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Tuesday, June 26, 2007


As long as they don't start unloading young talent for bad vets to maintain the pretense that we're still in the hunt this year, I'm fine with anyone we own taking these losses.

Did he pitch well because Coste was catching? Sorry, I'm so fed up with inactivity of Pat Gillick (not recently but over the last two years). Someone wrote in an earlier thread that they foresaw the Phils trading for a marginal power guy and thats what I see happening. I don't think we have the chips to trade, Rowand is the only right hander doing anything with the bat so that excludes him and with the dearth of talent in the minor league system we can't trade prospects for anything decent. Unless they decide to just blow it up and put the kids out there to see what they can do, which I am not adverse to but if thats the case the do it right and sell off everyone you can or decide that the draft picks you are going to get if they leave are worth more than you can get in a trade. Personally, I can't imagine anyone giving anything for either Barajas or Helms - and they certainly wouldn't be categorized as Type "A" free agents so they wouldn't get much in terms of picks. I'm just sick of the middle ground, if you are going after it then buy what you can but if you don't have the payroll flexibility (which I believe is true) then get rid of what you can and see what the kids can do...who knows maybe watching bourne victorino and rollins fly around the bases would be fun. Who says a pitcher has to hit eighth? When I was younger we used to say the that 9 hitter was your second leadoff man, why not put Bourne there?

Wow, stream of consciousness...have you heard of a period? Sorry about that.

They're still going to have to overpay right now. If a deal is coming, it'll be in a few weeks. Get used to seeing kids try to step in until then.

Hey, at least it's not Paul Abbott. Remember him? Fun.

Didn't Don Stewart write that piece? Mike Drago is a poor baseball writer when it comes to prospects. Heck, he can't even get prospect's ages correct. I believe Maloney is not ready, too many walks and hits. Unless the Phils need about 2-3 more starters, then Maloney will get a call.

Yikes! You're right, Walter. That was a Stewart piece.

I think the Phils should look into acquiring Wilson Betemit. He has just been benched according to fox news - the Dodgers are moving Nomar to third and Loney to first. Although he is hitting under the mendoza line, his OPS is over 750, which would stand to go higher if he drifted to at all to the mean average wise. He is just about to turn 27, meaning he will probably have his most productive years in the next two seasons. I haven't seen much of him this year, but I remember really liking him when he was with Atlanta. I think he is a guy that could hit 250, with some pop, average to above average defense, and is only making 400,000 this year. Although I reiterate I have seen him much this year, I think he is playing well below his ability and this might be an opportunity to pick up your third baseman for the next couple of years on the cheap while you try develop someone aka Mike Costanzo.(there doesn't appear to be any big name 3bs hitting the free agent market in the near future, with there being no chance of us getting A Rod).

Not sure what the Dodgers are after, but it hopefully Mr. Gillick is taking a look at this opportunity.

I have a friend who is a big Dodger fan, so I follow them pretty closely. Betemit has definitely slipped down the depth chart, initially losing time to Tony Abreu and Andy LaRoche and now, as you say, with Nomar going to third. But I doubt the Dodgers are looking to deal him. They've been using him as a PH and he's had a lot of success, albeit in a very small sample size.

What do people think of giving Madson a spot start on Saturday? He clearly cannot handle the late inning pressure and he seems to pitch his best when he has to pitch multiple innings early in games. I know he was bad as a starter before but maybe he is due another shot

If you guys are looking for a cheap 3b - Morgan Ensberg. For some reason the Astros have been looking to unload him for years and no one's been taking him, I'm not sure of their asking price, though, but it really seem as if they don't want him.

On another note, there's a reason these pitchers are in AA and not the majors. Thats because they can't handle major league hitting yet.

my bad, didnt notice Madson was already written about on the main page

Will the Astros trade one piece of crap - Ensberg - for another - Burrell?
I like the Wilson Betemit idea if it didn't smell like the second coming of Nunez.
I will admit that Betemit potentially could be an improvement.

Sorry, I forgot - Burrell won't accept that trade - he has to go either to the West Coast or another contender.

Did anyone read Jim Salisbury's column in the paper today?
Jim Salisbury must be the Phillies nom de plume for Dave Spadaro.

The comparison of Betemit to Nunez... hmm, how to put this.

It's not a good one. Betemit might be better compared to Aramis Ramirez, who came up very early, looked like a bust for awhile, and then his batting approach caught up to his talent and he became a star. At 25, Betemit has time yet; he's got serious power, and would be a great buy-low pickup for the Phillies.

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