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Sunday, July 08, 2007


As curt mentioned in the last thread, the Myers/Gordon timetable is Aug 1 now. In another week I wouldn't be surprised if it's Aug 15.

There is no way Phils can pick up a decent starter and if for some reason they do they still have no short relievers. So in my estimation even with Myers and Gordon you can kiss this season goodbye. Too many teams in the playoff picture to pass.

If the Mets keep winning at their current pace they'll win 90 this year. To win 90, the Phils would have to match Boston's 1st half win percentage (.616) the rest of the way.

I see we're resting Rowand for the All Star game.

And, hey Rod, sorry about those 3 Coste starts.

Myers threw a bullpen session with no setbacks to his arm. Another good bullpen session in a few days, and he can start his minor league rehabs starts.

What's the contract status on this Aaron Cook? He sounds like the perfect CBP pitcher.

Good Ben. Keep fingers crossed.

I definitely will. That's the first good news on the Myers front since he went down. A healthy Myers and a Gordon who can actually get people out will be huge. It will push everyone else back to the 7th at the earliest and Mesa out of town. I would feel much better with a bullpen of Myers, Gordon, Alfonseca, Romero, Zagurski, and Madson.

95% of major league catchers would've reached that wild pitch

Clout - The Rockies announcers agree with you

Even the Rockies catchers are dogging Brajas.

I think the bullpen is distorting our vision and judgement on the reality that our starting pitching is responsible for our .500 winning percentage.

The bullpen is the exclamation point in OUR PITCHING SUCKS!

A reason the METS have been successful is that Maine, Perez, Hernandez, Sosa have been horses despite a very average year from Glavine (Pelfrey has kept Phillies in the race while Perez and Sosa have been hurt).

Comparing the staff:

GS 17 / ERA 2.71 / WHIP 1.14 / BAA 2.14
GS 18 / ERA 3.72 / WHIP 1.21 / BAA 2.54
Very close, slight edge to Maine.

GS 19 / ERA 4.36 / WHIP 1.37 / BAA .269
GS 18/ ERA 4.43 / WHIP 1.30 / BAA .263
Pretty similar - call it a draw.

GS 15 / ERA 3.14 / WHIP 1.16 / BAA .207
GS 17 / ERA 5.67 / WHIP 1.49 / BAA .272
NO CONTEST - HUGE Advantage Perez.

GS 13 / ERA 3.22 / WHIP 1.14 / BAA .210
GS 12 / ERA 4.73 / WHIP 1.45 / BAA .293
NO CONTEST - HUGE Advantage Hernandez

GS 11 / ERA 3.92 / WHIP 1.21 / BAA .234
GS 11 / ERA 5.90 / WHIP 1.60 / BAA .318

GS 8 / ERA 6.10 / WHIP 1.67 / BAA .294
Kendrick & Myers
GS 5 / ERA 4.40 / WHIP 1.40 / BAA .280 KK
GS 3 / ERA 5.50 / WHIP 1.47 / BAA .250 Myers
Slight edge Kendrick/Myers

*Not all numbers reflect stats while starting such as Myers whose probably got much better while pitching in the BP.

Obviously with the ballparks are much different but one can say the Mets have gotten some quality starting pitching one through five in the rotation which is remarkable.

We have gotten quality starting pitching 1-2 at best although Kendrick is making a nice case at 3 which is pretty rotten despite the injuries and expectations.

I check out some of our stats for away games and surprisingly there was not much improvement and some were actually worse!!!!!!

Wagner puts the exclamation point on how well the pitching staff has been for the METS.

Clearly the Mets rotation has been better this year, but I don't think anyone expected that of that rotation. That rotation was considered the Mets weak point prior to the season. To their credit, it has been a strong point.

JB - Surely you're not trying to suggest that we're more than 1 pitcher away from winning this thing?

You might also want to give some props to those Mets relievers who managed 10 shutout innings last night.

EATON needs to go.

5 games without surrending a HR
0 games without a walk
3 games with one walk
3 games with two walks
7 games with three walks
3 games with four walks
1 game with FIVE WALKS!
4 games with more than 6 innings pitched
5 games with 2 or less ER
6 games with 5 or more ER
2 times during year his ERA was under 5.63
5.22 - his lowest ERA floor during the year

He might be more criminal than Burrell with his salary versus performance (but not as bad a GARCIA).


This is a pretty impressive team. NL West puts the East to shame all of a sudden.

JB: where's he gonna go? Who's going to replace him?

Eaton already over 50 pitches

soon be bullpen time!!!

JB: Eaton will drive anyone insane. How many hitters in this game has he had buried in a pitcher's count and then let them get away? I bet more than half the hits and walks have come from batters with 2 strikes. His inconsistency is maddening.

curt, SirAlden will get all over you for saying it, but you are 100% correct. The wild card this season will come from the West. Toughest division in the NL.

RSB - Good question.

Put in the bullpen, he is less damaging there.

Bring up Happ or Maloney and roll the dice.

Jason called it when he said Durbin was an Eaton clone which means he might be a rich man some day.

Phitting that EATON will get the 10,000th loss.

I still think that Barajas is a good defensive catcher, but it's interesting that with that hit Eaton's batting average has almost surpassed him.

Oh, in case you forgot - Fire Manuel and Dubee.

Bourn has Cook all bollixed up

Finally on the board - maybe Coors is just set up for come from behind wins....

Utley and Howard with really nice approaches there, big 2-out RBI hits.

In a better world our pitcher wouldn't give those runs right back.

That's twice already PtBB has hurt us in LF.

I wonder how the Soul are doing...

Phillie pitchers have at least been able to cure Helton's slump.

..and Atkins as well.

At this rate, the organization is going to have to resurrect the Hot Pants Patrol. They need something--anything--to keep fans minds off the sad state of this team.

Verdeforce -- Barajas a "good defensive catcher"? -- What about the Eaton "wild pitch" earlier in this game? The guy may have the potential to be a "good defensive catcher", but he has not been one for the Phillies this year -- and he's hit .172 for literally the past month.

His hitting deserves to have him on the bench - but I like that double play! Thank you Rod!

and Barajas only hitting 5 points higher than Eaton

Depending on the finish, Eaton's first half ERA is inching damn close to 6. I wish the Phillies had enough depth to perhaps challenge him. But they don't. His job is totally safe. I'd rate the Eaton acquisition as a C-, based on the fact he hasn't broken down. See. I can be positive.

nothing like a completely healthy 6.00 era starter to cheer you up!

The Phillies need to put Barajas on QVC and see if anyone calls.

Jason - you are breaking your own rule - on the day they signed him they had very little choice - Wolf had chosen the Dodgers over the Phils and there was no reason to think the Garcia deal was going to come to fruition. I still think with a good pitching coach, Eaton could be a solid 5th starter. Mazzone is probably available....

Fire Manuel and Dubee.

Pat the Bat with another homer on this road trip - I think he's out of his slump.

Rollins needs to run here.

With one more run, the Phils will lead the league at the All Star break in come from behind victories, not bad for a team roundly criticized by its fans and trying to fight off its 10,000th loss until after the break.

Jimmy- keep wearing the high socks.

I get the feeling that Barajas stole a bike from one of the Rockies broadcasters as a kid. We don't care for him, but that's because we've been able to watch him for half a season. They seem like they've got a beef with him. Then again, the saw him for five years as a Diamondback.

Rollins hasn't been running much for a couple of months now.

I'd put Eaton on a 150 pitch count today.

1-2-3. Dare I believe my eyes?

curt: It only took Eaton 5 innings to find his command.

No walks for Eaton yet - that will be the kiss of death ONCE it happens.

Sorry for all the negativity - I think the fans need the all-star break as much as the players.

JB: Thanks for the research on the Mets vs. Phillies starters. It illustrates the old cliche, that the fish rots from the head.

On Myers, I find it amusing that we're now getting excited about a bullpen session. Wow, he threw 20 pitches without pain for the first time since the injury. I realize none of us is a doctor, but does that really sound like someone with a healthy shoulder to anyone?

Someone wanted to sh*tcan Eaton in favor of "Happ or Maloney." Maybe Clout can explain for me where Happ's prospect status comes from; I just haven't seen it. He got several starts in spring training and wasn't impressive in any of them. His minor league numbers this season have been unimpressive, and his one ML start was unimpressive. I'm not saying he'll never be a major leaguer, but he sure doesn't look ready to me.

4 innings. Sorry. He's thrown so many pitches, it seems like 5 innings.

Pat with another hit

Eaton's got to be allowed to go until he gives up a run. 3 days off here; his arm won't fall off if he goes over 100 or 110.

Dobbs seems to have used up the magic.

Ugh - if Barajas doesn't get a hit here he will fall below Eaton!

Way to save face Rod.

Jason, I think that if Eaton gets a C- instead of a D, it's for his hitting.

Eaton is going to keep challenging Rod to stay above the Eaton rather than the Mendoza line! Eaton's at .225 now! They need to keep him in the game for his bat!

Alby: Happ has been hurt. He really is a quality prospect. He should not have been recalled when he was as he hadn't gone more than 4 innings in his prior 3 minor league starts since he was just trying to get his stamina up after being on the DL. He's a soft-tosser for whom command is everything, but he's very projectable. He had a very nice year last season at 3 levels. Obviously, he should NOT be pitching for the Phillies until he is 100%. He also could use a full season at AAA. Maloney is even less developed. My bottom line is: Neither Happ nor Maloney should replace Eaton this season.

Eaton not letting Rod beat him. He is now .225 to Rods .215

I agree, Eaton has to be on a 125-130 pich count. If gets to the 5th, he usually settles down and starts to mow them down but Charlie will have him out before the bottom of the 7th - he's got Madosn availoable and it is his turn to blow the game.

I wonder if the fact that Eaton and Lieber pitch to Barajas most of the time and they lose so many guys after going 0-2 and 1-2 counts is part of his fault. He never sets up much of a target - he looks lazy back there.

He deserves a C+ for 2 reasons - his hitting and his avoidance of the DL - Wolf the guy we all preferred over him is back on the DL.

2 great ABs for Jimmy today...rare.

Great at bat by the one guy who mosts deserves to be going to the All Star game but isn't - Jimmy Rollins. This is about the 3rd year where he is our most clutch hitter! Yeah Phils - Eaton is poised to get the win now thanks to his hitting!

Almost another run caused by Steve Smith.

Bourn.... Take a pitch, ouch

Slocum - The Rockies announcers called him lazy earlier, I think on the missed wild pitch

FYI: If you are not watching the game on TV, Bourn's out was a bunt that he popped up.

What's the thinking behind Bourn bunting with 2 outs and the pitcher at third?

Hah hah. perfect. Maybe we need to hire some of the Rockies announcers as scouts.

Need to not let the Rockies get it right back

Not a fan of that bunt play at all. I'm not sure I'm ready to see this much Bourn at the top of the lineup. There's been several games with little or no production lately.

Wouldn't it be incredible if Jose Mesa got loss #10,000? That would be so fitting.

Buehrle resigns with White Sox

verdeforce: Regarding the All-Star team, which of these shortstops is having a worse season than Rollins: Renteria, Hardy, Reyes?

It would be perfect for Mesa to get it but I predict Madson in about 45 minutes.

Ricky Ledee designated for assignment. I recall some conversation about him in the last Mets series. Could we use his LH bat off the bench?

and another name that comes up - Robinson Tejeda - has been sent to the minors

Ledee? Why not? All baseball refugees welcome at CBP. Can he pitch?

I know this is heresy, but Burrell wouldn't have to pick it up all that much in the second half to end with numbers very close to what he finished last season with.

jobbers: In a word, No.

I'm taking a poll to see who will be giving up the tying run and the winning run for Colorado. I was gonna pick Madson but it would not be fair since I now saw him warming up

Tejeda could go right in our rotation as well. Already has the standard Phillie ERA - ~7.00

Yay players! Helping with the tarp.

Well Eaton's done, now comes the bums.

I've never seen anything like this.

y is bourn trying to bunt with 2 outs and men on 2nd and 3rd???????????????????????????????????????????/
who called that one

It is so frustrating watching Eaton pitch, He is so nonchalant and flippant at times about his crappy performance this year.

I can't believe he hasn't faced more scrutiny this year from the fans. The only positive for Eaton has been that he has avoided his annual trip to the DL and this is still plenty of time for that to happen.

EATON HAS BEEN ONE OF THE WORST STARTERS IN THE NL. He has not even pitched effectively as a "5" yet he is getting paid more like a 3 or 4. Yeah, he has 7 wins but that is because his offensive support per start is among the best in the league. If he was playing for a team with an anemic offense (like the Pirates), he would probably be 3-8 or something close to it.

And to think we get to watch this loser for the 2 next years. Guaranteed your #3 starter next year is none other than Adam Eaton. He deserves to be in KC or Tampa Bay where no one cares if he gets $6 or $7 million to put up pedestrian numbers.

Bourne to me is starting to hit as expected, ie not well, average down to .247 now

seen anything like what? just cut away from the entire Phillies dugout helping the Rockies' crew put the tarp on the fields.

That's the most exciting play I've seen the Phillies make in weeks and I don't even get to watch it.

What if Hamels wrecks his elbow carrying a sandbag?

That's the kid of afternoon storm I remember from spending a few summers out there. Nice to see the Phils ccome and help the groundscrew out; having dealt with tarps like that before, it is pretty tough to do, and even worse with the kind of wind they have out there.

Maybe we get lucky and the call the rest of the game and avoid the bullpen. I'm writing Selig and proposing 7 inning games.

Kudos for Eaton with tarp

ZT: The wind picked up so strongly that the grounds crew could not hang onto the tarp as they unrolled it. Some of them got stuck underneath it and it was blowing all over the place. The Phillies and the umps came out of the dugout to help get it under control. Now theyare grabbing sandbags to place on the dges of the tarp to keep it from blowing. it's raining cats and dogs.

davthom: I didn't see Coste out there with the tarp.

J- Classic.

Seems fitting that the first standing ovation this team has deserved all year came for rolling the tarp onto the field.

Well, we'll never know if Cholly would have sent Eaton back out.

The rain may have cost us 2 games this weekend.

Johnny Goodtimes, I'm laughing outloud!

On WPHT they just said that Gordon made his second rehab start today and that they're not sure about Myers. As we pointed out yesterday, it sounded like Myers next BP session will be next Wednesday in FL.

Mets have lost. Is there anyone here who thinks being back 4.5 games based on how our April went wouldn't be solid?

I think Coste had his hand in the tarp rescue. He--as well as many other Phils--was dripping wet when they showed the dugout on TV.

To win today, the Phillies need 3 shutout innings from the bullpen. Odds?

At least Cholly & the "braintrust" have lots of time to think about who's going to get those last 9 outs. I'd love to hear that discussion.

Thanks clout.

Clout - Just keep prayin' for more rain.

Phila fan in dc... yes, as awful as this season seems so far, being 4.5 or 5.5 GB at the break after the horrible April and tons of pitching injuries is pretty stunning. Thank goodness the Mets and Braves have stunk it up lately.

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