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Friday, June 01, 2007


loving all these baserunners allowed so far

eaton is due to get bombed sometime soon...seems like he has pitched to well lately

Playin' with fire.

And especially with the top o' the order up now.

Well, that was clearly a strike.

yeah, looks like we're gonna see all those guys Cholly has hidden away in the dark corners of the BP tonight

put me down for 13-2 tonight


Obviously Gameday is running a little slow right now.

Fred "Freakin'" Lewis?!?!?

I want to write a post, but I find myself at a loss for words

I just turned on the TV.

"And that makes it 5-0 Giants now."

Turned it back off. Tonight's as good as any to go to the bars in Old City.

well, he didn't walk him AND kept him in the park...progress


i called it!!! as soon as the umpire didn't call morris out, i called home run!!

y does this only happen to us...8 MILLION DOLLARS THANKS GILLICK,


Just think where this game would be without the two Giant runners who got thrown out on the base paths. 10 of the 14 guys who have come up have reached base -- and one of the outs came on a sacrifice. Throw out the sacrifice & every ball in play has reached the outfield.

As if to pain those of us out of town, the broadcast is now the SF folks. If we're gonna loose, I at least want to listen to Harry.

games gonna get rained out later anyway. don't worry.

just curious as to if anyone has tried slingbox in lieu of

BP already... I'm upping my predicted score to 16-2

This is why you tend to send your worst rather than best starter to the BP.

I am on MLB - what is slingbox?

Oh sweet Lord, can the Phils do anything right tonight? Basically you watch / control your TV over the internet when you're away from home.

Dave X - you mean you'd rather have your best starter pitch 200 innings, not just 70? But how is that fair to all the other pitchers?

with the phils luck, the BP will be lights out the rest of the way and the offense will just sputter

What happened to Eaton? Was there a real injury, or was one made up to get Rosario more time to warm up?

Jesus, now Rosario's hurt?

I hate this team. I literally hate this team. I've struggled through so many years of mediocrity with the Philadelphia Phillies, and now all the money spent has put us here. Congratulations Gillick, you've killed my soul.

Yes! Tank! Change everything! Yes!

Rosario just didn't want to face Fred Lewis.

Don't look now but the Nats are coming on...putting it to Peavy tonight.

well just got home and noticed the game is over in the 3rd inning. now the gf and i can head over to the swinger party a little earlier than expected. I'd much have a foursome than watch this trainwreck.

It isn't necessarily fair, curt, its a tough situation. The choice the Phillies made wasn't the worst one they could have made, or the best - in terms of fairness and players being happy this (if all were healthy) situation would probably be the best. In terms of fan happiness and wins, probably not.

It's 2007... yet people still don't know what interference is...

That kid should be removed from the stadium...

every day... people along the foul seats almost interfere with fair balls. Knowledge overcomes instinct. The ball girls/ushers need to remind the front row to NOT lean over the rail... the fact they don't do that causes these issues...

Sorry for venting about something inconsequential save for 2 runs.

But it should be 6 nothing right now not 8.

Well the honeymoon is over with Zagurski I suppose. Welcome to Philly.

Hey, it's not his fault. He's an "A" pitcher working against ML hitters.

Matt Morris is loving the Phillie staff. His 3 hits are 3 more than our whole team has.

Good move Condrey (walking BB). Why is the crowd booing? Clay was battling to keep his ERA under 10....oh well.

this is unreal. the phillies don't even have a hit yet. 13-0.

That 16-2 prediction looks good - well the 16 anyway - lets get a hit and a run to save face

PtB is likely to crank one here.

Phils' pitchers have thrown 125 pitches through 5. was a perfect PtB situation.

I think this is what is known as "rock bottom." No pitching, no hitting, no luck, & no prayer.

i guess i was just a tiny bit off when i joked that the BP would shut em out tonight while the offense did nothing. well, i was right about the offense...

luckily, this is just one game. Maybe tomorrow we'll start a little winning streak.

Just when it looked like they were starting to play better at home. Then they throw this complete crapfest of a homestand at us. Lord Jesus.

So....does this get Cholly fired? I'm almost praying to get no-hit tonight to move things along on that front.

I'm beginning to think the Phillies might not be progressing under Pat Gillick. Hey kdon, how's the bullpen?

at least there are some road games starting Tuesday

Sharpen the guillotine! First up, Charles Manuel! Right behind him, Patrick Gillick and Ruben Amaro Jr.!

It doesn't get any worse. Pitching couldn't be worse and no hits. Somehow no hits is more irritating. It's the kind of loss after which a head rolls.

The first head that ought to roll is one that no one ever seems to mention in the course of their tirades: Mike Arbuckle's.

Why did Manuel get tossed? I was away from the set. Two outs and the pitcher up. What happened?

If you had an opportunity to stop watching this team, wouldn't you take it? He's probably sitting in the whirlpool reading a travel brochure and listening to Enya on the headphones.

Jason: On a bunt attempt by Morris that was clearly a strike, but called a ball.

There must be a way to get a better franchise. We have a great baseball town, and one of the very worst ML organizations, top to bottom. There are towns out there that have decent organizations and fans who don't give a damn. It's just not right.

Yoel!! 1-2-3!

By the way, how many times have we seen a call go against our pitcher or an error get made and then the pitcher totally loses his composure and allows a bunch of runs? Is there anyone on this staff that DOESN'T lose his composure? Moyers maybe. But I've never seen so many do it so often.

Manuel certainly knows how to pick his spots to fire up the troops.

curt: This is the perfect spot for Yoel. Any game with a 10-run margin or larger.

It isn't fair. It isn't fair a city like Atlanta, whose fans just couldn't care less, have an incredible organization with a top-notch GM. We have a bunch of slimy suited stragglers who know nothing about running a baseball franchise.

come on clout, get in the spirit man. YOEL IS THE SHIZZZZNITE!

Bad news is we won't be able to use Yoel for a few days now.

Everyone's having a good time out there tonight. Right Rod?

Strong finish by Yoel -- 3 outs on 4 pitches.

i don't know about you guys, but what i'm taking from this game is that we should all ride the yoel-train into postseason glory...

Yoel is actually the least of the Phillies' problems right now.

Waddya mean, "problem." The man has a 1.17 ERA. He's starting to look like our next setup man, if not the closer.

I wish we had 25 "problems" like Yoel.

Maybe the Phils need a dugout fight like the Cubs had today.

jeltzie, curt: Hell, I think Yoel could win the Cy Young if they put him in the rotation. Didn't Baseball America have him on its top 5,000 prospects list?


I don't think Yoel is a vital cog to the future of the franchise. Just happy that someone is overachieving; we had enough guys underachieving this week.

I have to confess, I didn't even know we had Yoel til he showed up in the box score one night.

But I'm sure glad we do!

Clay should go straight to jail without passing go and collecting $200, and while at it, take Cholly and Gillick with you.

I had to hear crap from a fellow die-hard Giants co-worker all day long. If the Phillies don't take the next two, I'm going to put all my Phillies crap on e-bay and start cheering for the Padres.

Also, he may very well be the best pitcher in the history of baseball named "Yoel." Have to look for silver linings sometimes.

I'm convinced. Put him into the starting rotation. He can't be any worse than Eaton.

just got back from a few hours at the party. Scored with the GF and another chic but it looks like the Phillies couldnt score. Maybe some of the guys should've come with me tonite.

From Ben Maller:

"Giants GM Brian Sabean said Armando Benitez seemed 'stunned' when told of the deal. Sabean left no doubt he was unhappy that he was forced by public opinion to consummate a trade that leaves the Giants with no experienced closer. 'The type of person or professional I am, I don't take any satisfaction in anybody's demise or inability to do his job,' Sabean said. 'I'll say one thing about Armando. He was strong enough to be a whipping boy. 'The first game here (in New York) we had three players who were not available. That was not Armando's fault. Tonight we had three hits and looked dead as a doornail. That was not Armando's fault. We are at a crossroads in my mind, and apparently the fans, the press and some people in the clubhouse felt he needed to go. 'Now we're going to find out what they're made of. We'll see who's strong enough to be the whipping boy now. ... We're going to find out who, when and how we're going to step up. Right now, as we speak, we're heading closer to last place than first place. I don't know that that was Armando Benitez's fault.' "

Why don't we ever hear that kind of talk from the brass here? I just don't get it. Don't they realize this team always goes nowhere?

Although Gillick has done an atrocious job-hearing the words "Ruben Amaro Jr has been named the new GM" is truely scary.
My guess is PtB & other single Phills were more worried that a rain delay would delay their night out in OLD City than actually mounting an attack vs the Giants.
Lowry will be tough tomorrow-he has great stuff & the Phills lit him up last time-he will be looking for revenge. Phills then face Linctum & Zito(Lefty). This series doesn't look promising for the Phills.
If the Phills are swept & lose 7 straight are their any repercussions? I doubt it!

Sorry guys-1 other note from tonight. That grandslam that Fred Lewis hit to make it 4-0 should have been a routine out. It's common knowledge the place is a bandbox- but it really angered me. Another great decision made by Monty & the cluless front office. I'm sure their were several wind studies/+ 30+ years of evidence from the Vet that the balls fly out easier at the location. My guess is that Monty thought it was the result of a juiced ball/steroids & disregarded all the studies making the park a joke. At least it helped to get Thome signed here(we are still paying 6mill of his salary this year)

From the game recap comes this gem:

"The Phillies were coming off a successful off-day, during which they never fell behind early, fought back, watched their bullpen re-fatten their opponents' lead, or wasted an opportunity to tie the game with baserunning mistakes."

Malcolm, we don't hear that from the brass because they're afraid any negative vibes might affect the turnstiles. That's all they care about.

The entire mgmt structure is made up of a bunch of cowed weenies, Pat Gillick included. He got spanked by The Puppet at The Walking Sphincter's orders ("don't kill the marketing"), and has been walking around with his tail between his legs ever since. For goodness sake, he attributed the fundamental mistakes this team has made to the fact that it's "a young team", even when the mistakes are ones that should have been 'coached' out of players in Little League.

Now we know why PG is such a Blowrajas fan - they're weenies one and all.

And Malcolm, ownership and management are laughing at you because you care so much - fool!

You go to games and spend $6.50 on a beer, or listen on the radio or watch the game on TV so their ad revenues are greater. You buy caps and jerseys for yourself or kids.

They're laughing all the way to the bank, and in reality, have nothing but contempt for you.

I'm beginning to think that the only thing that will turn this franchise around long-term is a full scale boycott - one so severe it will force these inherited wealth, arrogant, "patrician", underachieving owners to sell to someone who really cares about winning.

Don't watch, don't listen, don't go to the park, and don't buy or wear the colors. That's probably what it's going to take.

If you have to go to the park, wear black in protest of this ownership group. Send these anonymous, imposter owners a message until they sell.

Chris Coste box score line for tonight's R Phillies game:

6 at bats, 3 hits, 3 RBI's, 2 2-out RBI's.

Coste's stats for the 6 games that he has been with Reading since last Sunday:

.393 BA, 28 at bats, 11 hits, 3 home runs, 10 RBI's,.414 OBP, .714 slg. pct., 1.128 OPS

It's Monty's head I want first. Then we'll sort out who goes next. Put me down in the full scale boycott camp. I'm canceling tomorrow and putting the money towards buying "The Dude's" party tonight on DVD.

THe Dude:

We don't care.

Pitcher Matt Morris out hit our entire team last night 3-2...pathetic.

Mike H, Monty is Giles' puppet, his butt boy! Getting rid of him won't make a bit of difference.

The problem with this ownership group from the beginning has been Giles, not any front-man he puts in place.

Why do the rest of these cowardly, faceless, underachieving owners allow Giles to remain at the top of the org chart, in effective control desite not having the title, because he at least makes them money. The really don't care about winning.


Or at least wear black at the park in mourning and protest.

kells: I'm glad you mentioned that. On hot humid nights, like last night, CBP is indeed a joke. The shot by Lewis is a routine out anywhere else, including Coors.

In ex-Phillies news, Placido Polanco is hitting .340 with 30 RBI out of the 2 hole in 200 ABs. David Bell, the man they kept over Polanco, is....oh, he's out of baseball!

Info on Slingbox:

I got tired of being screwed by Comcast so I bought the SB and put it in a friends house. It acts like a cable box but instead of it's output going to a TV set it gets streamed over the internet. i can watch all of the basic channels on my computer or my phone (Mototola Q). I paid about $100 on ebay (new), it took 10 minutes to set up at my friend's house and while I don't get CSN in HD anymore I also don't give comcrap any money anymore. I feel better - well except for no I can watch the Phils on my computer and phone and they S U C K.

Phils sign Northern Illinois pitcher Matt German. As a fifth-year senior, he was allowed to sign with the Phillies before next week’s Major League Baseball Draft. He is NIU’s career saves leader with 26. This year, the lefty was 5-2 with 13 saves and an ERA of 1.76.

Does anyone still think Clay Condrey is a major league pitcher ?

J- To your comment about Charlie knowing how to pick his spots, I would have pulled a Charlie and gone in for it. That was a bad call at the plate. Charlie essentially got tossed before he began arguing on the field. You could heard him yell from the dugout, and if I remember correctly, he basically gets onto the field and up to the ump and the ump tosses him (unfortunately, doesn't include the footage of the "non" swing). I think any manager should have made the arguement there- it was clear that Morris was set up to bunt, that he kept the bat there and that it was a strike. It was a blown call.

The views that FSN SF had of the fan obstruction call were also fairly clear that the ball was going to drop short. Mike makes a great point- the ushers at CBP need to spend time talking to the people in the front row of the outfield- not that anyone will listen, but you never know. Could you imagine if that was a playoff game? I don't think they would have been able to get the kid and his friends out of the stadium without them getting harmed.

Look at the bright side -- none of those bad calls had anything to do with the game's outcome, and Bonds was kept in the yard.

Blame Eaton all you want, but how dumb is it to sign a fly-ball pitcher with shaky control to pitch in a bandbox? Wolf, by the way, game up 4 runs in 5 innings last night. He'd be an improvement, but not a huge one.

The Astros just placed Rick White on the 15-day DL with that which was termed a "pinched nerve", but White will be getting more tests Monday and Tuesday of next week. It seems as though White has been having arm problems for a while, going from a 1.50 ERA on May 18th, to a 6.00 ERA now, with White having gotten hit particularly hard on May 25th -- 0.1 innings, 6 hits, 7 runs, 1 walk, etc.

From the story on the Astros' site:

"White, 38, initially felt the discomfort on Thursday, when he pitched the sixth inning against the Reds. He felt what he referred to as a "stinger" in his right arm, leaving him with a numb sensation and a pins-and-needles prickly feeling in his fingers.

Before Friday's game, White expressed confidence that the discomfort wouldn't hinder him for long, but that diagnosis changed when team doctors ran tests on him and discovered the pinched nerve. "Obviously, something's going on in there that I can't feel unless I get in certain positions," White said, adding the pain was somewhere between his neck and his right pectoral muscle. "It's better to get it checked out now. Everybody agreed to get it checked out now. Hopefully, it's nothing major. Hopefully, I'll be back in 15 [days] and be ready to go. The worst-case scenario is some sort of surgery." White will have more tests run on Monday and Tuesday. "I've never had it before," he said. "It's a sign of old age, I guess. That's what Woody [Williams] said. He said something new happens all the time when you get older."


Phila Fan In DC: I saw the replay later and agree it was a bad call worth arguing. I stand corrected. It sure didn't do much to fire up the troops however!


Not a huge improvement? Wolf's ERA is 3.68; Eaton's is is 6.28. That's more than 2.5 runs difference per game, not to mention that Wolf is third in the league in strikeouts and opponents are hitting just .243 off of him (compared to .286 off of Eaton).

Wolf, apparently was never going to sign with us, so this is an academic argument. But to say he wouldn't be a huge improvement is way off base. Wolf has been one of the top 15 or 20 starters in the National League this year. Eaton has probably been one of the 5 worst.

Clay Condrey - AAAA pitcher. Can bounce between the minors and the bigs.

On an unrelated note, should 3000 hits always entitle a player to Hall of Fame membership (leaving aside Palmeiro)? I was thinking about this because Edgar Renteria and Andruw Jones will very likely get 3000 hits, but I don't think either is quite Hall of Fame calibre. I'm not sure that there's ever even been a year when Renteria was the best shortstop in his league, though this year he's close. But he has 1840 hits and he's only 31, so if he holds up for another 7 seasons, 140 hits a year would get him there. It just seems that he and Jones have only been able to rack up so many hits because they got to the major leagues at such a young age, and there are many better players who will never make the Hall because they took longer to get called up.

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