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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Good Luck Kutztown High School Baseball Team. Kutztown thanks Beerleaguer for the post!!!!

KU has been pumping out pro players for years now. My first ever college AB was vs Ryan Vogelsong. The dude was throwing 94 and it was about 35 degrees out. Not fun.

how many of their guys are former boyertown kids?

Joe, On the 2007 KU team, 2 players were from Boyertown, one was their leading hitter. Boyertown is a real hotbed for baseball. KU seems to produce pitchers. 3 from the 2007 team were signed or drafted, the Twins took McCardell in the 6th round. Also currently pitching pro ball include Vogelsong in Japan, and Tim Bausher, Ron Chiavacci and Glen Woolard.

And what survey of Kutztown baseball would be complete without mention of everyone's favorite former umpire, "Gentleman Jay" Druckenmiller? Go, Cougars!

I grew up as friends with Bausher through my church and actually played against him as I played for Oley before leaving to go to private school. Good guy, Davthom should fall in love with him soon as he is playing for Nashua independent league team with Rich Garces.

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