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Monday, July 16, 2007


Who would you rather have? Adam Eaton for 3 years 24.5 million with an 8-6 record 5.98 era, 1.54 whip, and a .225 average as a hitter or Justin Germano who we let go at the end of spring for free at $380,000 and a 6-3 record with 3.55 era, 1.13 whip, and a .333 average as a hitter.

F-U Pat Gillick!!!

Do we really need a 10 million dollar closer next season in the form of Brett Myers when our rotation will look weaker than Nunez's bat? If we were going to blow that much cash on a closer Billy Wagner should have been retained. Let me remind you that Myers isn't exactly tried and proven as a closer, he could still falter big time. I know moving him back to the rotation will take extra time on the DL, but c'mon we need a 5th starter and we have the beginning of the season's "ace" slotted for the bullpen. Won't really need a closer too many games with the way this starting rotation pitches.

There's nothing more valuable than a guy who can give you 7 innings every 5 days. This is Manuel's final legacy: a starter wasting away on the DL or waiting for a "save" opportunity that rarely comes.

Ten thousand losses is a testament to fan loyalty and passion despite lousy ownership! They know and history proves that we are loyal to a fault and will come irregardless of the teams shortcomings! Are we suckers or eternal optimists? Both is my answer! If losing builds character..we ARE the best fans on planet earth. Take a bow!

aug 4th 100 yrs------w.johnson vs. ty cobb

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