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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Christmas in July! Cole Bobble!

Phillies will most likely lose tonite due to a bobble by Burrell or Howard.

that requires an awfully tortured interpretation of the phrase "most likely."

The torture can easily be avoided by starting Bourne in place of Pat who will most likely blame the lights for his game losing bobble.

has there been a single loss this season that can be directly attributed to a Burrell or Howard error? I ask seriously.

Hamels starting on Cole Hamels bobble figurine night...I want a no-hitter!!!

Don't feed the trolls ae...

Wild card leading San Diego getting destroyed in Colorado...

Most recent was the 10 runs attributed to Moyer depriving Jamie of a quality start ; Pat opened the gates by freezing instead of charging a catchable pop to left. Bourne would have been waiting for it. This was whitewashed by Wheels and Harry. There have been 3 or 4 other games lost this year by B and/or H bobbles. Burrell would be of much greater value to Phils if he sat on the bench and was used a a potent pinch hitter. Ryan's and Pat's bobbles also cost the Phillies at least 5 games last year. thus depriving us of a playoff berth.


Fantasy Comparison:
Gary Sheffield 1415
Grady Sizemore 1345
Eric Byrnes 1253
Torii Hunter 1219
Pat Burrell 581

Vail43: That's hilarious. You should take that act on the road.

236/12 HR/46 RBI/62 hits/64 K.

Do any of those look like above average statistics?

I only want a Cole bobble if it comes with the same shock of muskrat pelt that was featured on the head of the Kyle Korver bobble.

i'm still looking for the victorino hula-bobble.

Cole doesn't have quite the same golden locks to warrant chipmunk like hair.

I think the leg from A Christmas Story would translate well into a Cole Hamels type figurine.

I think a 14" stick would serve as a great Cole figurine.

Seriously, if a Burrell error costs the Phils the game tonight, I'm nominating Vail43 to write tomorrow's lead article.

Helms and Ruiz starting tonight against the lefty Chico.

1. J Rollins, SS
2. S Victorino, RF
3. C Utley, 2B
4. R Howard, 1B
5. A Rowand, CF
6. P Burrell, LF
7. W Helms, 3B
8. C Ruiz, C
9. C Hamels, P

1. F Lopez, SS
2. R Belliard, 2B
3. R Zimmerman, 3B
4. D Young, 1B
5. A Kearns, RF
6. R Church, LF
7. B Schneider, C
8. N Logan, CF
9. M Chico, P

MLB Gameday says our lineup is:


This is actually my preferred lineup especially against a lefty.

Just remember what Victorino did on his bobblehead night!

Vail: LOL. Definitely the most hilarious post of the day, if not the year:

"Ryan's and Pat's bobbles also cost the Phillies at least 5 games last year. thus depriving us of a playoff berth"

Thanks for the laugh! says the Braves are the front-runners in the Teixeira hunt. If they landed him I'd have a pretty tough time seeing us passing them.

crazy jon: Keep posting those Fantasy stats enough times and maybe Bill James will finally see it your way.

Padres-Brewers Trade

Brewers get Scott Linebrink for three minor league pitchers (right-hander Will Inman, lefty Steve Garrison and southpaw Joe Thatcher).

I'd be real interested in hearing about these pitchers to see if we could have offered the same.

Of course, Linebrink hasn't been nearly as untouchable lately, allowing 7 runs in his last three appearances. Still, he'd be an upgrade to our bullpen.

IIRC, Inman is a pretty highly-rated prospect. I think that's a better deal for San Diego than Milwaukee.

Will Inman has 8 starts in Double A this year. He is 1-5 with a 5.45 ERA and 7 HRs allowed in 39 innings. He's struck out 42 and walked just 16.

He also pitched in Single A this year going 4-3 with a 1.72 ERA in 13 starts. He had 98 Ks to 23 walks.

Last year, with West Virginia in the Class A South Atlantic League, he was 10-2 with a 1.71 ERA in 20 starts. He struck out 134 to just 24 walks.

cj, Brewers will also get draft pick compensation if they cannot resign Linebrink. So it is not just a 10 week rental.

Steve Garrison is still in Class A ball. His Florida State League statistics for this year:

8-4, 3.44 ERA, 20 starts, 74 Ks, 28 walks

His single A stats from last year in the South Atlantic League:

7-6, 3,45 ERA, 16 starts, 77 Ks, 22 walks

so would we've given up Carrasco + 2 (don't know who our equivalents would be for the others) for Linebrink? I dunno, it's not a no-doubter.

Joe Thatcher is in the Triple A Pacific Coast League. His stats this year:

2-1, 2.08 ERA in 24 games and 21.2 innings pitched, 1 save, 33 Ks, 7 walks, no HRs allowed

Across a few classes last year, here are his stats:

5-4, 1.37 ERA, 46 games, 12 saves, 65.2 innings pitched, 80 Ks, 17 walks, 3 HRs allowed.

Definately hurts SD for the remainder of this year, but with the pitching staff they have, picking up 3 prospects for a setup guy (however good) is a good deal for them down the road.

A little information on the other two prospects :

Garrison is a 20 year old in advanced-A ball. K's about 6 per inning this year, higher before that. He has decent control - under 3 BB / 9, and he's been keeping the ball in the park this year. Good ERA, too, my guess is that with the OK strikeout rate and low HRs is that he induces a bunch of grounders, but I could be wrong.

Thacher is a former-indy leaguer who's 25 at AA this year. He's been good in the minor league bullpens, but he's nothing more than a throw-in for this deal.

In 2006, Will Inman was's Class A Starting Pitcher of the Year.

"The 6-foot, 200-pound Inman throws a four-seam fastball, a slurve that he can either toss as a curve or tighten into a slider and a change-up."

On paper, the Padres got a nice haul there.

Away from Petco this year, Linebrink is 0-3 with 6.05 ERA.

My final word on Inman, USA Today writes, "At least until he hit Double-A this year, Inman was as effective as any minor league pitcher over the last year and a half, going 10-2 with a 1.71 ERA in the Sally League in 2006 and 4-3 with a 1.72 ERA in the FSL this season. He was 1-5 with a 5.45 ERA in Double-A, but he had given up just eight earned runs in his last five starts. Inman's fastball is a little below average, so he'll have to prove himself at every level. He was probably a future No. 4 for the Brewers."

ae: I don't think I give up Carrasco for Linebrink. Maybe it's just me... but there is a balance between going for it this year and blowing future chances at winning. We wouldn't be here today if we had decided to deal Hamels for bullpen help a few years ago.

If Carrasco appears to be the real deal (not the "Real Deal") then we need to give him that chance to be a one-two punch with Hamels.

Oops :
6 K's per 9 innings

Looked at last year for Thatcher - this year he's 26 and in AAA, it seems strange that he was in the indy leagues, his stats the past few years have actually been pretty good - admittedly with quite small sample sizes. He could be in a ML bullpen at somepoint.

Golson joins Outman in being promoted Reading.

I wonder how SD fans feel about that trade. The Padres may have gotten the better off it, but why peddle away a big part of your bullpen in exchange for no major league-ready players when you're vying for the division lead?

Lost in the shuffle last night was how badly the Phillies were shut down by Billy Traber in the middle innings (not to mention Ray King immediately preceding Rowand's HR). Hopefully they fare better against a different lefty tonight.

Wonder how much longer Germano will be in the Bigs. Todays line:

Germano (L, 6-5) 5.0 7 6 6 1 1 2 4.20

San Diego knows what it's doing. That trade is a steal & Milwaukee is nuts to be giving up that kind of talent for a 2-month rental of a guy who will play no more than 25 to 30 innings for them.

It probably does weaken the Padres in the short-term (which is good for the Phillies), but they must have thought the offer was too good to pass up.

Vail - I'm gonna keep typing this until my fingers are blue: Burrell is a horrible bat off of the bench. Unless your interpretation of "potent bat" is last four years as PH/DH - .136 BA, 2 HRs (66 ABs), and a stellar .240 OBS.

I'm trying to determine which aspect of the Phillies' broadcasts is more insightful: "Sarge's Keys" or "The Citizens' 7".

I don't think it is a steal. Inman is an OK prospect, Garrison is a fringe prospect, and Thatcher is a non prospect. And don't discount the 2 draft picks that Brewers will get when Linebrink walks. Brewers are going for it and price for relief pitching is high. Padres must think Linebrink is done, since the timing is very strange on their end.

there goes your no hitter, carson.

BA says Inman was the 91st best prospect in baseball at the beginning of this year, so per that he's not quite as highly ranked as Carrasco (41st). still a good haul.

CJ: I agree, would not have liked us to make a trade like that. counting on the compensation picks is never a sure thing either - do they count saves when comparing relievers?

The point is DAMAGE CONTROL; Burrell is less of a liability when he warms the bench rather than freezing left field.

Somebody didn't eat his Wheaties today.

Golson and Constanzo in the same lineup? There are going to be alot of K's generated by the R-Phils lineup for the rest of the year.

The Mets got Marlon Anderson? Damn.

PtBB must be nipping at the Red Bull. That's twice in a week he was 1st pitch swinging.

That Linebrink trade is really interesting. I wouldn't underestimate the ability of Towers and the Padres' scout to find an underestimated commodity for the bullpen.

Considering they picked Linebrink up off waivers in 2003 and he was a FA this year, you have to like what Towers has done.

bap - I agree. Bet that Towers thought he was trading a guy (Linebrink) who hasn't been that effective lately for a guy (Thatcher) who may even help his bullpen this year and two prospects who may pan out.

I can't recall the last time the Phils made a savvy trade like this with alot of upside potential.

Contrary to what someone wrote about Inman, he is a top pitching prospect. And Thatcher may be 25, but his minor league numbers have been fantastic. This age thing can be a bit overrated when it comes to prospects -- especially with relievers, who can often get by with just one or two good pitches. And, when it comes to evaluating pitching prospects, the Padres have an excellent track record.

I read on multiple sources that the Brewers were looking at Dye and the White Sox asked for Parra or Turnbow. Now that the Brewers have Linebrink, maybe they make that deal.

Well, the good news is Nook Logan's mom didn't actually name him "Nook." She named him "Exavier." He should have gone with "Ex".

CJ: this Slowey kid in Minnesota has kinda peeked my interest, being that they're looking at guys like Wigginton, is Burrell for Slowey possible, as the article somewhat suggested, or would it take more? This kid is suppossed to have amazing control...just look at his numbers. I would offer Burrell and someone like Happ or even Madson for a chance at Slowey. Am I overstating Kevin Slowey's worth? Does anybody know anything more about him?

Slowey was rated higher on Baseball America's Top 100 than Gio Gonzalez. Slowey has a 1.58 ERA at AAA this year. I don't know who's talking Burrell for Slowey (or Burrell+ for Slowey), but there's no chance there.

Time to score some runs here.

Man, was Young lucky there. The ball rolled right down his arm after it clanked off his glove.

I love the clutch walk from PtBB.


Burrell walks too much, trade him.

"clutch walk" haha. Phils need to break this game open against Chico.

Finally! I was starting to be afraid the Phillies were going to follow up not giving Hamels any support in San Diego by not giving him any support in Philadelphia. Way to work that walk Pat! Wes Helms drives some in with a hit... keep it going!

ae: burrell was mentioned in the same paragraph as amaro scouting slowey, whatever that implies. What do you think it would take then? Victorino? Bourn? Hamels, Utley, Howard, and Rollins?

Anything Helms gives you feels like an unexpected gift, like an RBI from a pitcher.

I think Sarge has been stealing his analysis from Major League

lekh, I'm not familiar enough with them to know what the Twins would be looking for, but I think it's safe to say that it would be a lot. although it doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense for them to trade a young, nearly-ML ready SP, looking at the starters they've used this season (Ramon Ortiz??? Sidney Ponson???).

Sarge is still pretty awful. Can the Phillies possibly hire an announcer who is not either a generic phony or an inarticulate jock?

burrell for slowey? makes sense. small-market teams like MN love to trade young guys whose salary they control for years to come in exchange for players with inflated contracts.

I want Scott Graham back, even if I have to listen to those insufferable Graham Slam Ice Cream commercials.

Rowand just keeps rolling along.

Chico is the quintessential definition of a journeyman pitcher. Doesn't have a single plus pitch and apparently has real control issues. It is a wonder how this guy has an ERA under 5.00.

That's why we're not trading Rowand this year. Think back to when "Adrian Beltre" and MVP were mentioned in the same sentence. The Dodgers offered, he said no, and the world kept turning.


"sweet succulent sausages" ... thank you Hatfield.

the article about slowey/burrell mentions that any such trade would require the phillies to pay nearly all of burrell's salary. I admit it doesn't make sense from the Twins perspective but it was mentioned in a minnesota newspaper, not in philly. if amaro was scouting him, certainly there's some legitimacy that he could be a target of the phillies. I'm as skeptical as the next guy about burrell being enough to get this type of deal done, but if we throw in Carrasco and Happ they might do it. Essentially we'd be trading relatively similar pitching talent at a lower level for MLB ready talent while throwing in Pat the Bat. I just don't think Burrell would want to go to Minnesota (no good clubs in the Twin cities). Maybe we can offer him some kind of combination of coed girls, tanning beds, and budweiser.

Minnesota has a plethora of young pitching. Aside from Johan Santana - who many believe is NY bound after 08 - they've had Fransisco Liriano, Boof Bonser, and Scott Baker in the majors for a year already. Matt Garza and Glenn Perkins are in their BP this year, but should be good future members of the rotation. The back of their bullpen is also set with Nathan, Neshek, and Guerrier all with ERAs at or below 2.05. They also have old friend Carlos Silva. While neither Silva, Bonser, or Baker are real top of the rotation material, you don't need five #1s - at least not as badly as the Twins need offense. Santana, Liriano, Garza, and Perkins will probably be considered superior to Slowey next year, and in 09 only Santana will likely be gone. I think the Twins like to use their ace over their 5th starter, too, when there's a day off, rather than adhering to a strict 5-man rotation. All of this adds up to a surplus of good, young, pitching. I'm sure they won't give him away for nothing, but it does make sense thet they're seeing whats out there for Slowey.

Why does Amaro keep getting mentioned in all these trade rumors as the guy the Phils are sending to evaluate talent? I am sure the Phils are sending other scouts too but what remotely qualifies Amaro do this kind of talent evaluation? I can't be alone in not feeling confident in Amaro's scouting acumen.

Helms tried to pull a PtBB there. But nobody does it like PtBB. Blue just laughed and rung poor Wes up.

mg - All I can figure is the front office has alot of $$ left in the travel budget.

are these assclowns actually going to cover the game or just keep talking about football tickets and showing video of themselves talking about some other BS? i mean, they weren't even paying attention when belliard hit that shot.

so that's what they used the "payroll flexibility" on...

Another offseason priority should be to fix the broadcasting mix. I guess they leave Franske on the radio as the main play-by-ball guy but they need to fix the TV booth.

Ok, now that Hamels is at 95 pitches, we need to have someone warming up in the pen if he runs into trouble in the 7th.

So, who is it?

And then who gets the 8th and 9th?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Gonna try to squeeze a couple of more outs out of Cole tonight.

Good one Ruiz/Jimmy. Cole didn't even get a chance to sit down.

Their 7-8-9 strikes no fear at all. Mow 'em down...

I love Harry, but I can't take Sarge and Wheels (I couldn't stand Wheels to begin with, but I know I'm not in the minority there). I'm finding myself listening to the radio more this year than in past years specifically because of the awkward and awful three-man booth.

Hamels is at 107 pitches and the Phils have a pretty fresh bullpen tonight including Gordon. No reason Hamels comes out for the 8th.

I've been listening to the opposing team crews on Gameday for couple of months now. The Phillie broadcasters are bad, bad.

My god, Ray King is huge...

God Ray King is a fatty. It is hilarious that he is listed at 242 on his player profile. Maybe about 10 years ago.

I'm listening to these Nats guys and they're not exactly good.

King's photo on ESPN Gamecast is hilarious. His head is fatter than Barry Bonds'.

Myers supposedly threw a scoreless inning in rehab tonight and might be back this weekend.

The really important thing though is that Werth had also is rehabbing tonight too. Is Werth like the 4th guy on the depth chart in LF after Burrell, Bourn, and Dobbs?

I actually liked Scott Graham better than this Franske guy (but that might not be saying much). As for other team broadcast crews... that really depends on the other team. There are a lot of bad broadcasters out there.

They're nothing special, but they usually remember who's at bat, who's pitching, what the score is, etc., and spare you endless chatter about everything but the game.

Looks like Madson pitches every night until he gets touched up...

Its always weird to see the online things list players stats. Madson's ERA is half a run lower than our 'ace'. Speaks to a lot of things, really, including the unreliability of ERA, particularly for bullpen pitchers. Still a little fun to see though :)

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