid us for Wagner" or "the relievers available were far too expensive" or "Gillick's hands were tied because of Wade's bad contracts." These excuses are BOGUS. This team plays in the third largest market in the country among one-team markets. Their revs are in the top 5 overall. The cost of players is what it is. You either pay up -- for draft picks, free agents, traded players under contract -- or you lose. It's not an act of nature. It's a conscious decision.

Tonight's game: Rodrigo Lopez is the essence of mediocrity. He gives up the long ball and his K/BB ratio sucks. A good offense should eat him alive. If our old geezer can go 7 and leave with a 5-run lead we should win this one by 1 run tonight.

I'm with you on that one, Clout. Moyer may be a geezer, but he's OUR geezer. 7-3 Phils.

Clout I don't always agree with your posts but today I believe was one of your best posts

Thanks fljerry. I loved that Bourn picked up your bunt sign last night. I'm guessing he carries either a BlackBerry or an iPhone to monitor Beerleaguer in the dugout.

Coste is starting again tonight behind the plate. Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for Rod. It should have been the end a while back. I am not a Coste lover like some, but I would take him 100 games out of 100 games over Barajas back there. Got to win tonight with Eaton up tomorrow. I have no confidence Eaton will have back to back decent performcances.

If starting Coste three games in a row isn't a message to both Barajas and Gillick, I don't know what is.

I guarantee you the pitchers' comments have a lot to do with it.

Yes indeed, Cholly is making it real hard for Gillick to send Coste back to Reading. Once again, the move was about a week late, but for Cholly a week late is way ahead of schedule.

Helms is a message too. Helms is going to have to handle 6-8 chances at 3B tonight, but we take the risk because we need to pile up runs.

Well at least Moyer did not get to pitch - I suppose however long the wait he will be able to start.

If Moyer couldn't go, we might as well forfeit - that 3-0 lead wouldn't survive 1/2 hr.

...but we might find out whether Anderson Garcia actually exists.

Not that we want to know.

I dont see how we cant play Helms right now. He is actually hitting. And agreed...good thing Moyer never started and expeirenced a delay, because the bullpen wouldnt have held it past one inning.

I know nothing about Anderson Garcia, but I know I would rather see him than Mesa. Ever.

that hr by howard was absolutely incredible. he had no right putting that in play, let alone out of the park.

Howard looks like he's going to be a terror in the 2nd half.

anyone know how long this is supposed to last......they havent given many details on the radio.

Ben K - some tremendous stills of lighting in the city around the time they stopped it.

However the lighting has stopped but it is still raining pretty good.

A shot before they parted with the update by Harry showed some breaking of the clouds and it was much lighter so hopefully within the next 1/2 hour.

Ben -

According to, the storm looks pretty isolated.

Thank god I watched The Transformers last night instead of the game.

We can't get Myers and Gordon back fast enough.

Although last night's game goes toward my point that I'd rather have Myers in the bullpen. Pitchers like Kendrick can be found to fill out our rotation through the end of the year. With our offense and one more addition to the staff, we have a shot if the bullpen can be anywhere near respectable.

In the offseason, the Phils can analyze the market and determine whether it makes more sense to rebuild the rotation without Myers or use return him to that role.

Hey I was reading on some trade musings. Would you trade Bourn and Carrasco for Dontrelle? My thinking is you do it if you think Myers and Gordon are going to be effective when they come back. Andrew Jones hitting around .200 and the Mets never-ending pitching woes makes me think this is the year we have a chance at winning the division.

The other musing was Burrell and cash for Colon of LA Angels. I doubt LA would do it without something else but that gets us a starter who can pitch as well as Eaton and frees up a roster spot for someone who will swing at a few pitches. Colon's contract is up this year.

J. Slocum:

Yeah, we discussed that Willis trade a few threads back. I posted it after some columnist floated it. I don't think there is any actual discussion between the Phils and the Marlins on this. I'd do it. I think Willis is still young enough to be well worth it.

> ... and frees up a roster spot for someone
> who will swing at a few pitches.

That's a recent development, i keep hearing people saying that burrell is gunshy. if that's his only problem ....

what is madson's deal? Why hasn't he been available? is the human rain delay still a possibility?

BTW, any you guys follow the Flyers. Word is they are working on getting Selanne who scored 48 goals last year and is a good friend of Timmonen,

J. Slocum, that rumor was shot down by Tim Panaccio of the Inq. But hey, it would be interesting.

Madson said that his arm felt stiff after tossing 30 pitches in the eighth inning Wednesday. Said that the second day the arm is usually worse than the day after. ( and a similiar blurb was on the Phils website at

In the same article on the Phils website it says that the Phils are planning to send Myers to Clearwater for a final bullpen session on Wednesday. feed just came back on.

Carrasco is now 3-0 at Reading, 12 total wins between Clearwater and Reading. I say bring the kid up after the all star break and see what he can do. Durbin isn't going to do it for us.

Madson is fine for a mop up role but not 7th inning or later without a 4-5 run lead. I'm so tired of him letting up hits, homers with an 0-2 or 1-2 count.

Did you already talk about Gavin Floyd's big premier with the Sox yesterday where he let up 4 homers?

Is anyone else already sick of the Phils' management and Cholly talking about Myers and Gordon? They act like these two guys are going to come and magically salvage the Phils' season.

Talk about grasping at straws believing that Myers and Gordon will:

1. Both come back by the end of July
2. Be effective
3. Be healthy

Myers has now tried several times since mid-June to throw off the mound just to get cleared for a rehab assignment. There are alot of things I am not crazy about Myers but I don't question his desire to play. He obviously has so much pain and discomfort that he can't even go an inning or two in a rehab start at Lakewood or Clearwater. That speaks volume.

As for Gordon, I have officially given up that he comes backs and contributes to this team in a meaningful way. He hasn't pitched effectively the entire season and really hasn't been healthy since last June. Maybe I am a skeptic but 39-year old pitchers with a long history of medical ailments do not suddenly get better.

Its unfortunate that Gordon has been injured but I think his FA signing is going to go down in Phils' history as one of the worst FA signings up their with Parrish, Jefferies, and Tartabull.

yeah, I saw Panaccio shot it down but Eklund posted this afternoon that is still alive and well but could take a couple weeks.

OK back to the Phils.

If Gordon comes back and is somewhat effective and the Phils can't get a starter, then I'd trade him because without another competent starter, we can't do it this year. Gordon is going to break down again, either this year or next. But if the Phillies get a starter then we need to keep Gordon and go for it, hell he can throw left handed better than Mesa.

By the way, Gillick is terrible at signing free agents. He hasn't had one good signing but he has managed to spend lots of money. We're locked into Eaton and then another year with Gordon. Thank goodness Barrajas is only here this year.

"Is anyone else already sick of the Phils' management and Cholly talking about Myers and Gordon? They act like these two guys are going to come and magically salvage the Phils' season."

It's standard Phillie B.S. As always, the name of the game is to "keep hope alive," and keep the body count high at CBP as deep into the season as possible.

It's already apparently Moyer won't be going deep enough into this one.

"If Gordon comes back and is somewhat effective and the Phils can't get a starter, then I'd trade him..."

I don't mean to sound like a jerk, but why do some of you guys assume trading someone like Gordon would be as easy as picking up the telephone? He's damaged goods, he's due a significant sum of money ... what in heaven's name makes you think anyone would take him off our hands? Get real. If Gordon comes back and can take the ball, he'll take it for the Phillies. If -- and it's obviously an enormous if, and unlikely to happen -- he comes back and posts a bundle of saves in a row and a 1.00 ERA, maybe someone would be interested as the playoff roster deadline approaches. And maybe I'll hit the trifecta next weekend at Delaware Park.

yeah, yeah, yeah. Always easier said then done but how come some teams are able to make the trades to get guys or dump guys. But you are right it would be tough to trade him without taking some of his salary next year. My point is that if the Phillies don't do something then they might as well TRY to dump some salaries.

The Phils have a $4.5 million option on Gordon for next year or can buy him out for $1 million. I'd assume they buy him out unless he comes back and is absolutely lights out for a few months (not likely).

Are these the same Phillies who put up 4 extra base hits in the 1st? Sheesh.

Hey if they buy out Tom Gordon for $1 million, they can use that money to extend the contract of Rod Barajas!

(kill me. this will probably actually happen.)

Steve Jeltz - That option for Gordon at $4.5 million ($1 million buyout) is actually for '09 and not '08. Gordon is back to the price tag of a cool $5.5 million in '08.

The Phillies bats have gone to sleep again. We need a litle something, something.

MG: You're right. That sucks.

This is remake of yesterdays game - coming out strong and ending up weak - if we don't start hitting it will end up like yesterdays. wait till relievers showup and it will be same.

This Yorvit guy is getting on my nerves.

Since this game has been kind of boring and I am taking a break from work, I though I would run some basic stats just to see how bad this current Phils' pitching staff is and I was shocked. It was even worse than I thought.

We are potentially witnessing one of the worst pitching staffs in the illustrious Phils' history. After 86 games here is how it breaks down:

422 Earned Runs, 453 Runs

At this rate, the Phils pitching staff will give up an astounding 795 Earned Runs and 853 Runs.

I went back and looked it they will be the worst season total in franchise history if the Phils keep up this pace (which is entirely possible given the current shambles the pitching staff is in).

The closest competitor will be the killer staff from 1999 which features such All-Stars as Chad Ogea, Wayne Gomes, and a pile of refuse in the bullpen. That staff allowed 788 Earned Runs and 846 Runs.

Stay tuned because you may be witnessing Phils' pitching history this season.

Lopez takes 9 pitchs to put down our 1-2-3, but out of the game for a PH. Oh to have a BP.

Meanwhile Moyer doesn't have much left here in the 5th.

interesting that both chooch and madson are unavailable.

i wonder if that would add up to a half-decent starter.

MG: You didn't go back far enough. The team record for most runs allowed is 1,199 by the 1930 team. It's also the major league record.

It's actually scary how similar this year's staff is to the 1999 staff. Both staffs have one really good pitcher (Hamels, Schilling) and one other decent starter (Moyer, Person). Both staffs also used a ton of guys in the bullpen and searched for a closer all season long. Deja vu?

Don't forget 12 blown saves. Mets have 5.

Trying to think of something good that can happen in these last 4 innings.

Thanks Alby. I don't think 1,199 runs is even remotely possible. Oh well.

Trying to think of something good that can happen in these last 4 innings.

wheeler is very positive, already giving the win to Rodriguez...

man in scoring position, Helms swings at first pitch... No discipline

this team cant catch a break....killing the ball offensivley in the first, then rain comes and now they look like they wont score again tonight

The Phillies are saving 17 Million Dollars in salaries and are able to take the payroll up to 100 million which is 11 Million dollars more then they are spending now.

Even with paying Ryan Howard next year they will have 25 Million Dollars Free.

In 2009 they will have 14 million from Burrell off the books and 7 million from Thome - for a total of 21 million - 15 million more after raises and increases in payroll growth.

In 2009 they will have the 25 + 15 million dollars (40 Million Dollars)free to direct towards Pitching and 3rd Base, and Carasco and Outman will be ready.

yes, and with that money they will sign people like Adam Eaton, Rod Barajas, and Jayson Werth

I feel better with a tired Moyer than Sanchez

Its Coste time!


Utley should work with Barajas on blocking the plate

Coste has a great arm!

Choose your poison, Cholly.

Brian Sanches coming into the game in the 6th in a one run game. Kind of sums of the season.

Pickoff by Coste at 2B Saves A Run!

$40 million for 2009, so now we don't say next year, it is in two years we'll be good. Remember, no Cholly next year.

Bringing Sanches in with men on base and gambling that he won't allow inherited runners to score is like throwing dice and needing to make double 6. You know it can be done, but the odds are against you.

I wonder how many batters Sanches walks?

Well, good thing Gillick didn't trade for any those available relievers right, SirAlden?

The entire Rock roster could be hitting .300 by tomorrow night.

unbelievable. Sanchez can't even get an out. Cholly has so little confidence, he didn't double switch. Oh that's right, he's still not quite sure about double switches.

Great catch Rowand!

Thats got to make highlights

1199 runs here we come!

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