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Saturday, July 14, 2007


Alright, the Real Deal! YAY!

Got to love players who give themselves nicknames. I'm sure he'll live up to it Tuesday.

Well, if they haven't lost 10,000 by Tuesday, that'll be the one.

I just love that the Phillies are thrilled with Durbin's "mound presence". All well and good until he's no longer present by the fourth inning. I guess you could say he's in the majors on a wing and a sneer.

RSB: The Phillies meant "mound presents", i.e., the gifts he gives such as free passes and hit batsmen

The Phils strike me as being awfully impressed with themselves they were able to get him off waivers. If there's one positive, it's that Los Angeles is a great place to pitch. So he needs to throw strikes. When he isn't missing by two feet, he has pretty good stuff it seems. One in every five pitches or so.

Ah, it all makes sense now, Tom...

If the Phillies are really as cheap as everyone says, they would have just made Durbin wear Adam Bernero's old uniform. Or pass around a generic uniform with "TBA" stitched above the number 73.

RSB: Classic!

I was hoping I'd return from vacation with J.D. Durbin in Ottawa or out of the Phils organization altogether...certainly wasn't expecting another start for this turd-torpedo.

At least I'm not seeing Jose Contreas' name penciled in for Tuesday, as I have a bad feeling he'll be the next "proven veteran winner" that flops in Philly.

I'll probably be at that game Tuesday night, and definitely at the game in San Diego next Saturday night.

I guess I'm going to miss Hamels's next start, eh?

What a shame it would be if he didnt make it though waivers........

If this jackass Gillick starts this bum instead of improving this team don't expect anything to happen! We can not throw 1 game away. Also Mesucks much be released right now what the hell was Dallas Green drinking that night and said he could still pitch in this league does he need another drinking buddy since he threw Pat under the bus has anyone ever seen Dallas without a drink in his hand Hughie and paul are gone Dallas go retire your ass somewhere and stop helping the Phillies like you have!

Paul Abbott, part two. Awesome choice, what a joke.

Oh shoot me now... it's paul f'ing abbott all over again...

my bad, didn't realize pblunts already covered that aspect...

sigh. not happy.

i was wondering why he stuck around after the mets series, where he showed absolutely nothing of promise. he's out of options...

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