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Saturday, June 09, 2007


I was just thinking the same thing. You of course, put it more eloquent. But you don't have a sexy picture of Mr. Table.

Garcia is certainly troubling. Horrible inning he had there. Wretched.

God bless us all. This is what it looks like when the wheels fall off. Mesa is WRETCHED no matter how it gets sugarcoated.

Sugarcoat a turd, but a it's still a turd in the end. And that my friends is what we have when we look at the major letdown offseason acquisition of Freddy Garcia and the newly re-acquired Jose Mesa...complete suckage!

I watched the game with my father-in-law last night and told him the Phils would lose before the game started. He's an optimist, I'm bipolar. I knew they would crap the bed in's pathetic. Love me some Utley, but his performance last night was awful.

Should we expect any different from this team? Swepp Atlanta, then play like crap. Sweep the Mets, then lose to KC. It's time for Gillick, Manuel, some coaches, etc, to go.

I wouldn't go overboard with yesterday's loss. Yeah, they left runners on base, but Garcia is the one who "royally" screwed them.

Still, the highs and lows are cavernous and maddening. They go from sweeping the Mets to trotting out another obviously damaged player to take his beating. They sign Mesa on top of it.

I'd like to know the extent of the examinations before the Phillies even made the Garcia trade. These medical recommendations have been dead wrong most of the time, and the team continues to withhold information on Myers. Is Michael Ciccotti a Mets fan?

It was more important for the Phillies to rush their name players into the opening day lineup and sell tickets rather than get it right.

I'm reposting the following from late last night on the game thread.

Gillick's signing of Jose Mesa may well be the worst, least-helpful player Gillick has acquired yet during Gillick's tenure with the Phillies -- and that's really saying something.

Mesa was so bad this year that Detroit ate his $2.5-million salary for the season.

The Detroit News said, "Mesa, 41, was signed for $2.5 million as a free agent in the off-season but struggled as a Tiger. In 16 appearances, he was 1-1 with a 12.34 ERA." link:

Detroit News columnist Lynn Henning added, in a piece under the headline, "Mesa, 41, couldn't get it done": "As for Mesa, the Tigers trusted their scouts and made a calculated investment. It ended up being a mistake . . . The scary statistic, however, was that (Mesa) had 39 strikeouts and a stunning 36 walks in 72 innings. Any way you slice it that's a horrific strikeout-to-walk ratio . . . Q . Didn't (the Tigers) see early on (this season thatMesa) had nothing? A . Agreed, from the time the Tigers unleashed him early in the season, he threw nothing but flat pitches that got hammered."


And just look at Mesa's game log, where his ERA 54.00 on April 6th, and ended at 12.34 as of Mesa's last appearance with the Tigers on May 31st.


Jason, as I recall, the Phils medical staff made NO examination of Garcia before the trade. I hope the baseball writers dig into this. It is becoming apparent that Garcia was damaged goods. This injury looks like it dates back to late last season and he's been pitching through it.

Like I said yesterday, for every step forward, the Phils take two steps back...

I can't believe Mesa will actually help this team. Will he even be able to pitch at Citizen's Bank Park? Last time around fans were merciless on him at home, and deservidly so. An ERA over 12 doesn't indicate brighter things on the horizon either...

As for Freddy Garcia... What a freaking bum. I don't care if it is your free agent season, tell the damn medical staff if you are hurt! It's disgustion the number of medical opinions there were for Borowski, yet Garcia had none!

Again, the Phillies can only blame themselves...



The return of Joe Table has confirmed that nothing can suprise me anymore. The only thing that makes me smirk about it is the memory of that Blow Hard Eskin swearing that there was no way he would ever return to Philly at 7 pm last night. I think it is time to make my wife happy and stop taping all the games now! I hope Gillick takes the job in Seattle and brings Cholly with him.

So, back to the question I asked last night -- who's the fifth starter? Several names have been thrown out there. I suggest we rank them two ways -- who we'd like to see get first crack at the job, and who we predict the front office will give first crack.

Manuel is quoted this morning as saying if Garcia goes on the DL, he'll consider moving Myers back to the rotation.

These types of decisions will haunt this franchise for much longer than it's already been haunted.

I can't say enough just how done I am with this franchise in terms of vesting heart and soul and emotion into it.

Note, I said *franchise*. It's hard to leave the only team you've ever really cared about for your entire lifetime. But the people in charge are making it easier -- almost daily.

On the subject of the new fifth starter --
Rosario started a game for the Toronto Blue Jays in 2006. How about a spot tryout start for Rosario as a possible solution to the fifth starter void?

Either way, Garcia is done -- and he has stolen money from the Phillies this season -- theft made possible by Gillick's incompetence in failing to insist on a physical and failing to adequately background Garcia's injury last season -- as referenced by Clout above.

So it wasn't just a bad dream. I think this is a new low for the organization. I would rather see a career AA pitcher brought in than watch another inning from Jose Mesa. Here's how it will transpire, folks. Mesa will be OK for the first week or two out and management will "have told you so." Then reality hits and Mesa shits the bed and blows games sometime in August. By September the situation is no better and the Phils fall short once again. Been there, done that.

Now that they signed Mesa (what a laugh) who will be sent down. Condrey looked the best yesterday in relief, is he the one going? Zagurski is only lefty and he looks ok. Rosario is a strikeout pitcher but wild, and Herandez has been looking good. Who would you release or send down?

C'mon guys, lets not be insane. Rosario was a wasted pickup as well. Whether he started a game or not for Tor. is entirely beside the point, he shouldn't be doing MOP UP work for Reading. I agree that Garcia is disappointing, I'm angrier with myself that after seeing him in Clearwater I assumed it was rust he was knocking off and not an injury he was fighting through. Standard BS March optimism.
Isn't it pitiful that just two months ago we Phillies fans were busy congratulating ourselves for our six starters, squealing giddily about which one we'd cast off for an A-1 reliever and how strong our starting five would be?
On Myers, just look back to his late April outing against Houston. It's very reminiscent of Freddy's outing last night.
Bottom line: Cut bait now and they won't fool you back in when they make their meaningless mini-run in September. If you do that the hurt will never come.

Now that I think of it - maybe Garcia will be on DL and that opens a spot for Mesa

I was a big advocate of Myers to the bullpen but by all indications it appeared he was overthrowing in getting caught up in the moment.

Unfortunately I believe that caused the injury as opposed to the overuse but who knows.

It might end up being a smarter move to put in back in the rotation as I would suspect the same thing would happen and maybe even more severe.

Mesa coming back is as Jason suggested a time bomb waiting to happen. Bring up a young arm and roll the dice, better than this torture.

COME ONE - COME witness the greatest show on synthetic turf:

Disclaimer: Some of what you will see will not be actual players but actors playing the part of professional baseball players.

Bisineus isn't ready for a call-up?

To add to what clout posted, they didn't do a physical on Garcia before the trade. The merely spoke to the Chisox team doctors and "examined" his medical records. Another colossal blunder by this team. Looks like Seattle Slew is as smart as the rest of management, from Giles on down.

davethom, we agree on much, but not on this point. You can't blame Garcia about the money. He was given his contract by the Chisox, and was guaranteed the money this year. It was incumbent upon this organization to determine whether or not he was damaged goods. They clearly didn't do their job.

I understand his desire to try to pitch, he was pitching for a contract next year. I don't agree with his withholding infomation from the team about the pain in his shoulder. Maybe it could have been fixed if addressed earlier, and he'd be ok for the stretch. That I blame him for.

What amazes me the most about this ownership group, is that the Walking Sphincter and the Puppet are silent about this debacle with Garcia and the failure of Seattle Stew and Liar Liar to execute their minimum job requirements before the trade was completed, yet the Puppet will summon Seattle Stew into his office for calling out the team because they're playing poorly.

Screwed up, ass-backward, incompetent setting of priorities.

This is the knid of thing Gillick and Amaro should be excoriated for. Idiots!

why the hell are we making desperation moves usually reserved for the deadline in june?

Does anybody in that organization actually realize they are managing a "baseball" team or do they think their playing a different sport, or whats the deal with that.

Its not like you can just throw a washed up veteran out there. This isn't footbal where any warm body on the line will do in a pinch.

Let's get the mass protest started. One game, where everyone just boos and boos, and boos, even at homeruns, or strikeouts. Just continuous booing for two innings, and then everyone gets up and leaves.

Then the next night, get a couple thousand people to just stand around the entrances to the bank and boo, as loud as they can, as long as they can.

I think gillicks looking at 4 year old scouting reports. Honestly, there can be no other explanation.

mm, I've posted this before:

They really don't care about the 'baseball' part as long as the turnstiles keep moving.

its hard, for me at least, to get worked up abotu the mesa signing. he's not goign to be used in very many meaningful situations. charlie will probably ease him in, so in that sense, he's goign to be limited in the damage he can do.

i'm much more upset about garcia. the organization has to answer one fundamental question: how could it justify taking garcia after turning away joe borowski? how can both of those situations occur? did they examine one and not the other, which is stupid, or did they examine both and not find anything on garcia, which is bumbling, or did they examine both, find trouble with both, and decide anyway to gamble o garcia, which is at least defensible until you consider that they seem to be talking publicly with surprise about garcia condition. anyway you slice it, they screwed up. i get the feeling gillick made this deal to make a deal, despite the rather large risks involved.

GR, What makes you think Cholly won't use Mesa in meaningful situations? Mesa's a "proven veteran" (proven to suck, but proven nonetheless). This means that he already has Cholly's implicit trust.

I, frankly, don't understand why they went after Mesa when Jay Witasick is out there. I guess it came down to the fact that Mesa used to play for Gillick's Mariners & Witasick didn't.

If your GM had just completely wasted $10 million of your team's payroll, wouldn't that be cause for some serious agitation? Grounds to lose your job over? I mean, one would think. Look, anyone can overpay on a bloated contract. But to not look into a guy's medical status before your commit a top prospect and a first-round draft pick for him? After the guy you do pass up on medical grounds, who could have helped the bullpen, turns out to be healthy? Sorry, that's just bad. By any definition, it reeks of incompetence.

Mesa just serves to confirm the ongoing poor judgment. Bullpen ERAs may be overrated, but 12.64 is 12.64. Hell, that's twice what Borowski's is!

BAP, that one line, "Mesa used to play for Gillick's Mariners" suddenly made me realize we should've been expecting this move. Ultimately thats probably the (not legitimate in anyone's eyes) justification for all of this Mesa stuff, and I'm only saying this half-jokingly.

Excuse me, 12.34. I didn't mean to misrepresent his ERA and make it sound really bad.

This is what bad teams do: think they can make some kind of difference with players who have bounced around with several other teams and performed poorly with all of them. The punch line here, of course, is that the Phillies were one of those teams. Evidence be damned.

Who goes down to make room? Should be Condrey, but it will be Hernandez. Who starts to replace Fab 5.90 Freddy? Start turning those rocks over again! Who knows what might turn up next. Mark Portugal?

A reliever's ERA can definitely be misleading, but there's nothing misleading about a .365 opponents batting average and a 2.14 WHIP. Those are Mesa's numbers for 2007.

Even Mesa's "success" in recent years is a bit misleading. He had a lot saves and had some respectable ERAs but, since he left the Phillies after the 2003 season, he has never had an opponents batting average better than .270 &, in 4 of the last 5 years, it has been over .285.

I dont see Myers going back to the rotation. He has to stay in the bullpen because who knows if Gordon is ever coming back and I think he is the closer of the future. Putting Myers in the rotation also weakens the back end of the bullpen too much. Someone from the minors should be given a chance to be the 5th starter.

Nothing else I can add to the Mesa comments. Truly absurd.






I'll say it again. I know all of you are angry as I am and rightfully so. But what did you expect? I told you they wouldn't sign Percival or bring anyone of note in. Mesa is junk. We all know that. Be prepared to get even more angry when they have another fire-sale next month and get nothing back but crap. I bash PG as much as anyone on this blog and he dersreves what he gets. They don't have a better replacement for him or Manuel so neither will go although it's time. Yes, Manuel is as dumb as a rock, but you can't go to war with no bullets in the gun. So again, does anyone really think anything will change?

If I thought Gordon was close to being ready and would stay healthy down the stretch I'd move Myers to the rotation. If that's not possible, the bullpen is way too undermanned to not have Myers closing. So that means a minor leaguer.

Happ would be my first choice but he's on the D.L. I'm long on record as saying Brian Sanches sucks, so that omits him. Bubba Nelson is having a great year, but he's one of those Joe Roa, Joe Grahe minor league vet types. (That also omits the flotsam cut from other teams like Childress, Bauer and an endless stream in the Phillies high minors).

I'd rather see what a legitimate prospect can do. I don't think Segovia is much of a prospect, but he'd be on my list. Someone mentioned Bisenius, but he's a reliever and his numbers are awful. Rosario is an option, but it might take a awhile to get him stretched out. I'd make him the number 1 fallback. I like Maloney, but his performance has been so-so, which leads me to Kyle Kendrick, whom I mentioned on the previous thread. Try him for 3 starts and if he flops and Garcia still isn't back, go to Rosario.

As we contemplate who might replace Garcia, remember that there are only three criteria for the job. First, the guy has to be available. Second, he has to be terrible. Third, and most important, he has to have played for one of Gillick's former teams.

I couldn't find anyone from Gillick's Mariner teams who met all the job requirements -- other than Paul Abbott, who was already here. So I dug deeper & went back to Gillick's Orioles teams of the mid-90s. My research brought me to 39-year old Scott Erickson, who has been out of baseball since last June, when the Yankees released him. Erickson's ERA hasn't been under 6.00 since 2002 so he meets all 3 job requirements. With absolute confidence, I hereby predict that Scott Erickson will be a member of the Phillies by next week.

B/c I love playing devil's advocate:

What do you think would've showed up during Garcia's physical back around the time of the trade? I'm guessing not much. He finished the season last year with diminished velocity, but pitched fine, much better than now. When he was injured at the opening of the season, what did the MRI say? Some strain(I don't remember)? Some of these tests don't actually show everything. His injury is most likely something that's been growing over the years. It's incumbent on the pitcher himself to say "my arm needs rest". Garcia seems like the type to say that, b/c with his recent comments, he seems only interested in the money.

Well, I'd still go with Myers and deal for his replacement. If we can't get Gagne or Lidge or Otsuka, what about David Weathers? He's been pretty good for the Reds and they're way out of contention and we probably wouldn't have to give up Rowand for him.

Fuentes from the Rockies is allegedly on the block. He won't come to cheaply, but he's talented, then you put Garcia on the 60 day DL and bring Myers back as a starter.

Tray & P O'Neil: I agree with both of you. Ideally you could trade for a quality closer like Lidge or Fuentes and put Myers back into the rotation.

My prediction: Such a trade won't happen.

clout, I have the answer to the team's problem with a starter to replace DL Garcia:

Justin Germano!!!

Never mind.

If you look at Mesa's bio on, you'll find that he is allegedly 41, having supposedly been born in 1966. If you look further down the page to the biography, you'll also see Jose's daughter Yamely was born in January 1974, meaning Mesa is either lying about his age, or was a father before the age of 8. Also, his son Ralph was born in June 1979, when Mesa would have been 13.


4-0, 6 GS, 36 IP, 4 BB, 13 SO, 2.75 ERA, 0.972 WHIP

The team is 4-2 in his appearances, and has score 7R in the two losses.

But he wasn't good enough for Seattle Stew, Liar Liar, Chollie & Co.

But...we just signed Mesa!!!

Folks, Myers went from the one dependable arm on our staff to a huge question mark in the space of 1 month. He is now another sore-armed pitcher, whose physical recovery won't be assured for many months. Even assuming a full physical recovery, he will have to re-engage mentally with his role. I have the impression he likes closing, meaning that he may never buy into starting again. He was promised that he would remain in the BP this year. On the other hand, he may not be effective as closer. The first experiment didn't go so well.

Yes Myers should be starting, but its not that simple any more. Lets just hope that he's good at something a few months from now. It's far from guaranteed, unlike his contract.

from Daily News today---
Hamels: A lack of class from Mets' Lo Duca
KANSAS CITY - Cole Hamels doesn't take kindly to being shown up. Yesterday, he put bat-flipping Mets catcher Paul Lo Duca on notice. "When I strike a guy out, I walk off. I don't fist pump. I don't try to show up their team," Hamels said. "You get to the major leagues, that's where you're supposed to show your class." In Hamels' mind, Lo Duca's act Thursday in New York lacked class. Lo Duca hit a home run to leftfield off Hamels in the sixth inning. It was the Mets' third consecutive homer. It came after the Phillies disputed a home-run call that went in the Mets' favor. All of the homers came with two outs. Lo Duca's gave the Mets the lead. Lo Duca, 34, a 10-year veteran, posed, watched the ball fly out and flipped the bat, earning disapproval from Hamels, a 23-year-old who was starting his 36th major league game. "It was a big moment. Maybe the excitement got the best of him. There was a lot of game left, as we saw," Hamels said, referring to the Phillies' comeback win. Will Lo Duca pay? "I have to be careful here," Hamels said, grinning evilly. "Let's just say, it could have been a mistake on his part." Lo Duca did not face Hamels again Thursday, since Hamels left after the seventh. The teams meet June 29 to July 1 in Philadelphia.

Here's my take on Joe Bisenius: In the 2005 off-season, Bisenius tried something different to salvage his career and swam laps in a pool all winter instead of lifting weights. He added 6 mph on his fastball for the 2006 season. It worked, and he became a prospect! He threw 83 innings in relief in 2006, more than enough for a young reliever. So what do the Phillies do? They have him pitch in the Arizona Fall League in October and November and then send him to Venezuela to pitch in late November and December. They must think he is a machine. He should have been swimming. I will bet that Bisenius currently has a tired arm and won't be effective until 2008.

On a serious note, due to Germano being Greg Maddux Reincarnate, Clay Hensley may be available as a pickup.

Curt, outside a few appearances, it seemed to me like Myers performed an adequate job as closer. He blew his arm out because he was misused.

joe- isn't the point that he was hurt after just a few games in the role, not how well he did in those games? Brett's injury may or may not have been Cholly fault, but even if it was, guess who will be managing him when he comes back?

Thank you, Clout, for filing the only dispassionate post amid all the garment-rending and teeth-gnashing. Seriously, folks, get a grip. Stuff happens. Guys lie about their aches and pains because it's the macho thing to do. This isn't the only team that happens on. You deal with it and move on. Clout, my only worry about Kendrick is that we might harm him in the same way Mathieson was hurt -- trying to do too much to prove himself at a level he doesn't belong.

Myers simply asked not to be jerked back and forth between roles, all year. That makes a lot of sense. Him being put back in the starting rotation for the rest of the year, doesn't constitute being jerked back in forth, in my book.

I like/d him as a closer, but his injury maybe due to trying too hard in that role and overthrowing. With his talent and desire to succeed, the Phils "brass" may not wanna risk that again.

"He blew his arm out because he was misused."

Also, because Greg Dobbs had a brain cramp, and because Rod Barajas is a p*ssy and didn't block the plate.

Burt I looked up those birthdays on about mesa and his family. Either there are major typos or Mesa is really at least 55.

AWH, those dumb plays didn't help, but I can't imagine his injury wouldn't have happened anyway.

weitzel, classic maiden selection!

Someone asked if Bisenius is ready- he is currently on the DL.

As for Mesa's family, Ben is dead on: he is listed as being born in 1966, his daughter is listed as 1974 and his son as 1979.

Should just assume that a Phillie pitcher is on the DL.

Sadly, I think it is come out later this season that the Phils having been lying to the media and their fans since spring training about the health of Garcia. Just like Gordon.

One point that really hasn't been discussed a whole lot in this thread is Garcia's perceived lack of effort at times/frustration about getting yanked by Manuel. In retrospect, I don't think it was a lack of effort from Garcia as much as frustration on his part at nothing being to compete due to physical injury.

Garcia is still a relatively young guy and he hasn't had a major injury before. Sure it must be incredibly difficult from a mental perspective to deal with all the issues associated with a major injury compounded by his upcoming free agency.

It was brought up earlier by Weitzel but how about some heat directed to Michael Ciccotti and the Phils medical staff?

The Garcia injury is the second huge screwup they had in 2 years with the other being the health of Gordon. Hell, you can count 3 if you want to rehash the Burowski signing again too.

Gillick looks like the fool but I am sure that he ultimately relies on Ciccotti and staff to have the final say on medical opinions. Here is the link to Ciccotti's bio.

Has impressive med credentials but I would if it is time for Phils to bring in a new medical staff.

Kinda ironic how Garcia NOW is saying there's be an injury bothering him all along. When a pitcher/player is firt feeling discomfort, he's gotta step up and say something. I don't care if you're a supposed "gamer" or not. An arm injury can't be allowed to fester. I learned the hard way.

Personally, in hindsight, the Gordon deal to me is the worst. He did look good early last year, but with his age and amount of past innings, he got a huge contract and didn't get through 1/2 a year without being hurt.

Roy Dobbs!!!!

our favorite whipping boys have just struck out (nunez and Barajas)

how many runs would this league-leading team actually have if they didnt strike out all the time in clutch situations and actually moved runners over and could put the ball in play??

6 K's in a row from Lieber.

Didn't exactly see this coming (!!)

Give us another Roy Dobbs

ROY!!! ROY!!!! ROY!!!

Nunez can't even bunt and naturally strikes out again

How do you keep Dobbs out of this lineup now? Burrell has to be either dealt or becomes an expensive bench role player. He'd have to hit like Joe DiMaggio to keep his job.

I'm a bigger fan of Dobbs than most - but as a reserve infielder rather than a starting outfielder. I don't think the team can just remove a historically 90+ RBI guy from left field and replace him even semi-regularly with a guy who has not done much outside of the minor leagues - yet.

Whatcha mean reserve infielder - he should be playing third

Good old Nunez he did not let me down - he struck out for the third time

Where's the Nunez fan club tonight?

They announced on MLB that Garcia was put on DL. Who are they bringing up or is it Mesa that will take his place?

Mesa took his spot according to

You guys are forgetting the obvious ex-Mariner whom Gillick can pick up. Hold back that excitement for Joel Pineiro! And Boston wants to move him and his 4.81 ERA too. Pat is probably on the phone as we type...

BTW, Nunez has always sucked. He should be nothing more than a late inning defensive replacement, if that...

I'll speak up for Nuni by pointing out that 2 other Phillies went 0 for 4 tonight too!

Just when the Phils needed a lift, the "Fat Man Cometh" and pitch incredibly well.

Props to Lieber tonight, especially following the disaster

Lieber = Stud tonight. This was a great game to watch--it never felt like the Phils lost any control whatsoever.

Heres what Cholly says about who will take Garcias place in next start

One possibility is 22-year-old right-hander Kyle Kendrick, who is 4-7 with a 3.21 ERA with Reading and leads the Eastern League with 81 1/3 innings. On Wednesday, he threw a complete-game victory over Harrisburg, allowing one run on six hits. Kendrick's ERA ranks 10th in the league, while he is 11th with 50 strikeouts.

The Donut Man Delievers!! Nice game all around. 2 out of 3 would be great tomorrow.

How the hell did that team score eight runs last night.

Jon, Pineiro occurred to me but, as I recall, he signed a fairly large contract with Boston. The Phillies aren't the types to take on large contracts -- which, in this case is a good thing, as I want no part of Pineiro.

All sarcasm aside, I'd probably agree that Kendrick should be the first in line for a couple of spot starts. If he does ok, maybe we can keep Myers in the pen when he returns.

Actually, Bay Area, I think it was only a one-year deal worth about 4 million for Pineiro. It would be wise to stay away from him, but Gillick could pull the trigger on someone like that, especially if they are going to dump more salary in the upcoming months.

fljerry: If Cholly did say that, then he's been reading Beerleaguer.

Pineiro's signed for $4M plus $2M in incentives, with a 2008 option. I'd take him if Boston just wanted to dump him, but he only really looks good in comparison to Mesa or Condrey.

Unless Ichiro wants to come here, I am opposed to signing any more of Gillick's ex-players, simply on principle.

Uh, what about A-Rod, b_a_p? Not clutch enough for you?

Anyway, should the Red Sox get past Arizona in extras, which it looks like they are, we'll be 3.5 games out. I'd say Moyer probably wins his start against KC tomorrow, and then we have three games at home against the White Sox, who have struggled to score runs all year - and they'll have to bench either Konerko or Thome. I say we win two of those. So conceivably we could gain some ground in the next few days. The Garcia injury isn't the greatest news, but I doubt his replacement, whoever he turns out to be, will pitch much worse than he did. Hopefully we can swing a trade for some kind of closer and move Myers back into the starting rotation. It's also good to see Lieber pitching well again.

The Cole Hamels article makes me love him even more. I know it's dumb trash talking stuff but it shows the confidence he has in himself at a young age when he calls out veterans on the other teams. I also just really hate the Mets.

Time for another round of "Can we blame Manuel for this?"

Tonight's topic: guys hiding (somewhat obvious) injuries.

Madson, Gordon, Howard, and Garcia all started the year off knowing they were not right. None of them were honest about it, all of them hurt the team by trying to play through it. I feel like this is a great example of how all the trust that this "player's manager" shows his guys really ends up hurting this team.

there not announcing Garcia's replacement until Monday...uh-oh, what ex gillick pitcher are we getting.

or is Vicente coming back home?

the suspense is killing me...

Any pitcher than can go about 3 inning can effectively replace that bag-of-crap Garcia in the rotation. Seriously, I was all for the trade when it went down, but it's been a huge disappointment. Garcia has killed hopes and hurt the bullpen. I foresee a stay on the DL much longer than 15 days.

On a positive notes- great game by Donut Eater Lieber. We and he needed that.

Moyer should be able to baffle the youngish KC lineup, but don't be surprised if we too struggle against the lefty DeLaRosa.

I look at that box score and the first thing I see is a strike zone about the size of anything the catcher can reach. 22 Ks from these guys...I don't think so. Congrats to Lieber for better taking advantage of it, though. And to the Phils for Taking Care of Business.

If Jose finishes the game for Jamie today we could be looking at the first 100 year old pitching duo.

The Phils probably have marketing studies showing that another 5000 people will come out to CBP next week just for an opportunity to boo Jose -- all that's required to cover his salary for the rest of the year.

Curt, good point about the marketing, the $$$ and the Phils. I'm glad someone else is on board.

Great job by Liber last night. Maybe the prior game clinker was because he had the distraction going on at home. Let's hope he can at least average 6-7 IP the rest of the way.

It's now June 10th, and Rod Barajas can be traded. Are there any takers?

The Puppet must have pulled some strings of his own in the Mesa acquisition. Mostly, because t's not going to cost them a lot of money. From today's Inky:

"Mesa is making $2.5 million this season, but because he cleared waivers, the Phillies are responsible for the prorated minimum salary of $380,000. That's about $250,000. The Phillies signed Mesa after front-office adviser Dallas Green watched him throw Friday in Clearwater, Fla."

Link here:

And on another note, the Phils are still foolishly defendng themselves about the Garcia acquisition. Another Inky blurb:

""We saw this guy pitching very well in September, and we saw it more than once by more than one guy," assistant general manager Mike Arbuckle said. "I can't say we got damaged goods, because there was nothing in his entry physical that would have made us say there is a big problem here."

The Phils reviewed his health records. They did not order an MRI or physical exam before the deal, but Arbuckle said Garcia passed a physical before spring training."

This is a classic example of the lack of PR savvy in this organization. Why not just come out and say,

"We don't consider him damaged goods, but maybe we weren't thorough enough. It won't happen again."

End of argument, and everyone knows they learned a lesson. Instead, we get the same bag of crap from them akin to the Giles interview last summer about the Myers incident. And, by not acknowledging the error in their ways, we have no reason to believe they won't make the same mistake again.

PR wise - Not Too Bright.

It won't happen again? I guarantee it will happen again, and not just to the Phillies. Pitchers' arms ALWAYS hurt, constantly. How are they to know what's outside the "normal" realm of pain? Some guys pitch with these injuries for months, because they don't notice any difference in the pain they're feeling. On top of that, not everything shows up on an MRI (ever seen one?) That's why surgeons are always saying they didn't find this or that -- frayed labrums are a good example -- until they went in for a look-see. The lost velocity, and the fact that it never came back, should have been the trigger for an exam, but it wouldn't necessarily find anything. And they won't necessarily find anything with this exam. There's really no substitute for exploratory surgery; the problem is that recovery takes months, whether they find anything or not.

BTW, want to see what happens to players who announce the pain every time they feel it? Look at the warm feelings Carl Pavano has generated among his Yankee teammates.

ON another topic (actually, to go back to the original post) I notice that Boston has designated LHP J.C. Romero for assignment. His stats are terrible, but if we want to sign a reliever whose best days are behind him, wouldn't a lefty specialist be more useful?

OTOH, follow this link to see how a quality baseball organization handles such situations:

There are plenty of differences between Garcia and Smoltz, not just the Braves and Phillies, but it's probably worth noting that Smoltz and his employers have a long working relationship, something that probably engenders plenty of trust on both sides. That's something we can only envy from afar.

(To the tune of Ole!) Jo-se! Jose! Jose! Jose! Jooooooo-seeeeeee! Jo-se! Hollywood is buying the rights to this one as soon as the season ends and we win the Series: crappy team rescued from mediocrity by a 62 year old reliever who everybody thinks is finished, but who actually has one more burst of greatness left in him!

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