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Thursday, July 26, 2007



I am a bit surprised that despite having no days off until August 6th and the long game last night, they're not resting any of the big names.

Gotta love that Eaton - Barajas battery

absolute joke

I just love this pitching staff - Snow White and the 11 dwarves.

PtBB strikes early today.

Well now, both halfs of the left side defensive farce have checked in in the top of the 1st.

Looks like my two least favorite Phillies--Eaton and Helms--are doing their thing today.

Won't be the last time a team brings an obscure lefty up to pitch against us.

Regardless of what happens in the next 2 at bats...

But should Utley and Howard both be starting today???

The sweat was POURING off Howard last night as he sat in the batters box waiting to win the ball game.

ESPECIALLY with a LeftHander going (I know I know they have hit lefties well.) But i fyou are going to give those guys a break... I would be playing Nunez at 2nd and Coste at 1B today.

Got one back already - Utley with an RBI single - looks like they are being patient against the rookie.

Yes, Utley & Howard should be starting. Baseball is not exactly a physically grueling sport & we're in the middle of a playoff race.

Where the hell have I been when Howard was climbing into the league lead in RBIs? I defended him early on with all that criticism, but I never imagined he would come back this strong.

These teams are putting on a real bunting clinic.

anybody watching this on tv? was that as good of a throw as it sounded?

If Condrey, Alfonseca and Madson aren't available ... who does that leave.

Gordon threw 8 pitches last night. Zagurski didn't last long. Romero and Mesa combined for five outs. Which of this crew do we see tonight?

Phan - I was kinda hoping to see a transaction before the game...

pirates up on the mets 3-1 in the 6th.

The Phillies are overdue for one of those Phillie specials where they get 14 hits but leave 15 runners on base & end up losing by 1 run. Today looks like it could be that day.

I'm not happy being negative and cynical and sarcastic with most every post, but anyone not see the bottom of the 2nd unfolding the way it did?

At least Burrell turned the lineup over.

Hate's a strong word. Loathe is better. I loathe Helms, Barajas and Eaton. Very much so.

@bay_area_phan -- You are right... I forgot... these guys have very little athletic ability and do absolutely nothing that remotely looks like it's physically taxing. I forgot that they are knitting blankets out there.

"The Bat" is back, at least for July. How long can this hot streak possibly last for Burrell? My guess, at max 3 more weeks. But hopefully those few Burrell supporters out there end up being right all along.

Adamn Eaton sucks. I know I and others say this enough, but the statement can not be said enough.

Some rumors I found- Phils not really interested in Matt Morris. Phils are interested in Chad Qualls and Brad Lidge (I'll take both!).

Brett Myers will soon be back- at least that's what they're saying for the 11th time.

On Tuesday, Phillies OF Aaron Rowand became the first player in 51 years to have three games with three or more extra-base hits in one month. He also had 14 doubles in his last 14 games, which hasn't been accomplished since Seattle's Edgar Martinez did it from May 11 to 28, 1996.

JZ - It's a test of character. We're stuck with a large cast of marginal big leaguers. The top 5 have to try to carry them, plus carrying the pitching staff and the coaching staff.

BAP - well, it *is* a business person's special...

John Lannan didn't have Instant Karma, but he's settling in nicely.

I saw Lidge with a save last night (5th of the season). Is he back in their good graces?

Last I heard, Myers may be back for the w/e series with the Bucs. Who goes? Zagurski?

I'm surprised Eaton is pitching. He pulled his back 2 days ago while moving the cages. Maybe that explains the 2 runs in the 1st.

Carson, nobody thinks Burrell's going to hit .400 for the rest of the season. but like I posted a couple threads ago, he can easily do something like .250/.380/.490 over the next year and a half. that's not great, and not worth $14M, but it's more than enough from our #6 hitter.

Mike: I appreciae the sarcasm but, unless you're pitching or catching, how much physical exertion is really required to play a baseball game? You swing the bat a few times a game, stand around in the field for a couple of hours, waiting for the ball to be hit to you, and maybe run the bases or dive after a ball a couple of times.

These guys are well-conditioned athletes who aren't exerting themselves very hard & don't need a lot of rest between games. You make it sound like baseball is as taxing as football or basketball.

Howard is f'n amazing.

I trashed him early in the season for swinging and missing enough to put windmills out of business, but he's awesome right now.

If this continues, he sersiously could by the MVP again.

who asked why howard was starting?

Eaton's safely above 30 pitches now, and Howard hits ANOTHER....

Carson, being here in exile in Houston, I hear and watch a lot of Astros games. We don't want Qualls. Qualls in Philly would just raise our blood pressure more and give us more indigestion. I think Lidge would benefit from a change of scenery and he still packs the heat. I'd love to see him wearing the bloodstripes.



Good point by Matthews - even though it wasn't a terrible pitch location-wise, it was one breaking ball too many to Howard. And a good adjustment by Howard, who struck out on a curve his first time up. Howard is really running those numbers up - I wouldn't be surprised if he hits 50 again.

It's unreal that Howard is leading the NL in RBI's after his start this year.

Mike: Utley 2 for 2; Howard 1 for 2 with a homerun. They dont' look too exhausted to me.

Damn... imagine where Howard's homerun total might be if he hadn't been on the DL...

So that's how many RBIs for him now? 85?

I was almost feeling badly for Lannan in the first inning, getting squeezed and looking like he was in for a short outing...but since the camera has kept panning to his cocky cheering section from Long Island, I want the Phillies to rake him!!

I did... and I'll say it again regardles... I'll stand by my statement. Ryno is absolute stud... I'm not saying he wouldn't be able to perform... It's rare that MLB player, plays 162 games. So there are going to be days you rest a player. You look at the schedule... you see a left hander... you played 14 innings the night before... and you playing a day game the next day... You have already been sidelined with a major injury this year...

It's Hot and Humid out today... It was a HUMID MUGGY night last night... 14 innings... I explained that Howard was DRENCHED with sweat before his final at bat... He is a BIG BIG guy... if you don't think carry a body around like that even "swinging" a few times... is grueling... you really have no concept of being a professional athlete.

And that's not even addressing the mental energy expended in the sport.

People play little league for a couple of games a summer or softball once a week and think they know what it takes to be a professional athlete.

As for Utley... he has over the last few years shown his production drop in the second half of the season... Why??? Because baseball is a physically and mentally grueling sport. You don't have pound shoulderpads to be physically and mentally grueling.

Mike: I can guarantee you neither of those guys wants a day off, and they would be upset if Manuel tried it. As evidenced by the results so far today, you don't have much of an argument here.

It looks like Eaton Crap is throwing 2 strikes for every ball. This could be a good outing for him.

"Damn... imagine where Howard's homerun total might be if he hadn't been on the DL..."

Probably around 34 - 35 or so (assuming the same number of plate appearances at Utley and that Howard's newly created PAs have him hitting HR at the same rate as he already has for 2007).

@BAP -- again it's not about how they would perform necessarily today... but over the long haul of a season... you need to find places when to rest your every day guys. Today seemed like a good day to rest them up...

They are in a pennant race and will be playing 7 games on the road NEXT week without an off day... against teams they are DIRECTLY competing against in the race...

I'd rather those players be physically rested for those games... than a series against the Buccos

Why start Howard?

In the day games since the All-Star break, Howard is hitting over .500 with 3 Hrs a Double and 6 rbis, the big guy likes day games.

Dear Rod Barajas:

Do you realize that Adam Eaton has a higher batting average than you?

Sucks, don't it? On behalf of the Phans, it would be in your best interest to ask team management for a trade the next time you catch them in the hallway.

They all just had Monday off. Wish I could say the same.

eaton's batting avg is now 39 points higher than barajas': 250 to 211.

to be fair, barajas's ERA is about 6 runs lower tho.

Mike: There's a time and place to rest a player and this ain't it. You rest a guy when he's slumping, not when he's on fire. Besides, you pick your rest spots early in the year, not in the middle of a second half playoff drive. You can't seriously believe that giving Howard a day off in July is somehow going to affect how he plays in September?


Barajas walked, good enough for Burrell, it's good enough for a guy hitting .211.

it's really incredible - in a bad way - how every single time Eaton pitches, he has that horrendous 1st/2nd inning, and then settles down and cruises (I assume, I'm just watching the boxscore).

Finally, a lineup Eaton can handle and actually go 6+ plus innings against.

this season, Eaton's given up 45 runs in the the first three innings of his starts; 22 runs in the middle three (similar number of PA, too - 266 and 216 - so it's not a misleading counting stat).

in the first three innings, batters are .307/.394/.524 against Eaton. in the middle three, they're .257/.333/.424.

They tossed the rookie pitcher. I'm watching on gameday--did those plunks look intentional?

getting ejected in your major league debut: priceless.

i bet no one's ever hit both utley and howard consecutively before. that kid's got an enemy for life: the city of philadelphia.

"eaton's batting avg is now 39 points higher than barajas'"

Yeah but Rod's got him by 200 points in OPS. Walks, don't ya know.

I have a theory on Howard. He's a big man with big muscles. His muscles just may run smoother in the warmer weather of summer. Maybe the cooler weather of April and late Sept. just causes his muscles to be less loose and less fluid than in the hot months. Using this theory, I'd play him every day in July and August, then pick my spots in Sept.

VOR: You're post borders on moronic.

Barajas has a .341 OBP, a .722 OPS and an 88 OPS+.

Burrell has a .404 OPB, a .833 OPS and a 118 OPS+.

Besides... Barajas may be just the guy Burrell can outrun.

Walks are fine. They don't kill rallies. But they certainly aren't a weapon for anyone... especially not someone like Barajas who's struck out more than he walked.

I think Wendelstedt threw Lannon out of the game immediately so as to distract from a potential confrontation. Howard looked pissed. It worked. Nothing happened. Still, bizarre. I'm sure if Wendelstedt had a chance to consider that instead of react knee-jerk, he wouldn't have thrown him out of the game.

curt: walking in front of the pitcher's spot is not exactly a ringing endorsement.

I'm not sure any of the pitchers are intentional but I support the pitcher getting tossed.

1) He's dangerous out there... and a team out of the playoff race shouldn't hurt players in a playoff race. We can't afford to lose Howard or Utley.

2) If he doesn't get tossed... maybe the Phils retaliate and then the ump has a huge mess on his hand.

timr: no way. There's just no way, in a 3-2 game with a guy making his debut, that he'd throw at anyone.

Let's see if Cholly has Rowand bunting with men on first and second.

Relax buddy, i was joking b/c of everybody loves when Burrell walks.


You sir, are correct. I shall withdraw my previous comment.

I'd consider moving Eaton up to 8th on days when Barajas is catching. Seeing as how he's a walk generating machine, it'd be great to have both of them on base as Jimmy wildly swings for the fence.

Didn't he hit Howard with an off-speed pitch?

The kid was thrown out because of who he hit. Nothing more or less. Hunter W. overreacted.

VOR: Then I withdrawal my comment. No harm, no foul.

Thats what I figured, RSB. Dude would have to be a borderline psychopath to throw at Utley and Howard intentionally in his first ML start.

He plunked not one but TWO MVP candidates back to back ... Blue had to run him, or else there'd been hell to pay well the Nats came up to bat, and this thing woulda gotten ugly. Quick.

mr burrell can prove his worth here by giving eaton a cushion.

a Zimmerman error? the Nats announcers must be in tears.

atta guy.

time for Pat the bat to come through with a nice RBI walk

Would now be a bad time to point out that Eaton's batting average is still higher than Burrell's? Or do we not hate him anymore?

Big hit for Burrell. He has been contributing consistently. Nationals are pretty awful. Hope Utley's okay...

time for Pat the bat to come through with a nice RBI walk

Burrell again! I agree, if he can go .250/.380/.500 for the next 1.5 seasons I'll be satified...not happy, but satisfied.

Can't believe the rook pitcher was thrown out. He wasn't throwing at Utley and Howard...but just imagine if he were, now that's ballsy.

Lidge is actually having a terrific season, but a portion of it was in early relief in low pressure situations.

Mr. July strikes again...

I'm not sure how I'll react to a world where Pat Burrell is again a .250 hitter. He's up to .246 now.

timr:No idea what Wendelstedt was thinking when he the pitcher out. Obviously not intentional + after a 14 inning game last night-Nats are acrewed.
I'm really worried about Utley hand.

"a Zimmerman error? the Nats announcers must be in tears." more like Wheels is in tears, as he slob-knobs this guy like he's the second coming of Brooks Robinson.

a poorly timed meeting has left me out of the loop. Did Utley hurt his hand on the HPB?


barajas is awesome.

coste, please.

Here's an interesting question I pose based on his recent return to dominance- If Ryan Howard continues his torrid hitting pace and ends up leading the league in homeruns and rbi again, could he possibly be the 2007 NL MVP?

I say yes, because before too long that avearge will be around .300 too.

Carson, he'd fit right in with the MASN booth then.

district: looked like it hit Utley on the forearm or the back of the wrist.

I had the same thought, Carson: Yes, he will deserve MVP consideration if he leads the league in homers & RBIs. And congratulations on inventing a new verb: "to slob-knob."

Question, why does Coste not start when Ruiz has the day off? Is it just salary for Barajas, or am I missing something here?

Eaton doesn't usually get in a groove like this til the 100 pitch or so.

the phils should consider pitching adam eaton the night before his starts, so he can get his bad first-turn-through-the-lineup thing out of the way.

pirates 8, mets 4, top 9th.

Anyone else get the feeling that Matthews doesn't care for Pat Burrell?

Sarge really doesn't care for Wheeler.

thanks rsb

I mentioned loathing Helms and Barajas, right? Way to contribute, fellas.

At least Burrell isn't giving up on himself the way most of us have given up on him. That's worth something, I s'pose.

Re: Barajas vs. Coste

I truly and honestly believe this comes down to the fact that Coste is a much more effective and versatile player off the bench than either Ruiz or Barajas. Coste is a bench player who can play multiple positions and is an effective pinch hitter. Ruiz and Barajas can catch... that's about it. The offense rarely needs an extra bat down there when Barajas catches, but we may need that key pinch hit later in the game.

Sarge's argument with Wheeler in defense of Lannon's ejection was weak. I think ajc had a better point in favor of Wendlestedt's action, but Matthews said that 'if he can't throw strikes, this isn't the place to learn how to pitch' - as if it's an umpire's responsibility to not have the batters endangered. The umpire only has a right to intervene if he interprets that the plunkings are intentional.

JZ: I was thinking the same thing. Barajas and Helms are approaching Bell/Leiberthal rally-killing potential. But they each randomly come through enough to suggest they're just not there yet.

If Eaton sucks only in the early innings, it could be one of two reasons. One, he may be nervous, then settles down as the game progresses. Solution: Send him to psych therapy. Two, he may not be loosened up enough. With all these pitch count restrictions, he may not be allowed to throw enough before the game to get fully loose. Solution: Throw the warm up pitch count book out for Eaton. Let him throw more pitches before the game.

CJ: I agree with you, except that the team doesn't use coste at multiple positions. so, its not really the reason then.

i don't want to get off on a coste thing here, because i'm tired of reading about it, but when werth is healthy, your same reasoning is why barajas should be the one to go.

RSB: Actually, an ump can throw a player out for almost any reason they want. In this case, I'm not sure that the ump necessarily thought it was intentional, but throwing him out prevented it from escalating. It IS the ump's job to maintain a calm playing atmosphere.

so I guess I can't spell, but Lieberthal's a Dodger, so who cares

and now, the two most beautiful words in the english language:

mets lose.

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