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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Gillick's mindset: "I don't care if he beats his wife, as long as he beats the Mets."

He also said something like what he did was (paraphrasing) "it's not a big deal. I didn't kill anyone, I didn't sell drugs...".

He sounds like a jackass.

But Gillick isn't putting a Sunday School class together. He's trying to win ballgames. And like it or not, Mateo hasn't been convicted of anything yet. These are, at the moment, accusations.

Atleast the Mariner's suspended him without pay. When Myers was accused of beating his wife he started the next night. The Phils could take a lesson from Seattle there.

That said, why do I have the idea the "alledged domestic violence incident" is going to be the notable part of this guy's Phillies tenure?

Vic and Bourn to 15 day DL.


She also needed stitches in her mouth.

Anyhow, like Myers, hope he learns his lesson and more importantly for us, can pitch well here.

Bad news indeed, Enrico.

Is there a link? (Other than to

I still think the Phillies should have outright released Myers after his arrest last year.

(Although I'm so, so happy to see that Myers has matured and worked out his demons, so to speak; and I'm glad he's still a Phil now, especially an intimidating closer).

But this trade, well, ouch. They just traded for one guy with character (Iguchi) and now they take a step backward. Standard, I suppose.

Sorry - I posted in the wrong place:
The Braves also got Royce Ring - for Ledesma and Startup - is that advantage Atlanta or San Diego?

As for the outfield, I guess this means Dobbs is starting with Roberson off the bench as Burrell's 8th inning pinch-runner....

Matt Morris to the Pirates for OF Davis. Weird.

In the division, the Braves did the best overall and the Mets apparently did nothing, so I think that puts the Phillies in the best position to win this thing, because the Braves starting rotation and offense really weren't that good to begin with.

I just hope we can survive the next two weeks with all these injuries. What is the lineup going to look like? Roberson leading off?



I do wish we got something a little better (what would Marte have taken? I know Wilson was discussed, but was there any way around getting him too?), and I wish it were someone not from Seattle/Chicago/Toronto/Texas/Baltimore.

so what's the official word on all these roster moves? i've seen the following:

- mateo to ottawa...ok.
- condrey to ottawa...presumably for lohse.
- vic to DL...presumably roberson called up.
- bourn to DL...who is taking his place?

Ribbies... perhaps... although in most cases, Manuel bats the 3B ahead of the C.

Worth is activated, Mateo is going to Reading

After watching Dobbs patrol RF last night, we had to get someone up ASAP whether they hit worse than Jamie Moyer or not.

I'm sorry, I know we're all supposed to be sensitive, but unless his wife happens to be my daughter, I don't see where my outrage or lack thereof makes an iota of difference. But, as long as I'm being insensitve, I imagine the Phillies wives' seating section might end up guest starring on Oprah.

Sorry I meant Werth.

ah....i thought i read somewhere that werth was really sucking in rehab and was still in a lot of pain. if true, should be great to have him back, because he was really lighting the world on fire when he wasn't injured.

They've got to be kidding. Werth goes 1-for-10 against single A pitching and they activate him? Time to cut bait, Patsy. I'd rather see Pedro Swann.

Another one of Pat Gillicks old boys. Does anyone other than the Ms and the White Sox even pick up the phone when he calls?

Verdeforce, the Braves offense ain't that bad, especially if some players play like they historically have. Chipper, Andruw, Francouer, McCann, Renteria - They're all pretty solid or better. There biggest issue is a high OBP leadoff, but at least Willie Harris has speed. You add Teixeira in there and you got a pretty damn good offense.

Mateo to Reading? LOL! Just confirms my slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion that this team likes to call people up from there because they can use the corporate minivan to bring them to Philly rather than paying for a plane ticket out of Canada. Cheap bastards.

Andruw is just so hot and cold, as is Chipper. I'll give you that Renteria has been really good over there and I would expect Texiera to be good as well, but I'm not nearly as impressed with their supporting cast as ours and I would still take almost every Phillie over Brave position by position among the starting 8 (when healthy!).

Let's hope that changes when Allentown opens - because otherwise, they should just switch the extra A down the road since all the players are already there....

Jacobin: Actually, most teams use the team closer to home as the a rehab or "soon-to-be-called-up" location. For awhile, when the Braves had AA in Greenville, SC, it was used as the primary rehab spot for Braves players because it was closer than Richmond.

@Jacobin, my guess is, it's easier for the Phillies to keep an eye on Mateo... and if they need to activate him immediately, he's a short drive away and doesn't have to get on a plane froma FOREIGN country or anything. In addition... Plus if you were Mateo would you rather be in Ottawa or 45 minutes from a Big City.

I'm sure it's going to be a short stay in Reading for Mateo.

i think that its a logistics question. there is only 1 nonstop flight a day from ottawa to philly.

also, i think that i've read that more and more teams are using AA for prospects and AAA as a dumping ground.

If the Stanley Cup Playoff reporters were at all accurate, Ottawa is one of the coolest cities on the continent - I'd love to go there for a visit, I just wouldn't get to see anyone whose ever going to make the big league club at this rate!

Might also be that Mateo can't leave the country, pending his Septeber court date?

From the Inky:

Roster moves. Outfielders Shane Victorino and Michael Bourn were placed on the 15-day disabled list today.

An MRI showed that Victorino had a small tear in his right calf and Bourn has a low ankle sprain.

Outfielder Chris Roberson was called up from triple-A Ottawa and Jayson Werth was activated off the disabled list to replace the injured outfielders.

The Phillies said they believe Victorino will be ready to go after the 15 days, but Bourn may take longer.

Pitcher Clay Condrey was waived outright to make room for Kyle Lohse, who was acquired by the Phillies yesterday.

Geez, I said it was meant somewhat tongue-in-cheek. Sure it makes logistic sense, but they've dipped down to Reading a few times this year. Seemingly more so this year than in the past when they'd call up from Scranton.

Oh, and the Burger King jerk is calling the Braves the team to beat, so I feel even more confident that Atlanta's moves will not put them in the playoffs.

Earlier this year, someone had mentioned that most of the major injuries this team has faced (except for Howard) were in the pitching staff... and that we were lucky that it hasn't hurt the Position Players..

Now with Utley and Vic and Bourn it's spread to the position players... I hope the Bourn injury isn't as bad as I think... and worse... I don't want this to affect his actual speed? Which ultimately is his most important asset.

I don't see why people were so excited on the previous thread about Mateo. Character issues aside, this guy is definitely a "Value Village" pickup who is going to be miscast as a setup guy in this pen.

Better than Alfonseca/Mesa/Geary but that isn't saying much.

Here is a scouting report on him front late last year:

"Versatile reliever. ... Bounce-back arm. ... Can get through an order once or pitch in setup when needed. ... Commands three average- to above-average pitches, including a fastball (89-93 mph) with good life down in the strike zone, a slurvy-type slider and a late-biting split. ... Pitches inside effectively with his fastball. ... Hides the ball well; tough to pick up."

word is Gillick tried hard to get marte or torres from the pirates but they insisted on us taking jack wilson and his contract.

expect us to pick up a conine type tomorrow or wednesday.

Mateo adds depth. I expect him to stay in reading while the phils see if geary has figured it out. If geary bombs or heaven forbid we experience a new or relapsed injury we have someone better than Condrey to call on.

"An MRI showed that Victorino had a small tear in his right calf and Bourn has a low ankle sprain."

That is really terrible news. I doubt we see Bourn or Victorino again before Labor Day weekend. Hopefully they can both be back in time for the 4-game series with the Mets at the end of August.

This also means we get to see Roberson again. Ugh. Whenever Roberson comes up to bat, I make sure to do something else. An out pitch against Roberson is any pitcher who can throw an offspeed for a strike. He is useless.

Cholly is going to be looking at his bench the next couple of weeks and he is going to be seeing a bunch of crapola. I bet that Coste is used as a PH in every game where he does not start. Certainly have no faith in the other stiffs on the bench (Nunez, Werth, Roberson, or Barajas).

Sorry Weitzel - we know you liked Condrey....

Normally I would accuse the Phils of being cheap but taking upon Jack Wilson's contract would have been a huge burden (owed over $13 million through '09).

Also, I loved Littlefield's other move of trading for Morris and his huge contract. If this is a speel dial for stupid GMs in baseball, Littlefield has got to be No. 1 or No. 2 on list.

Maybe Vic and Bourn can rehab at Lehigh and use Westbrook's hyberbaric chamber.

Get well soon, boys.

For the posts about Reading vs. Ottawa and travel to the big show. Minor leaguers take their cars to their next assignment, if they can make the drive in one day, otherwise, they have to fly and make arrangements to retrieve their cars. I would imagine that they get reimbursed for mileage.

The Phillies situation with injuries is becoming a real crapshoot with too many dice.
Roll the dice on Mateo. Roll the dice on Lohse. Roll the dice on Brett Myers. Roll the dice on Flash Gordon. Roll the doctor dice on Bourn, Vic, Freddy Garcia, and Chase. Bring in Werthless, hand him the dice. Put Helms or Dobbs in the outfield, blow on the dice and roll. Like Clint Eastwood once said, "Do you feel lucky?"

The headline should have been "Phils Trade Jesus for Wife Beater"...

yeah. Littlefield is an idiot, I would like to see those pictures he has of the owners cause Cholly could do a better job GM-ing.

jon: good one!

Did he set anyone on fire? We need to fill our quota.

According to, Julio Mateo will report to Reading. He can't go to Canada because of the domestic violence case he's facing.

Way to go, Gillick. Nice to know how much character counts with you.

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