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Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Adam Eaton is what he is. A pitcher with very good stuff who has struggled with command his entire career. Guys like that will always be inconsistent, prone to streaks etc.

As a fifth starter for this team, I'm fine with Adam Eaton. For the money though, I'm not sure if he is supposed to be there...heck, I'd settle for Chris Coste as the fifth starter.

My idea is to move Eaton to the bullpen & Myers back into the starting rotation. I know it sounds crazy, since Eaton is usually at his worst early in the game. But he also throws a good 94-95 MPH & could probably throw more like 97 if he only had to pitch an inning or 2 per game. If he were throwing 97 right from the get-go, he might be reasonably effective.

Hey, I'm not saying it would definitely work. I'm saying it's worth a shot. Their starting rotation is in shambles & would really benefit from having Myers back. And there are plenty of failed starters turned top relievers. The Phillies are stuck with this guy for the next 2 1/2 years, so they need to figure out a way to make him useful -- or at least more useful than he is right now.

Right as I was starting to get all misty-eyed about Greg Dobbs, he has gone into a tailspin & played like crap for the last week.

Why don't they just put Rowand behind Howard and be done with it. Or is some rule that the left fielder has to bat fifth?

Burrell's status is now day-to-day, without an injury. There seems little rhyme or reason to why and when he starts or doesn't. It's a matter of time before they bench him entirely.

It would especially make sense to have an extra bench player during the upcoming interleague series. The Phillies are so stubborn when it comes to things sometimes, and having this useless 12th pitcher is the ultimate case in point. It simply makes no sense.

Clout - Yeah but Eaton has been particularly awful so far this year.

Giving up too many HRs:

-1.4/game which is well above league average

K/B ratio is poor by even Eaton's career numbers

- 1.28 KK/B in '07 vs career number of 2.09 K/B

Moving Eaton to the bullpen is just an incredibly poor idea (contract aside). Eaton gives up alot of HRs, has trouble throwing strikes in general but especially during his first few innings, and usually takes about 15-20 pitches to find both his location and get his velocity up.

MG: Eaton is no more wild than a lot of relievers & if he could get his velocity up by a couple MPH, he wouldn't allow as many homeruns. If it's true that it takes him 15-20 pitches to get his velocity up, perhaps he could just alter his warmup schedule so his velocity is already up by the time he comes into the game. When you're only going to pitch an inning or two, you have the luxury of being able to go harder in warmups.

As I said, it may not work; I'm just throwing out an idea that has occurred to me before. If he keeps pitching the way he has been, at some point they're going to have no choice but to get him out of the starting rotation & try something different.

Great inning by Eaton against the heart of the Mets order. Who was that idiot who was suggesting he be moved to the bullpen?

Not able to watch this one live, but looks like there's some good Eaton tonight! (for a change.)

Since he does his best pitching at Shea, I wonder if the Mets could take him off our hands.

On a positive note, Howard's swing finally looks like it is back to normal. Phils just should have bit the bullet and put him on the DL in April instead of waiting until nearly mid-May.

I agree about Condrey/Coste especially with interleague coming up.

I just did a survey of the National League to see how many pitchers were on each 25 man roster, the results are interesting

Mets 12
Atlanta 13
Phillies 12
Marlins 13
Nationals 12

Brewers 12
Cardinals 11
Cubs 12
Pirates 12
Astros 11
Reds 12

Padres 12
Diamondbacks 12
Dodgers 12
Giants 12
Rockies 12

So of 16 teams in the National League, 2 (Braves and Marlins) are carrying 13 Pitchers, 2 (Cardinals and Astros) are carrying 11 Pitchers, and 11 others including the Phillies are carrying 12.

For a time there, with all the quality starts and not getting blown out there were few mop up innings, when there is not regular work for a pitcher it is hard to have pin-point control.

It's time to bring Coste up, for interleague play.

think eaton is rattled after that HR?

What a crappy break. At least it was a solo shot.

it appears we have our answer

Time for Eaton to show some damn composure. It isn't like he is a rookie.

I haven't looked at the rosters and transactions but the Braves and Marlins played a doubleheader yesterday which probably explains why they were at 13. But, yeah, if they ever call him up he probably becomes their best pinch hit option right away.

Eaton not exactly burning through the middle of the order this time around.

when will they learn about vic???

HA! Nice throw Victorino!


Shades of Glenn-bo. Do not run on Victorino, folks. His throws are right on the money 9 out of 10 times.

Sorry, all I've got is gamecast tonight. Was Beltran's HR only arguably legit?

Jimmy Freaking Rollins!!!!!!!!

that oughta shut em up. and just when it looked like it was going to be another wasted opportunity with jimmy swinging all over the place...

Huge two-out 2-strike hit!

About effin time, J-Roll.

god that feels good

Way to show Burrell how it is done!! Super clutch!! Can the pen hold it?? Ahh, and Hamels going tomorrow!!

LOL -- no comments in 51 minutes, then six in one minute...amazing what a three-run jack can do for this board.

Get ready for another string of comments too if Geary pisses this one away!!

Can't decide which one is more clutch, Pat Burrell or our bullpen.

Damn I did not expect that.

Rollins is the man tonight. Last night it was Utley... could Rollins get it done tonight with his play thus far?

I cannot believe he weaseled his way out of that inning!!

ok, seriously, with a thin bench and a close game, why do you PH for dobbs there at all?


At least Utley got sent that time.

Nicely done!!

Big insurance run. If Rowand keeps it up through June, he is going to be a viable All-Star selection.

You have to bunt Madson here. He only threw 6 pitches last inning.

I do not want to see El Pulpo tonight.

APB: The Philies bullpen has been kidnapped. Alien abduction and cyborg replacement is suspected.

Why not sacrifice Barajas there and leave Madson in the game?

I don't get it.

Recall, he also pitched 2 innings last night.

Up by 2 in the bottom of the 9th...


This is a bit scary. Alfonseca has been pretty terrible when he has pitched on back-to-back days. But I don't see who else they can use here.

One down.

(I'm going to the game tomorrow. Do I dare wish for a win tonight knowing a Mets sweep is a rarity?)

nice win

Great job Alfonseca -- and solid bullpen performance -- two nights in a row -- in spite of itself.

Incredible game yet again!! These two games have had plenty of drama, thankfully the Phils have come out on top. If Cole wants to be an All-Star, he needs to deliver yet again tomorrow! I have a feeling he will!

A good win tonight -- though the downside is that Madson, Geary & Alfonseca have all pitched 2 games in a row. They're gonna need another complete game from Hamels tomorrow. Unfortunately, for all his brilliance, Cole usually follows up his best performances with a couple of duds.

Fantastic win.

Can't wait to see them play tomorrow night.

I've thought lately that the Mets were due for a let down...perhaps this is it.

And tomorrow we let King Cole throw against them.

Good win, however, Chollie showed how he doesn't look at splits for the life of him. Geary in back-to-back appearances has been horrible in the latter. And after pitching last night, he almost blew it in the 7th this time. Eaton should've went 7, giving way to Madson and Alfonseca.

I hate to break up all the good feelings, but the denoumement to this story will occur when we get swept by the Royals this weekend. Let's remember, these are the Phillies.

Nice use of "denoumement" on Beerleaguer. I'm afraid though you may be right. Say what you want about beating the Braves and Mets, the good teams always beat up on the bad teams. And the Phils haven't always been the best at that.

Big words or not, the Phils head to the final game of this series with their ACE on the mound.

Positive thinking, boys!!!

That's five straight - on the road - against the Braves and Mets. But in between there was a lot of lackluster play at home. It remains to be seen if this team has the ability to play with consistency. It's amazing how they reverse course with such regularity.

The spelling is "denouement", I believe.

I'm happy that it's King Cole on the hill tomorrow, but the Stems are sending John Maine out. He has OWNED the Phils. Cole will have to pitch VERY well in order to give the team a chance.

"It's amazing how they reverse course with such regularity."

RSB, that's what inconsistent teams do.

Oh, ye doubters. Isn't it nice to see El Pulpo giving out those high sixes?

RSB - It is really fascinating but if this team can actually get some decent pitching they are going to be in the thick of things.

Everyone knows the bullpen sucks but I still think the "Factor X" for this team is going to be the starting pitching they get the rest of the season from Garcia and Eaton. If Eaton and Garcia can just even duplicate their career numbers, this team is going to be a legit contender for the wildcard.

It's going to be tough to have a better record than the Dodgers/Padres, Diamondbacks, and Braves when it's all said and done. The Braves I think we could probably pass - their pitching isn't so good and we have a better offense. They're about a .500 team. The Dodgers though have a really strong pitching staff and a passable offense, and they won't have a tough time adding a bat, or bringing one up from Triple A. Kemp and Loney are both pretty good. Same's true of the Padres - great pitching, not strong but decent enough offense, and they'll probably be able to better themselves by trade. Even if Garcia can improve and we add some pieces to the bullpen, I'm not sure it'll be enough to catch up to whichever one comes in second place between those two.

Tray - I agree with just about everything you said except for the Padres' offense. It is mediocre at best and if Gonzalez comes back to earth, they will be hard pressed to score enough runs to win the NL West or contend for the wildcard.

before every one gets too happy, let's remember all the missed opportunities the first couple innings. el duque really didn't look all that great, but he still shut us out!

Picking up on Jason's leadoff on this thread, about the WIP featuring of Chris Coste on Angelo Cataldi's show this morning -- I went and listened to the recorded interview Angelo did with Coste -- and I heard a fascinating tidbit.

At the very end of the interview, Angelo told his listeners that the Phillies actually did not want Coste to come on Angelo's show on WIP this morning.

Angelo's exact words, at the end of the interview: "I appreciate very much you (Coste) coming on (WIP). Its amazing that the Phillies didn't want you to come on (WIP)-- You are nothing but a great representative of that organization. Best of luck to you Chris, I really hope the best for you. Thanks, Chris Coste. Phils didn't want him to come on (WIP) . . . they (he Phillies) thought he would make them look bad." Wow.


[click on "Angelo Cataldi and Chris Coste Podcast" link]

Jason's words above, "There can be no better reason why Coste is languishing in the minor leagues other than the Phillies are complete jerks." True.

We need to start a "Free Chris Coste" campaign!

Yes, "denouement." That was a typo, not an illiteracy. Really. I'm not so great when it comes to proof-reading my posts.

They win the games they should lose and lose the games they should win...maybe if we tell them that it's actually august and that the playoffs are in April we might just get to the postseason?

Seriously though...Coste needs to be back up here everyday...this is getting ridiculous. I don't give a hell who we trade barajas(the firefox suggestions for that spelling, hillarious, give it a shot!) to or even if we eat the money. i'm tired of this guy not being where he deserves to be. As i've said before, the only true justice i n the world would be to trade barajas for whatever we can get(nothing), pay chris coste two million, and make gillick cover the cost

Also Pat the Bat should quickly become Pat The Bench, as in, the most expensive bench player in MLB history. And then maybe, maybe, if he can get a hit off the bench everday we can trade him as a DL somewhere...becuase honest to god, thats the only effing chance this guy has of actually still having a career in two years and us actually getting something out of him. What a let down he has been and both the phillies and Pat need to wake the hell up and realize that. No one wants him as a fielder. Maybe if he can draw walks and hit his long ball, and stay off that foot, he might have a shot at still playing the game for a couple more years.

Its a shame we didn't have a team when this guy was playing well but, even more of a shame to put him out there now, and ruin it, for five of the best players in the game.

Sorry Pat...It's gonna hurt us, more than it hurts you.

Gotta love Coste. I Just listened to the WIP in terview. My fear is that Seattle Slew, "Old man Monty" Montgomery & "Liar Company man" Amaro will make him suffer in the minors for doing the morning show on WIP. Does Barajas have to hit .200 to be released? Condrey-Are you kidding me? Davthom I've given you grief about your obsessive posting on Coste-But I'm now on board. I can only hope he gets released& helps a team like the Yanks who i despise. Just want to see him in the majors-screw u Gillick

A sweep by King Cole would be huge tomorrow. Have u guys checked out the Mets schedule the rest of the month? 3 games at Detroit/3 at LA Dodgers/3 at yankees/3 home vs Minnestota & oakland -then they come back to Philly. Phills win tomorrow + take 2 of 3 from KC-were back in business.

That was a good game, and the Phils played good baseball. Quality pitching from our starter and relievers, timely hitting, solid defense, good all-around effort.

A sweet sweep by Hamels would be awesome.

I had to work way late last night. I was following the game on Fox Sports Game Trax while listening to the Astros game on the radio. I could only check on Fox every once in awhile. When the game was over I spent a few minutes going over the final boxscore. At least ten minutes later, the Astros gave an update of the hated Mets score by saying, "the Phils now lead the Mets 3 to 2." How pitiful is that?

Rick White update: He has a pinched nerve in his neck, causing numbness to fingers in his pitching hand. He's on their DL.

Pinched nerves are nasty little things for pitchers. They cause pitchers to change delivery. That's how you fray rotator cuffs and stuff like that.

This stretch beginning today is huge. Hamels needs to apply the coup de gras on the wounded Mets (missing 3 everyday players) and then the Phils must pound a team that is inferior to them in every way (the Royals). It's time for this team to man up.

clout, you said it, brother! "It's time for this team to man up!"

A win tonight is a must. The Mets are broken down right now. The Phils need to capitalize on opportunities like this. Any "good team" would. We'll see. If King Cole really wants to be an All-Star, tonight would be a great audition.

Any word on when Myers can begin to be overused again? Has he thrown off of a mound yet?

Lastly, about the Coste talk. We all bash Davthom on here about his Coste man-crush. Frankly, he should be embarassed. However, there is absolutely no denying that Abe Nunez, even though he has contributed a little bit in weeks past, is not an everyday major league ball player. That swinging bunt he hit to the pitcher last night is about what I expect of him (when he actually makes contact, that is - Wagner made him look like a little leaguer the night before). The fact that Coste can be a minor league All Star at the same position, yet never even get a chance in the bigs is astonishing!!!! It's like the Phils are voluntarily avoiding the possibility that they could have a trade-up opportunity without even having to make a trade.

About the WIP Coste interview situation referenced above -- in reading a post on this morning, apparently the story behind the WIP interview went like this --

On Tuesday, the day before yesterday's WIP feature on Coste aired during the 7 and 8 o'clock hours, involving Angelo Cataldi, co-host Mitch Williams, and call in guests John Marzano, and Bill Conlin -- it seems that WIP had approached the (big) Phillies PR people with a request for an opportunity (or permission) to interview Coste with the Reading Phillies, but that WIP was snubbed.

Apparently, WIP then went to "Plan B", sending a reporter out to Reading Tuesday night to interview Coste after the R Phillies game against Harrisburg.

Indeed, it may even be that Coste was not even aware that the big Phillies had snubbed WIP in its initial interview request, until Coste heard Angelo Cataldi wrap up his live talk with Coste on WIP yesterday morning.

Good point WP about giving Coste a shot at third. I said all last season too I can't see the harm in throwing him out there for one game. If he makes 3 errors in 2 innings, fine, put in Nunez and say "experiment over." But can he really be worse with the glove than Helms has been? I doubt it.

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