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Monday, June 25, 2007


I'm fine with it. Let's see what the kid's got. You forgot to note, his myspace page mentioned he's a fan of "T&A".

A couple things:
1. Someone mentioned in an earlier thread that we should have our spot starter(Durbin) go Thursday against the Reds so that Eaton could go against the Mets on Friday. The problem with that is it would force us to use Durbin again on Monday instead of having everyone just go on 3 days rest and using Durbin once. If he pitches great we can throw him out there again and have everyone on regular rest(except Hamels or Eaton), but better to not force our hand.

2. I'm taking off work Friday and hitting up both ends of the double header. Does anyone know a lot near the stadium where I can leave my car all day as well as actually tailgate before each game?

Better option than Happ and Madson serves this team better in the pen right now where they need every decent arm they can get. Absolutely no idea how he will do against the Mets.

Madson could still end up pitching Saturday. On a related note, Bubba Nelson pitches for Ottawa tonight, so his turn would fall Saturday.

Hell.. we might need Madson in the 3rd inning of that Durbin start aganist the Mets...

I really hope Hamels pitches the night game Friday since I have tickets. Besides the obvious fact his ERA is better at night-I would rather have Durbin pitch in the afternoon(smaller crowd & pressure) compared to the fireworks crowd.
My guess is the Phills might start Hamels in the afternoon hoping he can throw 8+ innings to save the bullpen for the 2nd game.

if Durbin doesn't need to clear waivers, that makes sense - I was under the impression he did, but I don't pretend to be a whiz with the MLB transaction rules.

if you feel like being depressed tonight, look at Durbin's line in his one ML appearance this season.

Look on the bright side. So long as he can last 2/3 of an inning, while allowing fewer than 7 earned runs, he will improve on his 94.50 ERA for 2007.

I envision back to back jacks from Beltran and Delgado. LoDuca will still pose and gawk...

that's a hell of a line indeed

On it was posted that Durbin will pitch the day game and Hamels the night game. Also remember the Mets are calling up Pelfrey to pitch on Friday as well. We need to take three of four from them this weekend.

The PHILLIES have become baseball's version of the land of misfit toys.

Durbin, Burrell, Werth, Dobbs, Barajas, Nunez, Mesa, Condrey, Alfonseca, Rosario, Michael Garciaparra, & Coste.

Either nobody wants them, will take them, they are broken (later or out of the box), they work well but we don't play with them or worked well before we got them.

Simply call 1-800-GILLICK and ask for Pat but one of his elves named Ruben might answer as well.

Ten years later, the Phillies are vindicated. They finally got a guy to initial "J.D." on a contract.

Sorry - how could I forget Lieber and probably should delete Alfonseca off the list but I am waiting for his battery (stomach or whatever alien lives in there)to get corroded

Taking a moment to remember by youthful geekiness and honor Chris Benoit, who was found dead today, along with his wife and son.

P O'Neil: Just to get back to you on your claim that the Phils have "loads of talent down there" in Class A "including position players."

You mention 3 (loads?!), and cited Adrian Cardenas, Jason Donald and D'Arby Myers.

Let's look at that list: Cardenas is the best position prospect in the system, so you're dead right on that one. He's only 19 and needs lots of work on defense, but should be an everyday player by 2011.

Donald's inclusion on your list is bizarre. He'll be 23 before the season is over and played most of the season at the same level as Cardenas. He was way old for that league and has continued to put up good numbers at Clearwater but he's old for THAT league too. His range is average, speed average, power average. He strikes out a lot, which suggests at higher levels, he'll have problems. He might taste the bigs as a utlity infielder. Might. I don't think he's among the Phillies 15 top prospects.

Myers is 18 years old, who's played 6 games at short season Williamsport. His stats from last season suggest raw talent and good speed and a bad K/BB ratio. It's way too early to declare him a future major leaguer or even a top prospect (although compared to the system's other position players, he is).

Were you thinking of someone else?

J.D. Durbin is a one-time hot Twins prospect whose arm has been ruined by injuries. He used to throw in the mid-90s, now is in the high 80s but has offset loss of velocity with decent curve and slider. He will give up HRs so it is good that he will make his debut in Shea instead of Citizens Bank Phone Booth. I'd rather see Happ, but he's still working his way back from injury, so Durbin is the best alternative.

At least Durbin's ML ERA this year is sub triple digits.

Seriously, however, he seems to have been throwing decently of late in AAA. I agree with whomever said he's the best choice right now.

Would love to wake up in the morning and see that the Phils traded for Mark Buehrle overnight.

Clout, Durbin will be making his debut at CBP.


Nice try. I never said "loads". I stand by my assertion that there is talent as far as pitchers and some position players, as well, in the lower levels. D'Arby Myers is going to be a beast. Can't wait to follow his development.

Oh, Abreu-8 for his last 45.

If you didn't see highlights from the Boston-Seattle game, the price of starting pitching may have just gone up. It looks like Tavarez tweaked his ankle; after which he did not pitch well at all. With the Sox already down Schilling, you have to wonder if Theo doesn't pull the trigger for Buehrle sooner rather than later.

better to the red sox than to someone else in our division...

Agreed hippo. Mets will gets some additional help and I would rather see Buerle stay in the AL.

Any reason why the Phils didn't try to trade for Maroth? He is making nearly nothing and the Cards didn't give up that much for him.

they gave the explantion that they wouldnt want two soft throwing lefties in the rotation....but that was before the seriousness of Lieber's injury was known (at least that is what I read somewhere). He would have looked fine to me in a Phillies uniform.

Wherever Buerhle goes, the season is pretty much lost unless we (a) find a quality replacement for Lieber, and (b) shore up the bullpen. Even before Lieber's injury, this wasn't quite a playoff team. The pitching was just too bad.

From the previous thread- not that it would happen, but if Barry Bonds did become a Phillie I sure as hell would be cheering him on. There's only a few Phillies that I refuse(d) to cheer for- Rob Ducey, Gavin Floyd, David Bell, and Rod Barajas.

We have zero chance at landing a front line starter. Our sites are more on the Shawn Chacon/Steve Trachsel types...unfortunately.

I'm glad Durbin is getting the start, I was afraid Happ would get shell-shocked.

Here's a crazy idea: Garcia rests up through the all-star break, starts long tossing, and comes back ready for the playoff stretch ... and does well.

Am I crazy?

Here's a crazier idea: Tommy Green has had 10 years of rest. Maybe he could come out of retirement and the Phils could re-sign him and comes back ready for the playoff stretch ... and does well.
He could pitch like the glory days of 1991!!
Am I crazy ?

P O'Neil: You use a Phillies fan site as the basis for your judgment? Well, I do agree with one thing you said earlier, fans tend to overrate their team's players. I have no idea how D'Arby's going to turn out, but I'd say 6 games at Williamsport isn't enough to declare him "a beast."

I stand corrected on "loads." You said "a lot of talent including position players." I guess a lot isn't loads, but even giving you D'Arby, I'm not sure 2 guys is "a lot" either. I noticed you changed it to "some" in your latest post. You're getting closer.

John: Thanks for the correction. Too bad it wasn't at Shea. Durbin at CBP is what I'd call a high-risk situation.

I would rather have Trachsel than nobody. I would have even taken a shot with Maroth. But the Phils didn't see it that way and Gillick won't make any kind of deal. Why is it every year this pitching staff is decimated by injuries? And believe me, there are no takers for Burrell so we're stuck with him. Even though they're in contention right now ( and I never thought they would be), they're probably dead in the water. Thanks PG! What a great job your doing. And Gillick jr. is worse. Not to mention cheap ownership.

I would rather have Tommy Green than Trachsel. I have a bed time to think about.

yeah after watching garcia sweat it up for long, slow inning after long, slow inning earlier this season, please spare us trachsel.


I'd say that guy knows a helluva a lot more about the Phils farm system then you try to do. Give it a rest, you'd have more "clout" that way.

P O'Neil: Hey, you can believe what you like, real or not. Whatever floats your boat.

If he's been called up (Durbin), why is he pitching tonight in Toledo?

After seeing JD pitch in person many of times, I know he is legit. His start this year for the AZ Diamondbacks was after pitching 8 total innings in spring training(because the Twins blow). He didn't pitch from the end of June 2006 to January 2007 because of doctors orders(bicep). Then he was thrown to the Lions with only 8 innings of work under his belt. Statistically, Durbin has an amazing minor league record. Lets not forget he played in the Futures game and for Team USA'S qualifying team back in 2004. This kid is legit.

I watched JD pitch,his mechanics suck you would think a pitching coach would correct it. Also what is with the left or right fielder can't throw the ball to home plate with out bouncing 3 times.

AHEM...EXCUSE ME...What were you guys saying about JD'S chances in the BIGS? Shellshocked??? Giving up lots of HR'S???
7 yrs. in proball and I've heard him described alot of ways but never bad mechanics. Try again!

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