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Monday, June 25, 2007


Jason you are correct, any sign of success from Mike Constanza is welcome. I'm still skeptical of him, but this latest surge has brought be some hope.

Here's a name I came up with as a possible rotation filler with actual upside- Shawn Chacon. Probably wouldn't take much to pry him away from our state buddies Pittsburgh.

Carson, one of the articles I read over the weekend (Stark? Rosenthal?) said that the Pirates are over asking for their young pitchers. I'll see if I can't find it again.

J- Thanks for the link. While the Constanza article is something I'd been looking for for awhile (you could see from his lines that he was improving), I also enjoyed seeing the blurb on Dee Brown. I don't know that there's an Eagles fan who doesn't remember the promise of that '92 team and the effect of Jerome's death on the season.

Huh? Oh, *that* Ruiz. Hide the needles in Ottawa.

Just wondering - if the Phillies could pull off a move of Burrell et al. for Bonds = would you cheer Barry or boo him?
I'd cheer - he's an improvement over Burrell and he's useless to SF once he reaches 756.

Glad to hear that Constanzo is finding his groove a bit. Still, even if Constanzo is able to hit this year more consistently he still strikes out way too much and is a butcher in the field. Plus, there is no way he will be ready to open the season next year in Philly.

Maybe he is viewed as the answer in 2009 and the Phils will stopgap next year with Helms/??? at 3B. Either way I see 3B remaining a problem for the Phils for quite some time to come.

Um.... no one values Burrell enough to make that deal possible. Unless the "et al." included Rowand. But if Barry came, I'd cheer, I'm cheering for him to pass Hank now as is. He's been hitting very well this month, actually.

RSB: To continue the discussion from the previous thread, I just don't see much evidence that some starters aren't cut out for the bullpen. History is full of examples of pitchers who could and did do both; who are the good starters who moved to the bullpen but washed out because they couldn't handle it? I think you, and many others, are buying into this idea that there's some huge mental and physical adjustment that lots of guys can't handle. Again, where's the evidence of this? And I don't mean guys coming up with excuses for why their performance sucked, as with Madson's failure at becoming a starter.

I simply refuse to believe that once upon a time ace pitchers could start every fourth day plus occasionally, when a big series against a top rival came up, act as a closer as well, but today's pitchers are so delicate they can't move back and forth between the roles at any point in the same season. If that were true, no pitcher would ever be promoted to starting during the course of the season anymore, when the fact is that it happens all the time. I call bullsh*t -- not on you, but on the front office.

Jason-Thanks for all the minor league updates. The Philadelphia sports media is clueless. A caller on 610am just called Howard Eskin & asked if the Phills should consider Carlos Carrasco for one of the Friday games. Eskin admitted he had no idea who carlos was & to cover up for having no knowledge said bascically "Who cares the Phillies minor's stink". Although he is correct-you would think he would have some knowledge of the Phills players.

I think i'm at the point I couldn't cheer Bonds on if he A) was a Phillie and B) was a Phillie AND the guy who got Burrell out of town.


Jason -- You reported about the Reading Phillies' 9:35 a.m. game start this morning, "(a)s for the game, which started at 9:35 a.m., left-hander Matt Maloney tossed a season-high 7 2-3 innings and allowed two runs and four hits, matching a season high with seven strikeouts."

Maloney's catcher was -- Chris Coste, who hit a long two-run homer, knocked in his 26th and 27th RBIs in his last 23 games with the R Phillies, and threw out a baserunner attempting to steal second. See, the video of the Coste home run at:

Philadelphia president and CEO David Montgomery was in attendance at today's game in Reading -- and he should tell Gillick to get Coste to Philadelphia.

Well, I will say that despite what Amaro or Myers say now, it's anyone's guess what they have in mind for Myers when he comes back. They presently have more of a need in the rotation, and if Gordon comes back, they can let him close again. Wouldn't be the end of the world. Here's the reality: they may still be less than five games out by the time Myers returns. They have nothing to trade in return for any pitcher who could conceivably help. As bad as the bullpen is, this team can't win with two double-A starters. As was the decision to move Myers to the bullpen dictated primarily by necessity, a decision to return him to the rotation could and perhaps should be governed by the same thing. There's obviously been a considerable break in the action for Myers here, so it wouldn't be the same as abruptly yanking him from one role into the next all over again. Yes, they would look all the more foolish to the rest of the baseball world by shifting gears yet *again*, just as they did by being both sellers and buyers last season, but I have to say that I would prefer this willingness to adjust plans according to how the scope of the season and personnel dictates, rather than holding firm to previously stated axioms.

On the subject of starters being equally capable as closers, you have to take it on a case by case basis. A guy with good stuff - i.e. a strikeout pitch - and good control could probably work as a closer. Myers could. Cole Hamels could. Jamie Moyer couldn't. Jon Lieber couldn't. There's probably no reason or justification for making a general claim one way or they other.

davthom73: It's pure boneheadedness on my part for not including the Coste line. He should be in the majors. It's an injustice.

And Costanzo's perk up in batting has coincided with Coste's arrival in Reading -- and Costanzo's installation in the 3-hole hitting ahead of Coste.

As R Phillies beat writer Mike Drago wrote in the Reading Eagle, "Hitting third, (Costanzo has) generally had veteran Chris Coste behind him, something that would benefit any batter."

DavThom loves him some Chris Coste.

Seriously, how long must we wait for Coste to return? My guess, September...that's a fargin' shame!

I was at that game yesterday and Maloney looks pretty good. I was thinking more as a lefty out of the bullpen but with the injuries to the starters, he's almost going to have to start.
Coste,as his comments have indicated, looks completely disinterested in AA ball. It doesn't even seem like he's trying and is still much better than everyone else on the team. He belongs in the bigs.
Costanzo seems to be able to only hit homeruns. I went to a game last week where he hit a homer but not much else. Then he struck out 3 times yesterday. I worry about his ability to hit line drives and he doesn't exactly seem to have mastered first base yet.
Ruiz is interesting. He looks like he can hit(steroids or not). He usually plays first but can play left. Looks a little hefty to play there but you never know what could happen on the big club with Burrell strugg-a-ling.

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