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Wednesday, May 16, 2007


That's our boy Jason...damn fine player. NL Rookie of the Year hopeful. Go Chooch!

Jason, you are obviously better at scouting talent at the catcher position than Seattle Stew and his minions.

I loved Barajas comment in the paper this morning, lamenting his situation:
"What's frustrating is that I'm not playing as good as I'm capable of playing right now, so I can't be frustrated with anyone but myself," he said."

No, Rod. You are older, overweight, slow and getting slower, and hitting to 75% of your lifetime average. Your problem is because that lifetime average is so low (you can't hit very well, anyway) you have plunged below the Mendoza Line. Historically, a good hitting streak for you is 5-6 games, and then you have the predictable reversion to the below league average territory in which your batting average normally dwells. If you had shown us something defensively this year I would be more charitable in my assessment, but you showed up in camp cocky (like you were entitled to the job), fat (you obviously thought you could get away with it), and you've been outplayed by a younger, better catcher who showed up in shape. Shame on you!

You were a terrible signing and waste of money by this organization.

Who called the three straight fastballs to Fielder in the 8th?

King Cole is going to dictate the Phils back to .500-land tonight.

AWH,since dumb nickname guy's minions were also ed wade's minions, didn't dumb nickname guy's minions draft Ruiz?

Ruiz has played his way into being a starter, which is great. At this point Barajas is merely a vet backup. Who gives a s--t? Can we not praise someone without throwing out our pet issues?

Can't please everyone I guess. Walk-off homer, 2-4 night at the plate, and he called Eaton's best effort as a Phillie. And some fool sweats an at bat to the league's home run leader in the 8th inning when the starting pitcher is gassed.

Very sagely indeed. You're dismissed.

Rod Barajas must be the most hotly debated backup catching non-issue of all time.

I saw that Ben Davis is playing for Camden. He's local. In hindsight, for what the Phillies needed, which is AAA veteran insurance, it might not have been a bad idea going that route with a non-roster invite rather than give the big contract to Barajas. But it's a minor point, and I'm not ready to write off Barajas. If Ruiz goes down, they'll need him. Trust me.

And that's about all that needs to be said about the Barajas "issue," which shouldn't concern anyone.

Ruiz should play five games a week now. How would he rate in the NL this season among catchers? Probably top five at least. (McCann is the best, Martin is good) Those are the only two I'd rate as being "considerably" better with brighter futures. LoDuca is a good player, but isn't having the best season. Molina is a good player, too. A guy said to me in the hall today "The Phillies probably regret not having Estrada." Huh? Estrada is okay but I'd take younger, faster, cheaper Ruiz thanks.

it's been real exciting to watch Ruiz develop the last two years. (4th best OPS of NL catchers with 75+ PA, 2nd best OPS of NL rookies with 75+ PA.) good call, J.

and I think the neverending Barajas/Coste/Ruiz debate may have surpassed the neverending Abreu debate in terms of how quickly I stop reading posts.

(and non-baseball, but nice choices in the recommended music...Dan Deacon? Dungen? am I reading Pitchfork or Beerleaguer???)

ae: Ah-ha. A fellow music junkie. My cover is blown. I added those links just this morning for one of my friends to use. I get a small commission from it.

Pitchfork gave Dan Deacon surprisingly high marks. I had a ticket to see him in Philadelphia, but my wife got sick and we bagged it. My copy of his latest is on the way and should arrive at my desk any time now. I check his Web site about once a month for downloads and videos. If you get a chance, go to his myspace page and watch his performance on a morning talkshow. It's hysterical.

Dungen's first album was fantastic and I downloaded the newest one from iTunes last night. After one listen during my morning commute, another solid album I'd say.

Wilco brought a different sound to their newest, and I like it. One review said "The best Eagles album they never made," and it's apt. It has that cool, 70s, close-quaters rock sound. It's kind of low-fi in a way older records used to be.

Kings of Leon has been in my rotation for about two months. One of my favorite acts out there.

According to fantasy stats, Ruiz is the 3rd best catcher in the NL.

1. Martin
2. Estrada
3. Ruiz
4. Barrett
5. McCann
6. B. Molina
7. LoDuca

I'm a punk fan- leaning towards Pennywise, Sick of it All, Dropkick Murphy's, Street Dogs, Ramones and groups of that nature

Although Weezer and Beastie Boys are my favorite music of all time.

Personally, as much as I appreciate that his bat has made us all forget about the "black hole," I think Ruiz's best attribute is his rocket arm. Watching Extra Innings, I get to hear a lot of the opponent's announcer teams and virtually ALL of them make a point to talk about how Ruiz's gun limits their team's ability steal bases and create some cheap runs. A huge asset considering the overall lackluster defensive prowess of this Philles team.

Again, I have to point out how wonderful it was to take a proverbial "leak" on Derrick Turnbow for the second straight night. I hope they keep throwing him out there for the rest of this series. I'd love to shatter his confidence for good.

Carson: I'm known to get into the occasional heated debate on which Weezer album is best. A lot of people like to pretend that Pinkerton is the best, when everyone knows it's the worst, and that the Blue Album is a classic that will never be topped.

When Pinkerton first dropped, nobody bothered with it, which tells you all you need to know. Then it became cool to think "Pink Triangle" was a great song, and pretend like "Buddy Holly" and "Say it Ain't So" don't blow all the material from Pinkerton to pieces.

I've seen Weezer twice, including one of their first big shows in Albany before their Green Album comeback.

I've seen Weezer twice as well. Last time being in Philly with the Foo Fighters. Honestly, Pinkerton is my favorite Weezer album, but the Blue Album is the catchiest. The Green Album rocks the whole way through, as does Make Believe. Maladroit is just ok.

Favorite song- El Sorcho.

Say it Ain't So is the best Weezer song hands down. Pinkerton is good, but not as much as the Blue Album. Now-a-days they are dead to me, should have stopped at 2 albums.

I'm willing to give you El Scorcho, but I draw the line there.

Lets be realistic here. I'm totally with Alby here. Barajas is now a backup catcher. I don't care how much he is getting paid. Don't forget that the Blue Jays (and Moneyball heir apparent J.P. Richardi) thought enough of Barajas that they were going to offer Barajas more years and more money than the Phils. Barajas subsequently fired his agent and voided the contract. Not a smart move, but the Phils really got this guy at a discount. In my opinion, the Phils now have the best backup catcher in the league. It was not long ago that Barajas was in Texas and was thought of a a very valuable asset (potential 20+ HR power at catcher). Barajas might not be the exact same guy at this point, but he is not so bad as to warrant the criticism he recieves (Note: I have been guilty of this myself, mostly because of "in the moment" frustration) on here.

On another of Alby's points: I'm glad someone else agrees that listening to the bleading heart Costespiracists has ruined the feel good nature of his story. If you read some of the posts on here, Coste has vicariously obtained voice as a winey player who blames others for his lack of success. While I doubt that this is really Coste's disposition, it is hard to get around the ridiculousness of some of the opinions expressed on the issue.

It would really be great if the Costespiracy would just go away. If he plays well enough in the minors or majors that management will have no choice but to get him at bats, fine. Otherwise, he is just another career average minor league catcher. It is really a shame that I cannot view this guy from the fairy tale eye. The Cinderella story was about a person achieving greatness for a short period of time, and then going back to reality, accepting it, and getting back to greatness after an acceptance of that reality. Imagine if that story were changed where Cinderella had her nihgt of fame, lost it, and then started whining and complaining that her life was so miserable after what she had been a part of. That is what the Coste story has become here.

(and non-baseball, but nice choices in the recommended music...Dan Deacon? Dungen? am I reading Pitchfork or Beerleaguer???)

They've combined to form the ultimate website. The world isn't ready.

Jason, I will respectfully disagree with you on calling Pinkerton the worst Weezer album. I think that moniker should be reserved for Maladroit. It's a tough call on which album is the best of the first three. Probably Blue, since there was nothing like it before that and there will never be anything like it again. I'd rate them 1)Blue, 2-A)Green, 2-B)Pinkerton, 4)Make Believe (though gets better with each listen), and 5)Maladroit.

And, for the record, "Across the Sea" is the best song of Pinkerton. I've seen them countless times in Philadelphia and Camden, with the best being the show at the Spectrum (!) shortly after 9/11.

Pinkerton doesn't compare to the Blue Album, no doubt. but worst? it has its moments, which is more than I can say for anything they've done since - they're not bad, really, but to my ears their last CDs just aren't any different from any of the other mallpunks on MTV these days.

(and the only thing I like more than arguing about baseball is arguing about music, so don't get me started...)

GM-Carson: I'm not sure if you saw my post yesterday, but did you ever get that Eaton Beaver shirt?

GM-Carson: Also, seeing your taste in music above, have you ever seen the movie "24 Hour Party People"? If you are a fan of punk music, it is really a must see. Highly recommended.

I rate Make Believe second, which puts me in the vast minority.

wow, talk about opening the floodgates - amateur music critics, unite!

Jason is in rare form today. Straying from topic to discuss Weezer in depth. Amazing the good mood you can be in when your long time man-crush finally starts to get the props you have long believed he deserves.

You know I'm just joking about the man-crush thing, J. You have VERY LONG been an emphatic supporter of Ruiz and I think that many others are starting to come around. Hears hoping he continues to produce.

The last time the floodgates opened this wide on a non-baseball issue, it wasn't music. It was Battlestar Galactica.

I'll have to close them soon or else risk chasing away all the high-class rollers (Clout, George S., Goodman, Senior Correspondent)

In my opinion, arguing music is even more pointless than arguing baseball. Let's debate it.

Plus, Starbuck is a Cylon.

The thing about Maladroit is it managed to get a younger generation interested in the band. I rate it second last behind Pinkerton, but secretly listen to it more than Green Album.

Pinkerton is a great album, but "Across the Sea" is so emo it's almost embarrassing.

Weezer released a lot of Blue album and Pinkerton era singles that were very good. A lot of them were included in the enhanced blue album release a few years back. This was Weezer's best release since Pinkerton, but the Green Album wasn't bad either.

*jumps into the ring*

Blue is great for what it is and what it was when it hit. Could be considered one of those complete albums, as every song is good in its own right, and has gone through some stage of popularity - whether it be "That sweater song is so stupid" being uttered by someone who liked them until they became popular, or a late night diner discussion about how Only In Dreams is the perfect mucial allegory for a nice bout of the freaky-freaky (which I've heard three seperate times from three completely seperate parties).

So, blue gets the win.

Pinkerton, I like a lot. WHat always got to me was how unpopular that album was at the time. Yes, it got the second weezer album! nod, but none of the songs blew up. And that is strange, as I feel El Scorcho or The Good Lif should have been commercially more successful then Buddy Holly. Perhaps that points more to the marketability of Spike Jonze and the MTV nation then popular music, or it could just be that the winds of change were in the air and these songs weren't hard enough for the times.

Now, as for the later output? Maladroit's development was well documented on the weezer website, as they released the songs in various stages for several months. Sadly, a lot of the early versions sounded so much better, pointing to production pulling that record under.

The green album I'll always remember as I liked it was perceived both ugly and excellent by the same people over a span of a few months. A particular friend really bashed the use of "hip-hip" in Island In The Sun, but I know he listened to it feverously when no one was looking. My vote? eh. I think it loses a lot of steam halfway through.

Make Believe tries to return to form, and succeed for the most part. I appreciate that they succeed in a world that no longer accepts their simpler lyrics and overtly poppiness.

I think I'll switch Pinkerton's and Green's covers, then I can sum it up nicely and say Weezer are at their best when their picture is on the front.

*bows and exits the ring, leaving all to wonder just who that masked man really was*

Apparently I'm the only non-Weezer fan.

Back to baseball ... someone posted this in the left-hander thread, FWIW:

IF you guys are looking for a Lefty the Phils could reachout to get, take a look in the Atlantic League in Newark. RJ Swindle is a 23 year old lefty with unbelievable k/bb numbers (51/7 from last year to now). He throws a ridiculous 52 mph curveball and is absolutely death on lefties. The yankees released him out of Spring Training believing he cannot get out advanced hitters but so far he is doing just fine.

Ah, Weezer lives on. Do you hear that Rivers? Quit getting educated at Standford an come back and make some music!

Only in Dreams (from the Blue album) has one of the best instrumental build ups in a song at about minute 7 or 8...absolutely amazing! I could crank that in my car all day long.

How can you not like Pinkerton with Pink Triangle, El Scorcho, Good Life, Across the Sea, Getchoo, Tired of that album! Hell, I'm listening to it on the way home this afternoon now.

Oh yeah, the Phils are playing good ball.

seriously, "RJ Swindle"? did he just walk out of a Ring Lardner story?

"Say It Ain't So"-favorite Weezer song. Love hearing the guitar in the beginning.

From FoxSports- From FoxSports- If the Phils still want Ron Villone, they will have to trade for him, but that might be tough. How dry is the trade market for bullpen help? "Oh, it's dry," Ruben Amaro said. "You will see very little movement unless somebody decides they're going to send two or three of their best prospects in their system for a middle reliever. It's supply and demand."

Phillies lefthander Cole Hamels made his big-league debut on May 12, 2006, in Cincinnati. In 31 career starts, he is 14-9 with a 3.90 ERA. That's notable when stacked up against the first full seasons of future Hall of Famers Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Randy Johnson. Maddux was 6-14 with a 5.61 ERA in 1987; Glavine, 7-17 with a 4.56 ERA in 1988; and Johnson, 7-13 with a 4.82 ERA in 1989.

I'm more of a Tool fan myself. Aenema and the Nirvana Unplugged cd are two of my favorite cd's of all time. I dusted off the "Broken" cd by Nine Inch Nails and that is in my car right now. Good stuff.

I can throw lefty 52mph curveballs. Can I get a minor league contract?

King Cole is now a 1-year veteran of the big leagues?? Amazing. Hopefully not everyone on this board will recount revisionist history about the topic, but there was LEGITIMATE debate, for quite some time, about whether or not his call up was premature. It was widely suggested that he needed more time in AAA ball and that his early shellackings substantiated that argument.

Just over one year later and it's hard to argue that he's not the ace of this staff and one of the few "rocks" we can count on every fifth day.

I think he's a great example of the whole "call 'em up and let him learn on the fly" mentality.

I thought Villone was close to clearing, according to Boras? in any event, gimme an unseen arm in Swindle. Can't hurt.

By the way, who the hell is he?

Interesting comparison GM, I think the bigger question with Cole isn't whether he can put up numbers like those guys though, but whether he can hang around as long as any of them.

You are talking about three pitchers who when this season is over will have accounted for a total of 60 years of combined MLB experience. Figure 30 starts a year, 90 pitches a start, knock off two years for injuries 18 years each = 48,600 pitches each.

If Cole does that I hope he never leaves Philly.

Chooch deserves his props. I apologize to him and those on this thread for ripping Barajas, when I should have been lauding Carlos Ruiz. He has played extremely well recently, and last night not only won the game, but has thrown runners out at a very good clip.

Now, for the last time, I (and others)only bring up Barajas because I think it was wasted money(given this ownership's greed and cheapnees) that could have, and SHOULD have, been spent on relief pitching. I have been critical of the signing since it occured. Based on RB's performance so far, those of us who were critical have proved to be right. We felt the tandem of Ruiz/Coste had shown enough last year. Even if there was an expected '07 dropoff in Coste's numbers (I figure he might hit .270), he would have proved an good backup.

Parker is correct. The Phils do have the best backup catcher in the league on their 25 man roster, but it's not Rod Barajas.

Jason, you are right, there should be no further debate about Barajas; he's in decline, fat, slow, can't hit and has not yet demonstrated he can consistently throw out runners. Other than that, he's the "best backup catcher in the league".

I will refrain from bringing it up again unless someone else does.

I love how Boomhower took time to credit himself with Ruiz being in the game.
"Now you see why I have him in there"

hahahahaha Chollie you funny !


I would also point out the the guys Carson mentioned came up with sub-.500 teams; Hamels has the benefit of being with a team that might not be playoff quality, but is at least a .500 team.

lost in all this is Eaton's awesome performance last night. Like that one outing earlier (v. Mets?), I doubt this will be the norm, but he's definitely been turning it around.

oh and Blue album is the best, Pinkerton's second on my list though.

Taking nothing away from Cole, since I think he is terrific, but there is also a long list of pitchers who had good to great numbers in 30 starts -- who flamed out for whatever reason. Doc Gooden, Mark Fydrich, Teddy Higuera, Britt Burns, Hideo Nomo, Rick Ankiel, Kerry Wood -- just off the top of my head. Let's not start comparing to Maddux, Glavine, Johnson yet.

Thanks Bill Mac, for tearing us down.

/sarcasm. Nice Teddy Higuera reference.

Yesterday was my birthday and I wanted the Phillies to give me a win for a birthday present, although I was really not expecting it. Wow, Chooch Ruiz gave me my present! He is now my favorite Phillies catcher, take a back seat Coste!

Hopefully King Cole can get us with an even record. I was listening to the Houston Astros games this week and they are very happy that the Phils are beating up on the Brew Crew. They are also happy with Phillies cast-off Rick White.

Musically, I'm not on the same universe as you guys. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of 70's era Clapton. Before that I have been immersing in the voodoo magic of the New Orleans Radiators. I put in a blues CD in my car last night and I think I'll be cruising to guys like Muddy Waters, Freddy King, Elmore James and Albert King for the next week or so, interspersed with some New Waves 80's tunes that are sitting in my home CD player. I also think I'm about ready for some vintage Fillmore Live Allman Brothers to keep the blood pumping.

Love the Weezer discussion.

1. Weezer (Blue)
2. Pinkerton
3. Weezer (Green)
4. Make Believe
5. Maladroit

Best Weezer song, hands down, is "The World Has Turned and Left Me Here." If Brian Wilson was a garage-rock nerd, he'd have written this.

Good point BM, the scariest thing about Cole's comps is that they did not remain dominant. I remember a stat after Cole's 30th start that said he had the sixth highest K total for a pitcher after their first 30 games. The top 5 were:

Gooden, Nomo, Prior, Wood, Herb Score.

Not a group you want a young pitcher to be part of, for sure.

What might set Cole apart is that the Phils have been good about limiting his pitches; not a single game over 118.

"Fillmore Live Allman Brothers"

Good call, LF. Best Album ever, live or otherwise.

kdon, I'll give "Fillmore" best live album status.

"Who's Next" ranks as #1 on my all-inclusive list.

70s music takes you back to when the phils were a good ball club

I had no idea Phillies fans/BeerLeaguers were such big Weezer fans too.

I see nobody took me up on the Beastie Boys topic. Paul Botique is the best album followed by Licensed to Ill.

I'm partial to Live at Leeds. Heck, I love Frampton Comes Alive too.

phanatics brothers, I hadn't thought about that. Yes, the 70's and early 80's was a good time to be a Phillies fan. Maybe my brain links the two. The music of the times to the good play of the times.

AWH, I am undecided of best all time live album. The Who - Live at Leeds may be the best in my mind. I guess it depends on my moods at the time. When I was young, I had a friend that bought a Chevy Impala with a big engine and a killer sound system. He only had four tapes, one was The Who - Live At Leeds. I still get goosebumps from John Entwhistle's booming bass lines on those tracks. Tough call, I'll need to relisten to both and rate them track by track.

I'm a huge fan of NoFx's "I Heard They Suck Live" live album.

Malcolm, mentions Frampton Comes Alive. Definitely in my top five. With the CD format, they are now rereleasing these great concert LPs with additional songs. A few months ago I picked up Eric Clapton's 1973 Rainbow Concert with Steve Winwood and Pete Townsend in the bargain bin. Great stuff. Check it out.

You are all crazy, there are no Weezer albums after Blue and Pinkerton worth listening to.

Also lost in all this was how well Dobbs can play defense. Versatile player.

Johnny Cash's "Live at Folsom Prison" is heavy in my rotation.

In terms of other live albums, the Allman FIllmore recording is fantastic but there are so many copies of bootlegs etc that every recording has a different meaning to others. I like "A Live One" by Phish but that is not my favorite live recording from them, my favorite is a recording I had (disappeared two years ago) of the The Man Who Stepped into Yesteryear (Gamehenge story) which was only ever played from beginning to end like three times in all of the years they toured. Similarly, many people like the Dead recording either from Europe '72 or the Dead Set probably have favorite bootlegs they like more becuase of set lists or how they played or if they were there, etc. For me one of my favorite live albums is Feeding Frenzy by Jimmy Buffett because A> that was my first concert, B> it takes me to island time C> I start thinking about all good times I've had at his concerts over the years.

Also, I am a huge fan of Pinkerton, when the Blue Album came out I was anti-Sweater song mostly because everyone else liked it (this is also why I never liked Nirvana or Pearl Jam - don't ask).

When it comes to live albums, the cream of the crop is Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense.

Jason, I'm with you on Kings of Leon, although their new album is by far my least favorite. Their first two records are outstanding. I'm sure you have them; if not, get them immediately. They also put on the best rock concert I have ever seen. I've got a few excellent-sounding recordings of their shows. If you're interested I can get 'em to you somehow.

And finally, here's a fresh musical topic: If you were on the Phillies, what song would you have them play each time you came up to bat?

The first one that comes to my mind is Frankenstein, by Edgar Winter.

i always liked blue and pinkerton, but always saw rivers cuomo as sort of pretentious, thinking his stuff was really great and/or original. and the green album has a couple decent songs, but after that.....ugh. clearly, i'm not a huge weezer fan. i'd much rather put on the pixies or pavement.

in heavy rotation for me this week are the arcade fire and the elliott smith collection that just came out. also been listening to a lot of smiths lately.

Slappy: Yes, I have the first two and love them both. I saw them open for the Strokes. I'd be delighted to hear the live cuts. Drop an email.

Paul, excellent point on Dobbs' D.

Is he playing himself into a late inning replacement for #6 in games they're ahead, just like Bourn/Burrell?

Certainly is funny how a majority of the discussion has fallen to music today as the Phils are playing their best ball of the season. We're great at being negative (me especially), but lets give some cheers for the positives.

Quick list:
*2 solid starts in a row by Eaton.

*Ruiz is proving to be a reliable starting catcher.

*Dobbs is good for this team/bench.

*Brett Myers has done well in the 'pen.

*Utley is having a nice season and he hasn't even gotten hot yet.

*Victorino is going to get me a steak dinner (thanks Clout)

*Rowand is hitting well.

*Nunez is alive.

*Moyer is old, but good.

I probably forgot some, but I just wanted a quick snapshot.

the pixies were 10x better than nirvana. too bad they never got the media exposure and due credit.

Sorry to be a downer, but Dobb's glove might be okay, but his throws seem borderline errant.

Carson, can I come to the steak dinner just to watch clout pay?

Pixies. Pavement. Now we're talking. Bathtubhippo, you take the prize so far.

And finally, here's a fresh musical topic: If you were on the Phillies, what song would you have them play each time you came up to bat?

I was waiting for that! Easy: Rolling Stones, Gimme Shelter. That song could get me fired up to do just about anything. Or maybe "Stop" by Jane's Addiction.


Dobbs made a great scoop at first on the throw from Nunez, and turned whats arguably one of the hardest double plays in the 3-6-3 late in the game. His throw was pretty spot on if I recall, and if he's playing first, how many throws will he truly need to make?

That said, I doubt hed be a late inning replacement for Howard because, it is after all, Ryan Howard. Maybe in games where the score is out of reach.

THAT said, he may be playing himself into a late inning Bourn/Nunez type of replacement at either third or somewhere in the OF. He's said he'll play anywhere, and watching him last night you get the feeling that he could do just that.

And of course, don't forget the bat he's swinging now.

Every time I hear the Dire Straits song "Walk of Life", I have a memory of watching a Phillies "Highlights of 1987" (or some bad year) and seeing their "highlights" being a double play turned, or something, with that song playing.

Slappy, here's a few:

Pat Gillick's theme song would be "The Great Pretender" by the Platters.

Cole Hamels's theme song would be "Another One Bites The Dust" by Queen.

Pat the Bat's theme song would be "Honky Tonk Women" by the Rolling Stones.

Chase Utley's theme song would be "Taking Care Of Business" by Bachman-Turner Overdrive.

Cholly's theme song would be "Dazed and Confused" by Led Zepellin.

Come up to bat song: Here Comes the Pain by Slayer

Best Album: I know it is said over and over again, but Exile on Main Street just kicks ass from start to finish. Marley's Survival is also an excellent pick.

Lots of great live albums out there of course, the Allmans @ Filmore is way up there. I am a total Phish junky though (even after all these years), an the Hampton Comes Alive six disc set is hours of fun.

I think for home games, Sultans of Swing by Dire Straights is a pretty obvious choice to open the bottom of the first.

I guess I was figuring for more of a family friendly tune Tony, but if I wanted to go heavy I think Pantera's Respect or Mouth for War would be pretty intimadateing tunes for Howard to stride up to the plate with.

"Dazed and Confused" as Charlie's theme song! Priceless!

BedBeard: I hear you. 1987 Phillies highlights, or some blooper video hosted by Jay Johnstone, only they couldn't secure the rights to include MLB baseball footage, so it's a hodge-podge of minor leaguers running into fences or Canadien Football League wide receivers running into goal posts. Occasionally, you'd see a highlight of the Philadelphia Stars and it would make you smile.

personal top five at-bat songs:

1. Fugazi / Repeater. specifically, "frustrating, frustrating / always waiting for the bigger axe to fall!"

2. Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five / The Message. "don't push me, 'cause I'm close to the edge / I'm trying not to lose my head."

3. Nas / It Ain't Hard to Tell. "It ain't hard to tell / I excel / then prevail."

4. Pavement / Unfair. very first chords.

5. Archie Bell & the Drells / Tighten Up. maybe too low-key, but too bad.

I was at an Orioles game a couple weeks ago, and I could swear that Chris Gomez used the great Pixies song Wave of Mutilation as his at-bat music.

Coming up to bat?

Kashmir, but if I was pitching it would have to be Thunderstruck.

Which player's theme song would be Otis Redding's "Mr. Pitiful"?

A. No Hit Nuni

B. Rod Barajas

C. Werth-less

D. Ancient-Seca

E. All of the above

Okay, based on birthday boy Lake Fred's suggestion, I'm changing it up again. Going with a more familiar acronym rather than initials. This is final!

This could possibly be the strangest "Chooch and Weezer" - I mean, Beerleaguer - thread ever, but I like it. Some of you have pretty damn good taste. Would this be a good time to mention I have a midnight radio show at Portland State on Wednesdays? Jazz/soul/indie-rock. I even read the baseball scoreboard.

Do you suppose all this focus on Ruiz might actually get him moved all the way up to seventh in the batting order, or is that too much to expect?

i always thought "sledgehammer" by peter gabriel could make a kickass song for somebody coming up to bat.

BedBeard, speaking of this - I don't know if anyone else remembers watching the Phillies when they were on channel 29 in the '80s/early '90s, but they used to have the best music leading into commercials. Even when the games were insufferable, you always had some cool-ass Pretenders or Cure clip to wake you out of the doldrums, even when it accompanied the graphics

CUBS 9 13 1
Mid 7th

my batting music- Bring the Pain by Method Man

"Severe Thunderstorm Watch" for tonight from I hope it's not too bad. I was planning on going to this one.

Songs for Phillies and some ex Phillies:

Gillick: "Frances Farmer Have Her Revenge on Seattle" or "All Apologies" (Nirvana)

Manual: "Country Boy Can Survive" (Hank Williams Jr.)

Burrell: "Good Times Bad Times" (Led Zeppelin)

Coste: "Welcome to the Machine" (Pink FLoyd)

Ruiz: "Shine on You Crazy Diamond" (Floyd)

Myers/Jason Micheals: "Hey Pig" (Nine Inch Nails)

Schilling: "Wish You Were Here" (Pink Floyd)

Utley/Rollins: "Firestarter" (Prodigy)

How come nobody has suggested Smell The Glove by Spinal Tap. Classic LP. By the way LF, those Who albums you mentioned came out in the early 70s when the Phillies still sucked.

Frances Farmer [WILL] Have Her Revenge on Seattle (From Earlier)

Wait. Let me get this straight. Parker thinks the Phils shouldn't have spent money on bullpen help, but about Barajas he says, "I don't care how much he's getting paid?" Huh????

I pretty much only listen to rap, and some oldies, Beach Boys, Supremes, that kind of thing.

Clout, that is taken out of context. First, its not like he is breaking the bank. Second: Do you really think that the money used to sign Barajas would net a reliever that would be worth anything? Not a chance. We might have picked up Runiel Pinto for that kind of money. It would be different if Barajas was getting paid an extravagant amount of money. C-mon Clout, your statements are getting real technical these days. I expect more from you. (Well you actually always selectively read, but seriously??)

Well, Parker, not too long ago you thought Alfonseca was alright and he just cost a million, so maybe we could've netted a reliever who would be "worth anything" for 3 million. The really unfortunate signing, though, was Eaton's.

Re: The music. There's a lot of apples and oranges here. Need to define the category: rock, pop, punk, new wave, metal etc. If the category is rock, yt's nomination of Exile on Main Street is impossible to beat.

Parker: just think it's strange that you defend Pat on the bullpen and the backup catcher, when it's obvious those are obvious mistakes.

Tray, did you watch Eaton pitch last night? You must not have. The guy can pitch. It is not like he is some bum off the street. There has never been a question of talent with Eaton, always ability to put it together. If he pitches anywhere close to as good as his last two starts from here on out, he is a great signing.

Aflonseca: Alright Tray, he had a few bad games mostly due to location mistakes. His velocity is there and his stuff is not bad. Give the guy a chance. You were ready to bury Dobb's early on as well, and now, much silence. You and Clout were already puting flowers on Nunez's grave and how he is productive.

To quote the greatest Villain of all time: "I find your lack of faith disturbing." Darth Vader

i am sick to my stomach today and it has nothing to do with baseball. its because i just listened to the new wilco album and its unquestionably awful. i am a huge wilco fan and have and love everything they've put out and now this: 50 mins of elevator music with no melodies and the great nels cline playing soft rock solos on every other song. ick!! what do you do when you favorite band goes astray? that leads me to my next point.

the first weezer album is easily the best. i guess some people in retrospect have elevated the pinkerton album to elite status, but it was never as good, just diffrent. it's pretty obvious that rivers was working through some ugly stuff on the album and some good songs were given the experimental treatment (taking a killer groove in "the good life" and bringing it all the way down into a depressing bridge). still, its a good record and was really the end of weezer as they were to start with. after a hiatus when rivers was at harvard, the band came back as basically a straightahead power-pop band that lost some of the qualities that made it unique. dope nose? good riff, but come on. sounds like steve miller band.

my view weezer is this: they are still a pretty good band. but alot of pretty good bands could put out maladroit. only weezer could have ever put out the blue album.

as far as best live album, there are some good choices already. i'd like to add both bob dylan '66 (judas!) as well as either of the band records: rock of ages or the last waltz. i obviously have a roots rock bias.

Clout, as I have said 100 times before, I think Gillick should have traded for a young reliever, not signed a high priced vet. They are too prone to breakdown. It is a bad investment and they end up off the team in a year or so with minimum contribution. Name me one reliever, signed by a team in the offseason, that you can even argue pushed a team into the playoffs/WS. I can think of none. And please do not say Billy "the Rat" Wagner, because you know that would be a partial truth at best, at worst it is total fallacy.

i don't have faith in guys with consistently crappy career numbers.

eaton is not a great pitcher. he has some stuff, but guys with good stuff who get hit fairly consitently throughout their carees, what does that tell you? they either don't have the control, the confidence or the ability to manage their pitch choices. take your pick. eaton makes too many mistakes over the course of several starts, a month or a season to be anythign mroe the a #4 level guy. about league average, which is fine. maddingly unreliable, as well, which is not so fine.

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