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Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I'm excited about this afternoon's game, as I enjoy watching players make their MLB debuts. For the sake of Kendrick and the Phils, I hope he can settle into the 5th starter role. I know that's a longshot, but it could happen.

Dobbs is our best option at 3rd right now.

It would be nice to win one of the business day specials, wouldn't it? I refuse to call it a "businesspersons" special -- that's one of the ugliest words in the language, IMHO. Show me one person in the country who, asked their profession, would reply, "I'm a small businessperson."

I'm a bit confused by the roster situation, if they DLed Garcia, why did they need to also option Clay to bring up Kendrick, did I miss another move?

3 games over with the Mets struggling, things are starting to turn our way.

Why do I have this distinct feeling of impending doom?

Oh yea, their the Phillies, right.

yt: they added Mesa.

"yt: they added Mesa"

I can't hear you NA NA NA NA NA! (fingers planted firmly in ears)

Mental block on that one I guess.


I hope this Kendrick kid sticks...with the way this offense CAN score runs, he doesn't have to be lights out to be effective.

And like people have said multiple times, he couldn't be any worse than Garcia.

Let's just hope he doesn't pull another Mathieson.

Glad to see the Mets struggling. What scares me is I assume they're going to pick up either Zambrano(the good one) or Wilis.

Good luck Kendrick!

Actually, he can be worse than Garcia. Mathieson is probably a reasonable expectation. The odds are not in his favor. Sweeps are difficult, Thome will be in the lineup. Kendrick will have butterflies. I'm bracing for "L."

i'm sure that cholly will have a quick hook with him, to prevent a total meltdown.

could be a bullpen day.... woohoo rosario!

It would be nice to win a BPS for a change.

Garcia, regarding his injury:

"It's not good for me. It's not good for the team," said Garcia, who is in his ninth big-league season. "First of all, we've been playing good. Second, I've got to think about me. I've got to think about my career. I'll be a free agent. I've got to think about [surgery]. I've got a family. I'm not done yet. If I have to take my time, I'll take my time."


Way to think of the team that's paying you $10 million, Garcia!

What a guy!

If this offense gives Kendrick some run support, it's reasonable to think he could walk away with the win in his MLB debut (wishful thinking I know). I'm expecting 6 innings and 4 runs from him.

6 and 4? uh, this kid's never even faced AAA hitters. high expectations much?

if Kendrick gives up less than 6 runs, it's a success.

I'm not really expecting much from Kendrick in the long run because his minor league numbers have hardly been awe-inspiring. But the Phillies do have a long tradition of rookie pitchers who catch lightning in a bottle, before the league eventually catches on to them & reality sets in. If Kendrick could at least be another flash-in-the-pan rookie, it would really help us for this year.

I blinked and the Phillies are 3 games back.

It makes that Arizona series and the 2 losses to the Royals hurt so much.

I guess it's too much to ask for people to be a little more positive about this team? Yeah... I guess not.

The Phils are 8-4 so far this month...7-3 in their last 10. Each of the past few seasons has included a June swoon, which buried them in the standings and required herculean efforts in August/September to fall just short.

Perhaps this is the year the pattern ends? I'm with you Mike @ 11:06 - hoping for a little positivity.

I love your optimism Carson, but I'm more on ae's side. I admit, I don't know much about Kendrick, but 4-5 innings and about 5-6 ER seems about right to me. I just hope the bats are prepared for Danks, because unless Kendrick surprises me (which he could against this ChiSox lineup) we're going to need to score a few runs. I would assume that Nunez is getting the start against the lefty, therefore Utley and Howard have to have some good swings.

Have the Phightins won a BPS this year ?

Anyone else surprised they didn't call up Zegovia? I haven't looked at his Ottawa stats today, but he looked ok in his 1 start in April. If I remember correctly, he was hurt by a couple of poor OF plays by Werth. Has he had control problems?

Segovia hasn't been pitching well in Ottawa. 1-8 with a 5.45 ERA...gave up 7 runs in 5 innings his last start and 6 in 7 before that. he's got a 24:21 BB:K ratio, and a .308 opponent batting average (90 hits in 72 2/3 innings).


Segovia lost his fourth straight game last night, "after giving up seven runs on nine hits and two walks in five innings." His start before that (on the 7th) had this line:

Segovia (L, 1-7) 7.0 13 8 6 1 2 0 4.92

8 runs on 13 hits says control to me.

Unfortunately, I haven't found a lot of Lynx blogs (to be honest, I was a huge S/WB fan having lived in the area for awhile, and once they left I was a little upset. Then I found that the Phils had left all the old Red Barons jerseys there, and picking up some made me happy with the franchise again...) so I haven't read a lot about the starts and Phuture Phils doesn't have much.

I'd love to see a win, but what I'd like to see more is Lieutenant Kendrick (yes, an A Few Good Men reference) controlling his pitches and not giving up walks.

I'd also love to see a long standing ovation for Big 25. The guy was nothing but class while he was a Phillie, and though he doesn't look right in the black jersey (I've always liked the Tribe for an AL team), I'm glad that he was a part of our team.

JV Lineup today:
Rollins, Vic (CF, Utley,Howard, Burrell, Werth (RF), Helms, Barajas, Kendrick

Lieutenant Kendrick! Nice one PFiDC...

"May I call you John?"

"No you may nawwtt."

Though I loathe Tom Cruise, I do enjoy that film.

For some reason Beerleaguer no longer allows me to post from my home computer.

Anyway, some points I tried to make earlier:

Attytood Will reminds us not to lose sight of the big picture: This team is playing well right now, despite the problems. At the same time, we need to recognize the reality that this team cannot make the playoffs with Garcia out for the season and no outside help brought in. The GM MUST go shopping now for the best arm he can get, whether starter or reliever. If it's a bullpen guy, Myers goes back into the rotation.

The statistics tell me that Kyle Kendrick will be a major league pitcher someday. He has the stuff. What we find out tonight is whether he has the composure.

Bridoc, good point about last June, but don't forget that the Phillies hot streak which began in August came against opponents who were a collective 12 or 14 games under .500. This year's schedule isn't nearly so kind.

Finally, O'Neil, Segovia isn't much of a prospect in my opinion and I said that before the season began. I'll be surprised if he has much of a major league career.

You stated "The Phillies are expected to start Dobbs once again this afternoon."
Billingsly said, Their pitcher "danks is a lefty"
Which is it? (referring to that Dobbs would only start against righties)

"Have the Phightins won a BPS this year ?"

Not at home. They're 2-6 in mid-week, mid-afternoon games, but 3 of those games were on the road.

I thought I read in one of the articles that Dobbs is supposed to start today. Guess not.

how sweet it was to watch the back to back to back homers off of maine last night. still, mets announcers were making a huge deal about kuo flipping the bat after the third home run. it was not nearly as obnoxious or flamboyant as lo duca's flip and looked to me more like a toss. those jerks didnt even mention it when lo duca did it. to boot, larry andersen is still steamed about that, so much so that he mentioned it in last nights radio broadcast. i keep going back to the standings and enjoying the sight of being only 3 back and 1 back of 2nd. yay.

Kendrick is really just a two-pitch trick pony though at this point. I have never seen him pitch but I am not optimistic about his chances of sticking over the long term.

At least he catches a break against a woeful lineup. Hopefully Kendrick can help the Phils break the BPS' curse.

This lineup doesn't inspire much confidence either. I'm hoping to be surprised by Kendrick. Let's go, Phils.

clout: "don't forget that the Phillies hot streak which began in August came against opponents who were a collective 12 or 14 games under .500. This year's schedule isn't nearly so kind."

Perhaps not in August, but after the series against the Indians, they have 5 series before the All-Star Break. 4 of the 5 are currently under .500, and the other team is the Mets. So maybe the hot streak (based on beating bad teams) starts early this year.

Nice to see that Cholly has put his strongest offensive lineup out there today to support the rookie pitcher. Er, I mean, nice to see that Cholly has put his strongest defensive alignment out there today to support the rookie pitcher. Er, I mean . . . oh, brother.

Although the Phils aren't considering going to a 4-man rotation, I think given the fact that we're relying on a mediocre prospect from AA means that they should at least do what the Twins do. That is, when there's a day off, the 5th starter gets skipped and everyone else goes on 5 days rest rather than including the 5th starter and going on 6.

Danks has been vulnerable to the long ball this season, giving up 11HR in 62IP, or about 1.6HR/9. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Helms gets his first HR of the year today.

Phils have been extremely bad against lefties - hope Helms has a big game

Maybe we can get the Chisox to leave Buerhle here when they leave town.

Vic better have his track shoes on today -- he'll be covering line to line.

Danks has every chance to do well against this lineup, but he throws a lot of pitches and should be gone by the 5th or 6th.

Hamels now leads the league in wins! Who is second with 8 wins? Ex-Phillie Randy Wolf! Who is tied for third with 7 wins? Adam Eaton!!! Who would have ever thunk it! This all makes the Fred Garcia debacle even more nauseating!

The Phils play this afternoon and my company schedules some companywide meeting this afternoon in a hotel ballroom. Bah! Humbug!

To all the Abreu lovers, he hit his 4th homer of the season last night. He hit one in April, one in May, and has now hit two for June. His replacement, Victorino has 5 for the year.

I think this Chase Utley is going to be a good player someday.

Lopes is the one guy on this staff who earned his pay this year -- by turning Vic into a basestealer.

Utley is on fire....

Things are starting to unravel quickly for the rook.

Phew. That could have been worse.

Lets see if Werth can deliver on all that promise they thought he had when Gillick signed him in Baltimore all those years ago

about damn time!

YAY! Wes Helms to lead off!

About damn time

Nice call on the Helms HR, laramie.

I just got the weather report from Hell. Temperatures just dropped to 1000 degrees to 15F. Winds are out of the northwest, and it feels like -5F.

Nice call, laramie.

YAY! I eat crow!*

* and get it wrong, since Werth led off.

Congrats on the hit, Lieutenant.

kendrick can hit? he has no place on this staff.

Welcome to the show kid.

And the Rook gets a base hit in his first AB. Sweet.

If I were the manager, I would have put Bourn in LF, Rowand in CF, and Vic in RF today...but hey, who am I to judge Manuel's genius?

Nice to see Kendrick get a hit in his first MLB at bat, it might even settle him down while pitching.

i take that back. hamels and eaton are both decent hitting pitchers, come to think of it. i was still thinking of myers and lieber.

To be fair to the starting rotation, they have handle the bats much better this season. Still nothing to be overly proud of, but an improvement over last season nonetheless.

Wes Helms = about effin time.

Lake Fred: And how do 4 or 5 HRs for the season stack up against the rest of MLB's everyday rightfielders?

Why can't Ryan Howard field? I love his bat, but hate his defense.

to those who are watching and not refreshing live boxscores, what's the fan response been like for Thome?

@Carson... Bourn is a left hander, who struggles at the plate. But you want to play him against a lefty? Rowand has struggled this past week and could use a day off. I think you should save your Manuel criticism for another situation.

The Phans gave Thome a nice standing ovation during his first at bat. Jim tipped his helmet to the crowd...nice gestures on both parts.

@Mike- I do usually criticize Manuel, but today I was just stating I'd have put a different lineup on the field, I didn't actually say he was wrong.

Reason for my Bourn, Rowand, Vic outfield was to optimize outfield defense with a rookie on the mound making his MLB debut.

Maybe you should save your criticism of me for another day.

thanks Carson.

The result might be similar to a Garcia appearance, but at least the kid doesn't need an hour to pitch 1/2 of an inning.

thanks Carson.

I think the idea, Carson, might be to try and get as much defense in the OF as possible, since Kendrick is most likely gonna be giving up a bunch of hard-hit balls. I don't think its the best idea... but if thats where he's coming from, I can see the reasoning for it.

you're welcome ae.


you're welcome ae.

@Carson... had you put your reason for your lineup it might have made some sense... but with the rookie you acutally want to maximize your offense... because you know you are going to need to score a ton of runs to win the ballgame.

For example, when you have a Greg Maddux pitching, you want your best DEFENSE out there, not your best OFFENSE.

Well, I'd rather have Rowand and Bourn in there than Burrell and Werth for both offense and defense. But like I said above, that's just me.

Anyway, this isn't something I should be arguing about, and I'm sorry I took offense to your comment to begin with Mike, no harm no foul.

It would be really nice if Kendrick could settle down and not allow another run this inning.

First shut out inning for Kendrick. Settling down... getting himself out of some jams... I wonder if he can sit in the bullpen.

What's he clocking on the gun? My buddy text'd me that he was barely hitting 85 on his fastball

Possible trade: Aaron Rowand for Mark Buehrle.

Right now, Rowand is far too valuable to this club, but another solid starter in the rotation would be sweet.

YAY! Wes Helms leading off!

Rowand-for-Buehrle is a legitimate, newspaper-published rumor. but I have to think Kenny Williams wants to wait before dumping his single most valuable trading chip - you have to think he could get more than Rowand for Buehrle, even counting intangiblocity.

This lineup is unhappily reminiscent of the ones late last year -- pretty much a massive dead zone from 5-9.

Mike- Kendrick as hit 94 and has been sitting in the 90-92 range on his fastball according to the tv telecast.

I'm not a big proponent of trading Rowand, but I'd roll the dice on that one. But why would the WhiteSox trade Buehrle for a guy they can sign in free agency anyway?

Cintron is killin' the kid today.

The Lieutenant has wiggled out of a few jams today, which is encouraging. Hope he can get out of this one, too.

Once again a no-talent ass-clown looks like Ted Williams against the Phils, as Alex Cintron has 3 hits.

I was about to dis Werth's defense, but then he saves a run with a diving catch.

@Carson... no problem... with Werth's diving catch there... I may have to defer to you regarding the "Best Defense" theory.

Maybe because they know they owe us one?

5 innings, 3 runs is better than I would have expected.

Don't see why you need to trade for a starter when you've got one in Myers. We needed him in the bullpen in April, but the greater need right now is the rotation. You can send Rowand away for a closer should you need one.

@Carson... Thanks... As usual... my buddy is an idiot.

Despite the rought start, I'm seeing a lot of positives from Kendrick. No big innings given up. No homeruns allowed. Only one unintentional walk. A GO-FO ratio of 9:3. 2 DPs induced.

Of course, whenever I post an opinion on this board, the exact opposite seems to happen immediately thereafter. So he'll probably go out there next inning & allow 4 consecutive homeruns.

Like I said at the beginning of this thread- hoping for 6 innings and 4 runs from Kendrick.

Phils offense needs to step it up, because Kyle has kept them in this game, and that's the best that could be expected from this rook.

Big opportunity here for the reigning MVP.

Quick reminder for Clout- Victorino now with 20 stolen bases. You're my boy Clout, but I'm glad Shane is proving you wrong.

Dammit Howard...c'mon!

Can't see the game at work, but Gameday showed a high strike - if a strike at all.

Anyone care to describe what kind of pitch that was?

I'm not sure what kind of pitch it was (I had the sound off) but it was almost the same location as the pitch before which Ryan was able to check up on and have callled a ball.

They need to win this game for Kendrick. That was a good MLB debut, 3 runs in 6 innings...decent. If Howard had made that play, the score would be tied.

Very respectable outing by Kendrick, so far.
(Though I suspect they'll pinch hit for him if his spot comes up this inning.)

This one's on the offense if they lose this game.

Kendrick - impressive way to end it if that's his last inning. Good breaking ball to K the last guy. He kept the ball on the ground. I'm pleased. Now go after this bad White Sox bullpen.

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