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Thursday, May 10, 2007


Had computer trouble last night, so let me post this (off-topic) here:

The PH HR furthered my belief that Howard's main problem is getting nothing decent to hit. Kudos to Cholly (or Jimy, or whomever) for recognizing that bases loaded, just-inserted pitcher meant they couldn't pitch around him. And kudos to him for hitting the pitch.

Liked inserting Myers in the 8th. Hated leaving him in with a 6-run lead for the 9th, though with an off-day today it shouldn't cause any trouble for him coming back.

Great job BayPhan at summing up what ails the farm system. One quibble, not with you but a follow-up poster: Good minor-league instruction isn't something that would "prove" the scouts' picks were worthy; it's something that should be done so that we don't see the dreadful fundamental play we all bemoan.

you wonder how a guy takes that news. "uh, hey brian, you got traded."

"oh yeah? anywhere sunny, like arizona?"

"well, not exactly. do you like korean food?"

seriously though, do you think a player has veto power in a deal like that or something?

Finally saw Howards grand slam this morning and I gotta say, wow, he was all over that pitch. I don't think I've ever seen his swing that fast.

I saw Anderson pitch a few times last year in AAA. I don't have anything to add to what Jason wrote, really; he looked good in AAA, he worked quickly and got outs. He mostly kept the ball in the park, which is noteworthy in that the fences are pretty shallow in Portland. I don't know that he's an upgrade over Mazone but I don't think he's a step down either.

This a weird pair of transactions. What, if anything, is the point?

Two excellent questions from Enrico and Laramie. I have no answers, but I'll second them in hopes that someone will come along and clarify:

1. How does a move like this go down? Is this something Mazone has to OK or even request, and how much cash is involved in selling a pitcher to a foreign team?

2. Why do it? Did Mazone get caught banging someone in the organizations daughter or did they just see a better chance to get something out of a 27yo RP then a 30yo SP?

Just who signs this junk? Arbuckle? Nowotyta? Who?

I think Mazone's agent is the guy that gets the deal done. Mazone is in favor, Phil's agree, and Mazone gets a very big pay raise.

You can make a good living pitching in the Orient, much better than getting retreads to chase breaking balls in the International League at a minor league salary.

Obviously, this is a low level deal, but i'll take a guy with maybe 1 more ML chance, than a guy who's 30+ with probably no chance to come up. Surprised there wasn't a "Mazone should be called up" drumbeat from some of the minor league experts here. I guess that's a sign he should go to Korea. Good luck to him.

This organization is ONLY about making money.

Case in point- selling a trusty Triple A starter...making money.

Signing some Independent League guy, saving money.

Cheap ba$tard$!

Despite all the "positive" comments that get posted here I believe the Myers move to the bullpen has been undersold.

Correct me if I am wrong but I do not believe he has allowed a run since the move.

Also - for once I feel the chances of the Phillies actually not losing the game once Charlie makes a pitching change are pretty solid when Myers' name is called which is welcomely refreshing.

I still have some blind faith that they will start to turn this thing around but will need to show their true moxie by beating the Braves and Mets when it counts.


I know what you're saying, but this isn't exactly their typical dumb move.

"It would be a total guess right now, but Mark Teixeira certainly would be a guy the Rangers would have to consider trading. I think depending on where Hank Blalock's offense and defense stand, he could be in the mix, too. And every potential free agent on this team, as well. As for the return: The Rangers would need to get back pitching and a major league ready first baseman or outfielder. For me, the best deal the Rangers could try to make is with Baltimore for Nick Markakis and a pitcher."


You hit the nail on the head. This move is all about the money.

Kimchi anyone??

Howard's suckitude this year is the only reason he got pitched to last night. If its still Sept., he walks down to 1B, and Nunez & Ruiz gets shots at driving in the next
run(s). Everyone did the right thing in the circumstances, but we got lucky.

The fact that Nunez is smoking hot for the first time in 3 years also helped AZ decide to pitch to Howard...more luck.

Our #5 hitter is proud he managed a walk last night.

"I was having a lot of trouble seeing his slider," Burrell said. "That [walk] was huge for our team."

How many years are left on that nightmare of a contract?

With the cubbies coming to town this weekend, it occurs to me to point out that they have a utility infielder by the name of Ryan Theriot.

I think he would look pretty good on the hot corner in red pinstripes. Does Lieber like deep dish pizza? (I know, I know does the pope wear a funny hat?)

Went to all three games in Phoenix. Phils have a team that at least make the wild-card. Obviously, bullpen is the weak point, Myers should be the answer there. My opinion is that most of you guys are way too negative. We all know Montgomery and the band of owners are not good for us. We can choose to not root for the team. A true fan will not take that option. Gillick-obviously the pressure is on him. I think he has done a fair job-except I am most critical of him with the empty farm system. Manuel-much as I'd like to see him get canned-he made a great move yesterday throwing all his chips on the table with Howard-I think it is too early to give up on Cholly. Bourne deserves a start or two. And those of you who posted that "an appliance at third base would play better than No-Hit Nuni"; what say you now? Make me this promise: if Abe gets his average over .300; admit that you know less about baseball than the average 85 year old grandma-I was talking to Abe about this yesterday and he said-he was laughing-that this would be a good deal. I often don't read this site because of all of the overwhelming negativity. If we stay positive, this team has a good chance to at least get to the postseason-and as we all know-anything can happen at that point. I think it was the thunderous popping sound emanating from Howard's bat on that Medders that was reverberating thru my mind as I typed this. When you look up the words "that ball got out of here in a hurry"; there's a picture of that swing.

Just to finish the thought for those who might not follow the link, Theriot hit over .300 in '06 and was hitting .319 for Chicago before being sent to AAA in favor of Tony Womack.

He can play 2nd, SS, 3rd and the corner outfield positions. He would be an upgrade immediately at 3rd, on the bench and sadly perhaps even an improvement over the 13 million dollar man in LF.

Does anyone have Rubin Amaro Jr's e-mail address?

It looks like Mazone had considered a similar change of scenery last year, but, according to Phillies Flow, Coste talked him out of it -- presumably inspiring Mazone with his own breakthrough into the majors after years of scratching and clawing.

I don't think it's a huge stretch to imagine that Coste might have had some different advice for Mazone this year. Coste hasn't exactly kept his mouth shut about his dissatisfaction with the front office, and you have to figure that guys in the clubhouse hear even more of it than the fans do..

Here's the item from Phillies Flow last year, which references a dead-link story from the Delaware News Journal:

"Mazone was signed by the Braves as an undrafted free agent in 1998 and spent a lot of time in the independent leagues, leading the Northern League in wins in 2002 after shoulder surgery in 2001. This year he finished second in the voting for Pitcher of the Year in the International League. Fellow long-sufferer Chris Coste apparently talked him out of taking a contract to play in Korea in July."

Call me a moran. The transaction (which I found shicking) was from May of 2006. The kid is still with Chicago and playing quite a bit. Too bad, we could use him.


Love your attitude.

Cholly did make a good move last night(Re: Howard), but too bad the game before he made a poor move by letting Eaton bat in the 7th, instead of Howard. He followed up the move later, by saying something like "Eaton's a good hitting pitcher and I was afraid they'd walk Howard". It's ok if Howard walked, that would've put another guy on base with the top of the order coming up! Duh. Moves like that cost this team.

Mark, you are a dumbass in every sense of the word. Sure, I'll give credit to "No-Hit" Nunez, in fact I've even taken to calling him "Sometimes-Hit Nunez", but even if he gets his average over .300 it means nothing. He's has NEVER been a good baseball player, even his career year in St. Louis in '05 he was average at best, and that's a stretch. You need to get a clue.

As noted above, sale of a player's contract to the Orient is done after the player approves it; the higher paycheck is indeed a big draw.

As for the Phillies' thinking, it's pretty clear the team doesn't think much of soft-tossing lefties, and I think Moyer's success has reinforced rather than dispelled the prejudice -- one such pitcher is enough, in their view. So goodbye Germano and Mazone, at least until Moyer retires after 2008. This guy Anderson, on the other hand, protects them in case someone puts in a waiver claim one of these days on Clay Condrey.

JB - Myers has given up 1 run since moving to the bullpen - it was in the bottom on the 9th of a 9-3 win over Cinci on April 22 ... garbage time. That's one run in 12 1/3 innings, and none during the last 9 1/3 innings.

Didn't know that there was more than one "sense" of the "word" dumbass. Educate me. I didn't say that Abe Nunez was a great major leaguer. I did say that he is a solid utility or role player, a good team player, and worthy of being on this team. You guys who love to spew stats think that his batting average "means nothing"-then please don't use batting averages to make your point. My question: why do you continue to spend time on the Phillies if you think they are: a) so poorly run; b)under such bad ownership; c)basically clueless; and d) so mediocre. Face this fact: Gillick is a proven winning GM who knows what he is doing and what his financial resources are. I give him passing grades-albeit not by much-thus far. I say give Bourn a start or two.

I'm with Mark -- the Nunez bashing is as off-point as the Coste boosting. Sure, Coste would be valuable off the bench, and another 3B-utility guy would arguably be an upgrade from Nunez. But both are relatively minor -- very minor -- compared to the major problems. And yes, I know that the signing of Nunez and the disrespect towards Coste despite his performance are indicative of the deeper problem -- the FO's inability to think outside the box.

OTOH, Mark, I really don't give a rip about what a "proven winner" Pat Gillick is. I want to know what he's doing to fix THIS team, under THIS ownership. Maybe that's too tall a job for any GM, but he so far has very little to show for two years on the job. He can't keep blaming Ed Wade's bad contracts forever; outside of Burrell and, to a lesser extent, Lieber, all those bad deals are off the books. Lots of teams have overcome bigger handicaps than an exorbitant deal for Pat Burrell.

mark, i was the one who suggested a broken toaster or some such at 3B instead of nunez a couple weeks back. but i also swore that if he's hitting above .250 by the end of june, that i'd be at the ballpark sporting a nunez jersey. his history strongly suggests nunez won't keep up this pace, but if he does, good for him. it *could* happen, i guess. but it won't mean that i know less than a grandma about baseball, just that nunez bucked his own career trend!

Hey Mark I think my 85 year old Grandmother knew more about baseball than you do. Gillick has done NOTHING to help this team. Nunez is a solid utility player.......sorry I laughed so hard I couldn't continue typing. The reason we continue to spend time on this team is we love baseball and the Phillies, we just can't stand the F$%*#ing owners! This team will compete when they finally sell to a owner(s) that care about winning not just about turning a buck.

Unless Nunez hits near .300, he is a worthless offensive player. Doesn't walk, hit for power, only above average speed, and not a good enough bat to execute a hit and run with.

As for Nunez's defense, he is only an above average fielder at 3B. Nunez is horrible at SS and below average at 2B.

The Nunez contract also matters because this team has a strict spending limit and his $2 million salary eats up a decent portion of the money allocated to the bench or to fill out a back-end bullpen spot. A veteran utility infielder making league minimum and Fultz in the pen would be a much better use of $2 million this year.

Seems to me that Mazzone would have been more valuable as trade bait when making a deal with an actual major league team...

Heaven forbid we throw him in as part of a deal for a proven reliever, or bench player, or part of a package for Troy Glaus, but no, we would rather trade him to Korea for nothing...

Opps, my bad, they traded him for cash...

Imagine that...

I live in chicago so i'll add my two sense about theriot:

Pinella loves the guy. No way in hell he's going anywhere

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