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Monday, July 30, 2007


I have been wondering about Thurston's whereabouts too. The Phils site shows a transaction calling him up, but nothing after that and no listing on any roster. Odd.

A preliminary agreement has been reached between the teams for Atlanta to receive Teixeira and left-handed reliever Ron Mahay from Texas for catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia, minor league shortstop Elvis Andrus and two minor league pitchers.

Baseball America rates Saltalamacchia and Andrus as the Braves' top two prospects in their organization.

Please note that last sentence. Is that the kind of prospects you, as a fan, want Gillick to throw at Lohse, or Kennedy, or even Reyes?

I don't.

The Rangers got the highest prospects in the Braves organization for Teixeira and a relief pitcher. Good for the Rangers. I don't believe Teixeira is going to fix the Braves, though he will help make up for how horrible Andruw Jones has been during his contract year. Teixeira in the Braves lineup still doesn't put their offense in the same conversation as what the Phillies have been doing this year. It looks to me like the Braves gave up a good bit of their farm talent for a guy who is going to cost them a lot to lock up in a new contract (Scott Boras is Teixeira's agent). I hate the Braves, but for whatever reason this move does not make me feel as though they are now the best team in the NL East.

I hate the Braves, but for whatever reason this move does not make me feel as though they are now the best team in the NL East.

I agree with you, Jacobin. As someone posted in the other thread, he is leaving an excellent hitters' park for a pitchers' park in ATL.


Teixeira home, career: .302/.378/.576
Teixeira away, career: .264/.358/.489

to be fair, his splits have been much closer in 2006/2007. (especially '06, when for some reason he was terrible at home.)

I just disagree with everyone who says this trade isn't huge. I know I posted similiar thoughts on the previous thread, but come on, the Braves starting pitching and bullpen is a lot better than the Phils and their bats are pretty good as well. Renteria is hitting top 5 in the league and I believe C. Jones was first. That Matt Diaz guy is hitting like crazy and their McCann definitely hits better than Ruiz. If it was the Phils getting someone like Tex we would all claim the Pennant won.

So uh is Teixeira a 43HR, 144RBI first baseman (like 2005, aka the last pre-testing year) or is he a 27HR, 100RBI guy as we've seen this year?

Also was he a steroid boy?

as I said on the last thread, I think the trade makes Atlanta likely NL East favorites this year. but given the situation, and assuming that Atlanta was definitely going to make a big move, this is not that bad of an outcome from our perspective.

It's a big trade, Dukes. My point is that I don't think acquiring Texeira fixes the Braves. The reliever they picked up is a nice addition, but he's not Mike Gonzalez.

My other point is that they gave up their TOP TWO prospects for a guy having an off year.

Big price to pay with no guarantee that it makes them better.

In response to Dukes, the Braves bullpen is kind of shaky... Wickman's not too good, Soriano's really been struggling, and after them it's pretty patchy. I might actually like our top three relievers better than theirs. But anyway, this may make them the favorites in the division - which I didn't see us winning anyway, but by the same token it probably bumps the Mets to the wild card favorite.

They gave up two top prospects for a guy who has been in decline since steroid testing started.

If I can echo something MG said from the last thread... parroting someone's handle for the sake of insulting them is something better suited for the Mets message boards. Let's show some respect here.

but by the same token it probably bumps the Mets to the wild card favorite.

If they don't make their own deal, that is.

Maybe I'm drinking too much of the Kool-Aid, but the Braves don't scare me.

Who did that, CJ? Am I missing something?

the steroid question is definitely the elephant in the room, but even if you believe that, it's still a safe bet that Teixeira's good for 25-30 HR plus 40-45 doubles and a .390 OBP. that's still an above average first baseman.

Bridoc10: Someone was making fun of slocs with handles like "slocs is dumb." It's a little too third grade for Beerleaguer. We can all disagree... but no need for that kind of immaturity.

I like Salty better than Andrus, but the key may be the 2 prospects to be named later. The Braves get a decent LOOGY and a guy with 35-40 HR power who at 27 is just entering his peak years. He's not a FA until end of 2008, so they get him for a season and a half at least. The guy is a legitimate star and his presence will make others around him better.

stjoeshawk: I was asking the question tongue-in-cheek. It's amazing how some folks here aren't willing to make a bold Schuerholz-type move when you have a chance to make the playoffs. Playoffs are are fairly rare around here, in case you haven't noticed.

I think we can all agree that Teixeira is a big upgrade at first base for the Braves. They were playing Julio Franco there part time, for crying out loud. Mahey is also a nice addition to a bullpen that's been questionable recently (Wickman and Soriano are not what they were at the beginning of the season).

And they managed to upgrade two parts of their team without giving up anyone who was essential to this year's team. That's a good pennant race deal anyway you look at it. Add to it that they will have Teixeira for at least one more year and it's impossible to argue it was bad for the short term.

Long term, they gave up their organizations two best prospects. If we did that, we wouldn't have any prospects left.

I agree with you, Bridoc10. This move doesn't frighten me. It makes the Braves better right now, but not so much better that it fixes the problems they've been having. Does this guy look to be an above average first baseman? Yes, he does. As far as this making them the favorites in the division, I am not willing to say that. Personally, I don't feel that there is a favorite in this division. At this point, the only thing you can really say about the division is that it looks like the Nationals and Marlins are out of it.

The Tex to Braves deal is a big deal because he improves one of their major weaknesses at 1st base, plus Mahay is a decent lefty reliever. However, I do not think this makes Atlanta the favorites to overtake the Mets.

On the Phils front- we're looking at Marte of the Buccos. He shut downs lefties and would be a great pickup because I think we'd still have him next season too. Not sure what Pittsburgh would want in return, but my guess is some MLB ready positional talent that we don't really have outside of Bourn and I wouldn't do Bourn for Marte. Now include Snell with Marte, and I'd add a pitching prospect to the deal with Bourn and we're talking.

The only positive I can take away from this is it will increase pressure on the Mets to make a move and they could wind up dealing one of their young stars, like Milledge, for a Mark Loretta type, which would be good short-term, bad long-term. It would be nice to see the Braves and Mets have a farm system almost as empty as ours.

As much as I doubt that this could be a good trade for the braves (Really? the top two prospects for Texiera and a reliever?), the Braves are as well run an organization as the Iggles. for some reason, they're always making the moves that popular sentiment says are bad, but history records as good (Millwood for Estrade, but there better examples I'm sure). For this reason, I fear for the Phils.

Interesting, Carson.

I would do that deal. Which pitching prospect do you think it would take? Outman? Carrasco? Or someone beneath them?


Who isn't willing to make a move like that? Granted, we need pitchers, not Tex, but if we can get a pitcher who would make an impact for the Phils, like Tex should for the Braves, I think the Phils should do that. As long as the "impact" player isn't Lohse, Kennedy, jennings, Towers. If they can get a real starter, who's youngish and under contract for at least another year, then it should be a no brainer.

to get Snell, you would have to include Carrasco. maybe more.

I think I'd do that easily, though. Snell is very good. pairing him with Hamels would be sick.

A little help here...

A quick Google search on the internets revealed this list, dated January 2007:

1. Carlos Carrasco, rhp
2. Kyle Drabek, rhp
3. Adrian Cardenas, ss/2b
4. Edgar Garcia, rhp
5. Scott Mathieson, rhp
6. Josh Outman, lhp
7. Michael Bourn, of
8. J.A. Happ, lhp
9. Matt Maloney, lhp
10. Greg Golson, of

Anyone have an updated version?

Source: Baseball America

I think that the question that KevinLin brought up is the central one to this debate. Which Teixeira are they getting?

2006: .282/.371/.514 33hr 110rbi
2005: .301/.379/.575 43hr 144rbi

60 points slugging 10 home runs and forty rbis is a pretty significant difference.

Wow, some idiot on the radio just suggested that Charlie Manuel needs to be considered for manager of the year since the Phillies have suffered so many injuries, but are still in the hunt. I can only assume this guy hasn't actually watched Charlie manage (I'm not sure I've seen Charlie manage, since it seems inappropriate to call it managing.

Have to disagree with people who don't think the Texiera trade is huge for the Braves. Once again Schuerholz found a way to fix a gaping hole for the Braves and I would hate to bet against him.

Here are some reasons to like this trade:

1. The Braves have had horrid production from their 1B baseman this year. Here are the numbers:

106 G, 383 AB, .211 AVG, 12 HR, 41 RBI, .633 OPS

Just plain ugly. Hell, the Braves were so desperate for help that they using a living fossil in Franco. Even if Texiera hits something like .280 with moderate power down the stretch he is a huge upgrade offensively and defensively. Plus, the Braves need an additional threat against LHP since A. Jones has struggled so much this year.

2. I bet that Schuerholtz is going to take A. Jones' money this year ($13.5 million) and use it to invest in making a legit run at Texiera this offseason. I doubt that Scherholtz would have made this trade unless he likes his chances of signing Texiera long-term.

The Braves will get some decent compensation picks for A. Jones when he leaves this offseason and the Braves are definitely better off investing in Texiera for the long-term than A. Jones.

3. Mahay was probably a throw-in from the Rangers to grease the wheels but he definitely will help the Braves this year. Braves really need a LOOGY to counter the Phils and Mets' left-handed bashers in the pivotal games down the stretch. Guaranteed that Howard will see Mahay at least 3 or 4 times this year yet.

4. Braves gave up alot of their top-rated prospects but this a curious deal by the Rangers' GM, Daniels. Saltalamacchia fills a hole at C for the Rangers they have had since I-Rod left but Andrus is a head-scratcher. Rangers already have a SS (Young) locked-up long-term. Rangers will probably him to a different position.

This deal really hinges on how the 2 pitching prospects help the Rangers. If neither guy pans out in the long-term for the Rangers, then this was a bad trade for the Rangers.

5. Regardless of this trade - the Braves will go as far as their two old stalwarts (Chipper and Smoltz) take them. Smoltz is still their ace and Chipper is the biggest offensive threat.


Not that it matters at all, but the Sporting News gave Manuel the 1st Half Manager of the Year award. People just look at the injuries and the standings when considering awards. Not all the day-to-day weirdness.

MG: Good post, good analysis.

"Day-to-day weirdness" is certainly one way to put it.

This is pure speculation, but think about this: Marte and Snell to Phils for Bourn, Carasco, and possibly another player like a Segovia/Yoel Hernandez type guy. Pirates need a leadoff hitter and CF...hello Bourn. They would love a stud pitcher in the minors...hello Carasco. They need bullpen help...hello Yoel.

We'd then have a nice young talented starter in Snell who we would keep beyond this season and Marte who is still signed through next season I believe.

If that deal were to go down, we'd then be the favorites in the NL East. To replace Bourn we swing a deal for a 4th outfielder...there'll be plenty available in August.

I wonder when the other shoe drops and the Mets make their move. I would be amazed if Minaya doesn't do something to help the Mets out by at least getting another solid bullpen arm at a minimum.

MG: regarding Andrus, he's young and toolsy, so I don't think his position is really much to worry about.

Rosenthal says Atlanta is close to closing a deal on Dotel, which would make this an awfully good day for the bad guys.

Carson: Snell is one of the few guys I would really break the bank for (much more so than, say, Willis). the big question is his availability...he's still so cheap and his price will only go up.

Rosenthal is reporting that the Braves are close to getting Dotel as well. This race just got a whole lot more interesting (depressing) for the Phightins...

Jayson Stark also reporting that the Phils are closing in on a deal for Kyle Lohse.

"3. Mahay was probably a throw-in from the Rangers to grease the wheels but he definitely will help the Braves this year. Braves really need a LOOGY to counter the Phils and Mets' left-handed bashers in the pivotal games down the stretch. Guaranteed that Howard will see Mahay at least 3 or 4 times this year yet."

Looking at his splits, Mahay doesn't appear to have much of an advantage vs. LHB. In fact, in 2007, he's doing better against RHB (.224/.359/.368 in 92 PA) than LHB (.250/.310/.406 in 72 PA).

if they pull dotel, it may be over in the east.


Atlanta gets Tex and Mahay, and possibly Dotel.

and we get Lohse...kill me now!

Dotel's numbers this season:

2-1 3.91 23.0IP, 24 hits

Can someone tell me how he is the second coming of Dennis Eckersley?

If they can get Lohse without giving up Bourn or carrasco i'll be happy. But nothing is going to be able to counter punch the Braves picking up Texiera, malay, and now Dotel. They get him they are good for at least a wildcard spot.

I'm reposting from the other thread. First I didn't say trade Victorino and Bourn. I said trade one or another. I've explained why I would target Minnesota above.

Second, I didn't say trade Ruiz and Coste in the same package. But teams often like to receive someone who is playing in the majors now along with prospects.

Third, other teams have expressed interest in Ruiz, that is a fact. Not top quality interest but interest as part of a package again. And yes, catchers like him are common but not as common as you think or Lieberthal and barrajas wouldn't have jobs.

Fourth, LA Angels traded Molina and then their catcher got hurt and now only have one catcher with Major league experience. Perhaps they might be someone to talk to about pitching for a package with a catcher. I'm not sure E. Santana for Ruiz, Segovia and a position prospect?

Finally, what is this we don't want to trade our top two prospects. That is the wrong attitude. The attitude should be we don't want to trade them if we can't get better. Trading Bourn or Carrasco for Lohse, Kennedy and other slop is a mistake. For someone like the Card's Reyes - needs to be thought about because he likely won't help much this year. However, if we can get a guy that is here for at least this year and next and is an impact player, we need to make the trade. All the good teams have made big trades with their prospects and are still good. I would argue since not many other teams are willing to trade their best prospects, if we are willing we might be able to get an impact pitcher who is under contract. Think if we had traded Gavin Floyd for a player that would have helped us the year the Phils choked against Florida the last week (was that 2004?). Remember, ball players don't see Philly as a winning town. Many have us on no trade lists or have no interest in signing here as a free agent. It isn't just the small ball park, it isn't only the tough fans - rarely making the playoffs is a reason. The point is, to win you need to take a chance. Trading good players for good players happens, it is the way most teams work. Trading potential for reliability happens every year and it works for some teams. Who would you rather have Andy Marte or Edgar Renteria - the Braves figured Renteria and it looks pretty good right now. Bourn's value is very high right now. he is a 4th outfielder and Gillick isn't going to want an outfield with him and Victorino everyday, he has stated that.

The Phillies know how to score runs but we don't have enough pitchers. We need to trade offense to get better at pitching. Obviously, we don't give up our top prospects for some cast offs but we can get players. Everyone said that Atlanta wouldn't get a pitcher from the Rangers and they were able to.

As for Salty, where does he play? 1B is Tex until 2009 season and McCann just signed a long-term deal for catching. Kind of like Bourn, where does he play if Gillick doesn't want to speedy, no power guys playing in the outfield.

MG: Good analysis... but as everyone suggests the Braves will use their Andruw Jones money on Teixeira, I'm not so sure. First, the CF market might actually lead Jones back to Atlanta for something in the $15 million a year range, especially considering his production. I think I saw Buster Olney or someone talk about this.

Second, even if they let Jones walk, they have to replace him and there was a lot of talk of bringing in someone like Torii Hunter so they'd need that Andruw Jones money there.

Third, don't ignore the Baltimore factor. Most people in baseball expect him to land there in another year no matter what.

The longer-term impact of this trade on the Braves' farm system is going to be interesting though. They did give up a lot of their highly-ranked prospects and if they trade for Dotel they will probably have traded at least 4 or 5 of their top 10 prospects.

I don't know if the Braves will be able to rebuild their farm system as successfully though as they did in the past. Moore ran the Braves' farm system the past 12 years until he left to take the Royals' GM position this past spring. Moore also took some of the senior farm system people with him to KC.

On a side note - A Dotel to the Braves trade would be very fascinating since I guarantee you Moore knows the Braves' farm system inside-out. I would be very curious to see what prospects Moore would demand in return. Bet he gets a better return dollar-for-dollar than Daniels did with Texiera. Schuerholtz won't be able to hose Moore.

Dotel isn't a shutdown reliever, of course, but another reliable arm in the bullpen is nothing to scoff at.

Lohse doesn't help us as much. He is basically an Eaton 1 good game 2 bad, 2 good, 1 bad... Also how does that help our bullpen? Durbin hasn't looked very good in relief. Eaton takes an inning or two to warm-up.

bridoc: You left some things out: 29 K in 23 IP and 11 for 14 in save opps.

Not the second coming of Eck, but he's a definite upgrade. Would be here, too.

Dotel has been really good this year. Although coming into the season, he was a huge question mark. Word is, he's worked on getting more ground balls and that's made a huge difference. He will help their bullpen and I'd love to have Dotel.

Only benefit for me of him going elsewhere is I've stashed Soria on my fantasy baseball roster and now he'll be the Royals closer!

I'm a bit late to the day's discussions, but I'd like to revert to the Phillies' bullpen for a moment. Clout said "reinserting Geary into pressure spots will guarantee late-inning losses" - but this was hardly the case down the stretch last year. Geary was the single most important reliever for the Phillies in the second half of '06, and it wasn't even close. Obviously, the flip side is that he's been terrible this season. *But* (said with Peter Gammons inflection) if he can come back and start hitting his spots and getting people out again, the Phillies might not miss Madson nearly as much as a lot of people think. I think he has it in him. We'll see.

Have to think Michael Bourn is the guy who will go when the Phillies pick up their big-deal sub-.500 pitcher that won't make the slightest bit of difference to this team's playoff chances. Hope it makes everyone giddy with anticipation for three days until the pitcher makes his first start and gives up 5 runs in 6 innings. It will be a disgrace. I do not comprehend all the people who insist *something* has to be done even if in fact it will be a completely stupid, lopsided trade that will benefit the Phillies marginally if at all in the remaining eight weeks of the season. It'd be one thing if the Phillies were able to get someone who could really help them win now. But they aren't. Why pretend that a "move" equals improvement here?

Meanwhile, as Bridoc said, the Phillies have been playing the best ball of the season, 9-2 in their last 11 games. It's the Phillies, so I can't really believe in them, but they have a better shot to reach the playoffs than they've had at August 1 the past two seasons. Since the second half opened, they've really been rising to the occasion. Let's see if they can keep it going.

Slocs: Eaton is 9-6. If Lohse gives us that, I'm down, no matter how ugly it looks.

Also, Lohse isn't quite as up and down as you say. Three of his last 5 games have been good. He's scheduled to pitch against the Nats tomorrow night.

W's are W's, but they were playing the Nats (struggled to win 2) and Buccos.

I hear you, Clout.

I guess my post was in response to the Chicken Littles around here who said the division race ends if Dotel goes to ATL.

How anyone can feel that certain at this point in the season is beyond me.

RSB, I don't really disagree with your conclusion, but who exactly is "insist[ing] *something* has to be done even if in fact it will be a completely stupid, lopsided trade that will benefit the Phillies marginally if at all in the remaining eight weeks of the season"?

I mean, I realize you're exaggerating intentionally, but I don't think that's even a fair caricature of any posts I've seen.

RSB: Geary has had one really good year out of four. It's a bit of a stretch to think that's his norm, especially since lefties hit .348 (.922 OPS) off him in that good year. I know he's one of those guys we all love, but, again, reality trumps emotion.

Finally, since you don't think they need to make a move, then you think they can make the playoffs as is, no? Or would you prefer they miss the playoffs again?

The good news is stark says Lohse for a prospect - that will likely not be Bourn, Carrasco or Outman so we'll see.

And yes the PHILLIES HAVE to GET BETTER. The people in the "Win Now" camp are not saying "so anything" we are saying get better. The Braves are getting better, the Red Sox, may pick-up Jermaine Dye and you know the Mets will get better as well. The Cubs have Kerry Wood coming back this weekend. Getting people better than Mesa, Condrey, Alfonseca isn't saying get Gagne or Johan Santana. We are saying get better. If we can trade to get a Blanton, Willis or Reyes but the cost is way too high, we can think about that. But we should be able to find a few arms a little better than the Waiver Patrol in our pen. Do you guys all have confidence Myers and Gordon will both be pitching in September? I'm worried both could be back on the disabled list by the end of August the way Charlie will churn them up, protecting 5 run leads and pitching them 3 out of 4 days.

not saying "DO anything" is reporting Kyle Lohse to the Phillies has happened. The trade was for a "prospect." Anyone have any idea on the prospect?

Link please, Bentz.

clout - I agree about Geary.

I think that Alfonseca's foot bothers him, Gordon and Myers are tender, Mesa's arm is dead, Geary hasn't the confidence or the talent, ditto for Condrey. We need someone in the pen, more like two guys.

ae, I don't feel that's an exaggeration. These are some of the statements I just read this morning:

"95% of this board has been looking to upgrade this 'pen via trade and now Gillick almost HAS to do something." - Willard Preacher

"We need to bring in an arm and we need to bring it in now...Gillick's got to find a way to do something." - CJ

"The Braves ALWAYS do something. The Mets will too, I'll bet. What are the Phils doing? 'Standing Pat' of course!" - DPatrone

"Do you honestly think this team can make the playoffs without making a move?" - clout

Getting Lohse does not inspire great excitement in me. The guy has a 6-12 record with a 4.58 ERA. I'm not seeing the improvement over the outings J.D. Durbin has given us (not saying he's great either). I'm okay with improving the team, but I'm not seeing this as a real improvement.

And, I find Dotel to Atlanta to be more worrisome than their adding of Teixeira.

RSB, this is kind of a pointless, semantic argument, but I still don't see posters clamoring for a "completely stupid, lopsided trade". maybe I'm just too literal.

MLB Trade Rumors says Maloney for Lohse.

ae: I think RSB is saying most posters here are clamoring for a move. He is also saying he thinks such a move would be stupid and lopsided.


OK, pharmhounds...what do we think of Maloney for Lohse, if this is true?

it's actually Ken Rosenthal reporting the Maloney.

although I would have much rather gone after a groundball pitcher than a flyball pitcher, I'm not that opposed to Lohse, he's been much better than his record indicates. I don't think Maloney is that much to give up, considering the market.

ae: I would do Maloney for Lohse in 2 seconds.

Lohse for no one is fine with me. I don't think he'll have a long leash considering the way KK and Durbin have pitched. Lohse will be given his shot, but this team just can't afford to let him pitch if he can't improve upon what we have.

Let's hope it's lighnting in a bottle.

Lohse gets 3.69 runs per game in support. only 7 NL pitchers with 100+ innings have worse run support.

RSB: You cherry-picked a quote from me. Put it in context with all I've been saying and you'll see there's no way I'm clamoring for a lop-sided trade (unless we're on the lop side).

I say moves like we just made can't hurt (in theory), but could help. I have NEVER supported moving guys like Bourn or Carrasco for middling pitchers.

clout - Geary had two good years out of four. In both 2005 and 2006, he was below the league average in ERA. Additionally, his ERA+ was 122 in 2005 and 157 in 2006.

So considering that he was below average in his first full season and then above average in his next two (which was the previous two seasons), I don't think it's too crazy to think that he could be a useful relief pitcher for the rest of the year.

"Finally, since you don't think they need to make a move, then you think they can make the playoffs as is, no? Or would you prefer they miss the playoffs again?"

I don't think you'll find anyone here who prefers that the Phillies miss the playoffs. But personally, I don't see how adding Lohse puts them that much closer. Having said that, I don't think we can really make any definite statement until we see who they're giving up. If Dubee has another kid in the system & we can trade him, I'm all for it. If they're talking about Bourn, I think it's a bad move, as I think that Bourn as the 4th outfielder + Durbin as the 5th starter is better than Lohse in the rotation & someone below Bourn's level as the 4th outfielder.

Lohse still brings an ERA significantly better than 9-6 Mark Eaton.

How bad can that be?

"MLB Trade Rumors says Maloney for Lohse."

And that sounds fine by me.

Lohse has had four starts in June - and has gone 2-2. One win was a great start - 9 IP, 4 H, 1 ER against Arizona in an 8-1 win. He pitched well against Milwaukee in the other win, was mediocre against the Mets and terrible against Florida. He was also brilliant on June 30 with a 7 IP, 5 H, 1 ER performance in a 5-1 win over St. Louis. He got beat up pretty well in interleague play and pitched one or two other excellent games - May 28 a 4-0 CG over the Pirates and looked great against the Phillies in the Friday night game in April (the one where the Phils took a 1-0 lead to the 9th and Flash gave up the Hatteberg HR). If you take out 3 bad starts against the AL (CLE, OAK and SEA) and a mediocre one against the Angels, he hasn't been too bad against the NL.

Maloney might be the Phillies 4th best pitching prospect, after Carrasco, Drabek and Outman. You can make a case that Happ or Mathieson is better, which would put Maloney at #6 among pitching prospects. I also like Drew Carpenter and Edgar Garcia as sleepers, although would not rate them higher than Maloney right now.

stjoehawk: ERA is a meaningless stat for relievers.

Meant July in my last post...2-2 in July. Who does he replace in the rotation? I'm guessing Durbin for now???

clout: That's not quite fair... ERA is a pretty good stat. Not necessarily definitive... but it is important to find pitchers who avoid giving up lots of runs!

New thread alert... come on over...

if maloney for lohse is correct - there is no way you can complain about that deal.

BAA .280, Whip 1.34 Era 4.58.

33 Walks in 131 innings is the big stat, I think. Thats a perty darn good walk rate. We have solid defense out there but a small home ball park so you just cant give up walks. Look what KK has been able to do because he throws strikes. This is a solid deal if it turns out to be true.

I think it is a good trade - it gives us depth without giving a way a top prospect. However, we still need another arm in the bullpen. What would The D-Rays want for Al Reyes? Probably too much as they always ask for too much.

Prices seem to be coming down. The Mets are getting Castillo for two prospects (ie. non-prospects), we got Lohse for Maloney (a nice prospect but not Carrasco or Bourn).


Phillies highest-ranking minor league replacements – WERE Sandoval and Thurston

there is a reason for this. Ed Wade/Dave Montgomery, and the Gang of seven "inherited wealth" Owners.

Losing High Round Draft Picks for marginal free-agents, and trading away minor leaguers left the cupboard bare.

That is being addressed; now both Rookie, Low A, and High A clubs are stocked, and now the talent is percolating up to AA Reading.

I think Saltalamacchia is one of the most solid catching prospects in the majors. He has some great power and I think will be an all star. He broke in against the Phils if anyone remembers. He was clearly blocked by McCann and the braves had to make a move.

That being said, the Rangers need pitching so badly and the braves have it. How can they not come away with a decent pitcher for Teixeira?!? I think that this will be a good deal for both teams, but the Rangers still should have looked for pitching.

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