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Monday, July 30, 2007


Frankly, I never like another team in a game against Hamels.

I also think seeing Lilly a second time will help. Any word on how Phils fare against starters in their 2nd or 3rd starts against us?

Ryan Howard has been hitting lefties well recently. Let's hope he can keep it going.

CJ, I'm with you. How can you bet against the Phils with Cole pitching ? The Phils win 2/3 of his starts.

Not that it hasn't been beaten to death but... I really like the Lohse trade. I did a comparison a little while back and with Eaton's run support up to that point he would've been like 9-6. He has shown the ability to pitch well for stretches (see: April), and his very good ERA against NL teams is a good sign. There's no guarantee that he'll be better than Durbin would, but it's probable he'll be at least a win better and very possibly more. Durbin DID just give up 5 runs in 5 innings to the Pirates, who combined to score 1 run in the series other 22 innings (ie they suck). We didn't give up Carrasco or Bourn, so who cares. Lohse at the very least adds depth. I want to try and win NOW, while we're 1.5 and 3.5 back with two months to play, not sit around hoping some average prospect is half as good as Randy Wolf in 3 years.

Very nice, Brian G. I'm on board with you.

The Phils have taken on about $2.5M in additional 2007 salary with Lohse and Iguchi. From all reports they have a hard limit. They must be close to it now.

What in the hell was Victorino swinging at? We're going to miss Utley on this road trip.

I think it was MG on the last thread who said Lohse probably wouldn't add more than 1 or 2 wins to the Phillies total this year.

How many wins short of the playoffs were the Phillies in 2005 and 2006?

The Mets have traded for Luis Castillo.

Just out of curiosity, why was J-Roll stealing third with two outs and Howard at bat?

Really wish Rollins had gone deep after getting thrown behind. I think that was a bad idea by Lilly. If Rollins wasn't pumped up for this series he is now.

MAW - probably with the Howard shift on, it was a very low-risk steal. Wasn't watching carefully, but Rollins might have been closer to 3B than Ramirez.

Ruiz taking his cuts as always. Wish Coste was in there.

Move Burrell up in the lineup already. He's better at getting on base than all but eight guys in MLB and Charlie thinks it's a bright idea for him to bat sixth in front of the dregs of the order.

Tray: That's an excellent point. Why waste it so far down, where the other two aren't hitting?

His OBP definitely warrants being up in the lineup. Shame he's a base clogger, otherwise he may look really nice in the 2 spot.

Vic, Burell, Rollins, Howard?

On paper, it looks great. But on the basepaths ...

Tray - I'd also love to see how Pat would react if he had some protection. He's not getting very many good pitches to hit and being very selective - hence all the walks and singles to opposite field lately. Maybe he's wearing the contacts?

Yeah, move Burrell up ;/ How about move him to another team, he is horrible.

No Wheels tonight? Bless us all.

But then again, someone has to hit 6th ...

Sutcliffe on Lee's catch:

"I don't know if there's another first baseman in the game who can make that play."

Howard did yesterday.

Gotta hate that Steve Smith.

How does he not score on that, wasn't he running on contact?



Row Row!


OK, Maybe a good move by Steve Smith not trying to score him. Rowand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, this ain't Mother's Day Ted Lilly.

Smith is still an idiot... but yes, way to go Aaron. THAT's why Burrell is hitting 6th.

I love the fact that I live 10 blocks from Wrigley Field but can't watch the game because its on ESPN and I don't have cable.

I thought Blackouts used to work the other way around...

Burrell can bat third then. A .418 on-base percentage is a terrible thing to waste, no matter how slow its owner may be. He's the only guy in baseball with his kind of numbers batting sixth.

If they played Coste more the bottom of the order probably wouldn't such a black hole, and we wouldn't be having this Burrell discussion....

Billy Mac - "The Phils have taken on about $2.5M in additional 2007 salary with Lohse and Iguchi. From all reports they have a hard limit. They must be close to it now."

There are a few valid reasons that Gillick could state for not making another move (e.g., teams asking too much, nothing available that substantially upgrades our team). However, a payroll limit is one BS excuse is one I don't want hear.

This team is selling out lately and is on pace to have over 3 million in attendance. That generates into at least $8-$10 million in additional revenue this season. Taking on another $3-$4 million is not going to imperil any budget cap.

Cole looks locked in. I like how he threw inside to Lee and Lilly like that.

Hamels ERA is now lower than Lilly's - 3.57 to 3.58

Since when does Thierry Henry have name recognition in the states? Almost makes me miss the W.B. Mason commercials....

Good point on Coste, attytood.

Don't like Victorino at the top, showing no discipline

Wow, Lilly already at 75 pitches after 4.

Slocs, that's the reason Victorino isn't more valuable than Burrell. He's got a good eye, he's just impatient. ... And now it appears he hurt himself. Swell.

Victorino came up lame, and now Bourn's in right. What is going on???

OH no!!!!!!!!! Time to trade for Jermaine Dye

Great, and now Hamels with a shiner.

Slocs - that's one thing I haven't seen in the Vic vs Burrell debates - pitches per AB. Vic is as impatient as a jackrabbit on crack, while Burrell is as patient as Methuseleh on morphine.

Seriously, the most unlucky team ever.

what in the hell. Enough of this, that sure is scary

Damn. Victorino pulled up lame. I wonder if it is some lingering effects from the collision the other day.

if Victorino goes down, I think that's conclusive proof that the Baseball Gods hate the Phillies.

William Penn strikes again?

He came up lame the other night. Maybe a bad hammy or something.

Does this squelch the Bourn-for-anyone rumors?

Hamels' changeup is sick. If he can only learn to master his curveball, he would be one of the top 3 or 4 starters in the NL.

that is one of the things I like about Bourn, he really has shown some patience at the plate. Are there stats on pitches per at bat? Cause patience is what gets Lilly to 75 pitches. Then there is Utley who keeps fouling them off until he gets his pitch.

Oh Sammy Sosa is available for right field as well.

Instead of a death pool, we should have a Phillies injury pool. We'd be paying out a new winner every day. Incredible.

Gotta go get my son from daycare - be back later.

Honestly though, I feel like Bourn is hot right now, and could step in and do a great job over the next two weeks, if Vic is injured for a little bit.

Victorino for someone rumors. I hear Padilla is available and he's signed for a couple more years Bwahhahahahah

Lineup composition doesn't really matter THAT much because every team is more or less following the same basic pattern, so shuffling one or two good players isn't going to make or break a season.

That being said, if you want to move Burrell up I think you have to put him at 3, move Rollins back to leadoff, and put Vic 6th.

@MG - As opposed to the top 6 or 7?

Does this mean Barajas stays with the team?

The good thing is that if Victorino is hurt we have Werth coming back from the DL soon.

that's a joke.

D X-

I was just thinking the same thing. I'd like to see what Burrell can do with Howard hitting behind him. Just to see if it would have an effect. The guy's hot right now and Utley's out. There would be no better time.

Bourn sees 3.89 pitches per PA.

for comparison:
league average is 3.76
Victorino is 3.77
Rollins is 3.91
Utley is 3.90
Rowand is 3.53 (lowest among the regulars)
Burrell is 4.20
Howard is 4.23 (highest among the regulars)


Alright Gooch!

woo hoo!

errr Banzai!!!

ae: where'd you find that info? Abreu also saw a lot of pitches, and he may have rubbed off on Burrell somewhat.

ae: Thanks! As Bourn matures that will get better.

Gooch, there it is! Gooch, there it is! added pitch data a while ago - if you scroll down on a player's page, it's between Special Batting and Fielding. (you have to click the "Show or Hide" text to reveal it.)

you can see a lot of other interesting stats there - percentage of first pitch swings, percentage of 3-0 counts seen, etc. plus, you can keep track of Burrell's strikeout looking numbers... ;)

How many pitches did Jimmy just eat up from Lilly?

90 pitches midway through the 5th? Good job fellas.

Iguchi hasn't had a bad game yet. Take a look at his box score lines since arriving and you'll see doubles and walks, runs and homers.

Victorino has a calf strain. ESPN says thats at least a week.

i saw arroyo in cinci earlier this year, i could see from the stands that he's tipping his curve. he looked very washed up.

Is Joe Nathan available? What would it take?

"dlhunter," do you hunt the disabled list?

Joe - makes me feel better - thanks.

only when the phils end up on it (I've been quite busy lately). then i hunt them down like the dogs they are.

Is werth ready or will we see Roberson again?

ae: Do they keep stats on team attrition rates. Seems like by Sept 1, we'll have the entire Lynx team in Philly uniforms.

he squeezed Cole on a couple pitches.

as much as i hate to say it, i'd have to go with werth... if shane goes on the dl.

Hamels doesn't do well against Soriano... Don't give him anything close.


oh for God's sake Bourn!!!

om my freaking god....

You have got to be fucking kidding me! God damnit!

holy shmolies....

this sucks.

If it's only a week, they won't put him on the DL (or shouldn't, anyway).
Does this mean we're stuck with Barajas? Ugh.

o crap. i think we've got another one.

Well that's a left groin for Bourn.

We're royally fucked.

Just turned around to see the office TV -- unfreakin' believeable.

the entire team is on the field, i'm going to be sick

Does this squelch the Bourn-for-anyone rumors?

what was I just saying about cursed? ridiculous. I'm just speechless.

WTF! They are dropping like flies...

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