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Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I guess this makes Rowand even more valuable in the free agent market... and, possibly, makes Bourn more valuable in a trade if someone was hoping Ichiro would be available.

My preference at this point, is to let Rowand walk, get the draft pick, and give Bourn his shot at CF absent some signing that would enable us to move Victorino to CF.

SportCenter also ran New York (Post?) odds on where A-Rod will be next season, making LAA 4-1 favorites. He's a perfect fit there; they need both 3B and a bat. Phillies did not crack the top 10, last on the list was San Francisco at 50-1 odds.

Torii Hunter is another player who stands to benefit. He picked a good time to have a career year (19 homers, .556 SLG at the turn!). The Ichiro deal is reportedly $100 million.

Just to pick up on my discussion with Cunningham, CJ and RSB on the last thread, who seem to be of the same mind on this, then you gentlemen would say that the Gillick Era has been an "improvement" over the last couple years of the Wade Era, correct? And you don't mind that there are fewer wins because now we have leadership, correct?

Regarding the last thread... wow, a little all star break boredom has us trading J-Roll and Howard? Yikes.
J-Roll has been defended well. I would say he's a top 2 or 3 SS (better D than Ramirez) in the NL. His contract is great. He's got a great attitude. Also, he's only 2 months older than Ruiz.
As for Howard, I think Alby threw that out there simply to get a rise out of people(which is always fun). Of course he's tradeable. He was the best hitter in the majors last year and only costs $1 mil. We also own him for the next 4 and half seasons without having to say a word to his agent. Unless we're getting Santana and Morneau, trading him would be positively idiotic.

What does one have to do with the other, clout? The leadership has improved while the overall quality of the roster has declined. It's pure sophistry to claim that the decline of the team's record proves that the concept of 'leadership' is therefore meaningless.

If the "improvement" was in "leadership"(in the team only, not ownership), I'd say it's improved.


Who suggested anything about comparing eras? Unfortunately, Utley, Rollins and Howard can't do it alone.

They present a better nucleus of young talent and leadership than the Phillies have had in decades.

Is anyone actually crediting Gillick for this?

Besides, in the 145 games since jettisoning the leadership vacuum that was Bobby Abreu, the Phils have a .545 winning percentage... better than any full season this decade. So maybe there has been improvement.

RSB: I guess I'm saying that I care about wins, which is the bottom line for any team. I could care less what kind of leadership those wins come with. You can keep your leadership. I'll take players who can bring me a pennant.

If the "improvement" was in "leadership"(in the team only, not ownership), I'd say it's improved.

CJ: Last I checked, the won-loss stats only mattered in individual years and after 162 games, not certain months in certain years. How we doin' on that front?

Boy, clout, you are in a fight-picking mood today!

When all the other posters referenced 'leadership' as being a positive, I think you'd agree that it's better to have it in a locker room than not.

Your point about real success being defined by wins is valid.

Also, leadership is no substitute for talent.

However, I would posit that you have to have some of the former to go along with lots of the latter to win a championship.

AWH: I agree with everything in your post. I'm just giving a hard time to some of the Gillick excuse makers who are still selling the tired old story that this team is better since Gillick took over.

Clout.. on the "leadership" discussion, I think you're arguing with yourself. No one's saying that. I will say that the character makeup of this team is way better than those teams. "Leadership" has helped our offense out a lot I believe. We score runs more consistently (not as many 13-2 wins followed by 3-2 losses), and this year we're hitting better in all the "clutch" categories than we do on average.
The bottom line with this year's team is pitching. We just don't have enough good pitchers, specifically in the bullpen. Like you've pointed out plenty of times, if we had even an average BP we'd probably have like 6 or 7 more wins.
And the point of my post here is that I don't think it was a choice between good leadership or good pitching. One area has simply been improved while the other hasn't. The reasons for these changes (be it injuries, Gillick incompetence, etc.) notwithstanding.

Wow, clout... let's not say anything positive about the Phillies. God forbid someone suggest there is better leadership on this team... after all, they haven't won a World Series!

clout: what you care about and what was actually being discussed are two different things.

There is such a concept as breaking down the different components that go into a win and a loss.

"The leadership has improved while the overall quality of the roster has declined."

That doesn't seem too hard to understand does it?

Clout... who is making any apologies for Gillick?

What the f*&% does he have to do with Utley or Rollins being team leaders?

Then you say you can only measure 162 win seasons... yet you're bitching and moaning about the record after 88 games.

If you're going to pick a stupid fight, at least be consistent. Otherwise, you just sound like a whiny little kid.

clout, anyone who thinks this is a better team than the one Gillick took over is surely delusional or on some type of halucinogen.

And I thought the trading Rollins discussion was stupid.

Now we're not allowed to compliment a player on his leadership abilities.

You guys kill me.

CJ, no name calling!!!!!!!! Mommy won't like it.

CJ: I'm talking about the past 3 years. Now answer me this: What was the team's record in 2005? How about 2006? Now look at 2007. What direction would you say the team is going in?

AWH: I agree, so we better ask CJ what he's smoking.


Who suggested that this team was moving in the right direction?

We were discussing the leadership qualities of players. Are you honestly suggesting this team had better leadership in 2005? Really?

Are you completely unable to concede that while the leadership on this team has improved, the talent level has dropped?

Who can't see that?


Find me somewhere... anywhere... where I suggest Gillick has improved this team.

Find it. And then get back to me.

I just went to the FoxSports All Star Game Trax and they have the All Star Box score setup and line-up with Utley batting 8th and Peavy starting, but what's weird is they list relievers and the first name mentioned is our own injured Flash Gordon. We have entered the Twilight Zone!

CJ asks "Who suggested that this team was moving in the right direction?"

Well, CJ, you did! "Besides, in the 145 games since jettisoning the leadership vacuum that was Bobby Abreu, the Phils have a .545 winning percentage... better than any full season this decade."

It's getting a little rowdy in here, isn't it? Don't make me turn off the lights.

Jason: You need to close the open bar by 8 p.m.


You're the one who wanted win-loss numbers. I gave you some. You discounted it.

I, again, want you to find where I give any credit at all to Gillick for improving this team.

Any improvement in W-L percentage is a direct result of the players we have in spite of Gillick's inability to improve the talent level on this team. And their leadership is a big part of it.

I'm not sure why I'm even bothering... there doesn't seem to be another person on this list who understands clout's point in the least.

The leadership on this team has improved. The talent level has not. It wasn't Gillick who improved the leadership... it was players like Utley and Rollins stepping up.

That some people can't understand this point makes me wonder about their intelligence level.

CJ: So you think the team IS moving in the right direction?

The Phillies lead the NL with RISP/2 outs, and they lead the majors in come-from-behind wins. That testifies to a character that was not present the last few seasons. Without it, the Phillies would be much closer to Washington and Florida instead of Atlanta.

Obviously, talent trumps leadership, and I'm not saying you have to go to war with 25 Rex Hudlers. But it helps, just as a lack of character can hurt. The Phillies are presently unable to overcome their vast pitching deficiencies, and no amount of heart can get them very far from .500. But what I'm saying is, it could be worse. Much worse.

Since Clout isn't going to admit he was making a somewhat nonsensical and inconsistent argument (it's ok, we've all done it), and instead is making up arguments for us... we should move on.

I'll give my summary of the ruiz/happ for weather/lohse rumor.
I'd prefer to give up Jaramillo obviously, but I'd do Ruiz if they insisted. If he was 24 I'd say no way, but he's 28. I really like the guy, but it's not like he's a superstar. Lohse is probably as good as Adam Eaton. Looking at his starts, he's been inconsistent, but with Eaton's run support he could be 9-6. Weathers is such a ridiculous upgrade to our bullpen, and he's cheap for next year.
That said, I only make the trade if I know Gordon and Myers are coming back healthy. If they are, we can still win this year.. if they're not, then it's pointless, bc I'm in the camp with whoever said we're about 2-3 relievers away.

RSB: The RISP/2 outs stat is a measure of character? So teams that do well in that stat have character and teams with weak character do poorly in that stat?

You better call Bill James. You could be creating a whole new era of stat analysis.

I agree that there's more leadership on this team than in years past. but I'm sorry RSB, this metaphysical "character that was not present the last few seasons" argument is ridiculous.

you know who's second and third in RISP/2 outs? Houston and San Francisco, two teams noted for their excellent leadership and character. especially SF, what with noted team leader Barry Bonds.

Florida's gone from 3rd best RISP/2 outs OPS to worst this year. where did their character go? (wait, I know this one. Girardi, right?)

in 2006, Philly was 3rd in the league in late & close OPS but last in RISP/2 outs OPS. did they only have character in late innings, but not at other times?

clutch statistics are inherently suspect to dramatic swings based on nothing more than luck. the reason this team wins lots of come-from-behind games is that it A) has an excellent offense and B) has terrible pitching. not because of "character."

I do not see how anyone can say the leadership on this team has improved? Gillick has not improved this team so why is he any better than Wade. Cholly is liked by teammates but I see Bowa as a better mgr. Nobody can tell me team has better leadership now than prior.

player leadership, fljerry. not the management and Manuel. you'd have a hard time finding a beerleaguer claiming that either of those are improved.

Is leadership the right word, or do they have players who simply play harder and have better motors? Utley, Victorino and Rowand are non-stop, newer additions who play harder than anyone from the previous era (Lieberthal, Abreu, Burrell).

Did anyone catch the All-Star Simpsons intro with Chase Utley? Nice.

On a total non-Phillies note, the supposed 5-year, $100 million dollar is the latest in a series of lengthy, terrible contracts by Mariners' GM Bill Bavasi.

Ichiro is having a great season but his OPS has only been slightly above league average the past year twos (109). Plus, Ichiro is still a very good defender but he is no longer the amazing defensive player he was 2 or 3 years ago.

Ichiro is going to be 34 this fall. Paying $100 million to a guy who will be 34 this fall and who exclusively relies upon his legs to fuel his game is a really risky proposition. I bet the Mariners get left with a real stinker of a contract the last 2 years.

With Ichiro's contract next year, the Mariners will probably have to move some salary. It is highly unlikely, but I would love to see the Phils take a run at trying to acquire Adrian Beltre. Only has 2 years left on his contract after this year at $12 million/year. Beltre's RH bat and solid defense would go a long way to solve a glaring hole at 3B for this team.

I forgot. We have Wes Helms signed next year. No need to acquire a guy like Beltre.

I can't imagine Beltre is only 12 mil each of the next two years. He's at 12.9 this year, and I'd imagine that will increase.
But even if it doesn't, I don't think it makes sense to go after him. While 3b continues to be a black hole for us, our offense overall is fine, and will be approximately the same next year. If we have 13 mil sitting around next year, that should go into pitching.
I'd throw 5 years 100 mil at Zambrano. He's still young and he's a legit ace. Of course, it's gonna take 7 and 140 to get him, but I'm just sayin...

...and the last thread was one of the most congenial debates I've ever seen on this site.

Brian, not sure where you're getting your data, but Cot's Baseball Contracts - probably the most reliable source on the internets - has Beltre at $11.5M (est.) this year and an estimated $12M in 2008 and 2009. he had a $7M signing bonus that puts the total contract AAV at $12.8M; maybe that's what you were seeing.

I've been posting that getting Beltre in a salary dump would be a great addition to this team. his 2006 and 2007 numbers are pretty similar (about .270/.330/.470), right around an .800 OPS - nowhere near his nightmare 2005 season. you can bet he'd hit better in CBP against NL pitching, plus he plays great defense. if I could get him without giving up too much of value (probably increasingly unlikely though, since he's been hitting much better since 2005), I'd go for it in a second. Burrell for Beltre? I'd drive Pat to Seattle myself.

uh, that's a lot of typos. should've said "the most reliable source for contract data". also should've said "I've been posting for a while".

just to comment on previous posts this afternoon regarding Rollins as a future HOF and potential 3,000 hit guy...ARE YOU CRAZY!!! lol...thats too funny...sorry buddy but he aint going to get 3,000 hits and when you consider HOF you look at how he compares to other contemporary players in his era who play the same position...honestly how does Rollins compare to ARod, Jeter, Visquel, Reyes, Cabrera, Furcal, Guillen, Tejeda, Ramirez, Renteria, etc? Not too favorably not to mention i'm not sure if he's ever won a gold glove and maybe has only two all-star appearances. THere is a derth of talent at the position for SS during Rollins era which will certainly hurt his eventual chances. While a very good player, I would be more than willing to bet that in 20 years, Rollins will not be one of the guys argued about for HOF consideration.

In another side note I just was thinking about some of the alleged big name guys involved in the Steroid controversy of the last twenty years....both Giambi's lol, Bonds, O's scrubs (Tettleton & Brady Anderson), Dykstra, McGwire, Canseco, Belle, Juan Gonzalez, Bagwell, Palmerio, Sosa, Luis Gonzalez. I can take solace in knowing that while these guys most likely cheated only four of them ever won a world series ring. Dykstra pre steriods with the Mets. L. Gonzalez with the overachieving D'backs. Canseco & BigMac with the underachieving A's. So while they put up some massive #'s their teams success was ultimately unaffected. Peace out

I bet Chase is batting 8th because LaRussa wants to bury his replacements, Sanchez and Hudson.

SS Tejada(rumored)

Dude: I suggest you look up the definition of "dearth." I do not think it means what you think it means.

ae - Thanks for a couple of additional points. Plus, getting Beltre would allow the Phils to let Rowand walk and play Bourn in CF next year.

Beltre's offense would offset Rowand's production and this team would be better defensively (something that has been overlooked in general the past two years with this team).

Can we all agree on this:

The Phillies went into the offseason with the highest scoring offense in the NL, and glaring weaknesses on the pitching staff. Management chose to spend money to upgrade upgrade positions like catcher and third base rather than spend money on relief pitching.

They did try to improve the rotation through a trade and an FA signing, but that hasn't worked out as they had hoped, some of it due to their own negligence when making the trade.

So, was it prudent to try to upgrade the offense through mid-level signings, or should the money have been spent on RP?

Many here were arguing during the offseason for the pitching, and they have been proved correct.

Going into this off season, it seems the same weaknesses will need to be addressed. Has management learned anything? Bill? Monty? Pat?? Ruben?

BTW, if Montgomery was not lying (questionable), and Gillick has "payroll flexibility" to add needed parts at the trade deadline, was that "flexibility" available to Gillick during the offseason? If so, why wasn't a greater attempt made to bring in quality relievers?

Good point on getting Beltre while Rowand walks. That makes sense.
Only problem is what are we giving up for Beltre. No way they'd want Burrell, and we don't exactly have a deep farm system.

FYI, I am, supposedly, one of clout's "Gillick defenders," but rarely if ever mentioned by name. You're not alone, CJ. Do I care? Not really. I'm not dead and I don't take halluciongens. There's no need or desire on my end to defend shabby, ineffective management. But arguments are fun and drive up the comment numbers. I'm all for that.

Meanwhile, Joe Buck is praising the resurgence of the Seattle Mariners. Ha!

Ae is correct on this one, Dude. Dearth means the exact opposite of the way you are using it.

On a more substantive note, you say that, in evaluating a guy's HOF credentials, you compare the guy to his contemporaries. That's true, but it's also true that certain milestones are almost guaranteed to get you to the HOF -- and 3,000 hits is one of those milestones. You categorically say that Rollins "aint going to get 3,000," but what's your basis for this assertion? His age & present pace put him ahead of many of the players on the 3,000 hit list & right in line with many of the others.

Adrian Beltre isn't very good, isn't remotely worth his salary & isn't what the Phillies need. The Phillies have plenty of offense & should still have a decent offense next year, even if Wes Helms is the starting third baseman & the OF is some combination of Vic, Bourn, Dobbs, & Burrell.

By my calculations, the Phillies will have about $25M in spending money this off-season -- more if they are able to unload contracts or if ownership ups the payroll to keep up with inflation (though I'm not holding my breath on this one). Every penny of that $25M needs to be spent on pitching.

I need Bonds to STFU.

Just threw Beltre out there but the Phils desperately need a 3B since Helms has shown he is only an adequate right-handed bat off the bench.

Plus, if the Phils do resign Rowand it is going to cost them somewhere in the neighborhood north of $8 million and maybe evne has high as $10 million. Contrary to popular opinion, an outfield of Bourn, Burrell, and Victorino will not give you adequate production.

If you give me Rowand at 3 years/$27 million or Beltre at 2 years/$24 million, I go with Beltre because the Phils have a viable option in CF next year. Don't have one for 3B.

A platoon of Helms & Dobbs would not be the worst third base situation in baseball. Would I prefer an upgrade at third? Absolutely. But, considering the Phillies have only $25M in play money, I just can't see throwing nearly half of that money at a 60th percentile third baseman.

It's going to be tough to improve their starting pitching, but there are some pretty decent relievers who will be available in this year's free agent market. They should make it their goal to sign at least 4 of them.

Meant to add that the dropoff in the production of a Burrell, Bourn, Victorino outfield would only be offset by a signficant offensive upgrade at 3B or C.

BAP, you have good points on Beltre. I can definitely see the argument against him.

but how much pitching is going to be available? it's all good and well to say "every penny needs to be spent on pitching," but for the most part the FAs who can actually improve this team just don't exist and 9 times out of 10 they end up exponentially overpaid (would we be that much better off if we had signed Zito? or Schmidt? or Baez?). stellar defense from 3B would be a big help for the pitchers who we do manage to convince to play in CBP.

BAP, I ask sincerely: what relievers are available that the Phils should go after?

Yeah actually a platoon of Helms and Dobbs would be one of the worst 3B situations in MLB. Horrendous D that would be capable of 30-35 errors and I am not sure Dobbs will produce again next year (or even in the second half) like he has done so far.

Plus, I am not sold on signing 4 relievers. Still think the Phils are going to need at least 2 starters next year even if they move Myers back into the rotation and the Phils are likely to only fill one of them internally.

We could go after Linebrink, although I'm always weary of guys from San Diego. Fransisco Cordero is out there too, but let's see how he does the rest of the year. But yeah, those are the only two I could see us actually getting that we'd want to get.

For the rotation, Schilling wouldn't be a bad guy to throw a year and 15 mil at.

AWH: Excellent post above. Anyone with brains would agree with those points.

BTW I couldn't help but notice the contrast between A Rod waltzing into a sure out at home and Pete Rose in the 1970 All-Star game putting a body slam on Ray Fosse. If the players don't take this seriously, why should we?

Wow, both a C & C Music Factory reference last thread and now a Princess Bride reference in this thread...never thought I would see that on Beerleaguer.

BAP: While I agree 3B is not a high-priority issue for the offseason, I'd be interested in Beltre in the right deal. He might be only a 60th percentile 3B, but that's a significant upgrade, on both offense and defense, from what we're currently trotting out there.

Bay - damn i had a poor word choice as noted. still I think your stats on Biggio are off. He was 28 when he got his 1,200 hit not 31 as you indicated.

Makes sense the best hitter out of the starting nine gets the fewest at bats. Nice work, LaRussa.

Also, how hilarious would this game be if it were in Philly? What with the keyboard delay for "God Bless America?"

Its all Monty's Fault. The guy is a stone faced lier. Did anyone see that BS on Sunday Sports Final on channel 10?

Biggio was 30.

I just caught some of the Leyland interview with Joe Buck as Beckett finished off Griffey.

It sure would have been nice to see what Leyland could have done with this team the last few years.

He is a player's manager but also is a good in-game manager unlike Manuel and knows what it takes to get to the playoffs and WS.

I kind of like Manuel as he is not a bad person but he is a bad game manager who has gotten better at our expense.

It would have been nice having Leyland the manager and Manuel hitting coach but that would make too much sense.

It is always coulda, shoulda, woulda when discussing the Phillies.

Haha Wagner just gave up a homer.

I just learned that Utley likes to dance at weddings.

Thanks Fox, now I know much more about baseball.

John from the NE,
Could you elaborate on the BS on Sunday Sports Final, please?

McCarver just said Alfonso Soriano weighs between 155 and 160.

I know he's stupid but is he also blind?

hey if the NL can pull this off, the Phils will have home field in the World Series!!

and that means Werth will only have to play a max of 3 games in LF when we use the DH in the AL park for games 3-5

A-Row coming up with bases loaded in the bottom of the 9th, NL trailing by a run.

Entertaining finish.

But--come back, bases load, need one, and let down.... It's only ironic that a Fightin' was the one to end it. :)

Damn, was hoping Rowand could drive in the win there.

strangly, i noticed my hands sweating when rowand came up like it was a real game.

Ae: I will have to find the list. I do recall seeing the list somewhere and it seemed to me there were quite a few pretty decent arms out there -- both relievers & starters. Of course, some of those guys will resign with their old teams, but we should still have pretty good options.

I'm generally opposed to the mega-contracts, as more bad than good usually comes of them -- especially when you're dealing with pitchers. But, with sound personnel decisions, the Phillies should be able to substantially address their bullpen/pitching needs this off-season, without having to give out any Barry Zito-like contracts. That's the good news. The bad news is that I don't trust anyone in this management team to make sound personnel decisions.

Dude, I ran a double-check & Biggio was 30 when he got his 1,200th hit -- not 31, like I said the first time, but also not 28 like you say. He got his 1,200th hit during the 1996 season & he was born in December, 1965.

I hate to say this about one of our guys, but how does LaRussa leave Pujols on the bench in that situation with the bases loaded - I think even The Penguin Redux would have understood being pulled there.

The White Sox have optioned Gavin Floyd back to AAA Charlotte. Floyd got lit up in his only appearance this time, a start, with these numbers: 0-1, 9.53 ERA, 5.2 IP, 8 hits, 6 earned runs, 4 home runs, 4 walks, and 2 K's.

So was that finish a portent, or an omen?

from rotoworld:
Albert Pujols was upset with manager Tony La Russa for not playing him during Tuesday's All-Star game.

"This is the All-Star Game," Pujols said. "He's the manager. He can do anything he wants. But if I wasn't expecting myself to play, I wouldn't have come up here. I'd rather stay home with my family. That's the way it is." La Russa responded to Pujols by saying, "Albert was the guy who was going to do whatever we needed. If Albert doesn't understand that, I'm surprised and disappointed. It isn't that tough a thing. I explained his role to him before the game."

Was LaRussa trying to win this game? Chase batting 8th is a joke we all know, but not using Albert Pujols and reserving him like he's Scott Spezio. Also, why was Freddy Sanchez on the squad? Why was Barry Bonds batting 2nd? Why was Beltran batting 3rd?

I hope all this BS between Pujols & Larussa spills over into Philly on Friday. I will be at the game on Sunday and guess who I get to see pitch? Adam Eaton. I feel like I have been to everyone one of his home starts...I have yet to get a Cole start!

BAP & ae: Here's a partial list of pitchers who will be free agents at season end. Some of these guys have team or player options, so could be off the market. I'm leaving off obvious crap like Josh Fogg and Jamey Wright.

SP: Zambrano, Jennings, Glavine (player option), Maddux (team & player option), Schilling, Rogers, Wakefield (team opt), Wolf (team opt), Benson, Byrd (team opt), Clement, Colon, L. Hernandez, Thomson, Tavarez, Milton, Pettitte (player opt), Wells, Lohse, Ohka.

LHRP: Affeldt, Fultz (team opt), Guardado (team opt), Myers, T. Miller, Mahay, Martin, Villone.

RHRP: Nathan, Linebrink, Hoffman (team opt), Isringhausen, Gagne, T. Jones, Rivera, Wickman, Piniero, Benitez, Borowski (team opt), Riske (team opt), Reyes (team opt), Dotel, Alfonseca, F. Cordero, Julio, Kim, Hawkins, Timlin, Seanez, Springer.

My guess is that it will take $150M to sign Zambrano, so the folks who were happy the Phils didn't spend $3 or $4 M on a bullpen arm this past off-season should be overjoyed when the Phils wind up signing someone like Ohka or Tavarez instead of Zambrano. I hear Ohka and Tavarez are good "character" and "leadership" guys too!

When Rowands was batting last night, I flashed back to thinking about normal games and I realized that, to me, Rowands is not a fearsome hitter. I had no confidence that he would come through. His failure probably cost him money. If he had made the game winning hit, his market value would have improved. With his dorky shoulderless Ron Cey penguin batting stance he probably lost money. He've been better off if LaRussa had not picked him, or if LaRussa had trotted out Pujols in that bases loaded situation. I think LaRussa is starting to phone it in.

Rowand took a first-pitch fastball right down the middle. I knew he was in trouble after that.

...and I too was nervous like it was a regular Phightin game. I had a feeling when he was in the hole he would come up with the game on the line. At least he didn't K.

Although this will be taken as heresy by SirAlden, CJ and several others, this Sam Donnellon column in the Daily News is must-read:

Sorry the link didn't post properly for some reason. Trying again:

OK, let's try breaking the link in half:

I agree, when Rowand came up at the end, I was nervous for him b/c of the situation and b/c he seemed out of place. Good for him getting there.

I can't say I was nervous when Rowand came to bat last night but I can understand why others were. After all, had he gotten a hit, the Phillies would get home field advantage in the World Series.

I realize that this is completely out of the question and it will never happen. But with talk of AROD opting out of his contract at the end of the year, can you imagine what our infield would be like with him at 3B. It would be unbelievable

Clout: Pretend for a moment that the Phillies would/could make a run at Zambrano. Would the dugout incident with Barrett worry you at all?

tim -

if we're going to dream about free agent 3b's, let's go for cabrera :-)

The dugout incident with Barett and Zambrano would not worry me at all, especially if Barajas was still on the team.

We all know Barajas can't take a hit so, it would be funny as hell, especillay if Shane Victorino was the one who would have to get in between them.

I know its probably wrong of me to revel in Barajas taking a shot to the face, especially from a teammate, but thats pretty much how low I am on the guy.

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