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Tuesday, June 05, 2007


Please allow me to repost this, since I was looking this up and didn't know a new thread had been started:

Clout: You don't think 2nd-round picks are important? Here's who the Phillies drafted in the 2nd round since Arbuckle got here:

1992: No pick
1993: Scott Rolen
1994: Ryan Nye
1995: Marlon Anderson
1996: Jimmy Rollins
1997: Randy Wolf
1998: Brad Baisley
1999: Jason Cooper (did not sign)

Interesting to note that until 1998, the GM was Lee Thomas. All his #2 picks, if I'm not mistaken, made the majors (Nye for just a cup of coffee).
Ed Wade took over in '98. Baisley was a good prospect, was in the low minors with Myers and Madson, but his arm blew out. Cooper eventually signed with Cleveland, where he's a bust at AAA. And after that, no second-round picks.

So is it more Arbuckle's fault, or Ed Wade's, that the system has been so unproductive since the late '90s? And do you really believe a lack of 2nd-round picks has nothing to do with a lack of organizational depth?

Burrell has been "solid front-liner?" What a joke. Apologist fans like you are one of the major problems with this franchise.

If the home ump's is going to give Glavine these pitches for strikes-It will be a long night.

Alby: That's your most bizarre post ever. You list 7 straight 2nd rounders and then because the Phillies missed 3 2nd rounders in the next 7 years that's why they lack depth? In other words, because they only had 11 2nd rounders in 14 years? Not because of poor return on traded players? Are you high?

need a win tonight with eaton sure to embarass us all on espn tomorrow night. I think Moyer is going to pitch real well tonight and get us a win.

Return in trades is great, but it takes more than 2 rds and trades to build a system.

Pat Burrell is a terrible player.

At least Ruiz blocks the plate. Moral victory.

P O'Neil: Exactly right. It takes good scouting for lower-round finds and a smart player development staff.

Anyone else watching the Mets' feed of this game? Their crew keeps going on and on that Ruiz tried to 'trip' Carlos Delgado after he crossed the plate with the first run, when it appears completely obvious he was just trying to get into position to receive Rowand's throw.

Awright, Chase Utley, big hit, 46 RBI.

Jeez, is anyone watching this or what?

We're watching.

Games at Shea are the only road games CSN broadcasts in HD. It captured the look of shock and horror from the crowd as Pat Burrell winged his thunderstick into the seats on a head-high fastball.

Geez, I'm so used to HD that I didn't even notice this game was in it.

Can't wait for the day when all games are broadcast in high def.

Aside from Pat the Flat, the Phils generally seem to have a better approach to Glavine than they had in the previous games against him this year. A lot of balls hit the other way. They can beat him eventually if they stick with it.

Is it me or is the Mets lineup tonight looking pretty mediocre? Even the top of the lineup is pitchable with Easley (just an awful hacker) hitting 2nd.

As sad as this sounds, I wouldn't mind the Phils taking a flyer on Mesa. I am willing to bet that Mesa can't pitch any worse than Condrey.

I'm listening to the Astros pregame on the radio burning the midnight oil at work. Ex-Phillies reliver Rick White was put on the DL due to unexplained numbness to fingers on his pitching hand. They suspect a pinched nerve, but have not yet established the cause. Weird Beard has a set back in Houston.

ehhhh we'll see about that...this offense tends to go once through the line up, feeling the pitcher out...the second and third time'll be a different story.

No, Clout, wish I was. Maybe you are. Five straight 2nd-round picks made the majors. Then they lacked a 2nd-round pick 3 YEARS OUT OF 4. Stop stacking the facts so they look better for you. The fact is that the years 00-03 would be the guys knocking on the door now. Almost nobody's 2nd-round picks are ready yet, so the jury is still out on ours.

Also lost on you, apparently, is the fact that our 2nd round picks started sucking right when Ed Wade took over from Lee Thomas. Seriously, I see what other posters mean when they point out that your ready ability is rather spotty.

Uh, that should be "reading" ability. My writing ability is obviously spotty, too.

And it should say "almost nobody's more recent 2nd-round picks are ready yet." I apologize for my dishpan hands. Just washed 'em and can't do a thing with 'em.


I"m having a hard time believing this clown in the 3rd-base coaching box has done this job for 8 years at major league level.

Wow. Yet another baserunning error in a crucial spot. Keith Hernandez on Burrell: "He doesn't know what he's doing...that's embarrassing."

Sarge felt it wasn't Burrell's fault. 3rd base coach again.

Steve Smith's to blame for this - Utley would have scored easily.
You just know that the Phillies are going to cough up 3 runs now.

Top 6th, and you don't send the runner in a tie game with Nunez coming up to bat?

Ugh, I'm shutting the newly acquired XM off.

Yeah, but don't you look up to see what's happening in front of you?

On the flip side, if Burrell thinks he can get from first to third, isn't it safe to assume Utley can get from second to home on that ball? Smith seems a little gun-shy all of a sudden.

Ineptitude, no matter how you score it. It just happens way too often with this team.

... and just as I was reaching for the power button, I heard "...weakly hit grounder to first" from the WFAN broadcast.

I give up.

Alby - That was Burrell's fault pain and simple. Just didn't look up. Ugh.

Burrell is basically a gimp right now who kills the Phils in the field and on the bases. The only positive thing that Burrell brings right now to the Phils is his high OBP and he hasn't even been walking much the last 2 weeks.

mets will score this inning its almost guarenteed, especially because of what happened last inning


At least Utley knows what's happening. Almost feel bad for him.

You think it's bad on Beerleaguer. They're slicing and dicing Burrell every which way on the NY telecast.

The Mets TV broadcasters were killing Burrell in the bottom half.
I'm pretty glad I gave those tickets away.

It's so refreshing to see the return of the real offensively inept Abe Nunez. Now 0-18 and hasn't had a hit since May 23rd.

Time to bury Abe back on the bench.


Alby, I'm not going to say that three 2nd round picks don't matter, but what clout is referring to is DEPTH throughout the entire organization. Even if they had 3 guys who were at high A through AAA, that's only three out of 75 on the combined rosters.

The lack of outfield prospects in Reading and Ottawa are not just because of those 3 picks. The lack of pitching prospects in AAA that can be called up is not just because of those three picks. The lack of any infield prospects being ready are not just because of theose 3 picks...hopefully, ou get the idea.

If I didn't know any better, I would think that the Phillies were intentionally trying to lose this game.

The question is what Phils' reliever will blow today's game. Madson? Alfonseca?

MG - I dont think we have to worry about a reliever blowing it....the old man will give it up

Maybe not, Dude. Mets just evened out the bad baserunning.

I had to take some phone calls. What happened with Burrell that Keith Hernandez found so embarrassing?

Slid into third base while Utley was already standing on it.

I should probably mention this before the Phils blow this and the attention turns to whatever mistake they make this night -- I absolutely love watching Moyer out there. Whether he's frustrating a young hitter or talking with Ruiz or Hamels in the dugout, it's refreshing -- on a team that makes so many fundamental mistakes -- to see a guy with such careful attention to detail. I hope, in the long run, that this guy rubs off on a lot of the long-term Phils.

i've always been a Burrell apologist and never thought the guy deserved all the blame he gets when things go wrong. But I have to admit now that while its nice that the guy walks once per game its udderly meaningless as evidenced tonight with his terrible baserunning bunder. All he does is clog up the bases when walking and poses no type of power threat anylonger. Somebody on the coaching staff, general manager, phantom owners, or whoever with the organization needs to grow some balls and recommend that the guy sit on the bench even though he's the teams highest paid player cause he's a negative on the field. If you can't hit for power, can't run and can't play defense then what good does he possibly serve?

RSB: Yikes. I can't wait to see a reply of that. Or maybe I can.

Game Chat = Page Loads = $$$

tonite smells like a Geary, Madson, Alfy nite. Most likely though we'll use Madson against the lefties cause we all know he gets out lefties better than righties according to our rocket scientist GM and Manager.

Alby: Your logic is so overwhelming, I'm forced to agree. Yes, the Phils problems are because they missed 2nd round picks in 3 of 4 years even though they had 11 of them in 14 years. Every one of those missing picks would've been a player helping us right now. The poor return on trades had nothing to do with it. I apologize for being such a blockhead. Thanks for enlightening me.

VC: You know it, baby. I'm working on a cool 10 cents in Google Ad revenue today.

How could Cholly not have pinch hit for Nunez hit in that situation?

where's curt to tell us that Nunez is a solid everyday player who's not doing well now only because we don't play him everyday?

BAP: I was thinking the same thing. I know you're taking a big defensive hit there, but with your bullpen the way it is, don't you have to go for the lead right there? Nunez was schooled up there.

Nunez must have set the all-time major league record for fastest dive from .310 to .260.

BAP, I was thinking Helms for Nunez, but what has Helms done this you bring his glove into a tie game.

Don't know why, but Endy's one of those former Phils where it really burns to see him successful somewhere else. He's obviously not an everyday guy, but he's a contributor when utilized properly. How many of those types have the Phils given away in the past few years?

Having Madson in the game, tied, bottom of the 9th, his 2nd inning of work, is like a blind man juggling flaming batons and gas cans

Well, can't blame mad dog for that.

Who are the Sox offering for him again?

Here comes the Madson meltdown.

Rowand had time to make that play. Just flubbed it. Man, this team.

I've seen it all.

I think we can all guess how this story will end.

Madson stepped up. Does this stuff happen to other teams?

Sometimes things aren't as predictable as they seem...yeah, Madson with a helluva good job there.

For the record: no balls hit to third base that inning. looks like we could have made due with Greg Dobbs' defense if he had pinch hit for Nunez.

Nice outing for Mad Dog. Gotta score here, though -- no matter who they bring in (Geary?), I can't imagine he'll get through who the Mets have coming up.

Mad Dog gets seven outs?

He should never pitch in CBP again. Maybe every time they come back home, they could send Madson to Reading, and bring Coste up. That would make everyone happy.

The Phils absolutely have to take the lead against this guy. This is a good matchuip for them

Anyone notice the guy sitting behind home plate dressed up as a Trojan warrior? Did he miss the USC team plane?

BAP: The only thing Charlie would be more reluctant to do than take out Nunez's glove is send Dobbs up for a lefty vs. lefty AB.

So much for the good matchup. I don't recall Mota ever having such a good changeup...

Having Geary in the game, tied, bottom of the 10th, is like a hemophiliac juggling a dozen ginsu knives.

Do the Phillies EVER win these types of games? Mix a lousy bullpen with lousy clutch hitting & you've pretty much got the perfect formula for losing tight, extra inning games.

At least the hemophiliac isn't blind like the juggler in your first analogy.

BAP: Not often, but so far tonight the 'pen has given them a shot.

Gas Can showed up with something in the tank. Even Wright's hit was just a little blooper. Nice job Geoff!

Utley, Howard, Burrell next. Need to see it here. Wouldn't it be nice to see Burrell send one deep, the way he used to at Shea? He needs it, because frankly, he's been pathetic.

I actually recall a few other extra inning games this year where the bullpen did its job, but we still lost because we blew one scoring opportunity after another. Tonight's game seems to be falling into this pattern.

With Utley & Howard coming up, this is basically the game right here. If we don't score here, these guys will not get another opportunity to hit.

What a game for Utley!!!

Clout's relief pitcher analogies -- priceless!! I'm just waiting for the next one -- with the next pitcher.


Chase Utley you are the man!

You could see that coming.

What the hell happened to Ryan there? Thought he had an easy double when the ball got by the rightfielder.

A wise man once said..."Chase Utley, you are THE MAN."

Except now it's Jose Mesa Jr. Time.

I don't know how many times Feliciano has gotten "run" this year, but it isn't many -- and Howard caught stopping at first base, apparently thinking his hit was out of the park.

This Smith is pitching like our Smith.

I can't help but laugh as Abe strides to the plate. Any way we can send him up without a bat? If he makes contact, a triple play wouldn't shock me.

I'm gonna go on record: Nunez hits a grand slam right here.

Nunez lets go....anything but a DP (or triple play) I'll take

maybe he'll get HBP and drive in a run!

Please, Abe, don't swing at this. Loaded with one out is a victory.

bathtub: almost! twice!

Abe says, "Screw you, Beerleaguer."

Nunez snaps the 0 for 17.

Yeah. See, that's why they didn't hit for Nunez. Saving him for the 11th.

Meanwhile, a terrible AB for Ruiz. He seems far too anxious in these big ABs.

Nunez is a pretty good hitter with the infield in and a pitch thrown right down the middle.

CLout -- what's going to be your next pitcher analogy -- now that Geary is out of the game?

Now that looks a lot more like the Phillies I know and love.

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