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Friday, June 15, 2007


Moyer 6th?

Not to let that last start paint the full picture but I would put Lieber & Eaton before Jamie.

I guess its the confidence factor.

With Lieber & Eaton you dont know who is gonna show that particular day but with Jamie you know his 40 mph fastballs are gonna show up at some point and that scares the hell out of me everytime.

In my opinion his main role on this team is to mentor Cole Hamels which I beleive he has been doing very well, however if this is a measure of talent and on field value I wouldnt rank him top 10.

JustMY2cents ~ Ciao!

not to put the cart before the horse, but Utley has a real shot at the MVP this year if the Phils make the playoffs. one of Prince Fielder or Reyes is probably the frontrunner at this point, but Utley should be right in the thick of it.

How great is *Outman* for a baseball player's last name?

Excellent post as usual, Jason. Here's to hoping the Tigers don't come in and pummel this almost-first place team.

Great pitchers name, not a name you want leaking-off.

I'd say if Prince keeps hitting the ball like this for the season, it would be real hard for Chase to catch him.

Great post, JW.

I'm obviously not holding my breath, but how terrific would it be if a health(ier) Garcia re-joined the rotation in late August/early September?

Speaking of injured pitchers, any word on Myers' planned bullpen session?

Jason - nice work.

While everyone has been soaking up the Phillies run up the standings has anyone noticed how bad Burrell is really hitting.

The month of June his BA is .162 (he batted .179 in May) - he is 2 for 16 since the HR off Wagner and his average has dropped from .228 to .219 from that time.

Granted he is getting on base with some walks and OPS is more critical than BA but for a month and half to be hitting .173 is pretty pathetic.

He has more walks (29) than hits (20) since May 1st in 115 AB which is acceptable but with his Kingman-like speed less appealing.

As much as I would like Burrell to be what we all think he is capable of being he will continue to be the poster child for PHILLIES BASEBALL and best described by one word - tantalize.

TANTALIZE: To excite (another) by exposing something desirable while keeping it out of reach (A.K.A. playoff baseball)

I predicted Utley would win 2007 NL MVP before the season started and agree he, Reyes, and Fielder are the top candidates right now. Ultey is consistent and his consistency is going to lead to a huge year, especially with Howard behind him again.

Hamels is awesome, and he'll probably only get better. His 16 homeruns surrendered are a concern, but most are solo shots.

We need the month of April/early May Grand Pappy Moyer to come back.

Burrell needs to start hitting some and pull that average up around .250.

Caught this on, but figured I'd spread the news. Check out Jose Mesa's biography on

Born: May 1967
First two children:
Daughter Yamela, Jan. 1974
Son Ralph, June 1979

Is Troy Perceival still available?

Barring a meltdown, I have a feeling voters are itching to give MVP to a player of Reyes' mold rather than Fielder. Reyes is most deserving at this point and has the NY market on his side.

Is it possible to father children @ age 7?

No wait...shoddy math! AT AGE 6!?!?!?

So it's confirmed - Jose Mesa is 137 years old.

By the way, the Padres just called up a AAA third baseman named Chase Headley.

Phils signed another indy league lefty pitcher. Luis Villarreal of the American Association's St. Paul Saints. He is a 27 year old lefty who's seen some time this year in AA and AAA in the Brewer's organization.

timr: Remember the name. The kid is a player. May be a bit early to have him up here, but he'll be an everyday player for years once he's up.

so is this the 3rd or 4th time someone's posted the Mesa birthdate thing? not trying to be a jerk, but come on folks.

Jason, I agree Fielder will probably suffer from Howard Fatigue (not to mention the largely immobile sluggers who won it previously) if he keeps up his excellent numbers. if the Mets win the NL East, I think Reyes wins easily.

Vic and PtB tied? I'll give you 2 PtB's for your Vic, and my team of Vic and any guy in AA beats your team of 2 PtB's 9 times out of 10.

Heck with Percival, can Ralph Mesa pitch?

clout: I think its obvious then that the Phils should acquire Chase Headley in the offseason.

Thanks for the Mesa post. I had not seen it yet. I laughed my ass off. Typical Phils scrap heep bullpen move. This year it just happened a little sooner. At least they have plenty of expierence.

timr: Not a bad idea and it could work since the Pads have Kouzmanoff at 3B already. Headly has just average range at 3B and he projects no more than 15-20 HR but he's got tremendous K/BB ratios and good doubles power. His OPS last season in A ball was .823 and so far this season in AA it's 1.081. Maybe we can get him for Germano. Ooops!

Yesterday, Howard Eskin including "left-hander" Justin Germano on a short list with Jake Peavy and Chris Young as the main reasons why the Padres will be unstoppable in the playoffs. He had a vague recollection Germano was once Phillies property, acquired in a deal for "Raul" Cormier, as he likes to call him.

Alright we should pick up Chase Headley for 3B, now we have to find someone named Chase for Catcher and Left Field. Think we can find 6 Chases for the BP?

Burrell tied with Victorino? Ahead of Alfonseca? Am I missing something or he still batting .230?

Yes, I know he walks, but when he walks and then Wes Helms comes up, then that doesn't help anybody. Thank God Manuel woke up and realized he doesn't have to play Helms every day.

Yes, I suspect there is memo somewhere dated 4/21 that said; "Don't play Helms more then twice a week, and move Rowand to the 5 spot in the order."

It sliped under the couch in Cholly's office before he Lopes could read it too him and was found by the cleaning crew in early June.

That cleaning crew member may well be the team MVP.

Unfortuneately it was picked up with a scouting report for Jose Mesa dated 4/1/97.

Jason, I love the power rankings. Perhaps you could do it for BL posters as well! (wouldn't that be a one would contest them, of course)

If you're Garcia, why not just have the surgery. Does he actually have a conscience about robbing his interim team blind? His comments the other day didn't seem to indicate it. What's the best case scenario then, he comes back for four starts in September and pitches 20-22 innings and goes 1-1? I'd like to think he can still make some kind of difference, but the odds seem strongly against it. Just leave town, and we can all try to forget you ever happened.

It would seem a matter of time before Kendrick's inexperience shows, but no thanks on Traschel. Guys like that aren't worth the most middling single-A prospects, not even in a pennant race. Keep signing those indie-leaguers and hope one of 'em can keep his ERA under 5 in the bigs.

Well, I have hope that Garcia can come back for Sept. Just for one reason really.

IF we DO make the playoffs, the preseason idea of a 3 man rotaion was Myers, Hamels and Garcia.

If the playoffs started now your talking Hamels, then the hottest 2 between Lieber, Moyer and Eaton.

This is not a recipe for a long run. We can really use that guy back and actually healthy this time.

J Weitzel, I heard Eskin at that moment (since WFAN was temporarily out of range). He's an idiot when it comes to baseball. He mentions lefty Germano (who's a righty) and doesn't mention some other guy on there staff named, uh um, I think it's Maddux, not to mention David Wells. Eskin is a legend in his own mind.

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