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Sunday, June 03, 2007


Sad note from Drago's column: more than half of Reading's roster is 28 or older. That's terrible.

Steve -- Just one of the consequences of having the fewest picks in the top 5 rounds of any ML team since 2000.

Let it be noted that gutting the farm system did not result in a single playoff team. I guess it was all Ed Wade's fault.

I'm not sure what the most impressive aspect of King Cole's outting last night was: 98 pitches for 78 strikes? Going through the line up the first time staying away from his change up (at least according to the SF announcers that's what he did)? Being smart enough to wave off Rod's calls for fastballs in the 9th? Or was it that after he gave up the home run in the first he didn't mentally give in, like other pitchers would after watching their team produce 0 runs the night before and get tagged for 13?

When was it decreed that Phillie pitchers must allow at least 1 HR before fans are even in their seats?

PtP is almost an automatic out these days.

I'll be surprised if Howard gets to swing the bat at all today.

How to tell when Cholly has stopped lieing about "putting the best lineup out there regardless of salary": When the 5th hitter in the top scoring offense in the league is not a guy on pace to drive in 69 runs.


It would be nice if Garcia didn't allow each inning's leadoff hitter to take him yard.

Desperate times. With Utley the only hitter in Cholly's regular lineup looking like he has a chance to actually hit, & with ptB locked in at #5, it's time to try the opening day gig again - flip Utley & Howard. Howard might see a few more pitches, and Utley might drive him in if he walks. Nothing to lose.

Nice to see the Phils respond with a couple of jacks; seems like they've been giving up a lot more than they've hit lately. Garcia has a rare lead, let's see what he does with it.

Balls are carrying today. Thankfully a couple of them have been for us...

Utley is a perfect #3 hitter. But I'm with you, Curt. Unless one of the Phils' right handed hitters can protect Howard (Rowand), Charlie's gotta do it.

Sorry for the dis there, Mr. Aaron "Best Hitter on the Team and Best CF in the League" Rowand.

Looks like the team woke up a bit with Utley's jack. Even Pat got in on the action.

Hope Garcia can hold it.

He held it...for about 5 minutes.

I wish I knew how many times this season the Phillies pitchers have been handed a lead and immediately hand it back to the other team the following half inning!!!

So frustrating!!!

Some tough breaks. Interested to see how the Phils respond -- this seems like the kind of situation where they'd ball up until (maybe) the ninth.

I've seen enough. Season is more than 1/3 over. Freddie can't leave town fast enough for me.

I'm sorry, but Garcia is a joke.

He is a joke.

I've been a stauch defender of him - holding out hope that he would turn things around.

Isn't he supposed to be a big game pitcher? He was handed a lead with the bottom of the order up, and he gives up three runs.


Lincecum, a 22 year old pitcher, just showed up Garcia. Facing the top of the Phils' order, easy as 1-2-3.

People forget that Garcia who was injured earlier in the season, should have won his last two games, and should be 3-2. He even struck out the side in the 8th inning in the last game.

I really want everyone of us to think about this - "why is Jamie Moyer's slop (an old white guy) masterful, and Garcia's slop so bad? (A brown guy who struck out the side with it in the 8th inning of the last game before he had Madson give it up in the 9th for him to blow all his hard work).

Look at the hatred of Abreu vs. the milder hatred of Burrell with basically the same contracts, the vitriolic hatred of Bonds vs. the milder hatred of one dimensional far less talented Mark McGuire.

We all do it, I eat up pitching batting 3rd in my softball league, and look more like John Kruk when he played than than Ryan Howard. We want our heros like Coste to identify with, hating that he is crushed -with his and our hearts ripped out of us by the signing of Helms, Dobbs, Werth, and Barajas, not Barajas alone.

Before you all knee jerk attack this post, please take a moment to ponder it, before you attack back. I was here when our greatest modern day hitter Dick Allen was ridden out of town, and watched him write the word "BOO" in 2 foot letters in the dirt during the last days of Sept and Oct 1.

All I am asking everyone of us, is to think about it.

Freddie is like a million of other pitchers past their prime, only hanging around because the alteratives are worse. Mussina is another one I watched last night - fastball gone, no out pitch. Nibbling & finesse can only get you so far.

Last inning was the kind of jam that Garcia told everyone that he wanted to stay in and work his way out of. And this inning became the same thing.

Wonder what it was Garcia said to Manuel on his way out?

Agreed, Curt. The horrible thing is, he'll get a huge contract after this season. You know some team, like the Cubbies this offseason - or the Phillies with Eaton, will overpay for his services.

I wouldn't be so sure of that, Bridoc. At least with Eaton you can make the argument that he has some good stuff. Garcia, however, is certainly on the decline. The Phils get hosed once again.

Sir alden you bringing up the race card now?

I guess Mike "Single A" Zagurski isn't the savior after all.

Oh, and Alden, you have my permission to pat yourself on the head for being righteous today.

Why Geary? If you're going to bring him in, don't you do it when you're trying to get out of Garcia's inning?

Sir Alden you can bring up race all you want but Garcia still stinks. No way you can compare Garcia with Moyer. Moyer knows how to use the speed of his pitches where Garcia doesn't. As far as Abreu and Burrell, Burrell has been booed lots more and he had the no trade clause or he would of been traded.

John -- you know Cholly, he always likes to turn to the rook when the game's on the line....(?)


After consideration, SirAlden, I've decided you're connecting dots in a way I don't appreciate, implying there's some kind of racial agenda behind my earlier remarks on Garcia getting by on slop.

This hasn't gone unnoticed by anyone. He's a shadow of what he was in the American League, and he's neither old or injured. Garcia and his 10 million contract were added to bolster the front of the rotation and replace Gavin Floyd, Ryan Madson and the short-inning, high run burden featured in today's game.

Damaged goods come in all shapes and colors, SirAlden. Garcia's just happens to be "brown."

Looks like the Giants fear their BP as much as we do ours.

Anybody have any idea when the great J-Roll plans on rejoining the team?

Do we think that White Sox take returns? We can offer them Garcia around the deadline for Gio. Straight up!

Rich becareful about remarks on rollin - sir alden may think its because hes black

Can I say hes back now?!



Sweet shot by Howard.

Molina did not seem too happy with that result!

Nice, big, clutch, etc. HR, Howard. Now, relievers--put it away.

Managers make no sense. Taschner came in to face the same guys yesterday and was terrible. And once Utley's walked, how do they not walk Howard there?

Clutch. Just clutch.

Great hit - let's go, bullpen ...

I couldn't believe they pitched to him, either. Pat shouldn't scare any manager these days.

So nice to see Ryan make pitchers pay for their mistakes.

stop with the race card. please, put it to rest. do you remember how when Thome was injured and struggling, us fans couldn't wait to see him go and see the savior Howard (who, last time i checked, happened to be "brown") take over the mantle of first base.
the race card is so overplayed at this point. personally, it's ludicrous that it's brought up in this situation. just enjoy the game and go phils!

Sir Alden,

An interesting post, but i don't think you make any valid points. People in Philly like Moyer because he uses his junk to get batters out, whereas Garcia is using junk b/c he has nothing left in the tank, AND HE NEVER GETS ANYONE OUT. The Phils signed Moyers to be a junk ball pitcher, they certainly did not sign Garcia to be a junk ball pitcher. That argument is ridiculous. The Coste thing is even more absurd. I don't think a single person in this city would mind Ruiz (who is not white) starting over Coste (who is). But to pay $3 millon for a catcher with a .240 career batting average to take the place of a guy who hit .328 last year and makes half a million is PATENTLY ABSURD. And Coste sure as hell doesn't guard the plate like a china doll, then laugh it off when he s responsible for blowing out the arm of our best closer. Phillie fans love Ryan Howard and love Jimmy Rollins. When either hits a slump I never hear a single person boo. People didn't like Abreu because he's lazy and they put up with Pat b/c although he's slow, he's not lazy. I am sure there are idiots who might like certain players just b/c they are white, but 99.9% of Phillies fans wouldn't care if the entire roster consisted of purple ogres, as long as it won baseball games.

Was Sweeney's fly ball close to going out? MLB Gameday seems to think so.

Either way, I worry about Geary pitching longer than an inning.

Huge shot by Howard, but he ain't no Travis Lee.

Uncle Cholly is OUT OF CONTROL with these double switches! haha

However this game turns out, it should be noted that we have 8 runs on 8 hits. Rowand, Helms & Howard deserve congrats for picking up the runs.

HUGE OUT by Ryan. Hopefully a confidence-builder, though I wouldn't mind an extra run or three here.

Safe to say Garcia won't be re-signed this off-season I think.

Sir Alden: last night I referred to Mark G. as the most asinine poster on this site, but my apologies, he's got absolutely nothing on you.

Freddy Garcia irritates me more with each passing game. Again he has the nerve to flippantly mutter when Manuel comes out to remove him from the game. It's not enough that he's a profound bust, he's a disgrace for the way he handles himself on top of it.

But it's awesome to see Howard play the hero today. It was the rarest of moments where the crowd, in spite of its better judgment, got behind the hitter and the team and he actually responded. Something to savor.

I'm looking forward to seeing Bouchy's press conference to see his explanation on why he pitched to Howard over Burrell. It's not like his lefty was Wagner.

If anyone figures out why a guy who has hit about .350 all season is a #7 hitter, I'd like to hear the explanation.

BTW, nice job with the double switch in the 8th, Chollie.

Now, the moment we've all been fearing for ten days: Ryan Madson as closer.

Curt I somewhat agree with you on rowand batting 7th. Originally thought that was his best position, but seeing how bad Burrell is doing, I would move him to 5th and burrell back to 7th. (these are from Left handed pitchers) But now I think he should be 5th against all pitchers

As much as I can't stand Gillick I do have to give him this: Ed Wade would have probably signed Garcia to a 4 year, $40 million dollar deal with a no trade clause. At least we can dump this garbage at the end of the season.

Wheels and Sarge: Please shut up. I could deal with your defense of Charlie if he was a numbers guy. He's not. Stop pretending he is.

I actually like the move, though!

Also: there's no way they should be playing right now. As much as I'd like to see the game end ... pull 'em off, umps.

Somebody break out the smoke and mirrors...

Let the 2nd guessing begin!!!

It's never easy.

Where's the guy that said I was an idiot for saying J-Roll stinks?
0-4 today...terrible since May 1st.

Anyone left in the pen?

how many chances has Madson been given to do something good....and how many times does he not....about everytime it seems to me for the last 3 years

Crazy john don't let Sir alden hear you say Rollin stinks. By the way he does not stink. He's in a slump and he has this every year - he will come out of it.

Where the hell is YOEL?

...I hate this team


Every reliever on this team deserves to be sent to Ottawa. They are, without a doubt, useless sacks of sh....

Re: J-Roll slump.. fine, let him slump somewhere other than the leadoff spot.

(Rooting for an enormous shakeup starting tomorrow.)

Rollins would be the first guy, other than the obvious ones (Rowand, Lieber, Garcia) that I would trade - he has the most value, because he's very overrated.

Now they need good at bats from Rollins and Vic. It might be just our pitchers, but it looks like it's tough to throw strikes in that slop.

I should say, you would get the most value for Rollins, b/c he is overrated.

please, Jimmy, get on base

I have no confidence that any pitcher besides Hamels and maybe Moyer can get anyone out.

Nice bullpen.

I'd call a leadoff bunt attempt for a hit. Get it in the grass and wet.


Hawaiian VIctory!!


Phillies bullpen BAILED OUT!!!!!

Classic - Vic hits a walk-off HR on the day they give away the hula bobblehead.
Who gives him the pie in the face?


Damn Eaton got him good with that shaving cream

Damn this team! Damn this team! Everytime I try to get out they pull me right back in!

jayson werth and adam eaton giving pies in the face to shane??? that's a far cry from tomasssssss perezzzzzz

And on Hawiain bobble head day, the should make a movie out of this!

It's probably about time to admit that Madsen isn't going to "return to form" for us. Mental or not, it's time for a change of scenery. Hopefully he is still valued by someone out there. There is a good chance tht he will pitch well elsewhere, but it doesn't look like it will happen here. So add Ryan to the soon-to-be ex-Phillie mob.

That was awesome. Well done Vic. Too bad our bullpen sucks.

The starter sucked, the bullpen sucked, and the weather sucked, but let's face it guys: it's games like this that remind us why we love baseball and why, for better or for worse, we keep watching this damn team. This has to be the one of the most dysfunctional, aggravating, and entertaining .500 teams in the history of baseball (assuming this years Cubs don't get to .500).

Oh, and never expected to see Vic go opposite field. He may hit 20 HR some yr.

Game thoughts:

The entire game was ugly in a beautiful way, beautiful only because of the win. Weather sucked, should have been called in the 7th/8th, but the umps let it go on. Freddy Garcia continues to be a piece of poop. The bullpen showed wildness yet again. Charlie was second guessed, and the best thing about it was Chris Wheeler kept talking about it before it actually happened. It was like he knew Ryan Madson was going to suffer a meltdown, but since Wheels is a brown-noser, he backed Manuel's decision.

Hey the Mets and Braves lost, not that it matters.

Back at .500...I'm so bipolar.

Nice comeback but I cannot believe that was a home run. The Grand Slam during the 13-0 game was the worst the other night as well.

CBP is a beautiful baseball park but the game that is played on it is more like going to a carnival, not a professional sports venue.

Not to mention the quality and style of play of this and recent Phillies teams.

It is more akin to attending a minor league game from the caliber of play and amusement-park conditions.

curt, are you down on him because he wasn't a first rounder? All you have to do to build a winning team is keep your first round draft picks. Scouting and personnel decisions haven't hurt the Phillies. It's those darn missing first rounders, right, curt?

JB: You're dead on about CBP when the weather is hot and humid. The ball just flies out of there. When the weather is cool or dry it plays more like a regular park. My theory is ownership knew exactly what it was getting. Offense puts non-fans in the seats. The whole Giles theory is give 'em anything but baseball. When players and fans began to complain, ownership acted all shocked at how extreme it played. Remember when Bowa went out with a laser to get an exact measure of the alley in left and found it was 8 or 10 feet off what his bosses said it was?

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