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Monday, May 07, 2007


I'd like to see if J.A. Happ can help us this season. I'm not for rushing prospects, but our starting pitching is bad 2 out of every 5 turns (Bad= Garcia and Eaton). I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever see a healthy Garcia this season.

Wes Helms is now "the Matador" as he plays everything off to the side...with little success. And his arm has less aim than Steve Sax. As much as I'm disgusted about Helms, we all know Nunez can't hit. We need a 3rd baseman who can make routine plays and not hurt us with the stick. Did you hear me Gillick?!

That seemingly ill thought out steal attempt by Vic turned into something that the dugout could build upon thanks to his quick thinking. Players who can think quickly like that are always needed on a ball club, especially when it's to make up for a boneheaded gaffe origianlly. Way to know your baseball, Vic.

By the way, he SHOULD have been called out....but that's beside the point.

Strange last few weeks for Burrell. I wonder if his wrist is causing him problems again.

All the walks and lack of XBH - something appears to be wrong.

Just like with Gordon, all the fastballs with no control it was not hard to figure out there was some arm problems.

Happ might be our answer at 3B - trade Lieber while his value is high and upgrade the weak link.

Once healthy the BP is much better and if Howard gets it kicked in we might have something to get excited about again.

Randy Johnson and Philadelphia’s Jamie Moyer will make more major league history if they oppose each other Wednesday, as scheduled. They would be the oldest pair of left-handers by combined age to start against each other, eclipsing the record Johnson and San Diego’s David Wells set here April 24. Johnson and Wells were a combined 87 years, 200 days. Johnson and Moyer will be a combined 88 years, 48 days.

I thought Moyer and Glavine held the record, or was that something else?

Finally got to see the Phils in person this weekend on Sat./Sunday. While the Phils did manage to split the series, there is just no way this team is going to play well consistently. Shaky bullpen and terrible bench just won't allow for it.

The only way I see this team actually playing well for a long stretch is Howard carries them again for a month or two (which looks increasingly unlikely this season) or if they get 2 or 3 weeks of really solid starting pitching (which I also don't see happening since Hamels is the only starter on this staff with dominant stuff).

interesting off-topic factoid from rotoworld: "The Phillies are 5-9 when [Barajas] catches this year and 9-8 when Ruiz is in the lineup."

Burrell claims he is seeing the ball better this year...

"I seem to have a lot more walks this year for some reason. I'm not really doing anything differently. Maybe I'm just seeing the ball better," he said.

Burrell better start doing something differently like start hitting the ball with some power.

Lieber isn't going anywhere as long as there are questions with the rotation. Myers will probably remain as the closer even when Gordon returns IMO. I have such little faith in Gillick right now, I don't think he'll help the team with anything he does. We all know hios track record here. There a .500 non-playoff team and that's it. That's what we have and we're stuck with it. Lieber wasn't going to the Yanks. They knew they had Clemens. Rowand won't be traded (he'll walk as a FA)as we have no one to play RF when Vic goes to CF. Relief help? Forget it.

i could see Rowand traded, and Bourn in Center, with Vic in Right.

It wouldbe really nice to see what Bourn can do with a couple starts...

Lieber is still needed by the yanks, they still need another starter or two to be competitive.


You make a good point. But I just don't see Bourn being able to hit at the ML level. At this level, Power in the OF is a must. An OF of Bourn, Vic, and Burrell wouldn't supply much.

Bourne, Vic or Rowand. My vote of course would be for the guy who is sure to walk at the end of the season to go, but however they do it, they just need to do it.

How we can be carrying 3 CFs and be totally without a RF or 3B is a total mystery.

I realize that pitching as at a premium, but we need to move one of those guys for someone who can contribute in RF or 3B right away. Otherwise we might be looking at another also ran season.

I think just as much as his poor moves spaek about Pat Gillick, so too do his non-moves. It would be one thing if we were stong at all positions and long in CF, but with two gaping holes in this team, a move needs to be made.

Dobbs played one game at 3rd this year, so why not give him more time batting against right handed pitchers. It can't hurt can it?

Rowand is hitting well, but this likely will not last all season. And like many have said before, his defense is over-rated, he takes horrible angles on balls in the game. Many would-be singles turn into extra-bases on bad angles and ill-advised dives. But "he's aggressive". I'm not saying that's always a bad thing, but sometimes it is. I cannot see Gillick trading him though, not until the deadline, and we'd have to be out of it for him to do it.

We really need a 3rd baseman. I'm disgusted with Helms/Nunez. Put them together and they still suck.

Garcia just demonstrated why a starting pitcher won't be traded (and, providing he's truly hurt, did us a favor if we can DL him). AS for Rowand, he's the only outfielder hitting with any power.

D. Patrone's complaint that "we won't get anything when he walks as a FA" is bogus: baseball hasn't phased out the draft-choice compensation system yet, has it? Contrary to popular belief, draft choices are NOT worthless. In fact, you'll find that several of the teams with praiseworthy farm systems stock them by losing more free agents than they sign. High draft choices are worthless only if your scouting and development system is worthless -- in which case, you'll probably get lousy players back in trades, too (see Abreu, Bobby).

"I thought Moyer and Glavine held the record, or was that something else?"

They did, for a week or two. Then Johnson & Wells took it over.

Alby writes : baseball hasn't phased out the draft-choice compensation system yet, has it?

No, but the Phils would still need to offer salary arbitration to the player and in the past they have been reluctant to do this (see Fultz, Aaron).

Also, in 2007, type A free agents are limited to the top 20 % of their position and type B to the 21% to 40 %. Type C compensation was eliminated starting in 2006. I don't think any of the Phils potential free agents will be type A, unless Garcia really turns it around.

"sub-Barajas" should be a new catchphrase on here.

Why wouldn't Bourn be able to play third?

Any word yet on whether Garcia can go tonight?

Jason: If they need someone for a spot start, Happ would be the choice although his walk rate concerns me. He could give you a 5 IP 3 run performance.
King is not a prospect, so even though he's off to a hot start in Ottawa, I don't see the point. He might give you more offense than Nunez (anyone could) but 3B is his only position so you still need a utility guy. I wouldn't use him over Helms.

Drove back to Houston last night and was able to catch the second half of the game on ESPN. I was able to see Bourn's two steals and his beating the throw to score. I was impressed. I am now a Bourn fan.

Bourn is going to have an interesting season. At this rate he'll end up appearing in 155 games with only 110 ab's. His defense is above average (range and arm) and his speed is top-notch. It's difficult to gage what type of MLB batter he'll be though. Some at bats he shows patience and walks or slaps a ball in the hole, other ab's are aimless unintelligent hacks.

By the way- so far on both my "silly predictions" for player stats this season, I'm ahead of pace.

Predicted 150 runs for Rollins- on pace for 162.

Predicted 30-40 stolen bases for Victorino- on pace for 68.

I doubt Jimmy gets 150 runs, but Shane is well on his way to my prediction. Too bad my predicted 92 wins is far off, as it looks we'll fall about 15-20 of that total.

Self-proclaimed "20 game winner" Cole Hamels is exactly on pace to win 20 games.

Sorry, I'm bored so I'm searching various things Phillies related.

Did anyone else see the article in the Inquirer where Howard has mentioned that he wasn't 100% and that the left thigh strain he suffered in March was still affecting him?

I know I said this before and there was a lot of questioning of my intellect because I thought he was pressing but maybe it would be a good time for him to sit down. Yes, it would kill us to have him out of the lineup for 15 days if he goes to the DL or even if he just sits for a few games but the prospect of him struggling for another month doesn't sound any better. When i read this:

Would a couple of weeks on the disabled list help?

"Maybe it would," Howard said.

---it confirmed it for me. He's not mentally prepared to hit right now. You can't tell me that he is. Why would you even begin to entertain that idea (especially in Philly)? When a hitter steps into the box they need to go in with complete confidence in their swing, in their preparation and in their ability to put good wood on the ball. Howard has not showed that this year. With his average hanging around the Medoza line I'll say it's time for him to sit. Not forever but whether he needs rest, healthy legs (sounds vaguely like an excuse to me), video review, a kick in the ass or a hug he can't be allowed to go up their and have mediocre at bats 90% of the time and hit a bomb occasionally. That's useless for the team.

I agree that Howard's approach to this season is not working. At the very least Uncle Charley could move him down in the lineup. Having your cleanup hitter hover around the Mendoza Line with five home runs is obviously not a good thing. Maybe hitting fifth or even sixth will help him out. At this point, it can't hurt.

Carson, how do you like your steak? I prefer medium rare. And hold the steak sauce. If it's a great piece of meat it doesn't need it. If it's bad it won't help.

clout? Oh, clooooooooouuut!!!

As sad as it is that PB isn't hitting it is actually a little nice to see him with a little better plate discipline in season pasts. Before it seemed that his mind couldn't keep up with his body. Now it seems that the opposite is true...really don't know whats going on with ,or has ever gone on with PB.

The two real problems with this team is that there was no off season preparation for what roles each player on this team would fill. I think the management spent so much time worrying about money that that they didn't bother actually planning for the season.

Though, I think a few posters on here pointed out the fact that the phils never really expected to be getting a starter through a trade. They then had even more problems as far as what role each pitcher would fill. Had we only signed eaton, or traded for Garcia, as opposed to both, i think more time and money would have been spent on the bench and bullpen.

Oh well, we have to make the best of what we have. Helms has proven he doesn't deserve to play everyday. Period. No question about it. Sadly, i'd rather have a cold bat and a decent glove, so i say, nunez should get at least a 50-50 split with helms.

Still waiting on RYNO to show up...

I hope I'm wrong, but as I said before, I just can't see Manuel, with his love of veteran players, bypassing two veteran third basemen to "think outside the box" on this one.

It is maddening though, how they've basically managed to turn David Bell into two players--one w/ worse D and slightly better hitting than the original, and one with better D and slightly worse hitting. The statistical average is probably the same though.

Aaagh two David Bells and now, zero Ryan Howards!

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