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Friday, June 29, 2007


yeaaaaaa coste is back!!! about time!

why was mathieson only on the 15-day DL?

This is from the end of the last thread: The total combined career record of the starting pitchers the Phils are trotting out in the biggest series of the year, so far this weekend: 20-12. A grand total of 43 career starts (39 of which are Hamels') among the 4 SP's the Mets will face.

*That doesn't inspire confidence.

well, the bench looks good now. :-)

Hey Carson did you see this?

"St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa called Manuel hours before the start of last night's game to offer the Phillies skipper a spot as a coach on the National League All-Star team. Manuel was forced to turn down the offer because of prior personal commitments during that time."

Uhhh ok.

Shouldn't an All Star coach be, you know, an All Star?

Willie Randolph had to decline LaRussa's initial invitation for the all star game because he need shoulder surgery.

Did you all catch my good buddy Paul LoDuca's tirade at the media? Instead of talking about burying the Phillies like he did last year, he's stirring the pot inside his own club house. Could not happen to a nicer guy.

When will the Phillies be announcing that addition of Roberto Hernandez to the bullpen? Are they planning a big press conference for later in the day, perhaps at Berks Heim?

Mike H., what LoDuca tirade are you speaking of? I'm intrigued.

If Werth's wrist injury isn't related to his previous one, that's even worse news. You could be looking at a guy like Hollins, who is plagued by chronic wrist and hand problems. OTOH, it's not a huge loss, except in the sense that I'd rather see him out there than Burrell.

Was Werth put on the DL AFTER or during last night's game. Charlie seem reluctant to have him pinch run in an obvious last inning. Was he unsure if Werth was eligible? Or did he think that he was going
to hurt his wrists more if he had to run on his hands?

Werth helped win one of the two games I've attended this year (Phanatic's birthday).

Also did some good things in Florida. He's been better than some of our recent bench suspects.

Rather had seen Mesa get cut than Herandez feel the heat. But of course, that ain't happening...

Not exactly the way I wanted Coste to make the lineup, but I'll take it.

Being in Houston, I watched (on TV) the Biggio gets 3,000 hits game. Pretty cool stuff. A very humble guy who said all the right things. Exciting finish with a grand slam to end their game. They are our next opponent after the Mets. They are a worse version of the Phillies, some good hitters mixed in with some dogs. Their bullpen sucks and other than Oswalt, so does their rotation. Houston should be a good place for the Phillies to recover from whatever punishment they get from the hated Mets.

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